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Deadline for next Icene Bulletin

12th AUGUST 2007



Refuse Collections during August

Monday          6th August   -         Green bin and green box collection

Monday        13th August   -         Black bin collection

Monday        20th August   -         Green bin and green box

Tuesday      28th August   -         Black bin collection (Due to Bank Holiday)


Parish Council Meeting 18thJuly 2007  The following items on the Agenda were discussed: No decision on land being sought for Allotments and Tennis Courts had been obtained and it was agreed to wait until the end of the year.  Royal Mail will be asked to replace the post box in Butcher’s Hill as soon as possible.  An inspection and maintenance programme, carried out every six months, will be introduced for the cemetery.  This will be logged and recorded.

Moore Stephens had closed the audit for year ending 31st March 2007 subject to a technicality.

Planning applications received from SCDC:

S/1703/06/HSC & S/1749/06/O – Storage of Acrylonitrile & Construction of a Carbon Fibre

Precursor Plant – Land off Ickleton Road, Duxford – Hexcel Composites Ltd. – Approve

Much discussion was had on this application.  The following points were made against the application:

The Parish Council were concerned that the H & S Executive does not seem to have assessed the proximity of the Gas Station to the application site.

The Chairman summarised the views given by the Councillors and a vote was taken.  Tim Pavelin, Liz Goddard and Jane Hurst were against, Lewis Duke, Terry Sadler, Sheila Birch and Robin Driver were in favour.  The decision was therefore carried in favour of the planning application by four votes to three.    


S/1111/07/LB – Internal & External Alterations - Abbey Street Mr & Mrs S R Heaney - Approve

S/1112/07/F – Extension – Abbey Street - Mr & Mrs S R Heaney (2) - Approve


S/1108/07/F – Extension –Abbey Street – Mr D Vickers - Approve

Terry Sadler declared a non-prejudicial interest. 


S/1211/07/LB – Internal & External alterations & Conversion of Offices to 3 Bedroomed dwelling – Abbey Street – Dalesville Holdings Ltd. plus amended site plan - Refuse

S/1212/07/F –  Change of Use from Office to Residential - 18 Abbey Street – Dalesville Holdings plus revised plans (site edged red amended to include entire application site) - Refuse

Tim Pavelin declared a non-prejudicial interest and declined to comment on this application.

The Parish Council does not object in principle to the change of use but made the following points:

·         The plans for the front of the building, especially the metal railings, are out of keeping for the village.

·         Parking has only been allowed for one vehicle to park off-street.  This particular part of Abbey Street is already congested.


Planning applications refused by SCDC:

S/0794/07/F – Installation of an Awning – Ickleton Lion, Abbey Street – Greene King

S/0929/07/LB – Fabric Awning – Ickleton Lion, Abbey Street – Greene King

S/0749/07/F – Extension & Replacement Garage/Workshop –  Church Street – Mr & Mrs S Cheney

S/0896/07/LB – Alterations –  Church Street – Mr & Mrs S Cheney

The Parish Council is concerned that it would appear any alterations to a listed building will not meet with approval from the SCDC and have therefore asked John Williams if he could arrange for a meeting with the new Conservation Officer.

Ickleton Riverside Barns - update by Cllr John Williams – the application is scheduled for 1st August Planning Committee Meeting.






Cemetery - Headstones and Memorials – We shall shortly be introducing a regular inspection and maintenance programme.  Our insurance company informs us that: ‘We would expect the headstones and memorials in the Cemetery to be under the control of the deceased relatives, and it would be their responsibility to ensure the safety of the headstones.  If this was not possible and the Parish Council formally takes responsibility for the headstones and memorials, it would be necessary for the Parish Council to take appropriate action to ensure headstones and memorials are made safe to ensure the safety of all persons using the cemetery.’

Vandalism – The Village Hall has once again been targeted for vandalism.  We are fortunate to have such a lovely hall in the village and find it very disappointing that the hall is damaged in this way.

Fireworks – Please could we ask residents to think of others when letting off fireworks at unexpected times?  They can cause concern to occupants of other nearby houses and especially their pets.

Posters – Please could posters that have been pinned up on the notice board or elsewhere around the village, be removed once the event(s) have taken place.  Many thanks.

Liverpool Street Station is due to be closed for two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.

Jocelyn Flitton – Parish Clerk



After five years, the time has come to revamp our website.

