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MAY 2003


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12th  May 2003




Parish Council Elections, 1st May 2003  By the time you read this you will already know that we did not have a contested election.  Our Parish Councillors for the next four years will be:

Sheila Birch, Robin Driver, Lewis Duke, Carolyn Holberry, Jane Hurst, James Macdonald, Tim Pavelin, Mark Stone-Wigg and Peter Wombwell.

We say goodbye to Jenny Lawson, Tony Mertz and Tessa Wright-Watson, who did not stand for re-election, and thank them very much for their years of service to the community.

Annual General Meeting and Parish Meeting, Wednesday 21st May at 7.30 p.m. These will be held in the Village Hall meeting room at 7.30 p.m. At the AGM we hear reports from our own Chairman, the County and District Councils, our local school and village college and other village organisations.  We also welcome our new councillors and elect our Chairman for the forthcoming year.

The Annual Parish Meeting  which follows immediately after the AGM has finished (usually shortly after 8.00 p.m.) is your opportunity to put to the Parish Council any ideas or concerns you may have.  So don’t miss this opportunity to see the lowest tier of Local Government at work.

The Parish Council Meeting will be held the following week on the 28th May.

Proposed Skate Park At the April Parish Council meeting, the working party presented an exhibition of the proposals, which were supported by the Parish Council, who have also pledged their financial support.  The Working Party was warmly thanked for their enthusiasm, hard work and the encouraging input from the young people.  

Recycling collection  Wednesdays 14th and 28th May.

Wheeled Bins   South Cambridgeshire is changing the way it collects our rubbish in September.  Every household will be issued with two wheeled bins.  A green bin for green waste, ie kitchen and garden waste and cardboard, will be collected one week with your green kerbside box.  A black bin for other waste that cannot be recycled will be collected the next week.  Each household will receive more information and publicity during the summer.  If you think you will have difficulty in storing these bins, ie if you live in a house abutting the pavement with no side/rear access or live a long way from the road, please let South Cambridgeshire Environmental Health Department (01223 443000) or me know, and alternative arrangements can be made.  Meanwhile don’t forget that composting your green waste is a great way to improve the soil in your garden!

Wellcome Trust Southfield Project Archaeological excavations are taking place on the wetlands site, ie the field between the railway and the river immediately over the Mill Lane level crossing.  A temporary bridge will be installed to cross the River Cam from the main site to the wetlands area, in preparation for the forthcoming landscape re-sculpturing in that area.  If any residents at this end of the village, particularly in Mill Lane, have any queries, please let the Parish Council know; we have regular liaison meetings with the Wellcome Trust, which are proving very helpful.

Footpath between Butchers Hill and Church Street  This has been closed for a few weeks now while a flint wall awaits repair.  Unfortunately there may be some delay before English Heritage approve the work. 

Dog fouling and litter  There have been complaints of dog fouling along the footpath between Abbey Street and Back Lane.  Please clean up after your dog; the result of neglecting this duty is unpleasant for everyone. The dog warden visits the village regularly, so be warned.  Complaints have also been received about litter on the recreation field – please ensure that you and your family act responsibly.                                                                     

                                                                                                                                     Jackie Casement



CHURCH NOTICES  Services for May




Thursday 1st May

 12.30 p.m. Holy Communion





Sunday 4th May

   9.30 a.m. Parish Eucharist   (Order 1)


Easter 3

 11.00 a.m. Parish Eucharist   (Order 1)



   6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong      (BCP)





Thursday 8th May

  12.30 p.m. Holy Communion





Sunday 11th May

  8.00 a.m.   Holy Communion (BCP)



 11.00 a.m.  Anniversary Service



   6.30 p.m.  Sung Evensong (BCP)





Thursday 15th May

 12.30 p.m. Holy Communion





Sunday 18th May

 9.30 a.m.   Parish Eucarist (Order 1)


 Easter 5

11.00 a.m. 'Great Big God’



                    A singalong praise musical



6.30 p.m.    Sung Evensong   (BCP)           





