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Editors:                                                                                                 David and Monica Lilley

Distribution:                                                                                           Tony Court                 


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Bus Routes  We have just been given by Cambridgeshire County Council details of the new Stagecoach timetable, due to start on 12th November.  It would seem that the direct link to Addenbrooke's Hospital in the morning, returning at midday, has been lost, although there are reasonable alternatives.  We were disapppointed to note that the promise to re-route the buses down Abbey Street and back, to help residents at this end of the village, has not been honoured.  It is perhaps not surprising, as bus routes rarely double back on themselves and there are obvious difficulties in getting along Abbey Street at peak times.  However I have written to Mr. Andrew Lansley MP and to the County Council expressing our disappointment.


Kerbside Recycling collection dates  Thursday 8th and 22nd November.


Golden Jubilee  The Millennium Committee has been resurrected as the Jubilee Committee with representatives from as many village organisations as possible.  They will let us all know their proposals for the celebrations next June in due course.


The Wellcome Trust  is giving the Parish Council a presentation of their proposals for future development in November.  We will give you as much information as possible after that meeting.

                                                                                                                  Jackie Casement


I have had a report of two men knocking on a window of a bungalow in Ickleton, saying that they were the police, and demanding entry.  The occupants said that they did not believe them and would phone the police, which they did by dialing 999.  Meanwhile the men attempted to force entry by the front door but eventually ran away.  This was a fully justifiable case for ringing 999.

I have since had unconfirmed reports of intruders and burglars in Duxford and Linton.  In one case apparently the resident was at home and the burglar entered via the bedroom widow, this has happened before, in Ickleton.  As the dark evenings are now with us make sure that all windows in unoccupied rooms are closed and locked, also ensure that all external doors are locked and let nobody in unless they are known to you.  Even if they say they are the police do not believe them.  It is unlikely that any of the public services such as gas, water or electricity will call on you unexpectedly, especially at night.  Even during daylight hours do not let anybody in unless you are expecting them.

Unfortunately these incidents seem to be targeted at the elderly so make sure you have a chain fitted to your front door and do not disconnect it until you are satisfied of the identity of the caller.  Be very careful if you have two callers as one may try to distract you whilst the other steals something such as a handbag.  Remember all public service callers carry identity cards and you can always phone their company to check their authenticity.

                                                                                                                            Tony Court



CHURCH NOTICES - Services for November

Friday 2nd November           7.30 p.m. Requiem Eucharist                                       DUXFORD

All Souls' Day                


Sunday 4th November         10.00 a.m. Five Villages Family Eucharist                      ICKLETON

All Saints' Day                   Service of Celebration

                                        6.30 p.m. Evensong                                                    ICKLETON


Sunday 11th November       10.50 a.m. Remembrance Sunday Service                    ICKLETON

Remembrance Sunday                                starting at the War Memorial


Sunday 18th November        9.30 a.m. Parish Eucharist                                          DUXFORD

2nd before Advent               11.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist                                ICKLETON

                                         6.30 p.m.  Evensong                                                  HINXTON


Sunday 25th November         9.30 a.m. Parish Eucharist                                         DUXFORD

Christ the King                     11.00 a.m. Joint Family Service                                 HINXTON

                                          6.30 p.m.  Evensong and Holy Communion                    ICKLETON

Pray for Peace in the World

There will be a period of Quiet Prayer on Thursdays from 7.00-7.30 p.m. to pray for peace in the world in Ickleton Church.



This is the season of Remembrance - a time when we remember on three separate occasions (2nd, 4th, 11th), loved ones on another shore, those who have lived and died to witness the Christian faith and those who have fought and given their lives for their country.

The All Saints Day Celebration will once again be shared by all the churches of the five villages of Duxford, Hinxton, Ickleton, Pampisford and Whittlesford.  Ministers and congregations from the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and Anglican Church will celebrate together.  The service will be in St. Mary Magdalene, Ickleton and will be led by The Revd. Jim Gill, the Methodist minister.