If you have any ideas and/or would like to be involved in the design, content or management (even in a minor way) please email or contact one of the following:

Liz Goddard         FamilyGoddard@AOL.com   

Andrew Shepperd         Andrew@Shepperd.freeserve.co.uk


   Thursday 2nd

12.30 p.m. Holy Communion





    Sunday 5th

8.00 a.m. BCP Communion


Trinity 9

10.00 a.m. Parish Eucharist



6.30 p.m. Evensong





Thursday 9th

12.30 p.m. Holy Communion





Sunday 12th

8.00 a.m. BCP Communion


Trinity 10

10.00 a.m. Parish Eucharist



6.30 p.m. Evensong





 Thursday 16th

12.30 p.m. Holy Communion





Sunday 19th

8.00 a.m. BCP Communion


Trinity 11

10.00 a.m. Family Communion



6.30 p.m. Evensong – Laying on of Hands





 Thursday 23rd

12.30 p.m. Holy Communion





Sunday 26th

8.00 a.m. BCP Communion


Trinity 12

10.00 a.m. Parish Eucharist



6.30 p.m. Evensong & Holy Communion





    Thursday 30th

12.30 p.m. Holy Communion



On 19th August there is a new Family Communion at 10.00 a.m. at Hinxton.  It is for older children and adults (Godly Play is available for 5-8 year olds in the tower room). It uses a simpler worship format to explore Communion and what it means.


The basic format for the Evening Service is Evening Prayer, but at Duxford on the third Sunday in the month, it includes laying on of hands and prayers for those in need.







Life on Mars

For those of a certain age, Life on Mars is an entertaining TV series, describing the adventures of a police officer who suddenly finds himself propelled back in time to the 1970s (remember ‘The Sweeney’?!). The title suggest the underlying theme – the struggles Sam has trying to understand and fit into a police force which is operating in a different sort of world, with different technologies and different social values. For him, it’s like being on another planet.

The Church is in many ways facing similar problems, but the other way round. Many of our present day structures and values reflect conditions 20 or 30 years ago, and it comes as a shock to some of us to realise that somehow we got left behind as technology, values and social norms changed and we didn’t really notice it. I can still remember an occasion 50 years or so ago when my father tried to explain to my bemused paternal grandparents how to use the newly installed controls on the central heating – and I’ve always wondered when it would be my turn!

A recent report describes a critical situation for the Church in these words:

The emergence of a network and consumer society coincides with the demise of Christendom. What is taking place is not merely the continued decline of organized Christianity, but the death of the culture that formerly conferred Christian identity upon the British people as a whole. If a core identity survives for Britons, it is certainly no longer Christian. The culture of Christianity has gone in the Britain of the new millennium.


We live in a society, whether that be urban or rural, which is now basically second or even third generation pagan once again; and we cannot simply work on the premise that all we have to do to bring people to Christ is to ask them to remember their long-held, but dormant faith. Very many people have no residue of Christian faith at all; it’s not just dormant, it’s nonexistent; in so many instances we have to go back to basics; we are in a critical missionary situation.


It would be nice to imagine that in the villages of South Cambs we might be protected from these issues, but recent events have shown that we are not immune. So, for example, we have faced the demise of Sunday School in our villages (according to the report ‘During the twentieth century Sunday School attendance dropped from 55 per cent to 4 per cent of children, meaning that even the rudiments of the Christian story and of Christian experience are lacking in most young people’). And our efforts to engage with a changing culture have been challenging for traditional church.

‘Godly Play’ is an approach to the Bible which allows children to explore at their own level. It is based on Montessori principles ­which respond to the child's request to 'Help me do it by myself.' This puts the teacher in the role of spiritual supporter or guide who fully accepts that each child has his or her own relationship with God already.  Our three churches sponsor a Godly Play session at Hinxton once a month for 4 to 8 year olds (it’s been running for four years now). We are trying to develop something for 8 to 11 year olds which builds on the Godly Play experience, and in May we introduced some of these ideas to a meeting of folk from all three congregations. It seemed, at the time, an uncomfortable meeting, at which we all stared at the chasm between Godly Play and what’s on offer in worship at church.

The temptation for all of us is to retreat to the safety of what we know – our own experience of growing up in church, but it doesn’t work. As L P Hartley put it: ‘The past is another country - they do things differently there.’ (‘The Go Between’). In fact, feedback from the three church consultation recognised the important work being done in Godly Play and in our wider efforts to reach out to families. If you would like to know more about our work with children through Godly Play and family friendly worship – perhaps you may be thinking of investigating church for your family at the start of a new school year - do get in touch with the vicar, who can point you in the right direction.

                                                                                                                                                      Andrew Schofield

        The Rectory, 13 St John’s Street, Duxford CB22 4RA

  ( 01223 832137 * atschofield@msn.com


               CHAPEL NOTICES – All Services start at 3.00 p.m.

August 5th

               Mr. Geoff Grundy


August 12th

     Revd. Trevor Sands

Holy Communion

August 19th

     Mrs. Maureen Hilson


August 26th

     Revd. Trevor Sands


Revd. Trevor Sands








Many, many thanks to everybody who helped at this year’s Church Fete. We made a profit of £2834, and the weather was kind to us!

