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JUNE 2002


Editors:             David and Monica Lilley

Distribution:     Tony Court

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12th JUNE 2002




Annual General Meeting James Macdonald was re-elected Chairman for the forthcoming year and Peter Wombwell Vice-Chairman.  Reports were received from various village organisations, local schools, District and County Councils.  The Annual Parish meeting was a short and lively time of discussion about various local issues.


The Wellcome Trust  The Wellcome Trust has applied for outline permission for the erection of buildings for research and development, together with ancillary facilities and infrastructure, on land south of the Genome Campus.  The Parish Council has raised various questions on this with the Wellcome Trust and is in the process of responding to South Cambridgeshire District Council on these proposals.


Refuse collection  Refuse will be collected a day late (Thursday 6th June) after the Jubilee Bank Holiday.

Recycling collection Dates are scheduled for 6th (but may be on the  7th) and 20th June.


Back Lane We have at last been able to obtain a large amount of road planings, which Peter Wombwell has kindly spread down the length of Back Lane. We can now look forward to a much less muddy path next winter.

                                                                                          Jackie Casement – Parish Clerk





If you have not had time to take a family photograph please do not worry, a photograph can always be submitted at a later date if you so wish and remember a photograph is not essential for you to gain entrance, only a ticket will get you in.


You must obtain your tickets now to ensure your entrance to the evening’s entertainment regardless of the photograph.  We need to know the total number of people we have to cater for.


The band we have been lucky  enough to book is a very popular band that have played all over the world and at many top London hotels as well as the more popular cruise ships.  We had to book this band months ago to ensure we could get them.


This whole  day has been organised with the help and hard work of many people, not to mention the very generous donations that we have received.  The point of this event is to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in style and to celebrate it together as a community.  It’s not often we get the chance to come together, especially at an event that would normally cost a fortune, to purely enjoy ourselves.  So come on, get your tickets and we’ll have a great day – one to remember!














Services in June






Sunday 2nd June

11.00 a.m. Golden Jubilee Eucharist


(Trinity 1)

 6.30  p.m. Golden Jubilee Evensong





Sunday 9th June

 8.00  a.m. Holy Communion (BCP)


(St. Columba)

11.00 a.m. Inona Service



 6.30  p.m. Sung Evensong (BCP)





Sunday 16th June

 9.30 a.m. Parish Eucharist (Order 1)


(Trinity 3)

11.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist



  6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong (BCP)





Sunday 23rd June

 10.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist


(St. John the Baptist)

   6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong and



                   Holy Communion





Sunday 30th June

  10.00 a.m. Patronal Festival


St. Peter the Apostle)






From the Vicar

June is a traditionally a very happy month for the Church, involving a number of special occasions.  This year we have even more to celebrate with the Queen’s Golden Jubilee as well.  Following on from our open air Songs of Praise at Duxford at the end of May it is now the turn of Hinxton and Ickleton to mark the Jubilee.  Join us at Hinxton for a celebration Eucharist at which our guest preacher will be Canon David Wall.  We shall be dedicating our beautiful new Millennium window and the service will be followed by coffee and an impromptu barbeque for those who would like to stay.  Later that day we shall be gathering at Ickleton for a special evening service at which the choir will be singing ‘Zadok the Priest’.  Champagne will be served afterwards.

On a  quieter and more devotional note the Feast of St. Columba falls on a Sunday this year and we shall be marking it with a special Iona service at Duxford URC. St. Columba was an Irish saint who founded the first Christian community on Iona in Scotland.  Come and find out more about him and about the life and witness of the modern Iona community.  Worship and music will be in the Iona style and will be led by Anna Briggs.

Later in the month we shall be keeping the Patronal festivals of two of our four churches, St. John’s Duxford and St. Peter’s Duxford.  There has long been controversy over whether St. John’s is really dedicated to St. John the Baptist or to St. John the Evangelist but, since one festival falls in the middle of summer and one in the middle winter, we have always chosen to hold our annual service in St. John’s Church on the feast of St. John the Baptist!  If you’ve never been inside this beautiful ancient building then take this opportunity to do so and to admire the recent conservation works which have been going on there.

With God’s blessing                                                                                            Jane Charman




The Jubilee celebrations will end with a special service in church at 6.30 p.m. on Sunday June 2nd. We have some excellent local singers and they are all coming together to sing two Coronation anthems.  There will also be well-known rousing hymns for the congregation to sing.

The service will be followed by a champagne reception in church.

Do come along to this very special service to give thanks for the Queen’s fifty year reign.

