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All contributions please. Deadline for next Icene Bulletin

                 12th October  2005


Refuse Collections during September

Monday     3rd October         -        Green bin and green box collection

Monday     10th October       -        Black bin collection

Monday     17th October       -        Green bin and green box collection

Monday     24th October       -        Black bin collection

Monday     31st October       -        Green bin and green box collection

Textiles By 10th October residents should no longer put textiles for recycling into their green box.  Your box may not be collected if textiles are in it.  Please take textiles to our nearest Recycling Centre at Thriplow or make use of registered charity shops.  The Parish Council received the sum of £154.65 from SCDC, for recycled items collected from the village during October 2004 – March 2005. So please use the recycling service as much as you can, as this helps support our village.

Ickleton Lion Greene King (owner of the pub) is applying for an extension of the current licensing hours – see the notice displayed on the pub door.  If residents want to make a representation, they should send it (by 17/10/05) to:  Myles Bebbington, The Licensing Section, SCDC, Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, Cambs, CB3 6EA or e-mail: licensing@scambs.gov.uk

Richmond’s 334 Bus Service We have been making enquiries regarding this service, which runs every Friday, requesting a stop in Grange Road, also in Duxford.  The bus arrives in Cambridge at 10.50 am and departs at 13.45 pm.  We have been asked to gather an impression of the number of people who would be interested in using this service extension.  Could I ask  anyone who is interested, to let me know as soon as possible; the information can then be passed on for consideration.

BAA Stansted is holding a number of presentations following their two consultation documents, ‘Growing Stansted Airport’ and ‘Draft Stansted Airport Master Plan’.  Response to the consultation is required by 31/10/05.  The nearest presentations (all are open from 10.00am till 8.00pm) during October, if not already seen, are:

Stansted Mountfitchet         United Reformed Church Hall          6th  October

Royston                               Market Hill Rooms                          11th October

Elsenham                            Village Hall                                      24th October

Family Link Service.  Cambridgeshire County Council is looking for more people to become Link carers for children with a disability.  All the children live at home with their parents, but sometimes the parents need a break.  They are looking for people who could welcome a child into their home for one weekend a month, or a few hours a week.  If anyone is interested, please contact Freephone '0800 052 0078 or e-mail: link.enquire@cambridgeshire.gov.uk    Peterborough Distraction Burglary & Rogue Trader Task Force  The scheme is available to anyone over 60 or anyone who has a mental or physical disability.  To use the scheme, eligible people can telephone Cambridgeshire Age Concern on '01354 696677 (or e-mail Regtrader@Cambridgeshire.gov.uk) and explain the nature of the work that needs doing.   The eligible person will be put in touch with a trader who best suits the requirements.

                                                                                       Jocelyn Flitton- Parish Clerk




CHURCH NOTICES – Services for October





9.30 am

11.00 am

6.30 pm


Parish Eucharist                                                                   Duxford

Blessing of Animals Family Service                                     Hinxton

Evensong                                                                             Ickleton



 12.30 pm

Holy Communion                                                                 Hinxton



   2.00 pm

Wedding                                                                               Ickleton




8.00 am

10.00 am

6.30 pm


Holy Communion                                                                  Ickleton

Harvest Festival & Lunch (URC/Anglican)                        Duxford URC

Evensong                                                                      Ickleton



12.30 pm

Holy Communion                                                                 Hinxton




9.30 am

11.00 am

6.30 pm


Parish Eucharist                                                                   Duxford

Joint Family Eucharist                                                          Ickleton

Harvest Thanksgiving & Supper                                           Hinxton



12.30 pm

Holy Communion                                                                  Hinxton




9.30 am

10.00 am

6.30 pm


Parish Eucharist                                                                   Duxford

Morning Worship with Godly Play                                        Hinxton

Evensong                                                                             Ickleton



12.30 pm

Holy Communion                                                                  Hinxton




