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B    U    L    L    E    T    I    N



Editors:                                                                                                 David and Monica Lilley

Distribution:                                                                                           Tony Court                 


Deadline for next Icene Bulletin




Bus Routes  Cambridgeshire County Council has written to tell me that Stagecoach East is introducing a new network of services from Cambridge from 12 November. At the time of writing I am hoping that this will include the bus going to the far end of Abbey Street and we will let you know the details when they are available.


Traffic and Parking  The Parish Council is engaged in seemingly endless discussions with the County Council Highways Department and parishioners in an effort to address the problems of traffic and parking in the village.  There are no easy answers and the problems in Ickleton are common to many other villages. At times it is frustrating that reaching a consensus and taking a decision is so difficult, but rest assured our endeavours will continue.


Kerbside Recycling collection dates  Thursdays 11th and 25th October.


Golden Jubliee  The formation of a committee to organise plans for the celebrations next year has also been discussed in conjunction with other village groups.  More details to follow shortly and all ideas and suggestions will be gratefully received.

                                                                                          Jackie Casement - Parish Clerk



Now that the school holidays and summer are over the police report that it has been a relatively quiet period as far as crime is concerned and I have had no reports from them regarding any crimes in the village.

Now that autumn is upon us precautions should be reviewed in order to protect your property during the dark evenings especially as burglaries have occurred in the village whilst the occupants are still at home, usually watching television.  Are you aware of what's happening in the rest of the house whilst watching the "box".  Make sure that all widows in unoccupied rooms are closed, the car is secured and the garden shed is locked.  Garden sheds are still favourite targets for thieves as are the contents of cars if left on view.

Never keep large sums of money in the house.  Cash is safer in a bank, building society or the post office and will be earning interest while it's there.  Don't keep your cheque book and cheque card together; a thief who steals both could use the card to forget your signature on a cheque.  Keep a record of all valuable items in your home and  keep a note of the make and serial number of each item.  Do not carry the list around with you but keep it in a safe place at home as this will help the police to recover any stolen property.

If you have ANY information about ANY crime phone Crimestoppers  ( 0800 555111, Your call is free and you don't have to give your name.


A reminder of the number to ring to contact the police - 01-223-358966.

                                                                                                                             Tony Court
















CHURCH NOTICES - Services for October


Sunday 7th October                                9.30 a.m. Parish Eucharist                                   DUXFORD

Trinity 17                                               11.00 a.m. Blessing of Animals Service                 HINXTON

                                                            6.30 p.m. Evensong                                            ICKLETON


Sunday 14th October                              8.00 a.m. Holy Communion (BCP)                        ICKLETON

Trinity 18                                               9.30 a.m. Parish Eucharist                                   DUXFORD

                                                            11.00 a.m. Joint Family Service                           DUXFORD

                                                            6.30 p.m. Evensong                                            ICKLETON


Sunday 21st October                              9.30 a.m. Parish Eucharist                                   DUXFORD

Trinity 19                                               11.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist             ICKLETON

                                                            5.00 p.m. Harvest Festival                                   HINXTON


Sunday 28th October                              9.30 a.m. Parish Eucharist                                   DUXFORD  

St. Simon and St. Jude                           11.00 a.m. Joint Family Service                           HINXTON

                                                            6.30 p.m. Evensong and Holy Communion ICKLETON


Church News From the Reader

October - "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" - and harvest still to be celebrated at Hinxton Church, on Sunday 21st October.  You are invited to the Harvest Festival service at 5.00 p.m. and to the "high tea" in the village hall afterwards.

Another popular event - the annual Blessing of Animals service - will be held at Hinxton  Church at 11.00 a.m. on October 7th.  All well-behaved animals - furry, feathered or whatever - are invited to come along and to bring their owners with them.

Full details of the forthcoming Emmaus Course are available at the church, from the Churchwardens or from me.  The course is about "Living the Christian Life" and the sessions are as follows:-

25th October - "Living God's Way"; 8th November - "Serving the Lord"; 15th November - "Your Money and your Life"; 22nd November - "Learning to Love" and 29th November - "Sharing the Faith".

Please contact me if you would like to take part.  Everyone is welcome.

