Icene Magazine

For some 40 years, the Icene magazine has been published by the Parish Council and distributed free to every household in the village.  In the 1960’s it was actually one of the very few Parish magazines which did not specifically have church sponsorship, and was therefore something of a leader in what has now become a general trend.  Icene is distributed free to every house in the village and over 300 copies are printed.

Icene is usually published 4 – 7 days before the end of the preceding month and distributed during the following few days to allow all houses to receive latest by 1st of the month.  The deadline for entries is usually about 20th of the preceding month.

Entries for Icene

To John Williams, Editor, 10 Brookhampton Street, Ickleton, CB10 1SP.   email: Tel: 01799 530463


Please contact Leanne Smith, Parish Clerk.


Hilary Rule, Joanna Wallis

Icene Archive

You can retrieve back copies directly from the list below, Alternatively use search to find all references in the site to a particular subject.

(N.B. Archive copies may differ slightly from originally published Icenes.)