Village Hall

The Hall


The hall is situated at the north end of the recreation ground immediately behind the Ickleton Lion pub. The car park entrance is immediately on the opposite side of Frogge Street from the village shop.

Regular Events in the Hall

Please click here to see a summary of regular events in the Village Hall.

About the Hall

Following the closure of Ickleton Church School in 1960, the school building was purchased and donated to the village, thus becoming the first Ickleton Village Hall.  Much of the refurbishment of the old building was carried out on a voluntary basis by local people and as the one-time alma mater of so many, became a much loved institution.  Size and layout constraints limited its use and consequently the funds needed to maintain it.  The decision was taken by the village in 1992 to build anew hall and with help from Sports England, the Foundation for Sports and the Arts, South Cambridgeshire District Council and Ickleton Parish Council, the new purpose built hall was opened in  November 1999.

Committee Members

The Village Hall is managed by a committee acting as trustees under the auspices of the Charity Commission. Elected members are:

Pam Fearn (Chairman)
Jocelyn Flitton (Minutes Secretary)
Roy Smith (Treasurer)

Village organisations and user groups can each nominate one representative.  In addition, the committee has the power to co-opt up to three additional members.


Ickleton Village Hall is sited in the heart of the village on the recreation ground. The entrance is alongside the bus shelter in Frogge street (opposite the village shop). The adjacent car park can accommodate some 30 cars.

Main hall with a semi-sprung sports floor used for a wide range of activities and can accommodate up to 150 people.  An easily erected staging system permits  flexibility of layout according to need.
Meeting room seating up to 50
Large kitchen with double oven gas/electric range cooker. Serving bar for functions
Small multipurpose room adjacent to the kitchen
Home and away changing rooms, with four showers in each room. Also serving as cloakrooms for other functions
Referee’s changing room& shower
Toilet facilities including provision for disabled
Storage rooms to meet the needs of regular user groups

Charges & Booking

Hire Rates

The following rates will apply after 1st April 2014:

1. Meeting Room
Regular Weekly/Monthly Users Morning 20  00
 (inc. village clubs and village charities) Afternoon 20  00
Evening 20  00
Private Hire (residents) Morning 28  00
Afternoon 28  00
Evening 28  00
Private Hire (non-residents) Morning 33  00
Afternoon 33  00
Evening 33  00
2. Sports Hall
Regular Weekly/Monthly Users Morning 27  00
  (inc. village clubs and village charities) Afternoon 27  00
Evening 27  00
Private Hire  (residents) Morning 55  00
Afternoon 55  00
Evening 113 00
Private Hire  (non-residents) Morning 71  00
Afternoon 71  00
Evening 144  00
3. Hall + Meeting Room
 Private Hire (non-residents) Morning 95  00
Afternoon 95  00
Evening 170  00
Private Hire (residents) Morning 77  00
Afternoon 77  00
Evening  134  00
4. Changing Rooms/Showers
Ickleton Football Club 26  00
Ickleton Cricket Club 26  00
Crocus Football Club 31  00
Visiting Senior Teams 36  00
Visiting Junior Teams 21  00
5. Special Rates
Village Residents – Children’s Parties under 12 36  00
Bowls Club 16  00
6.External Hire of Furniture
Tables  £2 per table per day
Chairs  25p per chair per day


  1. Use of kitchen included in the hire charge.
  2. For bookings please contact Vili Mila (01799-531497) ring Mon-Sat 9am to 6pm or email
  3. Week-day regular rates are not applicable between 12 Noon and Midnight on Saturdays
  4. With the exception of a guide dog for a blind person or hearing dog for a deaf person, no animals are permitted in the building.