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JULY 2002


Editors:                     David and Monica Lilley

Distribution:            Tony Court

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12th JULY 2002




Thank you

The Parish Council would like to thank all those who give their time voluntarily in the village.

Firstly to David and Monica Lilley for their tireless work in producing the Icene each month.

Secondly to Andrew Shepperd and his website committee who have created and continually update our magnificent website.  Last, but by no means least  the Jubilee Committee for their work in producing not only entertainment and fun for the celebrations, but above all helping to inspire and rekindle a community spirit.


Road Closure The level crossing towards Hinxton will be closed from 11.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. on the nights of Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th July for essential track maintenance.


The District Council has funded Care Network to produce a publication ‘Setting up a Mobile Warden Scheme’. This gives guidance as to how villages can set up schemes to assist elderly people in continuing to live independently in their own homes.  If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy, please ring Julie Fletcher ' 01223 724152.


Parking and Visibility  The problem of crowded parking in Abbey Street means that visibility is often restricted from entrances and exits.  Please be very careful when you pass a driveway entrance when using the pavement in this area.


Recycling collection will be on Thursday 4th and 18th July, and 1st August.


Recreation Field The weeds will be sprayed shortly, when the weather conditions are right.  The spray used is systemic and not harmful to people or animals but, as an extra precaution, notices will be put up asking people not to use the area for 24 hours after the spraying has been done.


Bus Shelters  Would any young people  (over 12 years) be willing to help improve the bus shelters during the summer holidays?  They need a coat of paint.  Why not spend a day helping the community:  materials will be provided!


Rollerblading and skateboarding  While the Parish Council is actively seeking to find a way to provide proper facilities for these activities, the use of the driveway to the Village Hall late in the evening is causing a great deal of noise nuisance to those living nearby.  We would like to insist that there is NO ROLLER BLADING OR SKATEBOARDING AFTER 10.00 P.M.

Please would parents act responsibly and see that their youngsters obey this ruling.


                                                                                                    Jackie Casement – Parish Clerk












Services in July






Sunday 7th July

  9.30 a.m.  Parish Eucharist  (Order 1)


(Trinity 6)

11.00 a.m.  Parish Eucharist  (Order 1)



  6.30 p.m.  Sung Evensong   (BCP)





Sunday 14th July

  8.00 a.m.  Holy Communion (BCP)


(Trinity 7)

  9.30 a.m.  Parish Eucharist  (Order 1)



 11.00 a.m. Joint Family Service



   6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong (BCP)





Sunday  21st July

 11.00 a.m.  Ickleton Patronal Festival


(St. Mary Magdalene)

                     Family Eucharist



   6.30 p.m.  Songs of Praise





Sunday 28th July

   9.30 a.m.  Parish Eucharist (Order 1)


(Trinity 9)

  11.00 a.m. Joint Family Service



   6.30 p.m.  Sung Evensong and



                      Holy Communion  (BCP)


From the Vicar

In recent weeks we have been more than ordinarily conscious of the past, as the nation has looked back with thanksgiving at fifty years of British history under Queen Elizabeth II.  In spite of some gloomy predictions, the Jubilee celebrations all went with a flourish both at national and at local level, showing that we do still value our monarchy and the contribution it makes to our common life.  Our special Jubilee services, in all three villages, were very joyful and well attended (I shall always remember the spirited rendering of ‘Zadok the Priest’ at Ickleton!) and our various community events were a huge success, thanks to the fine weather and to the hard work of the organisers.


But other circumstances have also brought us face to face with the present.  It is with sadness that we have recently heard of the deaths of a number of very well loved members of our local community, among them Mr. Bill Knight and Mr. Reg Mendham from Hinxton, Revd. Charles Hunt, former Vicar of Pampisford and Revd. Joyce Benfield, former URC minister of Duxford, tragically killed in a car cash. On 31st May in Ickleton Church the funeral took place of Revd. Walter  Ellis, and Ickleton turned out to pay its last respects to a truly remarkable and universally beloved priest, friend and neighbour.  Walter’s ‘retirement’ ministry alone lasted 25 years during which time he became so much a part of the Ickleton landscape that it is hard to imagine the village without him.  Most people know that Walter was not a supporter of the ordination of women but he and I always had a very happy and harmonious working relationship.  It was a measure of his stature as a person and as a priest that he always put the welfare of the parish first.  I shall miss his advice and support, his kindness and his never failing humour more than I can say.


