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    12th August  2005




Refuse Collections during August

Monday     1st    August    -     Black bin collection

Monday     8th   August     -     Green bin and green box collection

Monday   15th   August    -   Black bin collection

Monday    22nd August     -  Green bin and green box collection

Tuesday   30th  August     -  Black bin collection (following Bank Holiday)


Mobile Library  Cambridgeshire County Council propose to make changes to the mobile library routes later in the year.  The proposed changes to Ickleton are:

Church Street:                       currently  -        Monday 3.35 – 3.50

                                                proposed -        Monday 4.50 – 5.00

Brookhampton Street:          currently  -        Monday 3.55 – 4.30

                                                proposed -        Monday 5.05 – 5.40

If anyone has any significant difficulties or suggestions for improvement, please let David Allanach know by 31st  August 2005. or e-mail  David.Allanach@Cambridgeshire.gov.uk ' 07850 101479.  The final timetable will be publicised at least 6 weeks before it comes into effect in January 2006.


Antisocial Behaviour  Again minor acts of vandalism and damage on the Recreation field/Village Hall have been reported.  If you witness any bad behaviour, please telephone our local policeman – PC Iain Perry – 07740 734976.


Cambridgeshire Acre  A fund is available for children and young people aged 0-19 years old called Local Network Fund.  Groups/organisations in the parish can apply.  I have a few leaflets available, or further details can be obtained from Jenny Roberts ' 01353 860850 or email LNF@cambsacre.org.uk

                                                                                            Jocelyn Flitton- Parish Clerk




We raised  at least £3,500 at the Church Fete this year –  a fantastic achievement.

This would not have been possible without the tireless commitment and organising skills of Monica Lilley, who, as usual, masterminded this year’s fete.

Thank you so much Monica – everyone really appreciated your great efforts.

                                                                           Sebastian Payne and Jenny Pell (Churchwardens)










Services for August



12.30 pm

Holy Communion                                                                           HINXTON




10.00 am

6.30 pm


Parish Eucharist with Baptism                                                        DUXFORD

Evensong                                                                                         ICKLETON



12.30 pm

Holy Communion                                                                            HINXTON



2.00 pm

Holy Matrimony                                                                              HINXTON




10.00 am

6.30 pm


Parish Eucharist with Baptism                                                         HINXTON

Evensong                                                                                          ICKLETON



12.30 pm

Holy Communion                                                                            HINXTON



12.00 noon

    3.00 pm

Holy Matrimony                                                                               ICKLETON

Holy Matrimony                                                                               ICKLETON




10.00 am

6.30 pm


Parish Eucharist with Baptism                                                         ICKLETON

Evensong                                                                                          HINXTON



12.30 pm

Holy Communion                                                                             HINXTON



3.00 pm

Holy Matrimony                                                                               ICKLETON




10.00 am

6.30 pm


Joint Family Eucharist                                                                      DUXFORD

Evensong and Holy Communion                                                     ICKLETON


Grand Gestures

I’m not much given to making grand gestures, so I’d avoided buying one of those white wrist bands. I just didn’t think I needed to announce my views in that way. But all that changed when, the day after the Live8 concert in July, I took my usual Monday morning assembly at Duxford School.

It was, of course, the start of the week of the G8 conference, so the topic for the assembly had to be world debt. I have some Christian Aid material which provides a simple visual introduction to the issue, but before I made the presentation, I got the children’s attention with some personal comments. I had to admit, first of all, that I’d missed the Live8 concert. Then I explained that I hadn’t got a white band (fortunately many of the children had, so I was able to borrow a visual aid). And finally, I told them that I start each day with 20 minutes exercise on a stepper – not to get fit, but to lose weight. In the last few months I’ve put on too many pounds; it always strikes me as strangely ironic that I have to make all this effort to lose weight whilst others starve.

Well, I came away from my school assembly feeling that coyness about gestures was not good enough, and that I should add my voice to the demands for a fairer world … so now (with some embarrassment) I’m wearing a white band too. It says MAKE POVERTY HISTORY.

The personal gestures didn’t stop there. At the end of that same week, Mary retired from the History Department at St Mary’s School in Cambridge. Students and staff marked the occasion with generosity (she’s been on the teaching staff 18 years) and Mary wanted to respond. She considered all sorts of possibilities (a cup or education prize or something for the chapel) but nothing seemed to quite suit.