I can’t mention anybody in particular, as everybody did what they said they would do and more. Everyone worked very hard. The PCC is very pleased with how the day went.

Thank you to the sponsors who raised £350 and £100 donation.


Photography Competition

In this year’s competition we had 28 entries.

The prize winners were: An Ickleton Street - Anne Godfrey, A portrait - Catherine Kelly, Village Life - Anne Godfrey, A Snow Scene - Anne Godfrey, Still Life - Anne Godfrey, Most unusual photo - Mark Stone-Wigg.

Well done Anne, and many thanks to all who took part.                               Monica Lilley -  Fete Organiser


Annual Raffle

This year only three of our eleven prizes were won by people not living in Ickleton.

A full list of winners will be posted on the Village Notice Board.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the raffle and particularly our sponsors, most of them anonymous, who donated the excellent range of prizes. Thank you also to Chris & Mirela and Dilip & Sunita for providing sales outlets for us.                                                              Neil and Rosemary McKillen 


Pet Show Results

Our judge sorted the doggy entrants into three groups: under twos, three to five years and veterans.  After careful judging and a quick trot up and down these were the judge’s decisions:

Under twos First was Tilly (Worthing) a Norwich Terrier; next was German Shepherd Rudi (Baker) and third was Border Terrier Otto (McKibbin).

Three to five years Rosie (Peck), a Golden Labrador took first place followed by Grace (Harris) an Apricot Poodle and Hershey (Pell) a Springer Spaniel, joint second with, at joint third, Holly the Whippet and Anders, a Labrador/Retriever cross. 

James Wombwell’s Terrier cross, Badger and Dinah Millson’s long-haired Dachshund, Elsa were awarded special rosettes in this group.

Veterans  Gerry Smith’s Samoyed, Lucy, came first with Gina (Marshall) and Elli (Stone-Wigg) both Labradors, in joint second place.  Joint third were George and Bobbie (Casement).  Bobbie was the oldest entry at 15 years of age.

There were two entries in the ‘Fluffy’ class, Niamh’s Guinea pig Kuzio and Olivia’s rabbit Benjie both of who were awarded special rosettes.

Finally, Best in Show was award to Rosie, shown by Stanley Peck.  They were a winning combination!

Many thanks to all who exhibited and/or showed the animals, and to Debbie from Davey’s Veterinary Practice.  It was a very enjoyable event and we hope to see even more entrants next year.                                                                                                                        Simon Casement, Jenny Pell and Hilary Rule

P.S.  I met Betty Peck on Monday and asked if she was displaying the two rosettes in a prominent place. She said “Yes, and I’ve got Stanley pinned up between them”   HPR.



The Annual General Meeting will take place on September 6th at the Congregational Chapel, Great Chesterford at 8.00 p.m. Everybody is invited to take part. We hope to hear about our new programme from our next two speakers. Refreshments will be served.


For the Autumn  2007  term, the course will be:

Age of Improvement  (Tutor: Mary Dicken) 10 weekly sessions

How Victorian Reformers brought about better living and working conditions, better transport, better schools, better representation in Parliament, better rights for workers and generally made things…better!

Every Thursday evening from 20th September 8.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

Congregational Chapel, Carmel Street, Great Chesterford.


For the Spring  2008 term the course will be:

Wonderful Weather  (Tutor: David Elcome) 10 weekly sessions

An introduction to our weather and climate; the causes of weather; weather forecasting; the truth behind weather sayings and folklore; our own and global climates; causes and consequences of climatic change.

             Every Wednesday morning from 9th January 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.  Ickleton Village Hall.







Big Village Picnic 1st September from 2.00 p.m. Ickleton Recreation Ground

Come and join the Ickleton Picnic, a FREE event for all ages. Featuring tea tent with home made cakes, barbecue, scarecrow competition, races and games for the children and adults. Bring a picnic blanket, pop-up gazebo if you have one, a few drinks and join in the fun! This event is aimed at Ickleton residents, but if you have visitors and wish to bring them along, extra tickets can be obtained for the small fee of £1 each!
We will provide chairs and tables for those who need a little more comfort! If you need assistance getting to the recreation ground please call Anne-Marie Hoare to arrange a lift.
Pick up a free residents ticket by the 20th August (so that we know how much food to order) from the following: Village Shop, Froglets, Miranda, Katherine, Helen, Lisa or anyone else on the committee.
We would love to see as many residents there as possible.  It is an event for all ages so we hope you will give it your support.
If you would like to be involved with organising this event, please contact Katherine or Miranda for details of the next committee meeting.
We are very grateful to the Parish Council for supporting this event.
                                                                                                         The Ickleton Sizzler Committee



We are getting together on Wednesdays over the summer holidays from 11.00 a.m. onwards. Bring a picnic and games for the kids.