For Christians, though, death is never just the end of the present, it is also the beginning of the future.  The Church stands at the very heart of the community as a symbol of continuity and of God’s faithfulness down the ages.  This month we celebrate Ickleton’s Patronal Festival on 21st July with a special Family Eucharist in the morning and a Songs of Praise service in the evening.  We warmly invite you to worship with us on this significant occasion in the life of our village.


With God’s blessing                                                                                                

Jane Charman






















Speakers for July

July 7th             

Mrs. M. Hillson






July 14th

Miss J. Kennett






July 21st

Mrs. M. Richardson






July 28th    Holy Communion

Rev. J. Gill






Crossing the Boundary


“It’s your turn to serve,” said John.  Then, my tennis partner handed me the ball and took his place at the net.  John hadn’t lost his serve throughout the entire match, but now it was my turn to do what I could.  That’s the way we run most of our games.  It is your time to bat, your time to stand on the first tee with everyone watching, your move in a game of chess or cards, that is the way life also comes to us.


“I think I will pass” is part of the way we play life’s games, too.  Often that is the primary way in which we respond to the realities and challenges that confront us.  Personally, we choose not to become involved.  Politically, we espouse the doctrine of isolationism.  Religiously, we warn against excessive meddling in civil affairs, we sometimes lack commitment.


For astronauts, it is not simply a matter of having the ‘right stuff,’ or now the right money.  Careful preparation, diligent attention to detail, and a willingness to put everything on the line in one great moment of truth are a part of every flight into space. A theological word borrowed from the Christian community is used to describe the time of no return.  It is ‘committed’.  When the countdown reaches the final stages, we may hear Houston control saying, “We are committed to flight.”


The answer to the question, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”  is “Love God, love your neighbour.”  Service to neighbour and your community is indeed service to God,  but that is only part of our devotion.  A recovery of Sabbath rest and daily meditations and time for God in our busy lives will be good for all of us in these troubled times.


A  laugh for summer

A vicar was chatting with an elderly member of his congregation.

“Now you are 80 Martha, you really ought to think a little about the Hereafter.”

“Oh I do, vicar,” she replied,”Every day, when I am in the garden or in the kitchen, or sometimes when I go upstairs, I stop and ask myself, now whatever have I come here after?”

From the URC Oswestry magazine.

Best Wishes                                                                                                                                     

          Rev. Jim Gill




At a meeting of representatives of South Cambridgeshire Car Services on 13th June we were able to exchange information about our various schemes.  Again we were advised not to take patients to Addenbrooke’s hospital as there was alternative hospital transport available.


                                                                                                                 Peggy Richardson




The fifty mile Women’s International Cycle Race on Sunday 21st July will pass through Ickleton on four laps.The race starts at 10.00 a.m.


           Mrs. Helen Ellis







Ickleton Church Fete this year will be held on 13th July starting at 2.00 p.m. until 4.00 p.m.

in Ickleton Village Hall.

We would still like some more help. If you feel you could help us, please contact Monica Lilley.

The hall will be open from 10.30 a.m. on the day.  Any help with setting up tables and chairs would be gratefully received.

We would be very grateful for contributions to the following stalls:


            Cake and Produce     Bring on the day or to Margaret Harrison

Plants                           Carli Holberry, or on the day at the Village Hall after

12 noon.

Bric-a-Brac                   Peggy Richardson,

                                       No electrical items.  Items can be stored before the fete.

Tombola Prizes           Cynthia Rule.

Good as New Stall      Anything (urgently needed) from new clothes, children’s clothes or linen etc., Dorothy Churchman, Duxford or Cynthia Rule,.

Books                           Monica Lilley,

Raffle Prizes                Judy and John Marshall,.

