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MARCH 2002


Editors:                                                                                       David and Monica Lilley

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12TH MARCH 2002



New Roundabout on A505 You may have read in the newspapers that plans for a new roundabout at the top of Hunts Road, Duxford are going ahead.  Duxford will then be provided with traffic calming measures in Hunts Road and in Ickleton Road.  In the light of these changes, Ickleton Parish Council has asked for measures to be taken in Duxford Road and Frogge Street to help deal with the increasing amount of through traffic and speeding. Highways have promised us larger 30mph signs stating ‘Reduce Your Speed’ and incorporating the name of the village, and 30mph roundels in the road surface. We therefore feel that we have achieved some small measure of help with the traffic problems, though it remains to be seen whether these notices, combined with the traffic calming in Duxford, will deter some of the through traffic and control speeding.


Social Housing  Work on the new social housing off Coploe Road is about to start.  This is being developed by the Cambridge Housing Society and there will be four pairs of houses - two houses with three bedrooms, four houses with two bedrooms and two bungalows with two bedrooms.  It has taken time but we are glad to report that these new homes, whose tenants will have to have strong village connections, will be ready later this year and will provide much needed accommodation for our community.


Cemetery  Our tidy up of the cemetery is now completed.  We have two new compost bins for the greenery and a dustbin for the paper and plastic - please use these wisely.  The old trailer has been towed away and we are grateful to Lewis Duke for his help.


Recycling Dates Collection dates for cans, bottles and newspapers are 14th and 28th March.  Please don’t put the green boxes out before these dates; the paper blows about, it looks unsightly and they won’t be emptied any earlier!


Matters of Concern  Roller bladers in Frogge Street continue to cause anxiety as they cross the road at random, heedless of passing traffic, almost always after dark.  They also cause considerable noise nuisance to those living nearby.  There is a dreadful accident here just waiting to happen.  The Parish Council recognises that there is little for youngsters to do in the village but would urge parents to ensure their children behave considerately and safely.  The police have been asked to keep an eye out for foolish risk-taking behaviour.


Dog Fouling  Once again we must nag about dog fouling on the Recreation Ground.  The Football Clubs who use the pitch have complained that they have to spend half an hour clearing up before a match. This is unpleasant and unacceptable.  Please ensure that you, and your children, go out equipped with scoop and bags when exercising your dogs, and use the bins provided accordingly.  The Dog Warden has been contacted and the maximum fine is £1,000 for failing to clean up after your dog.                 

           Jackie Casement  - Parish Clerk












Services for March




Sunday 3rd March


 9.30 a.m.     Parish Eucharist (Order 1)



(Lent 1)

11.00 a.m.    Eucharist (Order 1)



   6.30  p.m.  Sung Evensong (BCP)


Wednesday 6th March

   8.00 p.m.   Lent Worship


Sunday 10th March

   9.30 a.m    Mothering Sunday Service


(Mothering Sunday)

 11.00 a.m   .Mothering Sunday Service



   6.30 p.m.   Sung Evensong (BCP)


Wednesday 13th March

   8.00 p.m    Lent Worship


Sunday 17th March

    9.30 a.m.  Parish Eucharist (Order 1)


(Lent 5)

  11.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist



    6.30  p.m. Sung Evensong (BCP)


Wednesday 20th March

    8.00 p.m.  Lent Worship


Sunday 24th March

    9.30 a.m.  Palm Procession starting from


(Palm Sunday)

                  Laceys Way Community Centre

                  for 10.00 a.m. Service               


Monday 25th March

    8.00 p.m. Candlelight Compline


Tuesday 26th March

    8.00 p.m. Candlelight Compline


Wednesday  27th March

    8.00 p.m. Candlelight Compline





Thursday 28th March

    8.00 p.m. Eucharist of the Lord’s Supper


(Maundy Thursday)

                    with Night Watch until midnight


Good Friday 29th March

   12 noon – 3.00 p.m. The Three Hours





Sunday 31st March

     9.30 a.m. Family Eucharist


(Easter Sunday)

   11.00 a.m. Family Eucharist



     6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong and



                     Holy Communion (BCP)


From the Vicar

March this year is an exceptionally busy month, culminating in the moving events of Holy Week and the great celebration of Easter.  Put Mothering Sunday in your diary and bring all the family.  Join us for the Palm Sunday Procession, complete with donkey!  Spend some time with us on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday reflecting on the meaning of the cross for us and our world,  and don’t forget that the clocks go forward on Easter Sunday making our Easter services even brighter and earlier than usual this year.

