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Editors:                                                                      David and Monica Lilley

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Deadline for next Icene Bulletin

12th  JANUARY  2002





Happy New Year everyone.


Website The village website will be going live before Christmas.  The address is www.ickletonvillage.co.uk Very many thanks are due to James Macdonald, Andrew Shepperd, Miranda Stone-Wigg and Charles Cooper for all their efforts.  They have produced a wonderful website and Ickleton has moved into the twenty-first century!  If you do not have a computer in your home, do go and take a look on a friend’s screen. Information on the site covers the village – with pictures, services, Icene, sport, organisations, diary, Village Hall, Parish Council, Churches and local links.  Don’t forget that you can also use it for advertising purposes – contact Andrew Shepperd.  Well done and thank you to all involved.


Kerbside Recycling collection dates  Friday 4th January, and Thursdays 17th and 31st January. (This service has been somewhat unreliable of late, and I am chasing up the contractors).


Refuse Collection.  First week in January the collection will be on Thursday 3rd January.


Community Beat Officer  PC Tim Cleary is hoping to attend the Parish  Council meeting on 16th January, so do come and listen to what he has to say. 

    Jackie Casement - Parish Clerk



After many complaints, Stagecoach has reinstated one bus journey each way on Service 32 to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

The 0912 from Ickleton will call at Addenbrooke’s on its way to Cambridge and there will be a return bus at 1200.                                                                                                   David Lilley




Age Concern Cambridgeshire is constantly looking to develop the service it offers to older people in Cambridgeshire.  Over the past year a number of people have contacted Age Concern Cambridgeshire looking for a handyman or gardener.  At present we are unable to supply them with any contact details.


We would like to be able to put these people in touch with gardeners/handymen who will have been vetted by Age Concern Cambridgeshire by way of references and a police check.


If you would like to appear on our gardener/handyman list, please contact us for an application form '  01354 696677.



CHURCH NOTICES – Services in January

Sunday 6th January           10.00 a.m.  Joint Parish Eucharist (Order 1)              DUXFORD

(Epiphany)                             4.00 p.m.  Epiphany Christingle service                  ICKLETON


Sunday 13th January            8.00 p.m. Holy Communion (BCP)                           ICKLETON

(Epiphany 2)                          10.00 a.m. Five Village Christian Unity Service   WHITTLESFORD

                                                 for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity              URC

                                                6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong (BCP)                    ICKLETON


Sunday 20th January            9.30 a.m. Parish Eucharist (Order 1)                       DUXFORD

(Epiphany 3)                          11.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist                            ICKLETON

                                                 6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong (BCP)                            HINXTON


Sunday 27th January            9.30 a.m. Parish Eucharist (Order 1)                      DUXFORD

(Epiphany 4)                          11.00 a.m. Joint Family Service                     HINXTON 

                              6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong and Holy Communion (BCP     ICKLETON

From the Vicar

After six months maternity leave following the birth of our second daughter, Trelawny Margaret, I am now back at work and glad to have this chance to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2002.

I want to thank very warmly all those who have worked so hard to keep the wheels turning in my absence, especially our Assistant Priest Tricia Newland and our Reader Julie Baillie, both of whom have cheerfully and efficiently taken on many extra tasks and responsibilities. We are also much indebted to those visiting clergy who have taken services for us.  There were a number of these but I must just mention Canon David Wall who has travelled regularly all the way from Bury St. Edmunds to be with us and whose relaxed and approachable style of ministry has been so much appreciated, and Revd. Charles Miller who kindly allowed himself to be roped in within months of moving to Duxford and without whom we might not have been able to continue some of our more traditional services.  Behind the scenes we also owe a tremendous debt to our valiant Church Wardens Sebastian Payne and Jenny Pell and to the whole Parochial Church Council for supporting them in their work.  Well done everybody!

As we raised our glasses to one another at the start of the New Year, no doubt most of us were wondering what of joy or sorrow the next twelve months will bring us.  Probably for most of us there will be some of each.  We cannot see into the future and perhaps it would not be good for us if we could but as Christians we have been shown a still more excellent way, the way of faith.  So let us live our lives peacefully one day at a time, giving thanks continually for the many blessings we enjoy and trusting the future to our heavenly Father.

With God’s blessing                                                                         Jane Charman                                            


“What is the place of the Bible in our lives?”

“We know it is important, but how can it make a difference to us each day?”

Following the Emmaus Course, we are planning a five week series of bible studies.  The subject for these will be ‘The Word of God’.  Using some notes by Revd. John Stott, each session will be led by members of the group and is open to all Christians in the three parishes.  Each evening will start at 7.30 p.m. with a simple supper, followed by the study at 8.30 p.m. finishing with a short act of worship by 10.00 p.m.

Venue – Ickleton Place.

Dates, Thursdays 10th, 17th,   24th, 31st January and 7th February.

