An Ickleton Timeline

The timeline is an attempt to summarise Ickleton’s history from the general geological events which created the local landscape to modern times. It charts the major events which seem likely to have affected the area in prehistoric, Roman and Saxon times. This information is used to suggest a possible outline of population development and ultimately a recognizable nuclear village. Given the almost total absence of written records, it is Inevitable that much of this is speculative, but is nevertheless somewhat informed by known events and archaeology. Finally the better documented history from the later medieval period to the modern age are presented in timeline format.

In order to help create a historical perspective, the timeline is set against important national events and the accession of monarchs.

The entire document can be viewed in simple PDF form, or via the app, which offers the additional ability to include or conceal events by class, E.g: Monarchs, Manors, Church, etc. In addition a text argument may be used to select only matching entries.

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