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Editors:                                                                                         David and Monica Lilley

Distribution:                                                                                 Tony Court                       

All contributions please. Deadline for next Icene Bulletin

    12th  AUGUST  2004



Refuse Collections during August

Monday     2nd   August – Black wheeled bin

Monday     9th   August – Green wheeled bin and green box

Monday   16th    August – Black wheeled bin

Monday   23rd   August – Green wheeled bin and green box

Tuesday  31st   August – Black wheeled bin


Neighbourhood Watch

Tony Court, who has been carrying out this vital information roll for some years, is to retire in September.   We are most grateful to him for his work in the past and wish him a happy and peaceful retirement.

We would like to find a replacement for Tony.  The Neighbourhood Watch representative’s duties are mainly liaison with the local police, hearing from them about incidents in the village and relaying their advice on crime prevention in the Icene.  If anyone is interested and willing to take on this important, but not too onerous work, please let me know.


Bus Service  The Parish Council has been very disturbed to learn of the intention to reduce the buses through Ickleton to a two hourly service. We have written in the strongest terms to the County Council and our MP expressing our concern at the reduction in a vital service.  Robin Driver, our County Councillor, is representing our views and we will keep you informed of developments.  Please be assured that we are fighting hard for the reinstatement of the hourly service. (See Timetable on back page).


Proposed increase in housing in the Cambridge region.  You may be aware from the press that an additional 18,000 new homes, on top of the Government’s previous target for large housing increases in this region, have now been proposed.  Consultants are expected to report on the matter shortly and the Parish Council will be watching developments with keen interest.


At the July Parish Council meeting it was agreed to go ahead with rebuilding the brick piers and re-hanging the gates to the cemetery, and installing post and rail fencing and a gate beside the village hall to prevent vehicles driving onto the recreation field.  Repairs will be carried out as soon as possible to the damage on the skate park: the aerial runway in the play area is also awaiting some minor repairs.


Parking in Abbey Street  We are well aware of the continuing problems here.  The advice from the Police is that residents should not park opposite a dropped kerb (ie someone’s entrance to their property), should not park on the footpath and should always use their off street parking areas.  The up side of these problems is that parked cars slow down the speed of through traffic.  During the holiday season the volume of through traffic at peak times usually eases.   We will therefore arrange a meeting with Highways and the Police in September and will seek their advice.                                                                           Jackie Casement – Parish Clerk






CHURCH NOTICES – Services in August




    Sunday 1st

10.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist


   Trinity 8

  6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong (BCP)





   Sunday 8th

 10.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist


   Trinity  9

   6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong (BCP)





   Sunday 15th

 10.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist


The Blessed Virgin Mary

   6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong (BCP)





    Sunday 22nd

 10.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist


    Trinity 11

     6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong and Holy Communion





    Sunday 29th

 10.00 a.m. Joint Family Eucharist


    Trinity 12

   6.30 p.m. Sung Evensong (BCP)



From a member of  the Ministry Team

August is holiday month for many of us.  My father loved travelling to new places, though he would never do so in July when the garden vegetables were at their best.  The rest of the family and I (from the age of three) were packed into the car with a heavy ex-Army tent, primus stove and fleabags to tour round Europe.  After six years we graduated to a blow up ‘igloo’ shaped tent, which was very luxurious until the pneumatic struts leaked.  There were few official camp sites then, so we used to pitch the tent in fields with a local farmer’s permission.  My brother and I had great fun in the open, though my mother was less keen on the hard ground, mud after the thunderstorms and lack of washing facilities, and none of us liked mosquitoes and large ants.  There were hairy moments;  I remember in Portugal a man with only a few broken teeth and an axe peering through the tent side, and another time the tent-flap was being nosed open by a young bullock.

Travel can help you learn something about the way other people live, if you are curious enough to go out to meet them as my father did.  Many of the world’s troubles start with ignorance and fear of unknown people and strange customs, so it seems a good idea to try to learn what makes other people ‘tick’.

Take a moment this month to read what Jesus had to say about loving your neighbours and not just talking to your friends (Matthew, Chapter 5).  Remember, the Good Samaritan was a foreigner.

Jesus certainly did not expect us to work hard all the time.  “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin;  And yet I say unto you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these;” (Matthew 6, verse 28.)  Have a good holiday.

   Sebastian Payne (Churchwarden, Ickleton)



Well what can I say - after the months of planning the day it went all too quickly, and the weather even kept fine! We have had lots of compliments about the fete, that it was a very happy occasion. The sponsoring of the leaflet which the Parochial Church Council sent to every house in the village made a fantastic £375 with one anonymous contribution.  Thank you sponsors.