On November 2nd at 7.30 p.m. Canon David Wall will be leading the All Souls Day Requiem Eucharist at Duxford Church.  During the service the names of the departed are read aloud and candles are lit in memory of them.  If you have recently lost a loved one or wish to remember a family member or friend,  please contact Tricia Newland or myself and the name will be entered in our book of Remembrance, which will rest on the altar throughout November.

With my best wishes                                                                     Julie Baillie, Reader



The Gift Day and Winter Sale will this year be held on Saturday 24th November in Ickleton Village Hall from 2.15 p.m. onwards.

This year there will be the usual stalls,  and new ones including some to help you prepare for Christmas!  By popular request, Jenny Duke is making a special Christmas card based on one of the angels in the church.  The gift day will also be in the hall. We look forward to seeing you there.

Please come and support this event and help us keep our beautiful historical Church going.

                                                                            Jenny Pell and Sebastian Payne - Churchwardens



CHAPEL NOTICES  - All Services start at 3.00 p.m.


October Speakers


                                                October 7th   Holy Communion    Rev. J. Gill

                                                October 14th                                          Mr. D. Law

                                                October 21st                                          Mrs. M. Hilson

                                                October 28th                                          Mr. D. McGregor


Triple Jump

I have just been reading "Time to Jump" which is the authorised biography of Jonathan Edwards, the triple jump Olympic gold medallist and if you were watching TV a few weeks ago in Edmonton, Canada he became the new triple jump gold medallist and world champion.

Jonathan visits many schools when he is not competing.  At one school the headmaster wrote after his visit "I don't think any of us could have hoped for a bigger impact.  Despite his success, he came across as a completely normal and humble human being.  The result was that the staff and students alike warmed to him, and enjoyed being in his company.  The questions came thick and fast -

"What do you think of when you are about to start your run up?"

"I've done it so often in training that my mind tends to go into automatic."

"Are you nervous?"

"Always! Aren't you when you face a test?"

After two assemblies he had a free period.  The period bell went.  The next class came into the room.  Where was he? Was he lost?  No, he was outside in the corridor, mobbed by eager youngsters, chatting away and signing autographs."

As well as being a gifted athlete and gifted at relating to people, Jonathan is also gifted in his ability to speak about his faith in a completely natural manner.  The reason he became a professional athlete is because he felt that it was what God wanted him to do.  Jumping is something God has given him a talent for, but he does it for the glory of God.  In addition to Edmonton, he was in the last few years won gold at the Olympics and the European Championships. Jonathan has broken the world record on many occasions.  When asked what the most important thing is his life was, he didn't even hesitate it was the relationship he had with God made possible through Jesus Christ.  Because Jesus had given up his life for him, he felt he should try and offer his own life in return.

God want us all to use the talents he has given us to the full, and for his glory.  I don't think I'm alone that I can think of nothing more rewarding.

Best Wishes                                                                                       Rev. Jim Gill         



“’We are sorry to record the death on 1st September of Ernest (Pat) Hutley of Sawston aged 72.

The funeral service took place at Ickleton Methodist Chapel followed by interment in Sawston Cemetry.



I have just heard of the death of Mrs. Daisy Hancock. She was a member for several years with her late husband, but while he was ill she stayed home to nurse him, after which her health prevented her from attending again. Our sympathy goes to her family.

We are having a short trip to Bury St. Edmunds on October 3rd. There may be a few spare seats if required.

The Sawston Clinic will be doing flu vaccinations as usual in the Village Hall in October, if you have not given your name to me or Joy Howe, please get in touch with the clinic now.

                                                                                                            Mrs. R. Lilley




Nearly a year has passed and once again Remembrance Day is almost upon us.  From Saturday 27th October - Saturday 10th November the usual house-to-house collection will take place in the Village and we would be most grateful for your continuing and generous support.

                                                                                                            Eilleen Westcott

                                                                                                            Hon. Appeal Organiser



Saturday 6th October, starting at 9.00 p.m. there will be a "mixed" games evening, consisting of snooker, darts and carpet bowls competitions.

There will be prizes, a raffle and free buffet.

Please join us to take part or just watch.