                                                                                                                                       Rosemary Hayes







CHAPEL NOTICES – All services start at 3.00 p.m.                                                       

Speakers for June

                                                June  2nd                                              Mr. C. Heyhoe

                                                June  9th                                              Rev.  J. Graham

                                                June 16th                                             at Chrishall

                                                June 23rd                                             Mrs. B. Kime

                                                June 30th     Holy Communion           Rev. J. Gill

Memories and Traditions

At special occasions like the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, if you are old enough, your memory will go back to the day of the Queen’s coronation and how you were involved on that day and the traditions associated with it.

I can remember quite well the 2nd June 1953, which in Scotland was a cold wet June day.  The wind was so cold that some of the new leaves on the trees were turned black, as if they had been nipped by frost.

My aunt had a summer house in a seaside resort called Dunbar some 30 miles south of Edinburgh, so the family had all agreed to spend the time of celebration there.

Fifty years ago not many homes possessed a television, and we were not one of them.  It was agreed to spend the whole day at the local hotel ‘The Roxburgh Hotel’ to watch the Coronation on a small black and white television screen housed in a massive Bush television cabinet.  We, along with the hotel guests and local people, were seated in rows in a big ballroom peering at this small screen.  My eyes were much better in those days.  It was fantastic to watch the service coming all the way from London, over 400 hundred miles, wow!  Modern technology gone mad.

I do not remember much more about the day apart from two things, going back to the house with my Dad to take the dog for a walk and feeling very cold in the cold wind coming off the North Sea, and the sweet at dinner in the hotel after the coronation, which was ice cream in the shape of a purple crown.

On the traditional side we had fireworks and the lighting of the beacon on the hill in the evening which was not a total success as it is not very dark at the beginning of June in that part of the country.  The whole day was filled with traditions, with some included in the service.  Some of the traditions will be aired again on the Jubilee Weekend I am sure, street parties for one and the lighting of the beacons on the prominent high points around the country being another.

Traditions remind me of Tevye, the main character in the musical ‘Fiddler on the Roof’, who said that everyone in his little Jewish village of Anatevka was like a ‘fiddler on a roof, trying to scratch out a simple tune without falling and breaking his neck’.  He said, “Maybe you asked how we keep our balance, I can tell you in one word, ‘traditions’.  According to Tevye, his people have traditions for everything – what to eat, how to sleep, how to work, and how to dress, including the wearing of prayer shawls.  He said, You may ask, “How did this traditions get started?”  I’ll tell you, I don’t know.  But it’s a tradition! Because of our tradition, everyone knows who he is and what God expects us to do.”

Is it our tradition on this special occasion to go to church and give thanks to God for our Queen and her 50 years of devoted reign over us?  In the traditional way of Coronation services, she made promises to govern her peoples “according to their respective laws and customs, to judge with law, justice and mercy and to maintain the Laws of God”.  In the most solemn moment of all, she changed into a simple white shift, and was anointed with holy oil by the Archbishop of Canterbury to bring her “into the presence of the living God”.                                                                                                                                                                              Rev. J. Gill




Don’t forget the Jubilee Fete on Saturday 15th June at Hinxton Village Hall at 2.00 p.m. There will be:  fruit and veg, pony rides, tombola, cakes, books, plants, games, Hinxton homemade, raffle, teas, bottle stall, car boot, hot dogs, face painting, bouncy castle and lots, lots more to do.







Make sure you are in the Ickleton Jubilee Photo which will be part of the Jubilee celebrations on Saturday 1st June.

Eaden Lilley are coming to take the photo, which will be on tiers, like a school photo, and the seating will be set up at the far side of the Recreation Ground.  There will be chairs in front, for older members of the village; small children will be asked to sit at the front, on the ground.

There’s so much to pack into the day that we are going to be quite short of time, so the photo will be taken promptly at 3.45 p.m.

We shall be taking orders for the photo on the day, so don’t miss out and make sure you reserve your copy of this unique record of Ickleton residents.

Prices for the photo are as follows:


Unmounted, with no heading                  £18.00 each

Mounted, with heading                            £22.00 each

Framed, mounted, with heading            £46.00 each                                             Rosemary Hayes




Ickleton Church Fete this year will be on Saturday 13th July, from 2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

The usual stalls and events will be available, the Ickleton pet show, children’s stall and face painting, plant stall, good as new stall,  a magnificent raffle with big prizes, Vicar’s quiz, pony rides, cake and produce stall, bric-a-brac, tombola, bottle stall,  book stall and children’s races.

We would be very grateful for contributions to the following stalls:


Bottle Stall                    Contributions please to Rosemary Hayes,


Cake and Produce     Bring on the day or to Margaret Harrison

Plants                           Carli Holberry, or on the day at the Village Hall after

12 noon.