After Easter we shall be holding a series of discussion groups for those considering confirmation.  For many of us confirmation is the adult affirmation  of the faith into which we were baptised as babies.  For those who have not previously been baptised, baptism and confirmation take place together in a single service.  People often ask me, “What is the right age at which to be confirmed?” The answer is,” Whenever a person is able to understand the promises and take seriously the commitments involved.”  For younger people, we recommend junior teens as a good starting point but that’s only a guide, many people have been confirmed at a younger age.  As for an upper age limit, there definitely isn’t one.

We hope to have two preparation groups, one for adults and one for young people.  The groups would probably meet six or seven times, to explore the Christian faith, take stock of our lives and find out where we stand in terms of our own understanding and belief.  For those wishing to proceed to confirmation, there will be opportunities to be confirmed later in the year.  For those wishing to use the group simply as an opportunity for enquiry and discussion, let me reassure you that there will be no pressure on you to go forward for confirmation at the end of it.  So please feel free to come along on a strictly ’no strings attached’ basis. Those interested should get in touch with me before Easter please.                      

 Jane Charman






The theme of this year’s service, which has been prepared by the women of Romania, is ‘Challenged To Reconcile.’

The service will be held at All Saints’ Church, Great Chesterford on Friday 1st March at 2.15 p.m.

If you would like to come and require transport, please contact either me or Peggy Richardson.                                                                                                           

   Julie Baillie



Thank you for all the prayers, cards, messages and visits I have received following the operation on my foot.  They have been very much appreciated.

I am getting on well and hope to be fully mobile again by Easter.     

 Love from Tricia Newland



Due to the great interest shown in the visit of David Kossoff on 17th March 2002 to celebrate the 150 years of Methodism in Ickleton, the 3.00 p.m. service will be held in the village hall and not at the Chapel.

Please tell your friends who might be interested.                                               

    Rev. Jim Gill



To celebrate the 150th Chapel Anniversary at Ickleton Methodist Church, a whole week of celebration is going to take place at Ickleton: the programme is as follows:

Sunday 3rd March at 3.00 p.m.Holy Communion Rev. J. Gill

Sunday 10th March at 3.00 p.m. Preacher Rev. John  Graham

Wednesday 13th March at 7.00 p.m. ‘Songs of Praise’

Saturday 16th March at 7.00 p.m. Concert by Bishop’s Stortford Methodist Choir

Sunday 17th March at 3.00 p.m. The guest speaker will be David Kossoff in the Village Hall

Sunday 24th March at 3.00 p.m. Mrs. M. Richardson

Sunday 31st March at 3.00 p.m. Holy Communion, Rev. J. Gill


David Kossoff is well known for his bible stories.  He first published his stories in 1968, which became and still are runaway bestsellers.  David Kossoff has informed me that, at the time of Ickleton’s celebrations a new book will be published bringing both his Old Testament and New Testament stories together in one cover.  There is going to be quite a bit of publicity for this new publication, so keep a look out.  If the new book is ready in time, he will bring some copies along for a signing session after the service.

The writing of his bible stories is quite a remarkable success story in itself.  Late in 1963 David Kossoff, an award winning actor and an occasional writer and teller of his own stories, was invited by the BBC to contribute and perform ‘A story from the Bible’ on television.  He took great care with this and his first story from the scriptures that he chose was Jonah.  It made a great impact, the letters poured in. BBC radio, sensing a new voice, offered him the old established ‘Five to Ten’ morning programme for an experimental month.

It was an immediate success.  He became a sort of institution. Soon he was given his own television series.  His audience was huge, and the rest, as they say, is history.

William Barclay the great Scottish theologian said in his foreward and comments on David Kossoff’s book ‘Bible Stories’,  ‘Mr. Kossoff is a born story teller.  He has the gift of making the old stories new.  He has an astonishing insight into the characters involved, and the way in which he makes them speak and think is both vivid and authentic.’

We are indeed very fortunate to have David Kossoff come for our Sunday afternoon service on 17th March and I hope you will all come and support this day.

Please come and join when you can in this unique 150 years of witness at Ickleton.

Best Wishes                                                                                                                                              Rev. Jim Gill





The church electoral roll is the parish church’s register of members.  Those whose names are on the roll share in the government of their local church and are entitled to a vote on all important matters.  To have your name on the church electoral roll you should be a baptised person aged 16 or over and a worshipping member of your parish church.

