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B                 U                     L                       L                         E                     T                   I             N




Editors:                                                                                              David and Monica Lilley

Distribution:                                                                                      Tony Court     


Deadline for next Icene Bulletin

                                                            12TH DECEMBER  2001       



As another Christmas comes round, we would like to thank our proof-readers, as well as Tony and his delivery team, for all their hard work.

May we remind everyone that, as we hope to get the January issue ’put to bed’ and possibly printed before Christmas, 12th December really is the absolute deadline.

A Happy Christmas to all our readers.                                                           David and Monica Lilley




The Parish Council wishes everyone Happy Christmas.


Kerbside Recycling collection dates:  Thursdays 6th and 20th December.


Refuse Collection On the week following Christmas this will be on Friday 28th December.


Rubbish Whilst on this subject may we remind you that rubbish bags and recycling boxes should only be put outside your gate the night before collection is due.  Leaving bags on the kerbside creates a mess and we want to be proud of our village, not ashamed of its appearance. Please use the bottle and paper banks beside the village hall wisely and take away boxes and put bags in the bin provided.


Vandalism  There have been some incidents of vandalism and damage in the Village Hall car park recently and the local police have been alerted.


Flooding  The heavy rain on Sunday 21st October brought problems to some residents in Abbey Street. More sandbags were obtained and distributed, but if anyone feels their property is vulnerable and would like more sandbags in case of emergency, please let me know by Tuesday 4th December.  Once ordered, they can be collected from the local Highways Depot at Whittlesford and you can feel safe over the Christmas holiday period.  The number to ring in an emergency is that of the Police Control Room  ' 01480 456111.


Village Green We are going ahead with the repairs to the southern edge of the green and the installation of small wooden posts to protect it from further erosion.  It may be some while before the contractors can start the work, but by the spring it should look much better.


Back Lane At last we have managed to get hold of some road planings, which should be delivered shortly and will be used to repair the worst of the potholes and ruts in Back Lane.


Trumpington Park and Ride The new Park and Ride will open 26th November.  Bus timetables for all the Park and Ride centres are on the notice board.


December Parish Council Meeting This will be on Wednesday 12th December (earlier than usual to enable us to get work done effectively before the Christmas break.   

                                              Jackie Casement – Parish Clerk





CHURCH NOTICES – Services for December


Sunday 2nd December              9.30 a.m. Parish Eucharist                                       DUXFORD

Advent 1                                 11.00 a.m. Parish Eucharist                                      HINXTON

                                                  6.30 p.m. Evensong                                                ICKLETON


Sunday 9th December               8.00 a.m. Holy Communion                                                 ICKLETON

Advent 2                                  10.00 a.m. Toy Service – Joint Family Eucharist       DUXFORD

                                                  6.30 p.m. Evensong                                                  ICKLETON


Sunday 16th December       11.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist                                             ICKLETON

Advent 3                                     4.00 p.m. Nativity Service                                        DUXFORD

                                                   6.30 p.m. Carol Service                                                       ICKLETON


Sunday  23rd December         10.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist                             DUXFORD

Advent 4                                     6.30 p.m. Evensong and Holy Communion             ICKLETON


Monday 24th December             3.00 p.m. Christingle Service                                              HINXTON

Christmas Eve                     11.30 p.m. Midnight Eucharist                                       DUXFORD


Tuesday 25th December            8.00 a.m. Holy Communion                                     ICKLETON

Christmas Day                           9.00 a.m. Family Eucharist                                      HINXTON

                                               10.00 a.m. Family Service                                                       DUXFORD

                                                 10.30 a.m. Family Eucharist                                      ICKLETON

30th December                        10.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist                             HINXTON



In our run up to Christmas, please look out for more details of these special coming events:

Saturday 8th December at 8.00 p.m. Hinxton’s Silent Auction at the home of Lesley and David Mills.

Sunday 9th December 10.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist and Toy Service at St. Peter’s Duxford, when you are invited to contribute a new toy, which will be given through Home-Start to a child for Christmas.

Tuesday 11th December 7-9 p.m. on the Green at Duxford ‘Sponsor a Carol – Lantern lit Evening’.  There will be refreshments and stalls at which Christmas purchases can be made.


I came across an interesting piece in Debden Village magazine, October issue:

*   ‘If you woke up this morning with more health than illness….you are more blessed than the millions who will not survive this week.

*   If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment , the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation….you are ahead of 500 million people in the world.

*   If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, or a roof overhead and a place to sleep…you are richer than 75% of this world.

*   If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish some place….you are among the top 8% of the world’s wealthy.

*   If you can read this message, you are more blessed than over 2 billion people in the world who cannot read at all.’