This year Remembrance Sunday falls on Armistice Day.  With our troops currently engaged in active warfare against terrorism, it will be a particularly poignant occasion.  At this service, we look back with gratitude for the peaceful inheritance won for us.  In the present, we pray for those who have been affected by war and for the future, we commit ourselves to pray and work for peace.

Let us all try to remember that Christ died for the sake of the whole world.  "Let us love one another, because love is from God, everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love" (1 John 4  7-8).


With God's blessing.                                                                   “’Tricia Newland - Assistant Priest“’


Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival Evensong was held on September 28th with the Revd. Frank Fisher, our Rural Dean, officiating.  This was a truly lovely event.  The church was beautifully decorated - many thanks to all those who helped and were so creative. Afterwards we had a Harvest Supper in the church which lived up to its usual standard of culinary excellence and conviviality - thank you to all those who provided food and wine. 

We also celebrated a very special Golden Jubilee.  Our own Hilary Rule has been an ace soprano in Ickleton choir for 50 years, since she was a small girl.  Hilary was given a presentation from the church and choir.

Congratulations Hilary - we look forward to the next 50 years!.

                                                                            Jenny Pell and Sebastian Payne - Churchwardens





The Gift Day and Winter Sale will this year be held on Saturday 24th November in Ickleton village hall from 2.15 p.m onwards.

By popular request, Jenny Duke is making a special Christmas card based on one of the angels in the church.  The gift day will also be in the hall.


The following people would gratefully receive any of the following for their stalls:-


Cake and Produce Stall                           -              Margaret Harrison                  

(home made cakes                                            are always enjoyable and sell well)


Nearly New and also Linen                      -              Dorothy Churchman                

(completely new articles wanted please)  -              or Cynthia Rule                      


Bric-a-Brac                                                   -       Cynthia Rule,                         

Drop off Point - please phone first                           

Plant Stall                                                          -  Calie Holberry,                        Village Hall on

                                                                           (see separate article)              morning of sale


Raffle Prizes                                                     -  Gordon Woolhouse,                


Book Stall                                                          -  Ginny Parry-Brown,                

                                                                        Tombola                                                            -   Cynthia Rule                         

Prizes desperately needed please                           

Children's Stall                                                   -   Sarah Mila,                           


Please note there will be no jumble stall.


Any enquiries about the sale to Jenny Pell ,  Sebastian Payne  or Monica Lilley  who will be pleased to hear from you.


Many thanks for your kind help and look forward to seeing you there.


The Village Hall will be open from 10.30 a.m. on the morning of the 24th November.


Please help us keep our beautiful historical church going for future generations.




We need plants, garden related items in good order, seeds in bags or envelopes clearly labelled.

All donations on the morning of the sale to the village hall please.

                                                                                                                             Cali Holberry


CHAPEL NOTICES - All services start at 3.00 p.m. unless otherwise stated

Speakers for November 

                                        November 4th    (10.00 a.m.) Holy Communion  Rev. J. Gill

                                        November 11th                                                                 Rev. H. Wood

                                        November 18th                                                                   Rev. J. Gill

                                        November 25th                       Holy Communion                    Rev. J. Graham


When I think of a kingdom that will last forever, I think in terms of time never ending.  Forever is a very long time.

When I think of a day "when the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and time shall be no more" I think of the end of time, a final consummation of History.

When you think of time, what is the first image that comes to your mind?  A clock, a calendar, tomorrow, next year, time to kill? Or do you think of a season beginning and ending, a dying person whose time has come, no time to spare?

Sometimes we think of time as a circle, like a clock, it simply goes around and around without beginning or ending.  Sometimes we think of time as a straight line, like a schedule, with a time to be born and a time to die, a time to laugh and a time to cry.

An ancient Rabbi once asked his pupils how they could tell the time or moment when the night had ended and day was on its way back.

"Could it be", asked one student, "when you can see an animal in the distance and tell whether it is a sheep or a dog?"

"No", answered the Rabbi.

"Could it be", asked another, "when you can look at a tree in the distance and tell whether it is a fig tree or a peach tree?"