Until we came to Oxfam Unwrapped. A donation to Oxfam in the school’s name provided basic medicines for a village and lunch for 400 schoolchildren! And that seemed to hit the right note (St Mary’s is a religious foundation). I should add that Mrs Schofield hasn’t quite retired (!) - she returns to the school in August in an administrative role.

The London bombings happened in that same week in July. Like everyone else, I watched the scenes on television and felt the sorrow and the anger at the pointless and violent deaths of more than 50 people. Thank goodness, then, for the measured response of politicians, and faith leaders reminding us of the purpose of terror and urging calm and responsibility in our communities.

Gestures, of course, don’t mean very much on their own, but these events are a challenge to consider how we should respond to the challenge to MAKE POVERTY HISTORY. Obvious suggestions are:

·            Review your current giving to charity (regular monthly payments are much more effective than occasional donations).

·            Buy Fairtrade goods as part of your supermarket shopping (yes – they are more expensive than own brands!).

·            Set up an account with the Charities Aid Foundation.

·            Get involved in a practical way with a local group.

There are of course lots of good reasons not to give, just as there are good reasons not to make grand gestures. But it is the way you and I live and give that will make the difference - it is our individual efforts as much as politicians’ fine words that will, in the end, make the world a fairer place and a better place to live.


            Andrew Schofield

                                                                               The Rectory, St John’s Street, Duxford CB2 4RA





Dear Friends,

As I write, the events of last Thursday's explosions in London are still fresh in my mind Most of us have been shocked at what we saw and heard, and for those who were involved and survived, the ordeal must have been terrifying. We knew that a terrorist attack was likely, and that it would probably be in London, and despite our many efforts to put safety measures in place, I feel that we were a 'sitting duck', a target waiting to be hit.

Fortunately, the emergency services were well rehearsed and their plan of action swung into place immediately. Due to the bravery and skill of our fire, police and ambulance crews, many lives were saved which otherwise might have been lost.

What is our response to the situation? Tony Blair said that we should never give in to  terrorism. I found these words from the Bible helpful and comforting,' If someone has done you wrong, do not repay him with a wrong. Try to do what everyone considers to be good. Do everything possible on your part to live in peace with everybody... Do not let evil defeat you: instead, overcome evil with good' (Romans 12:17-18, 21).

Many of us will know people who were in London on Thursday. Our prayers at this time  must be for those who have lost loved ones and for those who are injured, and our gratitude to the emergency services.

In the Old Testament, the arrival of the Messiah, was foretold. When Jesus came, he was not  as the people of that time had imagined. They had imagined a mighty warrior. Jesus came in a humble manner bringing peace. His death was also predicted, and at first glance, the cross at Calvary appears to be a failure and disaster. But through the resurrection and being raised to new life, Jesus gives us the victory! I believe that the way to overcome evil is by love, the love that Jesus came to bring. It is not an easy path to take, it may take time and understanding, but with the example of Britain's religious leaders sharing solidarity in striving to understand one another at a deeper level, I think we are on the way towards building a more peaceful world, one in which we can all live in harmony.

Wherever you travel this summer, for holiday, work or leisure, may you travel safely.

God go with you.                                                                                                         Rev. Hilary Cheng

                                                                                                                                      Methodist Minister


We had a surprise at our last meeting.  Mr. Hedley Igglesdon had had a birthday and along he came with sandwiches, scones and cakes for us all, which he had prepared himself and to top it all strawberries and cream.  Well done Hedley and thank you very much indeed.

We are sorry George Lilley is not getting on too well just now, but hope he will improve as we miss him at our meetings.                                                                                                         Mrs. R. Lilley



Thank you to Gail, Julia and family for the lovely party and surprises they gave me.

I would also like to thank everyone who came to my party and for the gifts and cards received from friends and neighbours on my 90th birthday.

It was such a lovely day and having it in Gail and Harold’s garden was just perfect.

                                                                                                                                               Connie Jarvis



Attention: Wrong Time Printed in Last Month’s Icene

We are getting together on Wednesdays over the Summer holidays from 11.00 am onwards. Bring a picnic lunch and an adult. A great opportunity to meet other local children.

In the event of bad weather, please contact the person responsible for that date.