11.00 am

6.30 pm


Three Parish Family Eucharist                                             Duxford

Evensong and Holy Communion                                          Ickleton



Recently I’ve been asked to answer interview-type questions about me and my role in the Diocese for the Diocesan magazine. In 2003 I was appointed Bishop’s Adviser in the Healing Ministry. The purpose of the job is to raise the profile of the Healing Ministry as a normal and accepted aspect of parish life and to encourage the uncertain to explore its possibilities. Here is what I was asked:

Q.  What do you most enjoy about your job? I enjoy running training sessions and it’s a tremendous privilege to be invited into parishes to talk to a PCC or run a special weekend.

Q.  What’s the best thing that has happened to you in your job? Without a doubt, the last Clergy Conference. On the last day, in the middle of the final service, people were invited to choose a group for prayer and we were asked to offer the laying on of hands. I thought we’d probably have no more than a dozen to minister to. I don’t know how many came, but we were overwhelmed. I found it very humbling to be able to share in ministry like that.

Q.  What do you think you would have been if you hadn’t taken this job? I guess as a parish priest I would have achieved my aim of clearing my desk a bit more often than I do!

Q.  Who’s been your greatest influence? Bob, a South African college friend and priest who bought me back to church after I’d spent ten years in the wilderness (he died 6 months later at the age of 35). Brother Michael who helped me discover a spiritual life. But perhaps most of all, my wife whose faith and steadfastness put me to shame.

Q.  What was your mother’s best advice? Two pieces of advice stick in my mind – my mother didn’t think I should marry the girl I’d been courting. And she certainly didn’t approve of me being ordained. Happily I ignored her on both counts!

Q.  Who’s your favourite saint? Two – St Jude, the patron saint of lost causes and hopeless cases and St Francis. I joined the Franciscan Third Order at a time when I’d spiritually lost direction (yes, again!). It was rather like discovering your Christian roots and understanding them for the first time.

Q.  What’s your favourite hymn? ‘In bread we bring you Lord, our bodies’ labour.’ Read the words - ‘Take all we start and spoil, each hopeful dream, the chances we have missed, the graces we resist, Lord in the Eucharist, take and redeem.’

Q.  What’s your favourite passage from the Bible?  The verses from Psalm 139 which may be used in the funeral service. The words of closeness are very reassuring.


Andrew Schofield

The Rectory, St John’s Street, Duxford CB2 4RA  Andrew.schofield@ely.anglican.org





Ickleton Church hosted three weddings in August:


Peter Lisney Hoskins and Jemima Jane Cathryn Thorpe were married on 20th August.

Bryan Clifford Brown and Sophie Caroline Wallis were married on 20th August.

Robert  Blackwood Chaplin and Claire Mary Herbert were married on 27th August.


We believe the last time Ickleton had two weddings on the same day was in 1948. Who said marriage was outdated?



We are sorry to record the death of Frans De Blocq Van Kuffeler of Elmdon.

The thanksgiving service for his life was held on 31st August at Ickleton Church where Frans had been a regular member of the congregation for many years.



I am sure all the evensong congregation would like to record their thanks to Max McGregor of Littlebury for playing the organ almost every Sunday for the last ten years.  He and his wife Gillian are moving to Surrey.

At his last service on 4th September, he was presented with a framed photo of Ickleton Church,  two silver coasters, some liquid refreshment and a cheque. Max said, “Thank you Ickleton for everything you have given us … we have been genuinely enriched by our time with you and that is reward in itself.”

As we would expect from a former wing commander Max’s last voluntary was appropriately ‘The Dam Busters’ March’.

Thanks for your devotion Max.                                                                                                David Lilley



The Parish Church is holding a Barn Dance and Supper in the Village Hall on Saturday 26th November. This is a fun evening for all ages (1 – 100+) so dust down your stetsons, jeans and cowboy shirts.

The proceedings will be conducted by Sheriff Adrian from Biggleswade – full details later.

