Ickleton Annual Awards 2015

The first ever annual awards under Ickleton Parish Council’s Annual Awards Scheme will be announced at Ickleton’s Annual Parish Meeting, to be held at 7.00 for 7.30 pm on Wednesday 25th May in the Gordon Woolhouse Meeting Room in the Village Hall.

Ickleton residents nominated people for awards in response to Icene articles, and a panel made up of three Parish Councillors and three other Ickleton residents selected five Award Winners. The Parish Council unanimously supported the panel’s selections. The Awards recognise achievements during 2015 or over a longer period.

The Award Winners have been invited to the Annual Parish Meeting to collect their Awards in person.

Terms and conditions of the Award Scheme are given below.

Don’t forget that the Annual Parish Meeting gives everyone an opportunity, in a fairly informal way (refreshments are provided!), to find out what has been going on over the past year, and to raise any issues or concerns they have. Be there or miss out!

Ickleton Parish Council Award Scheme


Ickleton Parish Council will operate an annual community award scheme, with criteria, terms and conditions as shown below. The main aim is to acknowledge and celebrate notable achievements of residents during the year or over a longer period. We also hope to encourage ongoing community activities by providing small cash donations to award winning groups. The Council encourages nominations from any individual or group to recognise Ickleton’s vibrant community.

  1. General criteria – these apply to all Community Awards:

1.1 The value of each award will be at the discretion of the Parish Council but will be a maximum of £250; the awards budget will be reviewed periodically by the Parish Council. Awards to clubs or organisations will be in cash. Awards for individual sporting achievement will be in cash to an organisation to which the individual is affiliated. Other awards to individuals will be in the form of vouchers for local facilities.

1.2 Nominations may only be submitted by residents who live within the parish at the time nominations are made.

1.3 Nominees must reside within the parish at the time of the award nomination. Groups, Clubs and Organisations nominated must be Ickleton based. Clubs and organisations that use Ickleton facilities but identity themselves are belonging primarily to another location are not eligible.

1.4 No award will be made to a commercial venture or activity aimed at personal financial gain. However achievements that have been recognised by other award schemes shall be considered.

  1. Award Categories

2.1 Ickleton Club or Society of the Year

The award may be made to any Club or Society that is based in Ickleton and has achieved a notable success during the year or over a longer period.

2.2 Service to the Community of Ickleton

This award will recognise any individual or group of people that have made a significant contribution to village life by helping village residents or by improving the environment.

2.3 Personal Sporting Achievement (under-18 and over-18)

These awards will be made to individuals for outstanding sporting achievement during the year.

2.4 Personal Achievement (Non-sport) (under-18 and over-18)

These awards will be made to individuals for any non-sporting personal achievement. Examples could be in the field of music, art, dance or fund-raising for charity. 

  1. Nomination procedure

3.1 Nominations can be submitted to the Parish Clerk at any point during the year but shall also be invited via the village magazine (Icene) in the December and January editions. The last date for submission of nominations for consideration in the current year will be March 1st.

3.2 Nominations can be made by an individual or on behalf of a Society/Club

3.3 Individuals cannot nominate themselves for an award but they can nominate the Society/Club to which they belong or another individual from that club.

3.4 An individual or Society/Club may make one nomination per category (there is no requirement to nominate in each category).

3.5 Each nomination must include a short explanation justifying why the award should be made. If the reason for nomination relates to a specific competition or event then this should have taken place within the last year (January 1st – December 31st).

3.6 Each nomination must include contact details for the nominee(s). The nominees will be contacted for confirmation that they are happy for their nominations to go forward.

3.7 All award nominations will be acknowledged by the Clerk and the nominators informed of the date the awards will be presented.

3.8 Nominations may not be submitted anonymously. The details of who has submitted nominations will only be made available to the Parish Clerk and the Award Committee.

3.9 Nominees will be informed that they have been short-listed for an award and advised of the date when the awards will be presented. This will be at the Annual Parish meeting held in May.

3.10 Those short-listed for an award will be listed in the Icene (April Edition) 

  1. Selection of Award Winners

4.1 The nominations will be distributed to the Award Scheme Committee in March. They will generate a short-list of candidates and then decide the award winners

4.2 The Award Scheme Committee shall comprise three Ickleton Parish Councillors, and three other residents to be decided at a Parish Council meeting. At least one Councillor and one independent resident will change each year.

4.3 The Award Scheme Committee will consider each application on its merits and vote on which should receive an award.

4.4 The Committee has the discretion to make more than one award in each category but they cannot exceed the total award budget for a given year.

4.5 There may be occasions when there are no nominations for a category, or the committee may decide not to make an award

4.6 The awards committee decisions will go to the April meeting of the Parish Council each year to be ratified in good time before the Annual Parish Meeting in May.

  1. Presentation of Awards

5.1 Awards will be presented by the Chair of the Parish Council, or a person nominated by the Chair, at the Annual Parish Meeting. All winners will receive a certificate.

5.2 Clubs, Groups and Organisations will receive a cheque made payable to their organisation.

5.3 Individuals will have a donation made to their club/group/organisation if they are affiliated to one.

5.4 Individuals not affiliated to a club/group/organisation may be given vouchers at the Parish Council’s discretion to celebrate their award, or they may choose to have the value of the award donated to a charity of their choice (preferably a local charity or one with local connections).

5.5 Winners will also be announced in the Icene.

T&C version adopted February 2016

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