Thursday 22nd May

 12.30 p.m. Holy Communion





Sunday 25th May

 9.30 a.m.   Parish Eucharist (Order 1)


Easter 6

11.00 a.m. Joint Family Service



                    With Godly Play



  6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong (BCP)



                    Holy Communion





Thursday 29th May

12.30 p.m. Holy Communion


(Ascension Day)




From the Vicar

In our three villages of Ickleton, Hinxton and Duxford we are lucky enough to have a vibrant mix of Christian traditions. There are Church of England parish churches in all three villages, a thriving United Reformed Church in Duxford and a tiny but faithful Methodist Chapel in Ickleton. In addition to that, there are Christians from a variety of other backgrounds living among us, Baptists, Catholics and others, who worship elsewhere. There are close and fruitful links between these churches. Much of our common life is planned in cooperation with each other and we regularly meet for worship at special times of the year.

In coming years the Methodist and United Reformed Churches and the Church of England will be working much more closely together at national level. There will be much greater sharing of buildings, ministries and worship than we see at the moment. At local level we are delighted with the progress that is being made and want to do all we can to move things forward. That’s why from now on both Revd Gordon Smith from the URC and Revd Jim Gill from the Methodist Church will from time to time be leading services in the parish churches as well. For instance, you will see that this month Gordon will be the celebrant at our lunchtime Eucharist in Hinxton Church on 8th May and from June Jim will be joining the rota too. There will be a further opportunity for joint worship on Sunday 11th May when people from the three parish churches come to Duxford URC to share with them in their Anniversary service.

During his lifetime our Lord frequently prayed that all those who love his name would be one. Christian history has often been saddened by division and enmity but God surely rejoices to see the strides forward that are now being made.

With God’s blessing                                                                               Revd. Jane Charman

                                                                                                                 E: gentianblue@ntlworld.com






Come and enjoy yourself at Ickleton Church Fete with plenty to do and see. We have the usual stalls (more details about these in next month’s bulletin).  The events have all now been confirmed, so we have the following: Grand Pet Show; Pony Rides, Face Painting by Anne Marie Hoare; Art Exhibition with local scenes by Caroline Merrifield; Dick Wombwell and his vintage tractors; a Grand Fancy Dress Parade for parents and children, and also featuring the Saffron Walden Town Band. There will also be teas and a raffle with a £100 first prize and many more prizes!

The sponsorship is going well and we have several businesses interested. If you would like any more information, please ring me Monica Lilley or e.mail me on monicalilley@lineone.net. We would like more help with the teas and the stalls please.

As always, the Parochial Church Council and the Churchwardens are very grateful for the village’s support of this event. We are very lucky to have such a lovely church in our village, and this event helps with the running costs.

If you would like to run a stall at the fete, please contact the Churchwardens - Sebastian Payne or Jenny Pell.


Fancy Dress Competition – Ickleton Church Fete

Theme: Television and Film Characters

Adults as well as children are encouraged to take part. The theme will be television and film characters.

Prizes will be given to the best adult and the best child under 8 years and one for over 8 years.  Please ring Sarah Mila if you have any queries.

Fantastic face-painting by Anne-Marie Hoare all afternoon.




A window in Great Chesterford  Church has been restored in memory of the Revd. Walter Ellis who was Vicar of Great Chesterford and Rector of Little Chesterford from 1963 to 1977 before ‘retiring’ to Ickleton.

A number of people who remember Walter’s ministry have made donations to make this work possible. 

There will be a short service at 3.00 p.m.  in Great Chesterford Church on Sunday 25th May to dedicate the window to which all are welcome.




At the beginning of April a house in Church Street was burgled.  It was the same house as reported in the last Icene Bulletin, but this time damage was done and articles stolen.  This was in the middle of the afternoon, in broad daylight, and suspicious people were seen in the vicinity.  If you see or hear anything suspicious or think a crime is being committed, this is the kind of information which will be useful to the police:


Description of persons

Note as many details as you can but be sure of your information.  Include such details as sex, age, build, height, colour and dress.

Is there anything really outstanding about the person or persons?