                                                 or Sebastian Payne

Teas                             Cakes for teas please to Sheila Birch,

Pet Show                     Return form to Jenny Pell or enter on the day,



If anyone wishes to run an extra stall, you are most welcome – just speak to Sebastian Payne or Jenny Pell.

 If you have any queries about the Fete please ring Monica Lilley who will be pleased to hear from you.

As always, we are very grateful for the support of the Village plus friends and families.

We hope everyone has a great day.






In the Grand Draw you could win:-

A luxury prize courtesy of Tesco

A family ticket to the Duxford Air Show on 6th/7th September presented by The Imperial War Museum.

A mountain bike presented by The Wellcome Trust.

A dinner for two at the Ickleton Lion courtesy of Doug.

And other prizes.

Buy your tickets from the members of the PCC and the Shop ‘Costcutter Express’ and you could be lucky.

Additional prizes would be welcome, or perhaps you can persuade a shop or a business to make a presentation.

Contact John and Judy Marshall.





We are hoping to have a bumper bottle stall at the Church fete on Saturday 13th July, so I’d be very grateful for contributions.

Please bring your bottles to my house or phone me and I will come and collect them.

Many thanks, in advance, for your support.                                                                         


                                                                      Rosemary  Hayes









Quiz Night

There will be a quiz night on 20th July commencing at 9.00 p.m. with  prizes, raffle and free buffet.  

£1.00 per person, teams of up to 4 people. Everyone welcome to take part.






The Jubilee photo of Ickleton residents came out really well; weren’t we lucky with the weather?


For those of you who ordered a copy of the photo, this should be ready to collect from my house after Monday 15th July.  Please bring your receipt with you,  and please phone before coming.


Eaden Lilley are kindly giving us one free (framed) copy to keep in the village hall.  This will be displayed in the shop for a while and will have its reference number attached to it, so if you missed out and would like a copy, please order direct from Eaden Lilley (01223 460404) quoting the reference number.

                                                                                                                                         Rosemary Hayes




Please extend a very large vote of thanks to everyone on the Jubilee Committee who had worked so hard to provide a very memorable evening at the village hall on June 1st. Everything was superb from the entertainment to the refreshments.   Well done and many thanks for a very enjoyable night.

                                                                                                                                     Nonie Gough,




The Jubilee 2002 committee would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who helped to make June 1st 2002 such a thundering success - so many of you gave your time and others gave us financial support. We certainly hope that everyone in Ickleton agrees that, yet again (remember the Millennium Brunch) not many can match us Ickletonians when it comes to having a good time.

Watch out for us lot next time Ickleton!




Thank you for the wonderful event to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee on June 1st.  Not only did this bring the village together, it made a very, very happy day for everyone both young and old.  It must have taken a great deal of organisation and a lot of hard work.  This was the second  ‘big do’ the girls arranged, the first being the Millennium celebration (again this proved to be most successful) – Each one could not be bettered – and for FREE.  Truly amazing – how did they do it!!


Well done girls and a big Thank You – The village is very proud of you all.

                                                                                                                                                          Eileen H. Godfrey






It was so encouraging to see the enthusiastic interest taken in our display of archive photographs at the Jubilee celebrations.  Thank you to everyone for your support.  We would still be most grateful to receive photographs of families outside their homes for our Jubilee record – so keep them coming please !








Born in Lancashire of Welsh parents.  Walter drew upon northern grit, and Celtic intuition in equal measure.  An accident at work when he was but 16, caused by someone spilling oil, resulted in the loss of his left arm.  It also changed his life’s direction, and he moved, via a  crammers school, and Lampeter, to ordination.  Seeking his first curacy, the Bishop of Manchester was none too gracious (“I don’t like Welshmen” almost aborted the interview) but Walter passed a reading test, and was sent to Droylsden.


There the Vicar demanded hard work and regular visiting; ninety visits at least a week, and all written up for the following Monday.  It gave him the conviction that pastoral work depends upon regular contact with people in their homes.