                                                                                                                   Rosemary and Neil McKillen


MORFA ELLIS 1909-2005

I am grateful to the ‘Icene’ for the opportunity to thank so many in Ickleton for their friendship and kindness to both my mother and father during their long retirement in the village. Mother had lived at 5 Southfield for 28 years, and loved the house and the village life. Latterly too, whilst caring for her, I myself received much support and good neighbourliness from Southfield and beyond.

Mother joins a distinguished and long caring line of devoted clergy wives in the Church of England, who had a ministry to congregation and parishioners before such terms were fashionable. She was herself much influenced by her parents. Her father had been a GP in the mining communities of South Wales; her mother a doctor's wife, who expected her family to observe the proper conventions of the day. So her father gave her the love of reading, especially poetry, and her great interest in people; her mother gave her skills in painting, good house management, and the notion of Christian service (which involved clearly defined boundaries!)

I reflect on a recent remark made by Anne Atkins in ‘Thought for the day’ when she said that "We owe everything to our parents." Yet all human love, from whatever source, but mirrors the Divine, and I am upheld by a letter from one of Morfa's friends who wrote to remind me of the mystery of God's love, which is at the heart of all things.                                                  Robin Ellis






To keep everyone informed of what goes on, we’d like to tell anyone who is interested that a session of fortnightly Patchwork classes has started in the Hall on Wednesday mornings.  If you wish to participate and want further information, can we suggest that you contact Cherry Vernon, the organiser.  Although the course has already started we have been told that it is quite ok for you to join from the second session on the 5th October.  Happy sewing! 

Also a reminder that children’s tennis coaching lessons start on Tuesday afternoons in early November and will have two classes, one for 5 to 7 year olds and the other for 7 plus.  For further details contact Wendy Fitzsimmons.

On a more formal note may we remind everyone that the village hall car park is primarily for the use of hall users.  If anyone wishes to use the space for overflow parking for an event that is being organised, will they please contact us, the Secretaries, to establish whether or not the Hall is in use at that time.  There are a number of large scale functions booked for this autumn and winter and to find the car park is already full will cause a great deal of aggravation for all concerned.

Many thanks.                                          David & Jean Whitaker  Booking Secretaries



As a follow-up to our AGM in May, when Dr Phillipa Towlson spoke to us about the development of the Southfield site at the Wellcome Trust, we were able to arrange a tour of the site, again led by Dr Phillipa Towlson. Fourteen people from the Ickleton Society joined the group and, accompanied by the sculptor Richard Bray, were able to view his sculpture created from the beechwood of the only four trees which had to be felled during the build. It is suspended from a metal frame at one end of the facilities building where it is viewable by all the staff there as they drink their coffee. The sculpture depicts a mass of people beside and behind a central woman holding a baby. There are toddlers holding adults' hands and older people supported by sticks, all representing the descent of DNA through the generations. It is a most impressive piece of modern art. We also toured part of the very modern laboratories building, which extends the outer plaza Chinese granite flooring inside, but here it has a polished surface. We saw a close-up of a bed of sedum, similar to that which covers the roof which can clearly be seen from Ickleton. What an incredible achievement this has been to complete such a project, both on time and within budget.                                                                                                                           Sheila Birch



We would like to thank Pam Fearn for her gift of apples which she picked and gave to Cynthia for us. They were shared around, and as some members have no trees, they were much appreciated.

Many thanks.                                                                                                                              Ruby Lilley



Fun Darts Night

This year’s ‘Children in Need’ fun darts night will be held on Friday 18th November at 8.30 p.m.

It is open to all, regardless of skill. There will be prizes and a raffle - all proceeds go to charity, so just turn up for a fun night.


Children in Need Quiz

This year’s annual quiz will be held at 9.00 p.m. on Saturday 19th November. As usual there will be prizes, raffle and a free  buffet.