"No", said the Rabbi.

"Well then, what is it?" his pupils demanded.

"It is when you look on the face of any woman or man and see that she or he is your sister or brother.  Because if you cannot do this, then, no matter what time it is, it is still night."

What wise words for us all at this present time.

May God's peace be with you                                                                               Rev. Jim Gill



We had our outing to Bury St. Edmunds on October 3rd and what a lovely day it was after all the wet weather  before then.

A look round the market and shops and a rest in the gardens went very quickly but was enjoyed by all who went.

Those who wished had the flu injections on the 10th so we hope all will keep well this winter.

Best Wishes                                                                                                                              

Mrs. R. Lilley


WELCOME TO...............Helen Royce



Thanks again to Betty Willmott from us all (some 50 passengers) from Ickleton and surrounding villages for a superb holiday to Weston-super-Mare.  This holiday was one of the nicest and friendliest I have known.  Daunceyć±s Hotel you could not fault, with excellent food, and quick and friendly service from the hotel staff. All our rooms were facing the sea.

On the trips out we visited Bristol, a Cheddar Cheese Dairy, went over the Quantock Hills to Exmoor and Glastonbury  and then to North Devon resorts of Lynton and Lynemouth. The free day at Weston-super-Mare was a brilliant sunny day for looking around the magnificent town with its beautiful beaches, Gill Dando's garden and the big town clock with its moving movements which entertained us. On the way back home we visited Windsor. Thanks are due to Keith's expert driving of Kenzie's coach.                                                                                                                                                             Monica Lilley



This year the Ickleton Social Club are holding two events in aid of the "Children in Need" appeal. On Saturday 17th November a quiz evening will be held for all comers.  The quiz will commence at 9.00 p.m. A free buffet will be provided, there will be a raffle and of course low priced liquid refreshment as usual. Please come and support this good cause.

There will also be a marathon darts match sponsored by the Saffron Walden Lions. The date and times of this event will be advised on notices posted around the village.                                                                                                                                                                                    The Social Club Committee



40 year's old, Gt. Chesterford W. I. celebrated in great style their 40th birthday on October 17th, guests included ten past Presidents, some had travelled quite a distance to attend.

The evening started with a good rendition of Jerusalem ably accompanied by Julie Baillie on the keyboard. The entertainment was a three part murder mystery play performed by members and written by Audrey Harris with apologies to Agatha Christie!

An excellent three course meal with wine was served between the scenes, followed by coffee when members were invited to guess who was the villain of the piece, most were surprised at the answer! The Vice President Mrs. Sylvia Lowe closed the meeting thanking all who had worked so hard to make the evening a success.                                                                                        Cynthia Rule



Women in Aviation Star at Duxford's Autumn Air Show

This year sees the 90th anniversary of the first British woman to obtain a pilot's certificate.  This incredible accolade was achieved by Hilda Hewlett, a 47 year-old motoring and aviation enthusiast.  In recongnition of this remarkable feat, one of the major themes of the autumn air show on 14th October show was Women in Aviation and Duxford is proud to reflect in its exciting flying programme the work of some of those early women aviatrix.

The Utterly Butterlys display showed, in adrenalin pumping detail, the work of the wing walkers - brave women with strength and nerves of steel.  Wing walking became popular, crowd thrilling entertainment after the First World War - a time when aviation was still in its infancy.  Performing on the top wings of a 1940s biplane at 150 mph is a real challenge to the women's strength and agility "The worst bit is take off and landing when the flies hit your face - you soon remember to keep your mouth shut!"  said one of the wing walking team.  Also representing those early days of ever more daring aerobatics were world-class aerobatic display pilots Diana Britten and Anna Walker.  Both of these women have been flying for over twenty years and their thrilling displays of precise and dynamic aerobatic manoeuvres demonstrated their considerable skills.  Diana was piloting her specially adapted Extra 260 aircraft and Anna was flying a 1950s Bucker Jungmann. The world's only current female Spitfire pilot, Carolyn Grace, displayed her own aircraft - a genuine 1940s Spitfire which saw action on D-Day.  During the Second World War, British women were not allowed to fly in combat, but played many important roles in support of the men, including ferrying war planes from factories to air bases all over Britain.  Some 57,000 Spitfires were moved in this way by women, often flying solo and without navigational aids.