Please come and join us.  For catering purposes please give Anne Lindsey a ring

                                                                                               Simon Casement and Jet van Kuffler                                     



Trip to Welney

This takes place on Sunday 3rd February at 6.30 p.m. to see the swans being fed.  There are 15 places booked for us, so please ring Sheila Birch if you want to reserve one. Car sharing can be arranged for the approximately one hour journey there.



The collection in the Village for this year amounted to £752.67, including the Church collection on Remembrance Sunday.  Thank you to all who gave so generously.

Many many thanks  to all the collectors: Sheila Birch, Jackie Casement, Pat Facer, Lena Frost, Yvonne Hall, Judy Holt, Jenny Lawson, Judy Marshall, Sally Pearce, Hilary Rule and Mary Woolhouse. Sunita and Dilip at the shop, Paula and Doug at The Ickleton Lion and the Social Club all had collecting boxes on their counters and bar.  Thank you.

            Eileen Westcott, Hon. Organiser



We had our Christmas Lunch in the Village Hall on 12th December. I was very sorry that three members were not able to come due to illness, but we hope they will soon be well.

It was nice to see Mrs. Nellie Jarrold with us again, and we had invited Mr. Ernie Scasbrook and Mrs. Dorothy Churchman along, as they have both been great supporters of the club.

The meal was prepared by Mrs. J. Fordham and her helpers, and a lovely meal it was, everyone seemed to enjoy it.

The wine was given by Mr. and Mrs. Pickett who celebrate their Diamond wedding anniversary on December  20th . We thank them very much. Also many thanks to Mr. Jim Ball who gave us a donation in memory of his late wife Jo. Thanks also to Mrs. Frankau who gave us some mincepies, and many thanks to Mrs. Vera Reed for doing the table decorations so tastefully.

I must say a big thank you to the Club for my present which I have not opened yet, but do appreciate  very much.

We are having a break over Christmas, the next meeting is on January 16th.

May I wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.                                                 Mrs. R. Lilley



In January we often look back at the past year and forward and decide how we will fill the empty pages of the new chapter that is just beginning.

We in Ickleton Methodist Chapel will be doing just that in the week beginning 10th March 2002, when we will be celebrating our 150 years Chapel Anniversary.  We do hope that all of you in the village will celebrate with us.  More details next month.

An ancient proverb declares, “More men adore the sun rising than the sun setting.”  When one watches a coronation of a king or the inauguration of a president, the proverb seems to be true.

Witness the joy of a new love or the excitement of a new anything.  All seem to declare that we always welcome a new day. But when the new begins to challenge our old values and habits, our adoration is likely to be short lived.  At first, Jesus was welcomed into the synagogue in Nazareth just as he was thronged throughout Galilee and later greeted with hosannas in Jerusalem.  But then the people learned that his good news also had a word of judgement.  Liberty for the oppressed meant loss also for the oppressor.

The word of God in the bible can declare fresh insight and meaning into our daily lives, and can help and support us in times of need.

If reading the Bible was not on your agenda for this year why not make a start this New Year.  The first question to ask yourself, as you read, is like the people round Jesus.”Will it offend or challenge.”

Happy New Year.                                                                                                                 Rev. Jim. Gill







A Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Mrs. Muriel Bettinson of Caldrees Cottage, Butcher’s Hill, was held on November 14th following her death on 6th November.  Burial followed at Ickleton Cemetery.

Muriel and her husband, John, who died last year shortly after they had celebrated their Diamond Wedding, had lived in the village since 1978.  They moved here from Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, following his retirement from day-to-day involvement in his family business in the West Midlands.  John had lived all his life until then in the Birmingham area and Muriel had spent much of hers there too, her father being a director of Dunlops.

They enjoyed a very happy retirement here, taking a keen interest in village affairs and took part in other local activies such as the Saffron Walden Decorative and Fine Arts Society and the Saffron Walden Theatre Club.  They built up a wide circle of friends in the area and enjoyed living near their son and daughter and their families.

Muriel’s family are deeply grateful for all the friendship and kindness shown to John and Muriel and particularly for the support she received in recent years.  They thank all who wrote to them following her death and the many people who attended her funeral.  The service was taken by the Reverend John Haslam, a member of the family, assisted by the Reverend Patricia Newland and the Reverend Walter Ellis.  The address by Victor Shanklan, Muriel’s brother who lives in New Zealand, was given on his behalf by his daughter, Penny Callenfels.





There was an extremely good attendance at the December meeting when members came to enjoy a talk by Mr. Mike Thurlow, Head Gardener from Audley End Estate.  Much interest was shown in the walled kitchen garden which has been re-constructed to its original state, growing organically all types of vegetables, fruits and flowers of the varieties used in the Victorian era and still very worthwhile today.

There is no meeting in January, next meeting February 6th 2002 when the speaker will be Mr. Richard Ayres who recently retired as Head Gardener at Anglesey Abbey.