Thank you to the stall holders and their helpers, tea ladies, and everyone who manned competitions. Thank you to the Ickleton Society for their exhibition, to Derek Bristow for organising  Come Home 2004  - Ickleton Village School reunion - and also for helping me with the publicity, and Dick Wombwell and friends for the vintage tractors. Thanks to everyone for helping in any way. I also want to mention Peter and Margaret Clarke for selling all those raffle tickets, and to Dilip and Sunita Odedra at Costcutter Express, the Ickleton Lion and  Ickleton Social Club for their help.

Over 300 people came to the fete, so  thank you to everyone for making the day such a success.

                                                                                                                 Monica Lilley - Fete Organiser




We almost raised £3,000 at the Church Fete this year -  a fantastic achievement.

This would not have been possible without the tireless commitment and organising skills of Monica Lilley, who masterminded this year’s fete.

Thank you so much Monica – everyone really appreciated your great efforts.

                                                                            Sebastian Payne and Jenny Pell (Churchwardens)



I cannot quite remember the exact moment when I was approached to judge the photographic competition.  What I can remember was the need to set subjects fairly quickly that, hopefully, would appeal to as many people as possible.  It was wonderful to see so many entries, and I suspect that at times there were anxious ‘behind the scenes’ moments by the contestants on which of their photographs to enter.

I have to say that the standard was very high indeed and the awarding of possible points between each entry was extremely close.  Judgement was made on colour balance, tonal balance, subject treatment, composition and available light technique.  Where there was a tie, the decision rested on ‘picture definition fade’.

Congratulations to the winners, commiserations to those that nearly won and a genuine thank you to those of you who were inspired to enter the competition.

Having enjoyed the day,  realising how many people I knew, and seeing a community enjoying itself, any future photographic competition really should include ‘The re-enactment of past times in the village of Ickleton’.

Once again, well done photographers and thank you for participating.                  Reg Cullum




1. Results of the dog show   - The under 2’s was won by Dandy, a smooth coated black and tan dachshund owned by Diana.  Second was Elsa, a wire coated dachshund, owned by Dinah and Bob Millson.  Christine Treadwell’s Rufus, a Border terrier/Bedlington cross, was joint third with Caitlin Beddow’s springer, Hershey.  Two special awards went to golden labrador Rosie (Peck) and Schnauzer Bertha (Reynolds).

2.  The 2 – 5 years group was won by Scarlett, a black flat coated retriever owned by the Wilsons. Joint second were Honey owned by Lizzie Driver and black labrador George (Casement), with third prize going to another black labrador Bertie (Webster).

3. The Stone-Wigg’s black labrador Ellie won first place in the 7-10 years group with Lottie (Woodhead) a black labrador cross in second place.  Third was Harvey (Levy) a collie visiting with the Saffron Walden Town Band and the special award was given to Gina (Marshall) a, guess! black labrador.

4.  Finally the Veterans.  First place went to Struie (Hayes) with Philippa Casement’s Bob coming second.  Third was Tia, a Bichon shown by young Lewis Wise.


Best In Show was awarded to Struie, the splendid 15 year old Lurcher inherited by Colin Hayes.


Other Pets

We were delighted to see the lovely Myrtle, a gleaming tortoise, owned by the Turton family.  She was awarded a special first rosette for being so exotic, beautiful and mature (20 years plus).

The Maguire family entered two fluffies: Olivia’s Bengi, the beautiful bunny, was awarded a second rosette and Mrs. Maguire’s Kuzco, Niamh, won third place.

Many thanks to all pets and their owners for joining in the fun.  Special thanks to John Holt, of Cambridge Erection Company, who lent us the posts plus bunting tape which marked the doggy run, and a huge thank you to Debbie the veterinary nurse from Paul and Tina Davey’s practice who so willingly gave up her afternoon to judge our pets so expertly.  See you all in 2005!

                                                                                                                                  Jenny Pell and Hilary Rule






Thank you to everyone who made the ‘Come Home’ event this year so enjoyable. To the church fete who clearly had excellent contacts regarding the weather which kept dry and fine, and to all those ‘Come Homers’ who made the journey from far and wide to be together to relive their youth in the village.


What wonderful surprises awaited us as we gathered on the recreation ground.  The first that we had the correct date and another that we had a marquee to replace the garden gazebo! But most important of all was the pleasure of greeting one another as we arrived and to step into the gathering and into the past if only for the short time the day allowed.


The prizes for the ‘Looking as You Did Then’ Competition were won by Bill Brand and Lenny Satchel; they were recognised by everyone immediately.  The prize for ‘The Most Changed’ had to be withdrawn as it was awarded by mistake to the man who delivered the marquee!