As all proceeds go to charity the entry fee will be increased to £2.50 per person, so please come along and give us your support and have a great evening.          Ickleton Social Club Committee








We are pleased to announce that we have booked a delightful show for the enjoyment of our children and also for the young at heart.  Please put this date in your diary and tell your friends in neighbouring villages to bring their children.


Performed by STORYBOX THEATRE on SATURDAY 5th NOVEMBER at 3.30 p.m.

Rod Burnett from Storybox Theatre uses his skills as a storyteller and puppeteer to take his audience on a journey into the extraordinary world of the imagination. When a tailor sits down to lunch, he begins to stitch and thread together a glorious tapestry of tales.  Over his stew he tells the story of a pea that finds a real princess, of the biggest turnip in the world and of a bean who runs away to make his mark in an unforgettable tale of three famous vegetables.

Suitable for children from about 5 years (the show lasts for approximately 50 minutes).

Tickets will be available shortly from Ickleton Costcutter Express.

Ticket prices: Adults £5 (£4 concessions), Children £4 (£3 concessions).                         Pam Fearn



The weather was lovely and as a result of the hard work put in by everyone, a fantastic day was had by all.  It was an amazing turn-out of around 90 adults and over 80 children.

The wacky races were popular, with old favourites such as egg and spoon, scarecrow race and tug of war.  The kids really loved the wheelbarrow races with real wheelbarrows.  Cecil and Ruth were great sports and took part in the scooter race.

Big thanks to everyone who made the day possible, but in particular Peter Wombwell for lending us his great barbecue; Liz Goddard from Ickleton Barns for supplying the balloons; Dilip at Costcutter Express for issuing the tickets; and all the parents who cooked the food and manned the bouncy slide.                                                                                   Katherine Denman-Johnson



This is a village event for Ickleton children - with fun, food and fancy dress (including the grow-ups!) on Sunday 30th October at Ickleton Village Hall from 4.30 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.

£1.50 per child (accompanied children only).

Please purchase your tickets from the following people by 20th October: Miranda Stone-Wigg Helen McGuire, Rachel Rugg-Gunn, Sarah Burson.

We will be running a Halloween themed craft session over the half-term holiday.  Ask for details when you purchase your ticket.                                                               Katherine Denman-Johnson



Hinxton is having another International Evening on Saturday 22nd October from 7.00 p.m. for 7.30 p.m. in Hinxton Village Hall.  Tickets £10 each (bring your own drinks).

Proceeds to Hinxton Church. Enjoy lovingly prepared food from around the world!

Phone Ros Smith for tickets or more information.



Our railway line between Bishop’s Stortford and Cambridge will be closed from Saturday 22nd October to Sunday 30th October inclusive, to allow Network Rail to carry out extensive engineering work to renew the track.

Buses will operate between stations, but with extended journey times.                    David Lilley



Chris and Claire Day (nee Skeates)  are delighted to announce the birth of Lucinda Claire Margaret on Sunday 18th September.  A dear little sister for Emily.

Many thanks to the Staff at the Rosie Hospital.








Please take a few moments to read this – it may stop you becoming a victim

South Cambridgeshire is a very safe place to live and work.  The overall crime rate in South Cambridgeshire is well below the national average.  The National average for house burglaries is 18.2 burglaries per 1000 households.  The average for the East of England is 12 and the rate for South Cambridgeshire is 6.5 house burglaries per 1000 households.


Whilst these figures may be reassuring, they can lead to complacency.  Cambridgeshire Constabulary, along with South Cambridgeshire District Council and our other partners is committed to reducing the number of dwelling burglaries even further within Cambridgeshire.


Householders need to recognise that they have a role to play in house burglary reduction.