As we come to the season of Christmas, let us prepare again to receive the Christ child-our God, who came and lived amongst the poor, showed compassion to those in need and counted refugees, sinners and outcasts as his friends.  To be his friend, is to be their friend too.  A very happy, peaceful and blessed Christmas to all.    Tricia Newland, Honorary Priest 




CHAPEL NOTICES  - All Services start at 3.00 p.m. unless otherwise stated


Speakers For December

                                    December 2nd                         Miss J. Hay

                                    December  9th                         Mr. M. Dyer

                                    December 16th    Carol Service     Rev. J. Gill

                                    December 23rd                                    Mrs. B. Kime

                                    December 24/25th                              No Service

                                    December 30th                                    Rev. J. Gill


Who wants Christmas?

In November 1989 the Berlin Wall came down, and people in East Germany were able to enjoy Christmas visits and phone-calls to families and friends in the West.  I remember one of my German colleagues telling me at the time what a great joy it was to all of his family.  His brother had been a priest in East Germany for many years, suffering under terrible conditions.  One of the first things that my colleague’s brother desired was to eat a banana, which he had not tasted for years.  Since that time many of the restrictions on the Churches have been lifted, and the Festival so long suppressed by the Communist Authorities, who refused to grant a holiday on 25th December, were openly celebrated and enjoyed.

We take Christmas for granted: indeed we are often bored and weary when Christmas comes round again.  And yet what we are celebrating is a truth that the most oppressive regimes failed to discredit, that Jesus is God’s is no longer a remote mystery.  Humanity is not lost without hope.  Love is the secret, which brings victory over life and over death.  And Jesus is with us, and will finally give meaning and value to everyone and everything.

If Christmas has became a dreary repetition of chores, a time when we spend too much, eat too much, and pretend a gaiety, which we do not feel, then we have missed the heart of the Festival.  Christmas affirms the worth of all human beings, since God is found in a human child, Christmas affirm that the distance has been crossed, and that we are no longer alone, isolated, doomed.  We are free to give and share.

But just as we may be uncomfortable about changes we are not sure we want to make; so Christmas abolished the distance between God and ourselves, and brings God close.  And there are changes all of us have to make in our lives if we long for a New Year of grace and hope.

We are holding our annual carol service of the Chapel on Sunday 16th December 2001 at 3.00 p.m.  The brownies from Gt. Chesterford will be with us to take part in the service.  Please come along and be part of the joy of Christmas.

Best Wishes for a peaceful Christmas and 2002.                             Rev. J. Gill




Christmas will soon be upon us.  This is the season when burglars are very active and welcome the opportunity to steal from both dwellings and cars.  When you are out shopping for those presents don’t leave them on show in the back of your car.  There have been several reports this year on how many seconds it takes to break into a car so don’t let it be yours.  The same applies to your home where burglars are likely to appreciate the pickings to be had from presents left on view through the windows of houses temporarily unoccupied.

Be prepared for the long dark evenings, and remember house burglaries are now more likely to happen during the day than in the evening.  It is a good idea to install timer switches that will allow a light to be switched on in the late afternoon/early evening.  This will be at least give the impression that someone is at home.  Timer switches and external security lights can be bought at reasonable prices at DIY stores.

Thankfully, I have no crime to report in the village but do not let your guard down.  Criminals are operating in surrounding villages.  Remember if you see or hear of anything or anyone acting suspiciously contact the police IMMEDIATELY ' 01223 358966.

I would also like to know of any incidents.                                             Tony Court









Children’s Christmas Party

There will be a Children’s Christmas party in the Ickleton Social Club on Saturday 15th December from 3.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.

There will be face painting, party games, food and drinks and gifts from Father Christmas.

All the village children and any visiting children are welcome.


Christmas Draw

The Ickleton Social Club Christmas draw will take place on Saturday 22nd December,. A Seasonal buffet will be provided.

Draw tickets are on sale from the Club, any evening from 12th November.


New Year’s Eve ‘Do’

Come and welcome in the New Year at this year’s Ickleton Social Club New Year’s Eve ‘Do’.

The Club will be open 8.00 p.m. till late and there will be music, food and a raffle.


Ickleton Social Club Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Day            -           Closed

Boxing Day                  -           12.00  p.m. – 2.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.

New Year’s Eve          -           8.00 p.m.– late

All other evenings as usual 8.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.             

Ickleton Social Club Committee





At time of going to press we have a party of sixteen going to the Arts Theatre on Saturday 17th November to see Tom Stoppard’s play ‘The Real Thing.’

Boxing Day Walk  Meet at 11.00 a.m. on the Village Green.  A picturesque route has been chosen and it will take approx.1½ to 2 hours (Wellington boots recommended).

