Ickleton Past & Present 17 September 2016

The Ickleton Society will once again be holding an Ickleton Past & Present day in the Village Hall from 11am to 3pm.  There will be a number of displays, talks, presentations and videos – something for everyone including children.  All of the archives will be available to search on the day so if you’re looking for ancestors, information about your house and past occupants, details of village events or researching anything to do with Ickleton, do come along and see what we’ve got.  Please also start searching out photos of Ickleton views and people and other Ickleton related items that you have at the back of cupboards, bottom of drawers and somewhere in the loft.  Please bring them along.  We’d love to see them and copy them for the archive.

Displays and talks include:

  • What’s in the archives and how to browse and search them.
  • How to research your house history and what research on a couple of Ickleton houses has revealed.
  • The story behind the Church hassocks and what happened when the Church was set on fire in 1979.
  • The history of Ickleton Priory and the results of the geophysical survey of the land where it is thought the Priory was sited.
  • Farming in Ickleton in times gone by.
  • Ickleton and World War 1.  See the surviving military records of Ickleton men who went to war and the records of the villagers who volunteered at Ickleton’s Red Cross hospital.  Hear the story of one young man who died in the war and learn how we’ve researched people who were in World War 1.
  • Sporting activities on Ickleton over the years.
  • Recent additions to the archives as well as photos and scrapbooks.
  • Activities for children.
  • Mick Bristow will give 2 of his funny and entertaining talks about his family, village characters and World War 2.

Showing at various times during the day will be a number of short videos of past village events including:

  • A drive round the village 1992
  • Open Day and sheep shearing at Valance Farm 1992
  • An archive display in the old Village Hall 1992
  • Concorde and a Vulcan flying at Duxford 1982
  • Prince Philip visiting the Church 1982
  • Traction Engine Rally at Duxford and the New Inn 1972
  • The Red Arrows at Duxford 1973
  • The Silver Jubilee celebrations 1977
  • Snowy Scenes 1982
  • Ploughing Matches 1988 and 1992
  • Villagers enjoying rides on Rule’s Steam Carousel 1992
  • Farm Weekend at Rectory Farm 1996
  • The Restoration of the Church spire and topping out 1992

The winners of our photo competition will also be announced at 3pm – see separate post.


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