 Cynthia Rule




Duxford Voted Cambridgeshire Family Attraction of the Year


The Imperial War Museum Duxford is delighted to announce that it has been chosen by ‘The Good Britain Guide 2002’ as the family attraction of the year for Cambridgeshire.

Duxford was selected as the Cambridgeshire regional winner having been chosen by visitors to the museum who had subsequently written in to the ‘Good Britain Guide’ to nominate Duxford for this award.  The criteria for selection are tough – an attraction must offer something for everyone, represent good value for money and be substantial enough to entertain a family for the best part of the day.

Over the past year, the ‘Good Britain Guide’ has received many nominations from members of the public for attractions across the county.  Having drawn up a short-list, the Guide Editors then visited each attraction personally before making their final section.  Says Museum Director Ted Inman, “We are delighted to have been chosen as one of the 38 regional winners.  Duxford is a museum quite unlike any other.  We are constantly changing and responding to our visitors’ needs and expectations and every effort  is made to maximise the enjoyment of more than 400,000 annual visitors to the museum.”                                    Tracey Woods




Meeting Room                                                                   £
Regular users on a weekly/monthly basis                   Morning                  11.00

                                                        Afternoon          11.00

                                                                                                             Evening                    11.00


Village Organisations – one off events                                  Morning                              16.50

                                                                                                             Afternoon                         16.50

                                                                                                             Evening                          16.50


Private Hire                                                                                        Morning                           27.50

                                                                                                 Afternoon                        27.50

                                                                                                 Evening                           27.50

Sports Hall

Regular users on a weekly/monthly basis                                       Morning                                12.10

                                                                                                             Afternoon                           12.10

                                                                                                             Evening                           12.10


Village Organisations – one off events                                   Morning                                27.50

                                                                                                              Afternoon                             27.50

                                                                                                              Evening                                27.50

Private Hire                                                                                         Morning                               44.00

                                                                                                              Afternoon                           44.00

                                                                                                              Evening                           77.00                                   

(hourly by arrangement)      


Sports Hall Plus Meeting Room                                                   Morning                                60.00

                                                                                                              Afternoon                           60.00

                                                                                                            Evening                     100.00                                                                                                                           

Use of cooker

Village Organisations/Clubs                                                             Morning                                  5.00

                                                                                                              Afternoon                               5.00

                                                                                                              Evening                                  5.00

Private Hire                                                                                         Morning                                 10.00    

                                                                 Afternoon                10.00                                                                           Evening                            10.00

Changing rooms with use of showers

Ickleton teams                                                                                                                                    12.50

Outside regular users                                                                                                               15.00

One Offs                                                                                                                                              20.00

Bookings – Contact Gordon Woolhouse         



As I write this it is over five weeks since a vehicle ran into and demolished the signpost on the A1301 at Hinxton pointing down New Road to Ickleton.

Since then, although the police must have seen it when patrolling, nothing has been done.  A piece of cardboard on a broomstick would have been better than nothing!

I have used this turn over 10,000 times but it is still not easy to see in dark inclement or foggy conditions

A phone call to the local police has so far made no difference - the person on the phone said they were not familiar with the area.  I would have thought local knowledge would have been a           prerequisite for the job.                                                                                                            David Lilley





Thank you to all of you who have been filling your collecting boxes during 2001.

Please would you let me have your money by the end of January so that I can send off a cheque to the Children’s Society.

If there  is anyone else who would like a box, please let me know.  It is a really worthwhile charity and does wonderful work with young people in need.

Many  thanks                        Rosemary Hayes,


Hats for all occasions was the subject for the December meeting.

Mrs. Taylor from Newmarket Hat Hire produced a glorious array of hats ranging from Ascot style to cocktail style, members had a great time trying them on.

Festive refreshments were served to end a very happy evening.

Next meeting January 16th in the Chapel, Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford.  The speaker will be Mr. Colin Kirkland from the R.S.P.B.                                                                  Cynthia Rule




WELCOME TO…….David Keating,




WELCOME TO……..Joe and Kirsty Sawyer and Cameron who is 19 months old.




We would both like to thank everyone who sent ‘get well’ cards and good wishes to Len during his recent short spell in hospital.  These were all very much appreciated.

                                                                                                                                      Len and Joy Howe




The Ashes of Rev. J. B. Hall vicar of Ickleton 1959 – 1967 were interred in Ickleton churchyard on Sunday 9th December.






               January    7th    Mobile Library

                                 16th   Visiting Bellringers 11.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

                                 16th   Parish Council Meeting 7.30 p.m. Village Hall

                             16th   The Chesterfords, Ickleton & Hinxton Women’s Institute Meeting

                                          7.45 p.m. Chapel, Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford

                                 21st   Mobile Library

               February  3rd     IPS Trip to Welney


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