Genome Campus Expansion

The Ickleton Society wrote to Dr Martin Dougherty, the Chief Operating Officer at the Campus, at the end of November setting out our concerns about their plans to expand the Campus including bringing a 3rd institution on to the site, diverting the A1301 around the expanded Campus, building 4 new roundabouts on the A1301 and putting something between 800 and 1200 new dwellings to the east of the expanded Campus. You can read our letter here.

You can also see a plan of what the Campus might eventually look like here.  Hinxton & the existing Campus are in grey on the left of the picture with the A1301 as it is now running from the top roundabout which would be at N End Road, Hinxton, to the existing one which runs into Campus and is the penultimate one at the bottom.  Not all the colour coding is shown on this diagram but it shows the final stages of development with the areas where housing might be built.

Dr Dougherty and his team offered to meet with us to discuss our concerns.  We met on 14 January and you can read a summary of the responses he gave to the issues we raised here.  We remain very unhappy about the plans, unconvinced of the need or desirability for bringing in a 3rd institution or putting housing on the site and extremely worried about the potential increase in traffic through the village and on surrounding roads.  Nevertheless we are grateful to Dr Dougherty and his team for giving us so much of their time and offering to meet with us on a regular basis as the plans develop.

Dr Dougherty stressed that the plans are at a very early stage and nothing is set in stone.  He has gone public with them now in order to engage with the local community, find out what concerns people have and see how they might be addressed.  A planning application is probably 2 to 2½ years off.


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