Bric-a-Brac                  Peggy Richardson,

                                    No electrical items, and the items can be stored before the fete.

Tombola Prizes           Cynthia Rule,.

Good as New Stall      Anything (urgently needed) from new clothes, children’s clothes or linen etc., Dorothy Churchman,. Or Cynthia Rule,.

Raffle Prizes                Judy and John Marshall.

                                                or Sebastian Payne,

Teas                             Cakes for teas please to Sheila Birch

Pet Show                     Return form or enter on the day to Jenny Pell,



If anyone wishes to run an extra stall, you are most welcome – just speak to Sebastian Payne or Jenny Pell.  We desperately need more help with the Fete. If you would like to help, or have any queries about the Fete, please ring Monica Lilley who will be pleased to hear from you. As always, we are very grateful for the support of the Village plus friends and families.       We hope everyone has a great day.




There was an excellent attendance at the May meeting to hear Mr. Graham Pavey’s talk on ‘Vertical Gardening’. It is amazing how many plants can be persuaded to climb, apart from the obvious ones!  The next meeting will be on June 5th when the talk will be on ‘Ponds and Water Gardening’. On June 27th we will be visiting Richard Ayres’ Private Garden in Lode

.                                                                                                                           Cynthia Rule  









Anne Fawcett, whose funeral took place on April 22nd, had lived in Ickleton for 57 years.

She, her husband, Robbie, and three children moved to the Mill House in 1945, just after the war.  The church, with its magnificent steeple, stood at the end of the garden and at once became an important part of our lives.  To me as a small child, it was more like a presence than a building, the clock always reminding you that it was there.

My mother loved the church; besides going to services on Sunday, she was always concerned to help in any way she could.  She was passionate about flowers and good at arranging them. I used to help her do the pulpit in the church, using zinc troughs and small glass jars, in autumn filling them with the Michaelmas Daisies which grew along the river bank in our garden.  In those years she spent much of her free time painting, and the church was one of her favourite subjects.  When, at a later date, the church was attacked by an arsonist, both she and Robbie were terribly distressed.  It was a matter of family pride, however that Robbie as churchwarden, had made sure the building was fully insured. Anne was pleased at the discovery of the medieval wall paintings, though she never ceased to regret the loss of the ceiling over the crossing and damage to the paintwork on the medieval screen.

During her lifetime,  Anne made various gifts to the church, including one to the Restoration Fund of the Church.  In view of this, it seemed appropriate to ask for any donations following her death to go towards the upkeep or repair of the building.  Her family would like to express thanks to all those who contributed to the £700 given for this purpose.  We know she would have been enormously pleased.                                                                                                                 Teresa Sladen





Eleven members of the Society gathered at Minsmere, one of the RSPB’s major sites on the Suffolk coast, on the morning of Saturday 27th April.  The quiet, warm and dry weather had given way to a rather blustery and showery day.  Nevertheless, all suitably clad and equipped, the party set off and soon the spring season became evident as we all heard a nightingale in full song although it was not seen due to its habit of singing from deep inside the bush.  The sand martins were busy deciding on and renovating their individual nest sites in the colony just past the visitor centre.  The first hide gave a glimpse of why this site is so special as large numbers of godwits and avocets were present on the ‘ scrape’ – area of mud and shallow brackish water.  Avocets were attracted back to Minsmere after the Second World War due to the action taken to flood this coastal site as an anti-invasion measure.  Other highlights included sandwich terns, spotted redshanks and ruff in breeding plumage.  After a picnic lunch we went to the inland site of the reserve in the hope of seeing a bittern.  They did not oblige with an appearance but the distinctive ‘booming’ sound made by the males in the breeding season was clearly heard, and some members got a glimpse of bearded tits.  The last performance of note was provided by up to five marsh harriers displaying over the reed beds.  All agreed that they had had a very enjoyable day.                                                                                                                        

  Gerry Birch




The 12 months to the Parkinsons’ Bazaar came round very quickly but I think I can safely say everyone enjoyed the day.  We seemed to have something of everything. When we started the tables were piled high, but not so as the afternoon wore on.  The effort that everyone put in was well rewarded with just over £1,120. The final total may be a little higher.  A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped so willingly without whom there could not be a Bazaar.

Two raffle prizes remain unclaimed, the numbers are 492 and 495.  I think they are helpers. If you find you have these numbers, please contact Dorothy.

                                                                                Dorothy Churchman, Mary Woolhouse, and Cynthia Rule









Pat was born in Southampton and from an early age lived with her elder sister and brother-in- law, Evie and Len, alongside their children John and Joan.  Towards the end of the war, whilst working as a children’s nurse, she met John Godfrey who was in the Royal Navy.