This year a completely new church electoral roll has to be drawn-up.  For the next two weeks, forms for enrolment will be left in the Church or will be available from Revd. Charman or Frances Payne, at. Completed forms should be returned to Frances as soon as possible.  Once the new roll is complete, it will be displayed in the Church porch and for checking.

This year the electoral roll form contains an additional section on ethnic origin.  Completion of this part of the form is voluntary and is done anonymously.  Statistics will be collected nationally

as a means of ensuring that the Church complies with both the letter and the spirit of the Race Discrimination Act.  For such a worthwhile purpose, we hope that everyone will feel  able to spare an extra minute to answer  five simple questions.  Full details about this survey are set out on the form, or if you have any further questions please contact the Electoral Roll Officer Frances Payne.




This year’s Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 25th January.

The outgoing Chairman, Gordon Woolhouse, gave a resumé of the year’s activities, discussed the financial report and explained what improvements had been made to the club facilities, including, redecoration, rewiring, new furniture, the purchase of a dehumidifier and the change to a more cost effective supplier, which will enable the club to continue to sell drinks at a very low price.

A new committee and officers were elected, with four of last year’s committee deciding not to stand for re-election, so some different but familiar faces will be seen behind the bar.

The outgoing Chairman was presented with an inscribed tankard as a token of appreciation for his long service and hard work with the club.

A special vote of thanks was also given to Mr. Ken Salmon and  Frank and Sylvia Moseley for their very valuable contributions to the running and organising of the club.

Mr. Hubert Holt was re-elected as the Club’s President, and Mr. Laurie Gregory was elected as Chairman.

The new committee will be organising  various events during 2002 including the regular Monday night Bingo sessions and on March 2nd an ‘all comers’ Quiz Night.

The club opening and closing times are:-


Monday  -    Saturday   8.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.

                                                       Sunday  -                       9.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.


The cost of Club membership is £5.00 per year adults and £2.50 per year for Juniors and Senior Citizens.

Ickleton Social Club Committee



WELCOME TO………David Dunger of,




 Rachel Radford and Terry Sadler






We recently received a visit from a firm of consultants employed by Sport England to conduct an audit to confirm that the substantial grant, which they had given us, had been properly spent.  Aspects looked at included:


                   The purpose of the project

                   The funding of the project

                   The design, construction and costs of the hall

                   Management arrangements

                   Sports development

                   Local social and/or economic impacts

                    The Lottery award process


The consultants, Whiteley Interntional, stated that they were completely satisfied with all aspects including the build and subsequent usage and would be reporting an ‘excellent’ grading to Sport England.  They advised us that we were only the sixth village hall to receive this accolade out of over three hundred halls inspected.

Our thanks to all our supporters and users for helping us to achieve this pleasing result.

Current regular users include Froglets playgroup, Bridge, Short Tennis coaching for children, Aerobics, Badminton, Short Mat Bowls, Judo, Karate, Over Sixties and the Parish Council.  A timetable of events is published on the village website and for further information please contact Gordon Woolhouse.                                                                 The Village Hall Committee



The trip to Welney was well supported and, as before, a spectacular sight, with hundreds of whooper swans arriving on the floodlit water, outside the observation room to be fed.

Saturday 27th April We are organising a trip to the RSPB reserve at Minsmere, on the Suffolk coast.  This should be an exciting day, with lots to see at that time of year.

We shall have to make an early start and take a picnic lunch.  There are good facilities there for buying hot drinks etc.  If anyone is interested please ring Jackie Casement and we will sort out details and car sharing nearer the day.

AGM Monday 29th April, in the Village Hall  Business first then a glass of wine, followed by the well known speaker Mike Petty.



We have been approached to see whether we could organise an Ickleton Car Scheme similar to the one which has operated in Duxford for the last ten years.

The aim of the scheme is to provide affordable door-to-door transport for those Ickleton people who have to attend a medical appointment which is not covered by the Hospital Car Service (such as some hospitals, Health Centre, Dentist, Chiropodist, Optician. Physiotherapist etc.).  It is for those people who cannot travel conveniently on public transport or by other means.

Drivers will be reimbursed for their petrol.  At present the passenger pays 20 pence per mile direct to the driver. Another 12 pence per mile is later reimbursed by Cambridge County Council.

