North Uttlesford Garden Community – consultation

5000 new homes N of Great Chesterford.  This is one of the biggest of the current development threats and could have a huge impact on our village.  It has been called a Garden Village and now, a Garden Community, but the reality is that it is the size of a town and could eventually have 20,000 residents with, perhaps, an extra 10,000 cars on our roads.

The Ickleton Society has put together a flyer which will be delivered to every home in the village and you can also see it here.  We know there is a lot to read but we think it is important that everyone understands what this means and how we can try and fight it (and, look on the bright side, it may save you having to read all 344 pages of Uttlesford’s draft Local Plan!).

Please respond to the consultation which closes on 4 September.  We hope the suggestions in the flyer will help you.

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