Pat and John were married in Ickleton Church in 1948 and set up home in Mill Lane.

Pat readily became involved in village activities.  She joined the Women’s Institute and was soon involved, and was President for three years and particularly enjoyed the concerts with the ‘Popsies’.

Pat showed great courage in coping with her bouts of illness which were very debilitating.

Her service to the community was marked in being willing to help with the British Legion Collection, church cleaning and flowers and the upkeep of the war memorial garden.

She assisted in charity shops in Saffron Walden and at the Ida Darwin Hospital. With her friend Helen Goddard, she was a volunteer helper in the Occupational Therapy Department at Saffron Walden Community Hospital. Pat enjoyed being a member of the Saffron Walden Town Bowling Club and the social life around it.     In later years she enjoyed several trips abroad and cruising holidays. Pat had a great attachment to her dog and cat who were her constant companions.

During the last few years Pat attended sessions of the Bible Study Group and found that through these she confirmed her faith.

She will be missed by her family and friends.                                

  Judy Holt and Mary Woolhouse




Over recent weeks, areas of Cambridge have experienced an increase in domestic burglaries.  However, the very sad part surrounding these is that most of them have been down to open and unlocked doors and windows.  It’s a crime that can be prevented by taking a little time and effort before you go out.  Make sure that your doors and windows are closed and locked at all times when you’re not on the premises, even if you are only ‘popping out’ for a few minutes.  The time it takes to pop out is the same time an opportunist thief needs to enter, remove and go.

Beware of ‘NEW SCAM’ mobile phones.

There is yet another scam that comes in the form of a simple messaging service (sms).  The message is similar to “Please call me on 09011500065 Urgent KB” DO NOT CALL this number

It is a premium rate number charged at £5 per minute.  You get through to a recorded engaged tone so that you will call back and be charged again! Beware.

Just too late for the last Bulletin an incident was reported to me of a van in the village which was broken into and some power tools stolen. So the best advice is not to leave valuable tools in an unattended van, take them indoors.                                                          

       Tony Court




The Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 29 April and was well attended.  The Chairman, Sheila Birch, reported on activities and outings held during the past year and in particular commented on the work that had been carried out to catalogue and store the archives, which include an extensive collection of photos of the village. Many of these photos can now be viewed on the village website. Archive storage materials and display boards have been purchased with the aid of the grant obtained from Awards for All and displays are planned for the Jubilee and the Church Fete.  After the business of the evening, Mike Petty, well-known local historian, gave a fascinating talk on the Printers and Engravers of Cambridge, a pictorial history of Cambridge over four centuries as depicted by various artists of the day. This was a most enjoyable evening.




Two local girls, Liz Driver and Ann Wallace now own Sawston Books at 6 Morley’s Place, High Street, Sawston ' 01223 837456.  They will deliver free to Ickleton residents.  Most books are available within 24 hours.  They can also open accounts for companies and also supply schools.

The e.mail address is Sawstonbooks@enta.net.








The Ickleton Medical Car Service, run in conjunction with the Cambridgeshire County Council, is available for anyone who has difficulty in attending medical appointments, with the exception of appointments at Addenbrooke’s hospital, where there is a car service.

                                                                                                    Peggy Richardson




We are holding a Quiz Night in aid of the Strethall Church Appeal Fund on Saturday 15th June at 7.30p.m. in Ickleton Village Hall. Tickets £10 per person or £37.50 for a table of four.  Includes soft drink, crisps and fish and chip supper.  If you would prefer chicken and chips, sausage and chips or veggie burger and chips, please specify at the time of booking. Bring your own wine/beer and glasses.  To book contact Michael Pearson, Primrose Cottage or Isabel Leeming, Southfields in Catmere End, Saffron Walden CB11 4XG.  Cheques made payable to ‘Strethall Church Fabric Fund’.




Mark and Miranda Stone-Wigg would like to thank their neighbours and other friends for their kind words of sympathy and overwhelming support following the death of their son Jack.




There was a good attendance at the May meeting including another new member – a healthy sign for the W.I.

The resolutions for the I.G.M. in June were both voted in favour. They were - No.1 Stricter controls on the importation of foodstuffs into this country.  No. 2 Support for local abattoirs in order to reduce stress to animals and risk of spreading disease.

The President spoke of the death of Mrs. Pat Godfrey who was a well known W. I. Member from Ickleton.

The speaker at the June meeting Lamoma Thomas, will be bringing pot plants for sale which will be the subject of the talk ‘Garden Pot Plant Inspirations’.