Description of vehicle

Are these people in a vehicle or is there one nearby which isn’t normally there? 

What is the registration number, colour and make?

Is there anything unusual or outstanding about the vehicle?

Remember this is not the first time that a burglary has taken place in broad daylight in Ickleton -the favourite time seems to be between 3.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. when you might be returning from the shop, collecting the children from the school bus or taking the dog for a walk.

Keep your eyes open, it may be you next.                                                                           Tony Court






Since we are leaving Ickleton in the summer, I find myself looking for some kind soul to take over from me the not very onerous job of Poppy Appeal Co-ordination for the village.  If anyone is willing to take this on, perhaps a telephone call to me?

I would, of course, run through the whole procedure which is very straightforward.

If no one is willing to take over from me, I’m afraid this will mean that there will no longer be any collection in this village which has always supported this worthwhile cause so very well over the years.

I do want to thank all the collectors who have so willingly given their time over the years.

Thank you all.                                                                                                                                     Eileen Westcott




The Jumble Sale, Spring Fete and Plant Sale held on the 12th April was a spectacular success, raising more than £400 for the Skatepark Appeal!  The Committee would like to express their thanks to everybody in the village, especially to the Village Hall Committee for their continuing support, to those who donated items for the sale, to those who gave their time and skills, and to everybody who came along and supported the sale on the day.  It was truly a village community event !

Ickleton Skatepark Appeal – Bingo Night

The next fundraising event in aid of the Skatepark Appeal will be a Bingo Night on Wednesday May 28th from 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m. Eyes down 6.45 p.m.  We are hoping this event will be of interest to both young and old alike, and we would like to invite families with young children to come along, as well as the more experienced Bingo players in the village.   There will be ten games, with a break in the middle for light refreshments.  Tickets and Bingo cards on the door.  We hope to see you there!                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cathy Holding

PS Watch out for the Ickleton Pub Crawl and Treasure Hunt, sometime in June or July!





The next quiz night will be held in the Social Club on 24th May, commencing at 9.00 p.m.

Entry is £1.00 per person, with teams of up to four.

There will be prizes, a raffle and free buffet.

Come along and join in the fun.                                                                                                          The Committee




Please remember the 4th Annual Parkinson’s Bazaar to be held on May 10th in the in the Village Hall from 2.00 p.m. .  Please support this event in any way you can.

Drop off points are Cynthia Rule, Mary Woolhouse and myself Dorothy Churchman.




It was a dreadful homecoming after our holiday to find we had been burgled not once, but twice.  The first time was in the early evening of Tuesday March 11th, and the second was around 2.30 p.m. in the afternoon of Thursday April 3rd.

Both were forced entries, the second one was loud and violent, breaking down two internal doors.  The thieves were professionals, and knew what they wanted, and although……as we all say……there was nothing much of value, they took everything, and walked out of the house with the contents in our luggage.  How can you ever replace gifts from grandparents?  Sentimental treasures and memories.

Our particular thanks go to Mavis Vincent and Catherine Cocks who, in our absence, helped the police and made good our tattered home.  They acted way beyond the call of friendly neighbour.

If by any chance you were passing Gurner House…the green house between the Church and the Shop.. on the two dates mentioned, and saw or heard anything suspicious.. a car maybe waiting for a quick exit, please get in touch.


                                                                                                               Jilly and Ron Maynard






For all those people with pets, we thought we would warn you that on the evening of Saturday 17th May we will be letting off four rocket fireworks, to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary, one for every 10 years.

We hope they don’t cause to much stress to anyone’s animals.  Sorry to ‘Sausage’ our own cat.                                                                          


                                                                                      Carol and Barry Turton



The Society held its Annual General Meeting on 2nd April bringing another year to a satisfactory conclusion.  I am happy to say that the society is flourishing.  Not only are we getting more members attending the regular events, but we have been able to welcome many new members.

The Society covers seven villages in the vicinity – Great and Little Chesterford, Ickleton, Hinxton, Littlebury, Littlebury Green and Catmere End.