  3rd August        -       Bridge End Gardens            (Miranda Stone-Wigg)

10th August        -       Duxford Air Museum            (Kate Stafford  )

17th August        -       Chrishall Playground   (Rachel Rugg-Gunn)

24th August        -       Audley End Garden              (Katherine Denman-Johnson)

31st August         -       Ickleton Playground              (Rachel Rugg-Gunn)






Margaret (nee Patrick) who was born and who died on Mill Road in Cambridge had a very colourful, interesting and fulfilling life. On leaving the County High School for Girls, in Cambridge, she worked for the Cement Marketing Company as a comptometer operator. In November 1942, when she was 19, she joined the WRNS as a Torpedo Wren, becoming a leading wren and recommended to be a Petty Officer as the war ended. After a short interlude in the ‘catering business’ she joined, in February 1946, the Cambridge City Police Force. She was promoted to sergeant in 1954 and was responsible for the Police Women's Department.

In 1955 she applied for the post of Woman Sub-Inspector of Police in Hong Kong. She was successful in her application and arrived in Hong Kong on 16th January 1956. She was the first expat woman police officer and was responsible for all the women police serving in the Force. She served in this force, rising to the rank of Woman Superintendent of Police, until the termination of her contract on marriage. She married Peter Clarke, also an old County School boy, who was serving in the Force, on 16th January 1960. After leaving the Police, Margaret had two sons John and Adam. She remained busy with voluntary work and learnt and became qualified to teach Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging).

She remained in Hong Kong until her husband's retirement in 1985. On returning to the UK Margaret did not 'sit still', she went on to improve her academic qualifications by acquiring a BA degree from the Open University in December 1992, aged 71. She, together with Peter, came to live in Ickleton in 1987. She was no stranger to the village, as years ago she accompanied her father, a butcher, to buy rabbits from the gamekeeper at Hinxton Hall. Margaret took a great interest in village life and was an active member of the Ickleton Parish Church until she entered hospital on 9th December 2004.


Thanks from the late Margaret Clarke’s family

Peter and family would like to thank all, in Ickleton, for the visits and kindness shown to Margaret during her long illness.  It was a great comfort to me (Peter).  Following her death, on 16th June,  we would also like to express our thanks for the support given, kindness shown and for many messages of sympathy received.  Special thanks to all who attended the funeral service and for donations received for the Arthur Rank Charity, the hospice where Margaret spent her last few weeks.



We have been holding coaching sessions for children and adults at the Duxford Tennis Club since 27th April 2005 for the Summer Term with Mike’s Tennis Academy. This year for the first time we have held 5 coaching sessions, starting  4.00 pm for children and 7.00 pm for adults. Below are some comments from the children and adults of Ickleton who are having lessons.

“I last had a tennis lesson at secondary school over 25 years ago and didn't get on with it too well then! Now that my children are starting to be interested in tennis I thought I'd have another go, in the hope that I might be able to knock about with them a bit. I'm never going to be more than a casual player but I've learnt a lot and at least I now know what I ought to be doing. Although I'm in the older children's class by choice it is somewhat embarrassing to be learning alongside 10 year olds who are better than you!”                                                           Mandy - Adult

“This term I have really enjoyed doing tennis with my coach Christian. I have learnt a lot of new      things such as 'upsies', 'downsies' and the 'big nose', which is when you hit the ball and end up with your elbow in front of your nose! This will help me to play a good forehand. I hope that I can be a famous tennis player when I am older.”                                                 Simon Cocks  age 6

“I like tennis because we play rotten eggs and use our rackets a lot.” Kirsten Rugg-Gunn,age 5

“I like tennis because we play scramble.”                                          Dominic Rugg-Gunn, age 6

“I like tennis. We have learnt all the basic moves and rules and I’ve enjoyed playing ‘Champion’ where everyone has to challenge one player and see if they can depose them.  I also play badminton and I have found that this doesn’t mix well with tennis because the way you play shots is very different.”                                                                              Katherine Jeffery age 9








There will be a late Summer Sizzler on 3rd September from 2.00 p.m. on the recreation ground.

Come and join the Giant Village Picnic, a free event for all ages. Featuring free Barbecue, Bouncy Castle, Bouncy Slide, Wacky Races and an Open Stage. Bring a picnic blanket and some drinks and join in the fun!