Trip to Welney Sunday 3rd February at 6.30 p.m. to see the swans being fed.  A chance for families to see this spectacle from a warm indoor hide.  We will need to leave about an hour for travelling.  We have booked 15 places, so please ring Sheila Birch if you want to come; car sharing can be arranged nearer the time.



The open meeting held at the Village Hall on the 12/11/01 was a great success with lots of good ideas and lots of enthusiasm, so Ickleton will be able to have a special day on Saturday June 1st 2002 with lots of many events planned, just a few of which are outlined below. Keep an eye on the Icene for regular updates.  All the events we have planned are for EVERYONE.

The day will begin with a procession through the village this is for adults and children. The theme will be ‘Royalty’, fictional, mythological, historical, from any part of the world you choose. Let your imagination run wild!

Following on from this there will be a huge tea party for everyone (yes we mean the whole Village). There will be games and competitions to suit all abilities, entertainers and loads more besides.  

Finally (if you can stand the pace) we are offering you the chance to dust down your Stetsons and polish your spurs….for a country and western evening with a superb band, line dancing and a Bucking Bronco for the brave cowboys/girls out there. The Saloon will be serving suitably cowboy/girl drinks and ranch style food will be available.  We’ll keep you posted on this event. To end the weekend there is to be a commemorative evensong in the Church on Sunday which will be followed by a glass of wine.












The Village Hall AGM will be on Monday 3rd December at 8.15 p.m. in the village hall meeting room



We will be carol singing around the village on Wednesday 19th  December in aid of the Children’s Hospice.  Meet at the junction of Coploe Road and Abbey Street at 6.30 p.m. 

Please come and help us make a joyful noise!  Enthusiasm, warm clothing and torches essential, musical talent useful but not essential.  Covered transport will be provided and Sheila and Gerry Birch have kindly offered refreshments afterwards.




Tis will take place on Friday 7th December at 8.00 p.m. at Mowbray’s Farmhouse (by kind invitation of Mr. And Mrs. Robin Driver).

Andrew Lansley, our M.P. is coming so please come to meet him and enjoy yourselves.

Tickets price £6 available from Mrs. Frankau




We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everybody who have given their services for a ‘Walter Run’ since Morfa’s accident in August.  (Hopefully Morfa will be home by now and we won’t be pestering for more lifts!)  It’s good to see that the ‘Ickleton Spirit’ is alive and well!

                                                                                                                        Judith and Martyn Wright





OFFSTED Inspection

During September, four Inspectors spent four days at Duxford Church of England Community Primary School and gave an overwhelmingly positive report.

They were impressed by the "significant improvement made in the national tests in 2001 in both key stages".  This links with their observation of ‘good’ teaching across all age groups.  Also, they particularly commented on the provision for social, cultural, moral and spiritual development.  We are pleased that the children here, at Duxford, are receiving opportunities ‘to develop in to well rounded individuals.’

They identified what the Schools does well:-

*   The excellent leadership of the head teacher and the effective governing body are giving the school a very good sense of purpose and moving the school forward;

*   The overall quality of teaching is good;

*   The very good provision for pupils’ cultural, social and moral development and the good provision for spiritual development helps to develop well rounded pupils.

*   Pupils’ very good behaviour and personal development, their relationships with one another and with their teachers lead to a good and happy environment for learning.

*   The accommodation is spacious and supports the quality of curriculum offered;

*   Parental and community involvement and their support for the school make for effective home-school links and a sense of togetherness.

*   Care and support of the pupils are both very good and pupils are pleased to attend school.

We are pleased that the progress over the last two years has been acknowledged, and wish to record our thanks to past and present teaching and support staff.

Looking to the future, Duxford School is in a very good position to consolidate current achievements and rise to new challenges.                                Jenny Duke, Chair of Governors





The village web site will shortly hit the Internet, so here’s a couple of clues as to what it will all be about.

The site is sponsored by the Parish Council and will be aimed in two directions:


Local Information

A single up-to-date central resource of information for (web enabled) locals hopefully Including:

*   Comprehensive diary of forthcoming events – See what’s happening in the village and around …and let us know about events you are planning too!

*   Information on village organisations and contacts, hall bookings, sporting, activities, local tradesmen, businesses and service providers.  (If you can offer gardening, house painting, bed and breakfast, taxidermy, or anything else legal – and would like to appear, tell us).

*   Month-by-month we will publish agendas and records of Parish Council meetings as well as Icene itself (eventually forming a unique reference source).

The World In General

Well…..it is after all a WORLD WIDE web, and another exciting opportunity that the site can offer is the potential to form contacts with people across the world, whether they are old Ickletonians, relatives, ex-servicemen or perhaps just folk with an interest in the area.  We want to provide a picture of the village past and present as well as the means for would-be correspondents to make contact.  With a bit of luck Icene will soon be featuring the results – both-online and through the letterbox!