One of the other aircraft to be seen at the show was the much-loved B-17 Flying Fortress Sally B. This aircraft is unique - the UK's only remaining airworthy B-17, flown in honour and in memory of the thousands of American airmen killed during the Second World War whilst flying from bases in this country.  The operator of this famous aircraft is Elly Sallingboe and for over twenty-five years Elly and her team have struggled against the odds to keep Sally B flying - an astonishing achievement - for few can appreciate the tremendous efforts required to keep this four-engined privately owned Warbird in the air where she belongs.

The Museum is delighted to honour the role that women have played in the history of aviation in this, the last air show of the year.                                                                  Tracey Woods



Children and young people come into the care of Cambridgeshire County Council's Fostering and Adoption Team for a wide variety of reasons - some for a few days, others forever.

We are currently looking for new carers from all walks of life and a wide variety of backgrounds, to provide loving and supportive homes for children of all ages and abilities throughout the county.  You could be a manual worker, a nurse, an accountant or teacher;  you could be married, single, living with a partner or from an ethnic minority - all we ask is that you can provide the love and support that these children deserve.

Perhaps you can provide temporary overnight care for a child in an emergency, or maybe for a number of weeks or months.  Other children need permanent foster care or are seeking adoption.  Alternatively, can you provide just a few hours a week to offer respite care to families in need of a break, or guidance and direction to an adolescent with behavioural difficulties?

All our carers receive financial support, training and on-going help and advice.

If you want to make a real difference and feel you are up to the challenge of becoming a carer, or if you just want to know more call freephone 0800 0520078 for an informal chat or visit our website at www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk.



From 12th November Stagecoach East are making changes to our Monday to Saturday bus timetable which will now be service 32.

After the first early journey both ways the service will be clockface at 38 minutes past each hour for Saffron Walden and 12 minutes past each hour for Cambridge.

The last bus to Saffron Walden is at 1838 and the last bus to Cambridge is at 1812.

Cambridge                     0740     0900     1000     1100     1200     1300     1400     1500     1600     1700     1800

Sawston                        0804     0924     1024     1124     1224     1324     1424     1524     1624     1724     1824

Ickleton             0818     0938     1038     1138     1238     1338     1438     1538     1638     1738     1838

Saffron Walden  0831     0951     1051     1151     1251     1351     1451     1551     1651     1751     1851



Saffron Walden  0707     0857     0957     1057     1157     1257     1357     1457     1557     1657     1757

Ickleton             0722     0912     1012     1112     1212     1312     1412     1512     1612     1712     1812

Sawston                        0736     0926     1026     1126     1226     1326     1426     1526     1626     1726     1826

Cambridge                     0816     0955     1055     1155     1255     1355     1455     1555     1655     1755     1855

As there is no direct link with Addenbrooke's Hospital the best plan looks to be to change at Great Shelford War Memorial for the service 35, or Maris Lane, Trumpington for the Service 5.

                                                                                                                          David Lilley


Stop Press.....Many, many thanks to Peter and Jane Hurst and Sarah Smith and all those who                              helped on Sunday 21st October with floods in Abbey Street.



    November  7th           Chesterford and District Gardening Society Meeting

                                    8.00 p.m. Chapel, Carmel St. Gt. Chesterford

                                    "Gardening for Wildlife"

                         12th     Mobile Library

                         17th     Quiz Evening 9.00 p.m. Social Club

                         21st     Parish Council Meeting 7.30 p.m. Village Hall

                         21st     W.I. meeting 7.45 p.m. Chapel, Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford

                                     Subject: Moments, Memory & Magic, speaker: Mr. Vic Botterill

                         24th     Church Winter Sale and Gift Day 2.15 p.m. Village Hall

                         26th     Mobile Library


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