Pick up a free residents ticket (with proof of address) by the 20th August (so that we can order the food) from the following: Village Shop, Ickleton Lion, Froglets, Anne-Marie Hoare, Helen McGuire, , Sarah Burson,.

The Picnic is being funded using money left over from Village Millennium activities. It was felt that it was time to use some of that money to fund another community event. If you would like to be involved with organising this event, please contact Anne-Marie for details of the next 'Pimms'

meeting.                                                                                                        The Millennium Committee



Chesterford and District Gardening Society will be holding their 18th biennial flower show on September 17th at 2.30 p.m. in Great Chesterford School Hall.

Anyone can enter the various classes, you don’t have to be a member! We certainly hope you will come along to view the exhibits and enjoy a cup of tea and homemade cakes and maybe win a good raffle prize!

Entry forms must be returned to Catherine Cocks, before September 15th.  Forms can be obtained from me.                      Cynthia Rule, 32 Frogge Street




Since Jean and I accepted the position of Booking Secretaries for the Village Hall, I have been asked on several occasions “What goes on in the Hall?” So here is a list of the current activities that take place, many of them are available (for a fee!)  to members of the village and I’d be delighted to give a contact to anyone who is interested.


                             Morning                                Afternoon                             Evening

Monday               Froglets                                 Bridge                                    Karate

                             (Pre – school)                       (Experienced)                       Aerobics

Tuesday              Badminton                                                                            Badminton

                             (Beginners)                                                                           (2 classes)

Wednesday                                                       Over 60s                                Arabic Dance

Thursday                                                            Short Mat Bowls                   Arabic Dance

Friday                  Badminton                                                                            Judo

Saturday             Arabic Dance


In addition, a number of other activities take place on an occasional basis, these include theatre productions, patchwork classes, and a session of children’s tennis coachng is planned. The opportunities are numerous!

The Hall is also available for adult and children’s parties, commercial functions and many other occasions.  We are always willing to try and accommodate a request.  Don’t forget in addition to the main hall there is the smaller committee room that is ideal for a small group of people, it will seat at least 30 in comfort.  Please don’t be put off by the list of organised activities from enquiring about the party or event you want to hold, more often that not we can meet a request.  We look forward to hearing from you.                                                        David Whitaker




A watch was found on the afternoon of the Fete.  Please contact David Whitaker.








‘Come Homers’ gathered at the recreation field to prepare for a day to remember our childhood and 60 years since the end of WWII  - and what a day it was! It started with a wonderful surprise. Rosemary McKillen and helpers had mentioned a cup of tea on arrival but what a welcome. Tea, cakes and biscuits and kindness that would be difficult to match anywhere. In the morning we visited Hinxton Hall and were welcomed by Mary Mertz (who, being a glutton for punishment, met us again at the fete!). There was so much excitement as we went into the rooms of the Hall that I doubt if Mary could get a word in edgeways!. As we posed for a group photograph (CEN/ SWW) in front of the Hall overlooking the lawns, there were visions of the Americans, ice cream and Old Mother Reilly. Resisting the temptation to see if we were brave enough to see if the mausoleum was still in the grounds, and an assurance from one, who in their youth had been an expert on collecting flowers from the Hall, that it was too late in the season to pick daffodils, we returned to the Lion for a buffet lunch and a drink.

It was obvious that everyone had been looking forward to visiting Caldrees Manor, the scene of the fetes of our childhood days. The talk was of Les Lilley's ‘Wheel of luck’ and Gordon Lilley's donkey rides and how we rolled down the lawns. The hazardous trip, from the recreation ground to the gates of the Manor was accomplished by lookouts and a bearing taken from the barber’s cottage (Pudding Basins with the picture of the Thin Red Line) to the manor gates. Looking up at the large gates and magnificent facade of the Manor with wide eyes we expected a shout from the gardener to tell us to go away (Not quite the words he used to use!). Instead the gates stood open wide and John and Anna Gildersleeve welcomed us to their home. If a picture of true happiness was ever needed here it was. The years rolled away as we  stepped into John and Anna's garden and stood back to let the memories flood in. The  champagne reception that was offered by our hosts was not only generous but necessary  like no other ‘stiff drink’ before, to bring us back to the present. It was truly amazing. "Look there's the fountain," shouted one, and "There's where the lucky wheel stood,"  said another. "Were there ponds in those days—I can't remember?" said someone as the  black swans swam by in formation. "Here's the wood trail" shouted another who seemed  to be searching for something he had lost long ago. One ‘Come Homer’ had a picture of the Manor gardens taken many years ago and we  were able to compare the then and now.  As we walked the gardens under a cloudless sky, the unmistakable sound of a Spitfire  drew our eyes to the treetops. Surely not a flypast to cap the day! The one or two ‘Come  Homers’ who had dropped to the ground with their hands over their heads refused to get  up until someone shouted, "It’s one of ours"!