The success of these events may be judged (so I am told) by the total number of “Good grief is it?” or “It can’t be can it” coupled with the length of time it takes to see everyone as they looked  many years ago. Well there were certainly more of the former requirement this year than last year and it took very little time indeed for the years to melt away with the warmth of friendship and talk of childhood memories.


A walk up Butchers Hill or along Brookhampton Street may be quite unremarkable to those who do that often but to the ‘Come Homers’ it was a trip to the past. Around each corner or outside each house we could see Mr Keeble, Gordon Lilley with his donkey and many others who meant so much to us in the 40/50s.


We all hope that those who remember us from the time that Spitfires flew overhead and our mums explained what a ‘Doodlebug’ was and reminded us how  our behaviour would have to change when dad came home from the war, or when those who fought on the ‘Home Front’ looked after us (or looked out for us) feel that we didn’t turn out all bad or let you down too much. It is after all the Cambridgeshire Life Magazine that is expected to cover the event, and boy is that an upmarket place in which to the record of our activities in the past! ( As Sheila French the daughter of the village policeman, explained on the day, she might still have some old copies her dad left!)


It was also a pleasure to be in the company of those villagers who we knew so well, like Mr. Burton and Mr Webb. It was good too to be joined by new friends who live in the village now and I am sure we lifted their spirits enormously by reassuring them that most of us were just visiting and had no intention of staying and repeating childhood adventures!  We appreciated their welcome and gave top marks to those undertaking the roles of judging the fancy dress and the like. We are sure Mrs Bowen and Major Mundy would have approved of the high standards maintained all round.


On a personal note may I thank Monica for all her help and hope that she makes a full recovery now that we have left!


Finally it was not us who took the village cricket pitch - honestly it wasn’t there when we got there!


We are planning a bigger return next year but to avoid an evacuation of the village I shall not mention the date!                                                                                                           Derek Bristow



I would like to thank Derek Bristow, and Jack Bristow, and Len Satchell, for the supply of the food and marquee, for our event.  It was nice to see so many old faces from the past.

                                                                                                                                                   Ray Plumb




Ickleton Church Fete Quiz

This year’s general knowledge fete quiz was closely contested by all the entrants, many of whom could be seen at various indoor and outdoor locations, around the fete, scratching their heads and biting the ends off their pens while attempting to dig out the answers from their memories.   The eventual winners were:

1st prize (4 bottles of wine) Linda Eells - 30 points.

2nd prize (2 bottles of wine) Sebastian Payne - 26 points

3rd prize (4 cans beer) shared between: Catherine and John Kelly - 25 points & Jon Green - 25 points


          QUESTIONS                                                                                                    ANSWERS

1.                  Which gas forms 80% of the earth’s atmosphere                                       1. Nitrogen

2.                  Which film actress married Andre Agassi in 1997                                    2. Brooke Shields

3.                  On which T.V. channel were colour broadcasts first seen in the UK        3. BBC 2

4.                  From which fruit is the drink KIRSCH made                                               4. Cherry

5.                  In which city is the University of East Anglia                                                5. Norwich

6.                  On a monopoly board what colour is Euston Road                                    6. Light Blue

7.                  Which Duke is associated with Arundel Castle                                          7. Duke of Norfolk

8.                  What colour is in the middle of the French Flag                                8. White

9.                  Which Planet is nearest to the Sun                                                              9. Mercury

10.             In which month is St. Andrews Day                                                              10. November

11.             Which capital city stands on the River Potomac                             11. Washington D.C.

12.             What is the Roman numeral for 1000                                                 12. M

13.             In Scrabble what colour are double word score squares                          13. Pink

14.             What is the term for an unsliced side of bacon                                           14. Flitch

15.             Xenophobia is the fear of what                                                                     15. Foreigners

16.             Who was the famous captain of the ship The Golden Hind             16. Francis Drake

17.             Which is the main herb used in Pesto sauce                                              17. Basil

18.             How many players are there in a hockey team                                           18. 11

19.             What was the name of Donald Duck’s girlfriend                               19. Daisy

20.             What does a Twitcher look for                                                                      20. Birds

21.             In which English county is Sellafield                                                             21. Cumbria

22.             What is the capital of the Falkland Islands                                         22. Port Stanley

23.             What is Blue Vinney                                                                             23. Cheese

