Ickleton and the Great War – Saturday 10 November

Centenary of the end of World War One – Ickleton’s Commemorations, Saturday 10 November

Everyone is welcome.  All free.  Please come along!

11am – Exhibition opens in the Village Hall.  This will include surviving service records of men who went to war, some of the War Diaries of the battalions they fought in, records of and other information about Ickleton nurses who went overseas, the VAD nurses and volunteers at our Red Cross Hospital, maps and information about the village in WW1 and lots of photos.  Come and find out who owned your house and who lived in it in 1910.

11.30am and 2pm – Short guided tours round the exhibition.  Rachel and Glynis will tell you about some of the things they discovered when researching the Ickleton people who contributed to the war effort at home and abroad.

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There But Not There – thanks to the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust we have been given 10 of the smaller ‘There But Not There’ silhouette Tommies.  These will be at the exhibition and the poetry readings as well as the Remembrance Service on Sunday 11th.


3pm – Readings of war poems in the Meeting Room in the Village Hall.  Many poems were written during the war and are very moving.  Some of our village clubs and organisations and individuals will be reading some of them.  Do come and listen.  We think the ‘There But Not There’ Tommies will make this extra special.  If anyone would like to read a poem as hasn’t been in touch yet, please contact Rachel.

11am to 3pm – Collection and sale of “Ickleton and the Great War”.

WW1 bookIf you have ordered a copy or wish to buy one of our books about the 200 or so people from Ickleton who contributed to the war effort, they will be available from the Village Hall.  If you haven’t yet ordered a copy, please contact Rachel.  Thanks to our generous donors, there are still free copies available for residents (1 per house) and descendants (1 per family).  It will be on sale for £15 for anyone wanting to buy extra copies – a snip for 250 pages including lots of photos, many in colour.

Poppies – we’re also inviting children to design and make poppies and bring them along to the exhibition to be displayed.

Peace Roses – thanks to a generous donation from the Driver family in memory of Marley Hoare, roses of the variety “Peace” will be planted on the Village Green some time in the next month to commemorate the centenary of the end of the Great War.  Of course we already have the War Memorial on the Green, together with the horse chestnut tree which was planted in 1919 by Fred Godfrey to commemorate the end of the war (something not many people know) and the seat around the tree which commemorates the deaths George Godfrey (Fred Godfrey’s son) and Leonard Griggs.


Ickleton and the Great War – Saturday 10 November — 2 Comments

  1. Congratulations on the publication ‘Ickleton and the Great War’ A superb piece of research.
    I wondered why Pearce Pte. Walter Alfred 1RWSy 5.11.16 – Thiepval Anglo-French Cem 1J9 is missing?
    Robert Pike
    01799 502680

    • Dear Robert

      Thank you very much for your kind words.
      I had not come across Private Pearce before Saturday but have done a little research since, fearing we had missed him! He was born in Thornton Heath, Croydon & lived in London working as a hotel porter in 1911 in Hanover Square. He married Ellen Wells in the Strand in 1912 & the limited military records that still exist give his address as Camberwell at the time of his death. It looks as if his widow may have come to live in Ickleton after his death though I haven’t been able to find out why. I guess with one child & another on the way, she had to make a living & perhaps found work here. I assume the War Graves Commission records would have been finalised after the war & hence they have her address as Ickleton.
      If you have any more information about the Pearce family, we would be very interested to receive it.
      Rachel Radford – rachelmradford@btinternet.com

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