                                                                                                            Ickleton Social Club Committee




The Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 15th October at 8.00 p.m. in Ickleton Village Hall.  It is hoped as many as possible will attend.

                                                                                                                                       Mrs. J. Frankau




Have you seen Chester?  Whilst we were on holiday our beloved dog Chester escaped from our garden.  We know many villagers know him by sight, and often many stop to say hello to both him and Bruno our St. Bernard along Back Lane.  Our relative reported him missing on the morning of Tuesday the 4th September, and several sightings of him have been reported to us on Wednesday 5th, heading towards Great Chesterford.  We miss him terribly, especially Henry our son aged three and we would appreciate any new information regarding sightings of him.  We offer a reward for his safe return.

                                                                   Howard & Shelley Goddard



Congratulations to Iris Nunn of Icknield Close on receiving the recommendation for the runner-up prize for the best kept "Council Garden" organised by the County Council.

Well done from us all.




The September meeting of the W.I. was held in the Congregational Chapel due to an electrical fault in the new Village Hall, Great Chesterford.

Mrs. Margaret Fuller was the guest speaker and was great fun, describing her adventures in Italy helping on the film set of the English Patient. She was a nurse in the Queen Alexandria's Nursing Corps serving in Normandy with Mrs. Molly Strickland during the second world war.  Her expertise was needed to instruct Juliette the nurse looking after the English Patient in the way of wartime nursing.

The next meeting will be in the new Village Hall, Great Chesterford and will be the 40th birthday party.                                                                                                                        Cynthia Rule



WELCOME TO........“’Edward and Matthew”.



Dilip and Sunita Odedra would like to thank the many people who supported their planning application, wrote letters or signed the petition.



Michael and Ingrid Smith would like to thank the Reverend Canon David Wall, the Churchwardens and the choir for making the wedding day of their daughter Tamara to Mr. John Paul Thompson, in St. Mary Magdalene Church on Saturday 18th August, such a wonderful and memorable day.

We would also like to thank Pat Rusted for providing the beautiful horse and carriage that took the bride to and from the church.  Furthermore, we would like to thank the parish council for

allowing us to use the village hall car park.



We are sorry to record the death of Mrs. Daisy Hancock aged 85 on 13th September.  The funeral service took place at Ickleton Church followed by cremation.



The WEA's course will be Coins and Trader (Tutor: Mike Bonser).

This will take place every Thursday from 17th January 2002 (10 weekly sessions), 8.00 p.m. to  9.30 p.m. (including coffee) in the Congregational Chapel, Carmel Street, Great Chesterford. This course considers the English medieval monetary system against the historical background that shaped it and the patterns of trade that resulted from it.  It will examine how the English system differed from others - Continental, Islamic, etc, and how new sources of silver for coinage fuelled commercial booms with far-reaching effects.  The course examines the differences between medieval coinage and today's currency and how attitudes towards coinage have changed.  Some of the topics covered will be coinage in the "Dark Ages", Offa's innovations, the effect of the Vikings on coinage and trade, the Normans and their influence on coinage, amongst others.  The course will be illustrated with slides, maps, photographs, reference material, casts actual coins and artefacts and may include a field trip to the Coin Room at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

For further details or to reserve a place, please contact Janice Stanley

Contemporary Novels of Character  (Tutor. Elizabeth Germany)

This will take place every Wednesday from 16th January 2002 (10 weekly sessions), 9.45 a.m. to 11.15 a.m. (including coffee) in the Congregational Chapel, Carmel Street, Great Chesterford.

This course will examine 4 works of contemporary literature and asks:

How would you define character? What lies behind the concept? Why is character such an important aspect of the novel?

These are some of the questions that will be considered during the course reading and discussing the following novels in depth.  The course also examines the many and various ways writers apply themselves to these questions and employ techniques to convey convincing characters in an original and meaningful way:

*   Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier

*   Alias Grace By Margaret Atwood

*   Mary Swann by Carol Shields

*   The Flight of the Maidens by Jane Gardam


The course is structured around tutor-led class discussions of selected extracts from the novels, but a reading of the novels would be beneficial.  These morning courses are very sociable and great fun and Elizabeth Germany has returned to us by popular demand with an exciting new subject.

If you would like further details, please contact Ann Wade .