24.             Which Dennis wrote The Singing Detective                                               24. Potter

25.             Which Gilbert and Sullivan Opera is set in Venice                                     25. The Gondoliers

26.             What is the main ingredient of Borscht (other than water)                         26. Beetroot

27.             Who is the main character in the Novel Lorna Doone                      27. John Ridd

28.             Mg is the chemical symbol for which element                                             28. Magnesium

29.             How many players are there in a water polo team                                     29. 7

30.             In which year was Nelson Mandella released from prison                         30. 1990

31.             What colour are Aylesbury Ducks                                                                31. White

32.             In which country is the town of Spa                                                               32. Belgium

33.             How many sides has a Nonagon                                                                 33. Nine

Thanks to everyone who took part, hope you all enjoyed it.                                                                       

Ladies Day at Ascot

Not least the excellent weather contributed to a most enjoyable ‘Day at Ascot’ for the party of ladies who went, most of who had a ‘bit of a flutter’ and came home with a little more cash then they took!

Thanks to everyone who helped to provide the sumptuous spread for lunch and evening buffet.

The ladies all looked lovely in their ‘posh’ frocks and big hats.

Quiz nights

Due to the number of people on holiday, there will be no quiz nights during July or August so the next quiz will be on 4th September.

We look forward to seeing you then.                                                 Ickleton Social Club Committee





In April the PCC received an Indexed Transcription of the Parish Registers of Ickleton transcribed by the Cambridgeshire Family History Society.

There are four sections:


Baptisms  1558  - 1969                          Banns 1755 – 1970

                   Marriages 1558  - 1957                          Burials 1558 – 1995

And a Surname Index linked to the four main sections above.


You may have seen these registers at the display of the Ickleton Society at the fete in July.  Sheila Birch of the Ickleton Society has a copy, as does our local genealogist, David Lilley.  The third set is held by me, as P.C.C.Secretary. If anyone wishes to look at the transcripts please contact one of us to arrange a mutually convenient time.                                                   Hilary Rule



We thank Mrs. Churchman for the lovely sponges she made for Colin’s birthday last month, it was very kind of her.  We have now just celebrated Hedley Igglesden’s birthday and he laid on a lovely tea for us with sandwiches cakes and a lovely birthday cake, ending up with strawberries and cream. It was a lovely surprise for us all.

We thank him very much. We don’t get many at our little fortnightly meetings but we do enjoy them.                                                                                                                                   Mrs. R. Lilley



There have been a number of house burglaries in the area, and the descriptions of one of the men involved are the same -  white, 25-30yrs, 6' tall, short dark hair, clean shaven, navy blue t-shirt and trousers.

In Abington a couple were sitting in the lounge of their bungalow and saw a man in the hallway. Although the resident grabbed him, he managed to leave and a second man was waiting outside.

In Linton two men were seen in a rear garden acting suspiciously. When challenged, they offered to do gardening. They got into a red Ford Escort - part registration J340***. In Whittlesford a lady found a man in the kitchen. He ran off, hiding his face, and she discovered her handbag was missing.

In another incident a man claiming to be from DYNOROD came to the back door stating that the drains were blocked. He came into the kitchen and turned on the taps. When he started to walk through to the toilet, the resident challenged him and asked for his ID. A second man walked in and the resident said he was going to ring the police, whereupon the men ran out of the back door. The resident checked his wallet in the lounge and discovered money had been taken. There are a number of other similar incidents but I hope these give you an idea of what to look out for. If it happens to you, do not hesitate -  dial 999 and ask for the the police.

Due to other commitments, I shall be retiring as Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for Ickleton as from 1st September, so if anybody is interested in taking over, please contact me. 

     Tony Court



This year it was Gt. Chesterford’s turn to organise the annual garden walkabout, and what a lovely summer’s evening it turned out to be, sunny and pleasantly warm, as we strolled around three medium sized gardens and five small gardens. Each was different in style and equally  interesting.  Ickleton’s turn next year!

On July 7th we held our mini flower show (not to be taken seriously). There was a record number of entries and the members with the most  points were Mr. and Mrs. Lowe of Gt. Chesterford and runners up Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Gates from Littlebury.  Refreshments were wine, strawberries, cream and a lovely celebration cake to mark our 30th birthday.

Next meeting is the guided tour of Bridge End Gardens on August 4th, meeting at 6.30 p.m. by the summer house. Enquiries to Cynthia Rule.






Jim Gill’s last service at the Chapel is on Sunday, August 22nd at 3.00 p.m.  He has worked very hard in our three parishes to further ecumenical development.




WELCOME TO ……. Simon and Sarah Burson and William aged 6, Matthew, aged 3                                                                

                         and Alexander, aged 13 weeks,.




WELCOME TO……...Karen Geddes and Tom Joyner




The next meeting will be on 18th August at the Community Centre, Gt. Chesterford

 from 7.45 p.m.  The speaker will be Mr. Bill Whittering, his subject ‘The History of Old Postcards;

Visitors welcome, please ring Cynthia Rule on.





