World War One – information wanted please

Do you have any information about Ickleton men and women who helped in the war effort, either by serving in the armed forces or helping the Red Cross Hospital in Norman Hall?

We have done a lot of research and found some 200 people who were born or lived in Ickleton and who ‘did their bit’.  We have discovered a lot about some of them and not much about others but our plan is to publish a book in November about all of them.  Some people have already been a great help to us giving us information and letting us copy photographs and other documents.  We’d love to hear from anyone else who might be able to help us.


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  1. Hi

    I have some information about my Grandfather James Gant. Whilst he was not born in Ickleton nor served whilst resident in the village, he did retire there as an ill man in 1953, to be near his son the village Policeman Peter Gant, for a few short months before passing away and being buried at the cemetery. The link may be somewhat tenuous so won’t be offended if this is outside the remit of your research. I believe he became connected with the football club during his short time in the village and would be interested if you have anything about the club during this time.

    John Gant (The Nook 1966 – mid 1980’s) Now at Ashdon

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