The Garden Walkabout took place in Littlebury in July.  We held a ‘mini’ flower show in July, and a successful Spring Party last month; and we had our regular evening meetings at which we have had a variety of speakers.  Two that were particularly popular were a talk on a botanical expedition to Kashmir, and another entitled ‘All roads lead to Rhodes’.The summer outing was to Richard Lode’s marvellous garden near Anglesey Abbey.

For the forthcoming year we  have a variety of events planned.  The Flower Show will be held at the School Hall, Great Chesterford, on 6th September (we alternate between the main flower show one year, and a ‘mini’  show the next).  The Garden Walkabout will take place on 27th June when we visit a number of gardens in Littlebury, and over the course of the  year we will have various evening meetings with visiting speakers.  The details of the Summer Outing are not yet decided.

At the AGM, the committee for the forthcoming year was elected.  The officers and committee members were all re-elected.  The Ickleton representatives on the committee are Cynthia Rule (Minutes Secretary and Trading Secretary), Keith Sutcliffe, Catherine Cocks and myself (Chairman).

Members of the Society are entitled to substantial discounts on seeds and supplies bought through the Society and they can also benefit from discounts at local garden centres.  Many members who seldom take part in the activities will nevertheless take advantage of these discounts.

The Society is always keen to welcome new members.  Anyone interested in joining or in finding out more about the Society should contact Cynthia, Keith, Catherine or me.  The evening meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of the month in Great Chesterford Congregational Church and we can arrange lifts for anyone who wants one.

Whether or not you are a member, we look forward to seeing you at the Flower Show on 6th September and to admiring your entries!                                                                                                                   James Macdonald




During a recent weekend stay in Ickleton, I was kindly given three copies of ‘Icene’ by Mrs. Cynthia Rule, which I have much enjoyed reading.

My original connection with Ickleton was as a wartime evacuee, staying with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Webb, firstly, in the gardener’s cottage at Caldrees Manor, then at 26 Frogge Street between 1939 to 1945, and attending Ickleton Village School during this time.  I am happy to find some childhood friends are still resident in the area, and was lucky to meet up with Cynthia, Beryl (Flitton), Eileen (Barker) and visited Eileen (Human) at Saffron Walden.

The book written by Derek Plumb is also of interest to me. I understand it does make mention of evacuees, and will endeavour to obtain a copy. Derek’s twin brothers Henry and Walter were class mates.

I am hoping  my name may be remembered from across the years.

Incidently, since retiring we have left London, and now live on the borders of Cambridgeshire and Norfolk - a return to village life.                  


                                                                    Sincerely yours


                       Connie Gravett nee Hooke,.










Annual General Meeting     Wednesday 14th May at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall.

Come and join us to re-elect the committee, hear about what we have done during the last year and what we plan for the future.  Then have a glass of wine with us and listen to our guest speaker Russell Green who will talk about his memories of growing up in Saffron Walden and his work as an undertaker.  His talks are rumoured to be hilarious, so join us for what promises to be an amusing evening.





Dambuster Veterans to be present at Duxford’s May Air Display:  Tornado and WW II Lancaster in Salute to No. 617 Squadron.


The Imperial War Museum Duxford is proud to announce that two surviving members of the legendary Dambusters Raid will be Guests of Honour at the May Air Display on Sunday 4th May.

The main theme of the show pays tribute to the Dambusters and the 60th anniversary of the Dams raid on the night of 16th/17th May 1943.  The story of the Dambusters, and the Barnes Wallis-designed bouncing bomb, has become part of Britain’s aviation heritage.  Led by Wing Commander Guy Gibson, 19 Lancasters of No. 617 Squadron, each with a crew of 7 men, took off from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire on an audacious low-level attack on the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe dams in the Ruhr, vital to Germany’s industrial production.  The raid was deemed a success – the destruction of the dams caused widespread flooding and interrupted industrial production – but came at a high cost.  8 of the 19 Lancasters failed to return, 53 aircrew were killed and 3 survived to be taken prisoner.  At the May Air Show, one of the only two airworthy Lancasters left in the world, part of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, will be displaying in tribute to the men of the Dambusters raid, in the presence of what is anticipated to be a large audience.  For part of its display, a Tornado, of the type currently used by No. 617 Squadron, will join the Lancaster in salute to the Dambusters.  Tracey Woods, Marketing and PR Manager for the Museum said “The Lancaster is always very popular on the air show circuit but its appearance at the May air show will have an added poignancy this year with members of 617 Squadron present to see her display.  We feel tremendously privileged to have surviving members of the Dambusters raid as our guests.”