Nationally 1 in 5 burglaries occur because windows and doors are left open.  Since the beginning of the year, in South Cambridgeshire, over 30% of reported house burglaries have occurred because of lax security by the occupier.  Here are some extracts from police reports about the burglaries:


·        Entry via insecure back door

·        Offender entered premises via open rear door

·        Entry via insecure rear patio door

·        Entry via insecure side door

·        No fencing/gate to prevent access to the rear


In all these instances householders have helped, not hindered the burglar.


What can you do?


Lock - Stop - Chain - Check

Remember – most house burglaries are committed  by opportunist thieves and can be prevented by thinking about the  security of your home and belongings.


Don’t give burglars the opportunity to make you a victim.


If you would like a free domestic security survey conducted by one of our Neighbourhood Police team then please go to www.cambs.police.uk, select the ‘contact us online’ section and then select ‘request a domestic security survey’. Alternatively phone '0845 4564564 and ask for either Histon or Sawston Enquiry Office (8.00 a.m. -4.00 p.m., Mon – Fri) or write to me at Sawston Police Station, 4 Cambridge Road, Sawston CB2 4DG     .

                                                              Sgt Steve Poppitt

                                                                            South Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Police Team




Leslie Lilley played the church organ, and one day I was in the Sunday choir and he was playing ‘Oh for the wings of a dove’ when he leant over to me and said, “I’d rather have a leg of roast chicken”, I burst out in loud laughter, and of course, my father heard all about it, and furiously marched me round to the Rev. Penney, and all he said was, “I do like to see Sheila laugh,” so got me out of that one.  The Penneys were very nice, their children, Christine, Gerald and Basil often came round to us. Once Gerald, who was studying medicine, placed a human hand on the table, and my mother was most upset; she viewed Gerald differently after that. Basil was enormous fun I always thought. He never fitted into vicarage life, and one day he arrived late in church wearing shorts (unheard of in those days) and swinging a tennis racket.  His mother was not amused.  I was!

The Working Mens’ Club always fascinated me because there were a lot of voices and laughter, but I never did get inside to see what was going on.

John and Ruth Dawson were my friends.  Ruth was in the WRAF during the War.

Mrs Bowen lived in a lovely house, ‘The Place’ in Brookhampton Street.  Her cousin Neville Chamberlain was the Prime Minister when War was declared.  When I married, Mrs Bowen gave me a set of cut glass wine glasses which I still have.

Also in Brookhampton Street was Colonel Bristowe; he married a Miss Rush from Rush Hall, near Newmarket.  When I was a young Guide in Newmarket she was our Chief Guide, so I was delighted to see her in the village.

Also in Brookhampton Street were the Satchells.  Len and Florrie were often good at getting me out to enjoy myself. They knew how strict my father was, and were very good at pretending I was visiting them when I was elsewhere.  Florrie’s sister Queenie Bass used to cover for me as well, so I had more fun than father knew about.

I remember ‘Bricky’ Human, I loved to talk to him, he always had a tale to tell and made me laugh. Mr Broom, ‘Broomy’ as he was known, rode a bicycle with a cart attached on the back for his dog, and our dog ‘Tigger’ was always jumping over the wall to get to his dog; we had a lot of skirmishes with Mr Broom.

Mr & Mrs Arthur Rule kept the off licence ‘The Beehive’ in Frogge Street, and they also ran a taxi service when petrol was available.  I knew their son Charlie and daughter Barbara, who became a teacher, and Charlie married Cynthia Say.

Mr & Mrs Scales lived at ‘Valance Farm’, a beautiful house in a lovely setting, and one lovely summer’s day their daughter Elisabeth arranged for a farm cart to take Sunday School children to have tea at the farm.  They were a lovely family, and Elisabeth always called her parents Papa and Mama.  Later on Elisabeth ran the farm as her brother did not want it.  Elisabeth married Mr Wamsley.

Mr Andrews from Great Chesterford delivered bread in his pony and cart, and when I married and lived at Ryecroft, Whittlesford, with my parents-in-law, to my utter joy there standing in the field was Tom, Mr Andrews pony.  I had many happy years with that pony.