 Glasses refilled with a farewell drink, our visit came to an end, with a photograph and  words of thanks. The ‘Come Homers’ cannot think of many people who would be as  generous and thoughtful as John and Anna. They are very special people and they made  us feel very special too. The group was a bubble of laughter and joy as we walked back  to the fete.

The rest of the day just flew by, with so many people to catch up with since our last visit. Fred Toombs, who again was asked to open up the New Inn, Henry Burton and Cyril Webb, who could tell more tales about us than any other person now living in the village! Stan Keeble made me go all through the choir practices until I recognised him. Fortunately my wife, who worked with Stan at Hinxton Hall, knew him immediately! We met the Vicar Revd Andrew Schofield who was brave enough to invite us to the Songs of Praise the following Sunday evening. The whole day was rounded off with an evocative flypast from Duxford. It was almost as if those young men who gave their lives in fighters and bombers were at last coming home. If only they could.

 At 6.00 p.m. on Sunday eight ‘Come Homers’ gathered at the Memorial on the Green and placed a wreath ’Remembering all those who gave us the chance of a childhood and a future’ then, entering the church for the first time for many years, we joined the Service of Commemoration. Much had changed in those years. The Choir appeared from behind a door where once behind a curtain the organ was worked by hand pump! May we apologise for being a little late as we were waiting for ‘Nicky’ to turn up and when he did no one recognised him in a suit!. I was given the opportunity to say something of my childhood in the village, which I began as an evacuee, but more importantly I was able to thank the village and its people  for the love, friendship and guidance I and others like me found in Ickleton.







This years ‘Come Home’  would not be complete without thanks to many. To Monica for  working with us when at times that must have taken courage on her part!   Thanks to  Rosemary and Neil McKillen and family for the tea and the welcome who got very little  thanks at the time because of the many "Oh look who’s here" and "Is that Orricks Webb  and Jean Holdgate" Thanks to Mary and Hinxton Hall for the memories and a very special thanks to John and  Anna Gildersleeve who I doubt will ever realise just how much pleasure they gave us. To  the Parochial Church Council for their kind words of encouragement, to the Vicar for the  Service. Thanks to all the village for your kindness and friendship in welcoming us again  to your village fete.

 The ‘Come Homers’ were pleased to be able to help the fete and the church by  sponsoring the band, the hire of the village hall, and the rosettes from a small grant from  the Home Front Fund.

 64 years ago Ickleton welcomed me, my family and many more people like us who were escaping the effects of war, to the village and their homes. On the 9th July you did the  same again. Sincere thanks for everything. If the village has recovered by then we will see you on 1st July 2006!                                                                                                                Derek Bristow



Thanks go to Derek Bristow for organising our yearly get together, and to Len Satchell for supplying the marquee.

It was so nice to go round Caldrees Manor and Hinxton Hall, I am sure it brought a few memories back to all.  It did for me - as a boy of 7 years of age,  I was taught, how to shoot a four ten gun by Major Mundy safely.  He was a very kind man to us boys  in those days.  Also thanks  for the lovely buffet lunch supplied by the Ickleton Lion.

We look forward to next year.                                                                                                  Ray Plumb




After months of planning the day, it again went all too quickly, and even the sun came out in the afternoon.

The sponsoring of the leaflet, which the Parochial Church Council delivered to every house in the village, made a fantastic £275.  Thank you sponsors.

Thank you to the stall holders and their helpers, tea ladies, and everyone who manned the competitions.  Thank you to the Ickleton Society for their exhibition, which as usual was very busy; to Derek Bristow for organising the Come Homers 2005 – Ickleton Village School Reunion and for Derek for helping me with the publicity and arranging a grant from the  Home Front Fund;   and Dick Wombwell and friends for the vintage tractors.  Thanks to everyone for helping in any way.  I also want to mention Rosemary and Neil McKillen for selling raffle tickets, which raised a fantastic £1728. The list of prizes and winners is on the notice board at our Shop.My thanks also much go to  Dilip and Sunita Odedra at Costcutter Express, and the Ickleton Social Club for their help.