Visitors to the show will have the opportunity to meet the Dambuster veterans on the CCB Aviation Books and Memorabilia stand where they will be holding a signing session at limited times during the day.  Also present will be former No. 617 Squadron Adjutant ‘Harry’ Humphries who helped Wing Commander Guy Gibson, leader of the Dambusters Raid, put the crews together for this important mission.  Mr  Humphries will be launching his new book, ‘Living with Heroes’ which details his memoirs and experiences with the Dambusters.  This will be the first opportunity for members of the public to purchase the book and have it signed by the author and the other veterans present who also include the founder of the 617 Dambusters Squadron Association, Squadron Leader Tony Iveson DFC.

Other aircraft scheduled to appear include the Spitfire, Swordfish and Storch alongside their more modern counterparts the Tornado, Harrier and Jaguar as well as air show favourites such as the Breitling Fighters and P-47 Thunderbolt.

Gates open at 8.00 a.m. and the flying begins at 2.00 p.m. Tickets – Adults £18, Senior Citizens £13, Children £7 Concessions £7.  Discounted and gold pass tickets available in advance – for more information about tickets or the flying programme call the Air Show hotline  ' 01223 499353 or visit www.iwm.org.uk  to purchase tickets on line.





Could we ask that anyone who sends us items for the Icene by e.mail to send them as an attachment rather than a straight e.mail. This will save us re-typing. Our e.mail address is monicalilley@lineone.net.

If there is another way round this would somebody please tell us.!                                                            Editors




22nd April 1953 was the day I started at Ickleton School.  Looking back it was rather a culture shock, as I had  no brothers or sisters and there was no such thing as Playgroup or Toddlers then.  The other ‘freshers’ on that day were Kenneth Pearce (still very much part of the Ickleton scene), Ashleigh Milner (who lived in one of the now demolished cottages in Brookhampton Street behind my house), and Glenice Bayliss who lived up the Grange.

My parents kept warning me “You will have to do as you are told when you start school” so I was prepared for the worst!

On the first day Mum took me round the school and fetched me home at dinner time, although there were a few who stopped for school dinners, supplied from Sawston Village College.  Later I would walk with Douglas Bass, who lived in Place Cottages, and Ian Murray who lived in one of the now demolished row of cottages between ‘Old Tiles’ and the Church.

The 5-8 year olds were in the little room taught by Mrs. Burling, with the 8 – 11 year olds in the big room taught by Mrs. Bolton.  First thing each morning we would all process into the big room for prayers and a hymn, with Mrs. Burling playing the piano ( which was tuned for a pub rather than a school).  After prayers we would return to the little room for lessons.  It must have been quite difficult teaching backward 5 year olds alongside clever 8 year olds.

The newcomers were given an individual blackboard and chalk to copy letters of the alphabet.  Unfortunately the blackboards were gloss finish and the chalk was full of gritty impurities, so our first intrepid steps in calligraphy were not all they might have been.  We were not allowed pencil and paper until we had mastered the blackboard.

We had to sit on the floor for some lessons and at that time the floor was very splintery boards so we were pleased a term or two later when this was renewed.

The school rocking horse was quite frightening if you had never been on a rocking horse before.  Sometimes we would listen to a story read by Mrs. Burling or hear one on the radio.  We also had singing and music on the radio, as there were few televisions in those days.

At playtime the infants played at the front, and the juniors at the back of the school, with the side being no man’s land where Mrs. Burling kept her motorised bicycle which got her from Church Platt cottages each day. Mrs. Bolton lived in the school house.