Mrs Tetley lived in ‘Ickleton Lodge’, a lovely house and grounds opposite us. Her land girl Audrey Turnbull was a very good friend. She married a pilot, and after the war they went to live in Australia, but we remained writing friends until she died in 1998.                       (to be continued)

                                                                   Sheila Maynard (nee French)



It was quite definitely ‘Ladies Day’ at the biennual flower show on Saturday 17th September.

The principal winners of the competitions were Elizabeth Marshall of Great Chesterford, and Carol Turton and Ann Macdonald from Ickleton. Despite a poor growing season, there was a good selection of flowers, vegetables and fruits etc. and the event was well supported.

The next meeting will be on October 5th 8.00 p.m. in the Chapel, Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford.

The speaker will be Mr. Hamilton from Barnsdale Gardens (son of Geoff Hamilton).

                                                                                                                                                   Cynthia Rule










I would like to thank everyone in Ickleton who kindly donated funds last month to help buy a new classroom and supplies for the E.T.O. school in Takeo, Cambodia.  You may remember opening your door last month to four smiling children shaking a can and holding a photo of some of the school’s students.  My partner and I had only just returned from a holiday to Cambodia and were deeply moved by the scale of the poverty and remnants of a brutal 20 year civil war.  Our children really wanted to get involved with us in raising money to help out this special school.  They held toy sales in the park, two car boot sales and collected around the village, as well as emptying their piggy banks.Together they raised £450! We are very proud of them for showing such compassion and for getting involved in a school thousands of miles away.  My daughter Mallory and I have just recently returned from another three weeks back in Cambodia.  We were pleased to take the money collected to build the new classroom, which was started whilst we were there; also the stationery, art supplies and English books were gratefully accepted. Mr. Heng Chum, the Director of the organisation, was overjoyed at the generosity of our village and our children.  Most of the students had never had the chance to play with paints and enjoy drawing a picture, and they produced some great works of art.

Mr. Heng Chum runs six schools, with no governmental funding for 3,000 students whose families are too poor to send them to a regular school.  These children spend most of their days working in the rice paddies from sun up to sun down, and the E.T.O. School is the only chance the students will get to learn to read and write in both Khmer and English, as well as basic numeracy, and technology.  Mallory and I really enjoyed teaching arts and crafts to these eager students and would like to display some of their work and photos of the school shortly in the village hall.  We are hoping to raise a further £1,000 to build an orphanage attached to the school where we stayed, as well as a small pig farm so they can be self sufficient in the future. Anyone who has any questions, or would like to help, can contact me at home or Mr. Heng Chum by email at: hengchum@hotmail.com

Thank you again to all the people who gave their money, time, goods for the car boot sales or discounts on the language books, and to our children.

Jude Warrington,



A coffee morning, in aid of Marie Curie Nurses, is being held at Rectory Farm, Grange Road, Ickleton on Friday October 7th from 10.00 a.m. to 12 noon, by kind permission of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Wombwell. It is hoped that this event will be well supported, as many local people have benefited from the nurses’ care and dedication.



                 October  5th

Chesterford and District Gardening Society Meeting


8.00 p.m. Chapel, Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford


Coffee Morning, 10.00 a.m. to 12 noon, Rectory Farm, Grange Road


Mobile Library


Parish Council Meeting 7.30 p.m. Village Hall


W.I. Meeting 7.45 p.m. Gt. Chesterford Community Centre


Hinxton International Evening 7.30 p.m. Hinxton Village Hall


Mobile Library


Halloween Party 4.30-6.30 p.m. Village Hall

             November   5th

The Pea, the Bean and the Enormous Turnip 3.30 p.m. Village Hall


Social Club Fun Darts Night 8.30 p.m. Social Club


Social Club Quiz 9.00 p.m. Social Club


Barn Dance and Supper Village Hall

                                      PUBLISHED BY ICKLETON PARISH COUNCIL