A number of other extensions are planned – if you have got ideas which you would like to see included or want to get involved, we would love to hear from you.

Happy Surfing!                                                                                          Andrew Shepperd



John Hall was one of seven children. As a young man he went to Southern Rhodesia to join the Police Force, and became a fingerprint expert.  He was awarded the Colonial Police Medal and promoted to Inspector.  John often talked about his long journeys on horseback through the bush. Whilst there he became interested in the Church.

After he retired from Southern Rhodesia, he and his wife Margaret and his daughters Meg and Jill returned to England where he commenced studying theology at Ridley Hall, Cambridge.  After a spell as curate in Tunbridge Wells, he became the incumbent of Ickleton from 1959-67, living at the Vicarage.  Margaret taught at Duxford School.

Whilst here he initiated the Icene Bulletin and was one of those who helped get the school converted into the village hall.  He had the screens behind the altar removed so uncovering the Ten Commandments which had been hidden for half a century! He was a keen bellringer and taught his daughter Meg and David Lilley to ring. At the Church Fetes held in the vicarage gardens he showed himself to be a crack shot on the rifle range. When something was needed for the Church from Saffron Walden he was soon behind the wheel of Godfrey’s lorry to fetch it. He is remembered with affection by the people of Ickleton.

John had promised his wife before she died 12 years ago, to go and live with their younger daughter Jill in Dunmow.  Soon here, he continued taking services in most of the churches in the Dunmow Deanery.  John Hall died in ‘harness’ - the night before he died, he had taken a service. …..                                                      Resquiescat in pace



CONGRATULATIONS TO……..Molly East who will be 80 on the 14th December.


CONGRATULATIONS TO……Bert and Rose Pickett who celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on 20th December.


WELCOME TO……..Karena Hill and Marc Smith.




NEW BUS TIMETABLE – Service 32 Monday - Saturday

Unfortunately the timetable sent to us by the County Council from which we published details last month omitted the last bus from Saffron Walden to Cambridge.

We therefore include the whole timetable again with this correction.


The last bus to Saffron Walden is at 1838 and the last bus to Cambridge is at 1915.


Cambridge          0740  0900  1000 1100         1200  1300    1400    1500    1600    1700  1800

Sawston                0804  0924  1024 1124       1224  1324    1424    1524    1624    1724  1824

Ickleton                  0818  0938  1038 1138  1238 1338  1438   1538  1638   1738   1838

Saffron Walden   0831  0951  1051 1151  1251 1351            1451    1551    1651    1751  1851



Saffron Walden  0707  0857   0957 1057 1157          1257    1357    1457    1557    1657    1757  1902

Ickleton                 0722  0912   1012 1112 1212  1312  1412   1512   1612   1712   1812  1915

Sawston               0736  0926   1026 1126 1226  1326  1426   1526   1626   1726   1826  1926

Cambridge         0816  0955   1055 1155 1255  1355  1455   1555   1655   1755   1855  1953

                                                                                                                                                    David Lilley



Experts on typography will have noticed a change in this month’s Icene Bulletin as we have done this issue on our PC, thanks to Andrew Shepperd’s help and encouragement.

When we started editing the Icene in 1987 we had a manual typewriter, followed by an Olympia Electronic typewriter.  We then graduated to an Amstrad (they were state-of-the-art then).

For the last few years we have used a very dependable Sharp Fontwriter.

It’s a lot easier to do corrections than it was with Tippex in 1987 (no cut and paste either!) but it is also easier to lose the lot, so let’s hope we don’t!

So you see we really have moved into the 21st century, although I am still riding my 50 year old bicycle!                                                                                                                          David Lilley





Elizabeth and Chris Goddard of Bird’s Close wish to announce the birth of Evan Jonathan, born at home on 1st November.  A beautiful brother to Jacob and Dominic.




       December 3rd    Village Hall AGM 8.15 p.m. Village Hall Meeting Room

               5th    Chesterford & District Gardening Society Meeting   8.00 p.m. Chapel,

                       Carmel Street,  Great Chesterford

              7th    Conservative Xmas Party 8.00 p.m. Mowbray’s Farmhouse

              10th   Mobile Library

              12th    The Chesterfords, Ickleton & Hinxton Women’s Institute

                      Christmas Meeting. The speaker will be Mrs. Sue Taylor

 ‘Hats for all Occasions’

 Please note change of venue - this will be held in Little Chesterford                     Village Hall at 7.45 p.m. (lifts available)

             15th    Social Club Children’s Christmas Party 3.00 p.m. Social Club

             19th    Parish Council Meeting 7.30 p.m. Village Hall

             19th    Carol Singing 6.30 p.m. meet Coploe Road/Abbey Street Junction

              26th   IPS Boxing Day Walk meet 11.00 a.m. Village Green