I think my only claim to fame was that Mrs. Burling found I could tell the time on the school clock to the minute the day I arrived ( I have always been a clock watcher). I now wind up that same clock in the village hall each week!                                                                                                                                                    David Lilley




Members enjoyed Mrs. Christine Hunt’s demonstration of silk painting and later on were able to have a go for themselves.  There was so much interest shown that Mrs. Hunt volunteered to take some classes on the subject if enough people could be found.

Next meeting May 21st when the resolutions will be discussed. Also a Bring and Buy stall will be held.                                                                                                                                                       Cynthia Rule



WELCOME TO….Mark and Sharon Gilbert and Benjamin, 9 months  .


Adrian Fleet and Jenny Clements and children Shawn Fleet 18, Natalie    Fleet 17, Joshua Clements 18, and Charlotte Clements 14,.


                                              Keith Head and Tracy Vingoe.






Duxford Show 2003 builds on last year’s success

Following last year’s successful Duxford Show, which was reinstated after over a decade, plans are well under way for Duxford Show 2003.  This will be held on Sunday 24th August, on the Vantico/Hexcel playing fields in Duxford.

An afternoon of traditional entertainment for  all the family, once again there will be children’s races, art and craft stalls, cream teas, beer tent, pony rides, tug of war, china smashing and much much more.

New for 2003 will be a dog agility display and an opportunity for visitors to have a go with their own dogs; a classic car and motorbike show; a traditional barrel organ; a clown show; a children’s pavilion; and more classes in the horticultural and homecrafts competition.  The schedule listing all the competitive classes has just been published, and is available from Duxford Post Office.

“Last year we were working a bit in the dark, and didn’t really know how successful the Show would be” says Duxford Show Society Chairman Jenny Parker.  “But we had great support on the day, and lots of very positive comments from people after the event.  We also made £3,000 for the Village Hall fund, so the committee felt it was well worth doing again. We are also very pleased to welcome seven new committee members to our team – who are all bringing fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the planning process.”

As last year, the Show will be followed by a barn dance and supper in the Vantico/Hexcel restaurant.  This was sold out in advance last year, and was much enjoyed by everyone.

Recipe Book

Since last year’s show, The Society has produced a ‘Duxford Delights’ recipe book to help boost the Village Hall Fund coffers.  Packed with traditional British and overseas dishes, the booklet has been illustrated with charming and amusing cartoons, hand-draw by Betty Emmerton.  The book costs just £2.50 and is available from Duxford Post Office.

                                                                            Jenny Parker, Chairman, Duxford Show Society


                                                                            ' 01223 833562, jennifer.parker@btopenworld.com


The Babraham Cricket Club needs players for Saturday, Sunday, Midweek and Colt teams (under 11 to under 17).

Are you interested?                                                                                                         Eric Morrison




We now have a facility for a cash withdrawals and balance enquiries in the village shop.

It now accepts all cashpoint cards with a fixed charge of £1.25 per withdrawal. Balance enquiries are free of charge. Please note that the above charges are negotiated by the Post Office, most places charge £1.50 and above.


   .                                                                                                                               Dilip and Sunita Odedra






                      May 7th

Gt. Chesterford and District Gardening Society Meeting 8.00 p.m.


Chapel, Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford


Subject ‘Pruning Trees and Shrubs’ by Mr. Bond


Parkinson’s Society Bazaar – 2.00 p.m. Village Hall


Mobile Library


The Ickleton Society A.G.M. 7.30 p.m. Village Hall


Parish Council A.G.M and Annual Parish Meeting 7.30 p.m.


Village Hall


The Chesterfords, Ickleton and Hinxton W.I. Meeting 7.45 p.m.


Gt. Chesterford Community Centre


Social Club Quiz Night 9.00 p.m. Social Club


Walter Ellis Memorial Window Service 3.00 p.m.


Gt. Chesterford Church


Parish Council Meeting 7.30 p.m. Village Hall


Skatepark Appeal Bingo Night 6.30 p.m. Village Hall

                         July 19th

Church Fete Village Hall and Recreation Ground

                                                         PUBLISHED BY ICKLETON PARISH COUNCIL