There are seats available on the coach outing on July 17th from 5.30 p.m. to Peckover House, Wisbech, open to non members. Please contact Lorraine Demmer.

The speaker for the evening was Maureen Penney who described the wonderful healing benefits  obtained from Aloe Vera products.

                                                                      Cynthia Rule




Parents of children soon to join Duxford Church of England Community Primary School may like to know that a new After School Club is planned for the Autumn 2002.  The primary purpose of the club will be to support working parents by providing safe, fun, quality care for their young children after school hours during term time.  Others may also want to use the club for a variety of reasons on a regular or ad hoc basis.  In time we also hope to expand the club to cover the school holidays.

A voluntary management committee is setting up the club, has applied for a special grant to get things off the ground and has already appointed a qualified play leader.  Those who already have children at the school will receive information direct about registration and booking places for September, but if you are not in this ‘loop’ you can register your interest with Lisa Fallon in Duxford or with Mandy Jeffery in Ickleton.

We are now looking to recruit play workers for the club.  We need folk who are creative and enthusiastic with a good dose of common sense and of course who also like working with children!  You don’t have to be available every weekday either.  If this might be you or you know someone who might be interested then please call Lisa for further details.

We all very much want the club to be a success and we’re working hard to make it a valuable addition to the facilities available at Duxford School.








Many thanks to Betty for organising our trip to the Isle of Man.

We set off early on Sunday morning to catch our ferry to Heysham, for the crossing to the island.This was plain sailing for the first hour, then the Captain gave out a warning that we might be in for some rough weather. We  think he should have had bigger stabilizers on the boat to stop it rocking and rolling.  Nevertheless we arrived safely.

Many thanks to Keith our driver who, as usual, took us to many interesting places, and made it a holiday to remember.                                              

                 Mavis and Ray Plumb and Audrey Collen





Duxford Celebrates the History of Royal Flying at Jubilee Air Show

In Her Majesty’s Jubilee year, the Imperial War Museum Duxford featured Royal flying as one of its central themes at its Jubilee Air Show on Sunday 5th May.  It featured aircraft types that the Royal Family had flown or flown in over the years from the First World War to the present day, including a de Havilland Devon originally piloted by HRH Prince Philip. The history of Royal flying dates back more than 80 years to 1917 when the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII)  became the first member of the Royal Family to fly.  When he became King in 1936, he was the first British monarch ever to pilot an aircraft.  From 1930 onwards, members of the Royal Family made increasing use of aircraft for travel and in July 1936 the King’s Flight was formed as an RAF unit for the sole use of the Royal Family.  The King’s flight became The Queen’s Flight at Her Majesty’s accession and is now known as No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron, equipped with small jet airliners and a helicopter.  Since 1917, many  members of the Royal Family have learnt to fly.  Prince Andrew trained as a Royal Navy helicopter pilot and flew in operations during the Falklands War in 1982 – the first member of the Royal Family to see active service since the Second World War.  In an unblemished flying career spanning more than forty years,  the Duke of Edinburgh has flown more aircraft types than most pilots.  The Prince of Wales too has accumulated many hours flying both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

“In Her Majesty’s Jubilee year it is appropriate that Duxford should pay tribute by celebrating the history of Royal flying,” says the Museum’s Marketing Manager, Tracey Woods.  “The Imperial War Museum Duxford has welcomed several members of the Royal Family since its opening - including Her Majesty The Queen, who opened our American Air Museum in 1997,  His Royal Highness The Duke of York and the late Queen Mother.”  Over 30 aircraft took part in the Jubilee Air Show, including the Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire as well as the de Havilland Devon which was once the personal aircraft of His Royal Highness Prince Philip.  Fast jets complemented biplanes in what was a thrilling start to the UK air show season.

For further information please contact Tracey Woods on ' 01223 499320 or Frank Crosby on 01223 499319.



June 1st and 2nd    Jubilee Celebrations

          June 5th     Gt. Chesterford and District Gardening Society meeting 8.00 p.m.

                                                Chapel Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford

          June 10th    Mobile Library

          June 15th    Hinxton Fete 2.00 p.m. Hinxton Village Hall

          June 15th   Quiz Night 7.30 p.m. Village Hall 

          June 19th    Parish Council Meeting 7.30 p.m. Village Hall

          June 19th   The Chesterfords, Ickleton and Hinxton W.I. 7.45 p.m.

 the Chapel Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford

June  24th  Mobile Library

June  27th   Gt. Chesterford and District Gardening Society Summer Outing

July 13th       Church Fete 2.00 p.m. Village Hall

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