Mrs. Peggy Richardson has kindly agreed to co-ordinate this scheme and it is hoped to have at least a dozen drivers on a list who can be called upon.  In this way, the job should not be too arduous for anyone.

The scheme will start in a small way with immediate effect.  If you are willing to have your name on the list of drivers or would like to enquire whether we could help you for a particular appointment, please phone Peggy Richardson between the hours of 9.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. If possible give at least 24 hours notice of an appointment.

We very much hope this scheme will quickly get off the ground to give Ickleton this important amenity.                                                                                                                                            Tricia Newland





Since the last bulletin a lorry was stolen from Grange Road and one attempted burglary in the village has been reported to me.  The burglars were disturbed shortly after breaking in so fortunately nothing was taken, however, despite window locks having been fitted, the burglars still gained entry, so do not be complacent.  I heard of a recent incident in Duxford where the resident was distracted at the front door whilst an accomplice entered by the back door and stole some money - so beware!  You may think that crimes, especially violent crimes, against the elderly are common and that such crimes are becoming more so.  Any crime against an elderly person is disturbing but, in fact, crimes against elderly people are still rare.  The risks of becoming a victim can be reduced.  If you have elderly relatives, or neighbours who are old and frail, you can help them to make their home safer.  You could offer to fit additional door and window locks, door viewers and chains.  Just giving your time to the elderly can be enormously reassuring to them, especially if they live alone.  If you are elderly yourself, take precautions to avoid danger while you are out.

Fortunately Ickleton is at or near the bottom of the crime league, so let’s keep it that way.

                                                                                        Tony Court



Thank you very much to all of you who kept the Society collecting boxes at home over the last year and filled them with your loose change.  Thank you, too, to those who gave to the collection for the Society at the Christingle Service in Church on January 6th.

This year I was able to send a cheque for £170.00 to this very worthwhile cause.

If anyone else would like a collecting box, please let me know and I would be happy to supply you with one.                                                                                              Rosemary Hayes




Drug Awareness Evening:  Advance Notice

A drug and alcohol awareness evening has been arranged at the school on 11th March at 7.30 p.m. The aim of the evening is to raise awareness amongst adults of the effects of drug use and misuse, and how these impact on the community.  The session will be led by John Pratt of the Personal, Social and Health Education Service, and will be open to adults only.



Our first meeting of the new year took place on February 6th.  We had a record attendance of members and friends to hear Mr. Richard Ayres speak about the history of Anglesey Abbey gardens.  He illustrated his talk with some beautiful slides showing the snowdrops, herbaceous borders, rose, dahlia and hyacinth gardens, finishing with the colourful winter walk. 

We are hoping to arrange a guided tour sometime in June, more details next month.

The next meeting will be the Annual Spring Party which will be held on March 6th in the Chapel in Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford.  Visitors welcome – please ring to allow for catering.

              Cynthia Rule


The Bowls Club enjoyed a full and successful season in 2001 and is looking forward to the 2002 programme which will start in April.  We play in afternoon and evening leagues, weekend friendly matches and various internal club events and competitions.

We would very much welcome new members from our neighbours in Ickleton, either experienced players or beginners who would be given encouragement and coaching.

If you are interested, or would just like to give the game a try, please contact myself or Peter Richards (Chairman) or Sandra King (Secretary).

                                                                                                         Peter  McDonald






In February 2001, Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council started a review of the Structure Plan with an extensive consultation on the issues affecting the area over the next 15 years.  The Plan will establish the framework for major new development and infrastructure investment over the next 15 years and beyond. It aims to achieve a sustainable pattern of development that significantly improves the quality of life for the people of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Key components of the new plan will include providing for new jobs and economic development, more affordable housing, securing infrastructure provision and improving the design of new development and protection of the countryside.

The draft Structure Plan will have a formal period of consultation for 6 weeks between Monday 11th March and Monday 22nd April.  The Plan could have significant implications for your area and this is your chance to support or object to the policies that have been drawn up.  Copies of the Plan will be available to view at local council offices and all libraries.  It will also appear on the Cambridgeshire County Council website (www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk) and the Peterborough City Council website (www.peterborough.gov.uk).

In addition, a number of exhibitions and presentations will be held in the area during March and April, where local people will be able come and find out more about the Plan.  Leaflets with details of these exhibitions have been distributed to each household.  Alternatively, please look on the websites for details of dates and times.