The Duxford Tennis Club is intending to run an informal competition during the Duxford Show on Saturday 11th September.  This will take place at the tennis courts in the Show area, and we can accept entries on the day.

Depending on the level of interest, we will set the competition up to be flexible with the emphasis on fun.  Please indicate your interest to the Club in advance if possible,  to Margaret Donohue or Dave Merrifield.  There will be a small nominal charge, covering the cost of tennis balls.                                                                          Dave Merrifield




Preparations are now in full swing for Duxford's village show, which will take place on Saturday September 11. A new date, but the same venue, and even more fun for all the family is on the cards.

New for this year is a fun dog show and a bouncy castle - and back by popular demand will be the classic car, bike and bus display, the tug of war competition (always fiercely contested), and a range of new and interesting classes in the horticulture and homecraft competitions. "We are expecting an even bigger turnout of people this year, as most people will be back from their holidays, and the children will be back at school," says Duxford Show Society chairman Jenny Parker. "In particular, we are hoping to have many more entries in the children's section - they can choose to do a painting of their Mum or Dad, make a miniature garden in a seed tray, write a short story, or make a moving vehicle made from recycled materials. We have posted entry forms to most houses in the village - so people can have a good look and plan in advance what they would like to do. There are also copies in Duxford Post Office. It's great fun and only 50p to enter (children free) - and the proceeds all go to the Village Hall Fund. So don't be shy this year - have a go!" For any budding photographers there is also a class for Photos of 'Duxford Gardens'. As well as being displayed in the Huntsman Restaurant on Show Day, the winners and the best of the rest  will also be posted onto the Duxford Village website.

For more information about the Show or offers of any help (gratefully received) call Jenny.





Ickleton was dealt a savage blow when the County Council decided to reduce our bus service from 26th July from hourly to two-hourly.

The reason given was that some other villages on the route (but not Ickleton and Hinxton) had been complaining about reliability.  My own experience is that it has been better in the last year than previously.

There is still an hourly service between Cambridge and Saffron Walden (so there is no cost saving) but it only comes through Ickleton and Hinxton every two hours.  As it will still be           possible for Hinxton people to get the bus on the top road, it means that Ickleton has the worst service on this timetable! It would cost nothing for every bus to come through Ickleton - a far cry from the statements of politicians encouraging use of public transport.

The hardship of this social exclusion will be felt by many Ickleton residents. Who, for instance, wants up to a two hour wait for a bus at Addenbrooke’s after treatment?

The reduction was announced just two weeks after the Local Council elections – what a surprise!

It is the responsibility of the Country Council to provide an adequate bus service where there is no commercial service - they appear to have abdicated this responsibility as far as Ickleton is concerned.




Cambridge                              8.40       10.45        12.45      14.45        16.45          17.50         18.50

Addenbrooke’s Hospital        8.56       10.57       12.57     14.57         16.57      18.07        19.02

Sawston Link Road                9.12        11.13      13.13      15.13        17.21       18.26       19.18

Ickleton                                     9.23        11.24      13.24      15.24        17.32       18.40       19.32

Saffron Walden             9.37        11.38      13.38      15.38        17.46       18.54       19.46



Saffron Walden             7.00          8.47       10.47      12.47      14.47        16.47

Ickleton                                     7.15          9.01       11.01      13.01      15.01        17.01

Sawston Link Road                7.31          9.12       11.12      13.12      15.12        17.12

Addenbrooke’s Hospital        8.00          9.28       11.28      13.28      15.28        17.28

Cambridge                              8.25          9.40       11.40      13.40      15.40        17.48


The Tuesday Whittlesford – Saffron Walden journey, the Sunday service and Wednesday Royston market-day journey are unchanged.

If you wish to comment on this retrograde step, please write to Stephanie Wade, Customer Relations Officer, ET1015, Castle Court, Shire Hall, Cambridge CB3 0AP.                                                                                                                                                                                                   David Lilley




          August 2nd          Mobile Library

4th          Chesterford District Gardening Society, Guided Tour of Bridge End Gardens, Saffron Walden 6.30 p.m.

  16th         Mobile Library

  18th          Parish Council Meeting 7.30 p.m. Village Hall

  18th          Gt. and Lt. Chesterford, Ickleton and Hinxton W.I. Meeting 7.45 p.m.

                         The Community Centre, Gt. Chesterford


  September 4th Social Club Quiz Night

                   11th            Duxford Show

                                                PUBLISHED BY ICKLETON PARISH COUNCIL