Over 300 people came to the fete, so thank you to everyone  for making the day such a success.

                                                                                                                   Monica Lilley Fete Organiser



Many thanks to everybody who entered the competition this year.

Special thanks go to Mary Wombwell who judged the competition with expertise.

If you have any categories you would especially like to see for next year, please let me know.

We have one photograph left over with no name on called ‘Water Buttercup in a Pond’.

Please  collect it from me.                                                                           Monica Lilley




Many thanks to all those who entered their treasured animals in the Pet Show this year.  We had a good variety of animals, especially Steve the Snake, who cause quite a stir! Best in Show went to Bumi, owned by Gerry and Sheila Birch; well done to them.                                             Jenny Pell







Questions                                                                                                                  Answers

1.      In which month is Ascot held                                                                           June

2.      In which sport is the term ‘Boston Crab’ used                                               Wrestling

3.      How many years does a china-wedding anniversary signify              20 yrs.

4.      Which country does the international car index ‘E’ stand for                       Spain

5.      How many squares on a traditional snakes and ladder board          100

6.      West Side Story is based on which Shakespeare Play                     Romeo & Juliet

7.      In which year did Elvis Presley first enter the charts

          with Heartbreak Hotel                                                                                      1956

8.      In which year did Tony Blair become leader of the Labour Party                1994                            

9.      In which church are English monarchs usually crowned                      Westminster Abbey   

10.    Who played the part of Ben Hur in the Film Ben Hur                                    Charlton Heston

11.    In Monopoly what colour are Fleet Street, The Strand and

          Trafalgar Square                                                                                              Red

12.    What is the former name of the country Myanmar                               Burma

13.    What does T.T. stand for in the Isle of Man motorcycle races            Tourist Trophy

14.    In which year was the Festival of Britain held                                       1951

15.    Which newspaper did superman work for                                                     Daily Planet 

16.    Who sang the theme to the film Goldfinger                                                    Shirley Bassey

17.    What is found in the middle of a Sussex Pond Pudding                     Lemon

18.    How much liquid does a magnum hold                                                          1½ litres

19.    What do the initials J F stand for in J F Kennedy

 (US President 1961 – 1963)                                                                          John Fitzgerald

     20.         In rowing what is the name of the Cambridge University

 Reserve Team                                                                                                 Goldie

21.    How many holes does a ten pin bowling ball have                              3

22.    How many Von Trapp children were there in the Sound of Music               7

23.    Where were the Olympic Games held in 1968                                             Mexico City

24.    How many ‘winks’ does each player have in the game

          Tiddlywinks                                                                                                        6

25.    Who was the first man in space                                                                      Yuri Gargarin

26.    What is the capital city of Ghana                                                           Accra

27.    In table tennis what is the minimum number of points that a player must score

          to win a game                                                                                                   21            

28.    What year was the Battle of Britain                                                                1940

29.    What kind of apes live on the Rock of Gibralter                                            Barbary Apes

30.    Who wrote Pilgrims Progress                                                                         John Bunyan


First Prize Winner                          Pat, Keith, Ian, June, Ickleton

Shared 2nd Prizes                          Iain and Jan, Ickleton and Sebastian Payne, Ickleton

Thanks to everyone who participated.                                                                 Laurie Gregory



            August   1st

Mobile Library


Mobile Library


Parish Council Meeting 7.30 p.m. Village Hall


The Chesterfords, Ickleton & Hinxton W.I. 7.45 p.m. Community Centre


Great Chesterford

               28th – 29th

Strethall Art Fair  12 noon onwards  (' 521290 for more information)

       September  3rd

Duxford Show 1.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m. Huntsman  Playingfield, Duxford


Sixties Night 7.30 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.  Huntsman Staff Restaurant


Ickleton Late Summer Sizzler 2.00 p.m. Recreation Ground


Duxford Show 1.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.


Chesterford and District Gardening Society Biennial Flower Show


2.30 p.m.  Great  Chesterford School Hall

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