My own memories of my father, when I was a boy, centre around sport, which we both enjoyed.  He took me regularly to the ‘Letics’ (Oldham Athletic), and we played cricket and tennis in the vicarage garden.  His one right arm had a rocket of a serve, and he once bowled out a bishop first ball at a clergy gathering, and no doubt, as Mother remarked, thereafter lost all chance of promotion!


We have been much supported, during his last illness, and at the lovely requiem, by so many readers of this magazine.  In repeating our thanks to you for your friendship and love, we take heart from our shared belief in the communion of saints.                                  

                      .Robin Ellis




I first met Walter over 30 years ago when he was Vicar of the Chesterfords. After he came to Ickleton he and my late father became good friends and dad would often ‘pop up Southfield’ to see Walter and Morfa.  They would discuss the garden (Walter had a better garden with one arm than most of us can manage with two), but inevitably the conversation would turn to the church, and no doubt they would try to put it to rights, not just Ickleton, but the Deanery and Diocese as well!

Walter was very much part of Ickleton.  He was usually found ‘on the door’ at Church sales, with Morfa running the book stall.  He was Chairman of Ickleton United Charities. 

Walter certainly never ‘retired’ when he came to Ickleton. He took communion to many who were unable to attend Church.  He fitted in at each interregnum, and was often taking three services a Sunday at Ickleton and surrounding parishes when well into his eighties, sometimes with less than an hour’s notice.  Indeed he kept his 4th Sunday in the month evensong slot until a few months before he died.  His sermons always provoked thought, and he was not afraid to say if he thought society was going in the wrong direction.  He must have found this area very different from his previous incumbencies in Greater Manchester .

In his long ministry he married people he had baptised a quarter of a century before, and he had probably taken more services in Ickleton Church than any of the last four incumbents.

A highlight of Walter’s ministry was his 90th birthday when he celebrated Holy Communion with his son Robin – the Archdeacon of Plymouth and newly ordained grandson Simon in a full Church. Even the television came to record that.

On a lighter note when at Great Chesterford Walter always enjoyed the Annual Ladies’ Pancake Race.  This prize included a kiss from the Vicar!

We shall all miss that cheerful face, friendly wave and rather hurried pace for a nonagenarian.                                                                                                                                                                                      David Lilley




Ickleton United Charities would like to welcome Ray and Mavis Plumb to

The Plumb family first came to Ickleton 250 years ago!






Three years ago, we went to the Peterborough Show, to see my brother Gerald receive a medal for working 50 years on Mr. Duke’s farm.  On June 14th 2002 we returned to Peterborough with his cousin Peter Flitton, to witness him receiving his medal, for also working 50 years on the same farm.  Wow!

Our day began at Abbey Farm, where Mr. Duke senior came out to congratulate Peter, and to wish us all a lovely day.  What a nice gesture.

We spent the morning looking around.  It was good to see the animals were back this year, and the Flower Show was superb.

At 12.30 p.m. eight of us enjoyed a leisurely lunch and a good chat.  Then it was time for the Presentation. When Peter was called to receive his medal, he looked so proud, and we all felt proud of him.

So it’s congratulations Peter, and a big thank you to Lewis, for giving us a wonderful day out.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Beryl Harris




There was a great deal of interest shown in the pot plants, tubs and hanging baskets brought along to the June meeting by Lamorna Thomas of ‘Garden Inspirations’.  Lamorna proved to be a very entertaining speaker.

The July meeting will be the coach outing,starting at 5.30 p.m. to Peckover House Wisbech – there are still seats available to non members, please contact Lorraine Demmer.

The August meeting will be held in the new Community Hall on the recreation ground in Gt. Chesterford.  The speaker will be from the Saffron Walden Museum.


  Cynthia Rule




Mrs. Betty Webb would like to thank everyone for the cards and good wishes she received on the occasion of her 90th birthday.




Congratulations to Claire and Neil King on the birth of their baby boy Tommy on 15th June.

first grandchild for Adrian and Sue Paterson.





Two baptisms took place  on 16th June in the Joint Family Eucharist service at Ickleton Church.