The Imperial War Museum Duxford is delighted to announce that 2001 saw record attendance figures of 430,747 for the Museum.

In what has been a very difficult period for British tourism, due to Foot and Mouth and the events of September 11th, Duxford has continued to attract more and more day-to-day visitors.  Educational visits grew significantly in 2001 and Duxford attracted an increasing number of corporate visitors,making use of its conferencing and exhibition facilities.

“The 10% growth in visitors levels in the course of a year reflects Duxford’s commitment to improving the visitor experience by introducing major new exhibitions, acquiring exciting new exhibits and staging world class air displays,” explained the Museum’s Head of Maketing, Frank Crosby.  “Duxford is also a venue for conferences, seminars and trade exhibitions, with major players in the corporate and voluntary sectors recognising this.”

Although it commemorates the past, the Museum is very forward looking, with ambitious plans for 2002.  In March, work will start on the reconfiguration of Duxford’s award-winning American Air Museum to include the rare B-24 Liberator, currently under restoration at Duxford, and the visually stunning SR-71 Blackbird – the only example of its type on display in Europe.  New exhibitions planned for the year will mark the 20th anniversary of the Falklands War and look at life on the Home Front during the Second World War.

Duxford is also planning an exciting air show season this year, with the first show of the year scheduled for Sunday 5th May.  Further air shows will take place in July, September and October.                                                                                                                                                                            Frank Crosby




The items of furniture, mentioned below, will become surplus to requirements as from Saturday 16th March.

Any of the items are absolutely free to anyone prepared to collect from a cottage in Ickleton.

Please telephone on or after Friday 15th March to arrange to see and/or collect


3 foot bed with wooden bed head and Dunlopillo mattress

2’6” child’s bed with mattress

                   Dressing table stool

                   3 Table lamps (no shades)

                   3 Parker Knoll style chairs with wooden arms





Members at the February meeting were welcomed by the acting President Mrs. Sue Culpin.  She extended a warm welcome to our new member Mrs. Judy Holt from Ickleton.

Our guest speaker Mrs. Louise Reed spoke on Dr. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, and transported us back to the 1850’s when it was deemed unsuitable for ladies to enter the medical profession.  After many setbacks, which included nursing and studying to be an apothecary, Dr. Anderson finally got her qualifications at the Sorbonne in Paris.  We may think our NHS Hospitals are bad but nothing can compare with the horrors of the hospitals in the 1850s.

An evening visit to hear the nightingales at the Paxton Nature Reserve has been booked for April 30th.

The next meeting will be the A.G.M. March 20th in Little Chesterford Village Hall.

                                                                                                                                                 Cynthia Rule




South Cambs Signs up to E.Government

A contact centre, newly designed website and digital TV will be the communications tools of the future for South Cambridgeshire District Council.  The authority has announced that the outsourcing services company, ITNET, has been signed-up to help meet the demands of the Modernising Government agenda.

The five-year, £3 million deal starts in April and will see ITNET replace the Authority’s older computer systems with a new suite of managed applications.  ITNET will help design a set of ‘E-Government’ services to equip the Council with electronic service delivery to its citizens through a range of channels, including a contact centre, website and digital TV.

“Benefits will eventually include the public being able to access the Council’s services 24 hours a day.  By 2006 we have a vision that residents will be able to check the progress of any query at any time of the day or night by phone, computer, mobile or local kiosks.  As a result more staff will be available on the front line to deal with customers who want personal help.”

For more information please contact: Sally Carroll, Communications Manager South Cambridgeshire District Council.





  March 1st         Women’s World Day of Prayer Service 2.15 p.m. Gt. Chesterford Church

               2nd       Social Club.  All Comers Quiz Night

               4th        Mobile Library

     6th        Gt Chesterford & District Gardening Society Annual Spring Party 8.00 p.m.                         

                  Chapel, Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford

   11th       Drugs Awareness Evening 7.30 p.m. Duxford School

   17th       Service to Celebrate 150 years Methodism in Ickleton with David Kossoff 3.00 p.m. 

                 Village Hall

    18th      Mobile Library

    20th      Parish Council Meeting 7.30 p.m. Village Hall

    20th     The Chesterfords, Ickleton & Hinxton, Women’s Institute AGM 7.45 p.m.

                          Chapel, Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford.

     April 2nd       Bellringing Training Day  from  2.00 p.m. until 5.00 p.m.

            27th        IPS  visit to RSPB Minsmere

            29th       IPS AGM    


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