James Thompson son of Russell and Alison Thompson (nee Igglesden).

Emily Day daughter of Christopher and Claire Day (nee Skeates). 




On the 18th May, my daughter Theresa married Justin Kinsey of Chesterford.

We had a wonderful day the rain stayed away and even the sun managed to shine in the evening.

I would just like to thank everyone, especially Rev Patricia Newland who conducted a truly beautiful service, for making Theresa and Justin’s day so special.      

                          Pat Facer




The Blessing of the marriage of Geraldine Williams (formerly of Ickleton now of Cambridge) to David Bushell, also of Cambridge, took place on the 25th May at St. Mary Magdalene’s Church.




STOP PRESS…….The Parkinson’s Bazaar final total is now  £1,134.







Newspaper deliveries are now being done by the shop ‘Costcutter Express’. Please contact Dilip and Sunita.

Many thanks to Alec Newman who has supplied Ickleton for the past 12½ years.




After the glorious weather we enjoyed for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations the weather was appropriate on Wednesday – damp, misty, drizzle for the talk on Ponds and Bog Gardens by Mr. Ken Akers.

We hope for a sunny evening on June 27th when we visit Richard Ayres’ Garden in Lode.

We have two meetings in July, the first being the mini flower show at 8.00 p.m.on July 3rd, followed the next week, July 10th, by the Littlebury Gardens Walkabout starting at 6.30 p.m.

For further details regarding the above, please contact me.

                        Cynthia Rule




Robert K. Morgan, former pilot of the famous B-17 Flying Fortress the ‘Memphis Belle’, will be at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford as one of the main guests of honour at Duxford’s Flying Legends Air Show on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July.

Piloted by Morgan, the ‘Memphis Belle’ was the first of the American heavy bombers to complete, with her crew, a combat tour of 25 missions during the Second World War.  The crew, part of the United States 8th Air Force, arrived in England in October 1942 and were posted to Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, home of the 91st Bomber Group.  They completed their 25th and final mission on 17th May 1943.  Their achievement was remarkable and a huge morale boost for other serving airmen as, during the first three months of the Belle’s missions from Bassingbourn in those early days of 8th Air Force participation, losses were appalling and 80% of their Bomb Group were shot down.

The aircraft and her crew were immortalised in William Wyler’s wartime documentary ‘The Memphis Belle’ which was released to the American public in 1944.  In 1992, the aircraft again came to the public’s attention when a dramatisation based on the original documentary and starring Hollywood actors Matthew Modine and Eric Stoltz, was made.

Says Duxford’s Marketing Manager Tracey Woods “It is always an honour and a pleasure to welcome veterans to Duxford and we are delighted that Bob and such distinguished aces will be with us at Flying Legends.  The show will be commemorating the 60th anniversary of the arrival of the US 8th Air Force in the UK and aircraft of the type flown by the ‘Aces’ will be in action”.

Gates open at 8.00 a.m. and the flying begins at 2.00 p.m.  Tickets: Adults £20 Senior Citizens £13, Children £6, Concessions £6.  For more information about tickets, or the flying programme, call the Air Show Hotline 01223 499301 or visit http://www.iwm.org.uk/.





                                    July 3rd     Gt. Chesterford & District Gardening Society Mini Flower Show

      8.00 p.m.Chapel, Carmel Street, Gt Chesterford

                                           6th      Visiting Bellringers 9.30 a.m.  – 12.45 p.m. approx. Church

                                           8th       Mobile Library

                                         10th      Gt. Chesterford and District Gardening Society, Littlebury

      Gardens Walkabout 6.30 p.m.

                                            13th      Church Fete 2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. Village Hall

                                            17th      Parish Council Meeting 7.30 p.m. Village Hall

                                            17th      W.I. Coach Outing to Peckover House, Wisbech pickup 5.30 p.m.

      at Costcutter Express, Ickleton.

                                            20th      Social Club Quiz Night 9.00 p.m. Social Club

                                            22nd     Mobile Library

                                            26th      Visiting Bellringers 12.45 p.m. - 1.30 p.m. Church