 1st   August   -  Chrishall Playground (behind the School)

 8th   August   -  Audley End Garden (meet under the trees between the car park and the lake)

15th  August   -  Chrishall Playground (behind the School) 

22nd  August  -  Bridge End Gardens, Saffron Walden (meet on the lawn near the entrance to the maze)

29th  August  - Ickleton Playground

Babies are welcome to all the above events, so to all you new mums out there, just turn up. We love to see new faces! For further details contact Liz Goddard Katherine Denman-Johnson OR JUST TURN UP ON THE DAY.



On a perfect June evening approx 30 members enjoyed walking round three delightful gardens in Little Chesterford ending up with refreshments provided by Mrs. Delia Butcher.

Alison Davies was the speaker at the July meeting, proving the wonderful colour effects that could be achieved by using foliage plants and shrubs in both large and small gardens.

Don’t forget the Flower Show on September 8th 2.00 p.m. in Great Chesterford School. Catherine Cocks has the details for anyone wishing to enter. We hope you will.

There is no meeting in August.  The next meeting will be a Social Evening on September 5th at 8.00 p.m. in the Chapel, Carmel Street, Great Chesterford.                  

Cynthia Rule




A selling exhibition of works by professional and amateur artists; John Glover, John Preston, Mary Seymour, Sylke Claridge, Linda Rose, Colin Hayes and others will be held on August Bank Holiday Weekend on Sunday and Monday 26th and 27th August from noon.

There will be a flower festival in Church and tea and cakes in the churchyard. This is in aid of Strethall Church Fabric Appeal.                                  strethall.church@btinternet.com






Recently a speed check was conducted in Frogge Street, targeting vehicles leaving the village. Having only been at the location for a matter of minutes, a speeding vehicle was stopped for travelling at 42MPH and given a ticket. During this process’ the driver was found to be in possession of a controlled drug and thus managed to get himself arrested. It is worthwhile remembering that speeding KILLS, regularly and with far reaching consequences Please remember that fact when driving through our own village and other areas.


All of us, in our everyday lives, come across things that cause us concern. In these times of heightened terrorism concerns, those things should be notified to the authorities if you think it might be useful in any way. Terrorists need money as well as equipment, credit card fraud, theft, selling stolen goods and indeed all property crime has been used in the past to fund terrorism. Hindsight is of little use, the intelligence is needed before the event. Please call Crimestoppers on ' 0800 555 111 or your local police on ' 0845 456 4564 with any information. We all have a role to play in counter-terrorism.


Finally, please remember the ever present threat of distraction burglaries and watch out on behalf of our friends and neighbours.


Stay safe.                                                                                                             Keith and Tracy Head





AirSpace formally opened by his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent

Following on from the celebrations of 29th June, with local children being the first to experience AirSpace, the building was formally opened by HRH The Duke of Kent on Wednesday on 11th July, marking the completion of this dramatic and exciting £25 million project.


A prestigious national exhibition, AirSpace is a significant addition to the Imperial War Museum Duxford and has a key role to play in increasing tourism to the East Anglian region.  Completed on time and to budget, the opening of the inspirational family-orientated exhibition is timely with the summer holidays about to commence.


HRH The Duke of Kent, President of the Imperial War Museum, was joined by the new Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, the Right Honourable James Purnell MP.





Thunderstorms, heavy rain and all the horrors an English summer can throw at us were forecast for our Wine and Cheese Evening, held in the lovely gardens of Dick and Mary Wombwell.  How wrong it proved to be! The sun shone warmly, the wind was just a gentle breeze, and the evening was a great success.

Everyone found the fifteen hidden treasures in Mary’s Mediterranean garden and had great fun looking for them.

Wine, cheese, and home-made cakes were demolished with gusto, and the evening ended with a good raffle.

Our thanks go to Dick and Mary for making us so welcome, not only in their garden, but in their house as well.

The next meeting will be on August 15th at 7.45 p.m. in the Chesterford Community Centre, when the guest speaker, David Stevans from the CBM, will speak about services for the Blind and Disabled People.                                                                                      Cynthia Rule







Duxford School is now a Reading Connects School!

In June, Duxford School became part of a national scheme to develop a whole school reading culture. Teaching children to read is an important role for all schools, but at Duxford we are aiming to encourage reading for pleasure, so helping children to develop a lifelong love of reading and learning.

The younger members of the school have redesigned their library into a bright and welcoming area with illustrations of their favourite Charlie and Lola characters.

Some of the older boys and girls, who successfully represent our school in football, netball, basketball and athletics teams, are becoming Reading Champions. They will be using photos of themselves engrossed in a book to persuade other budding sportsmen and women that reading is a ‘cool’ pastime.

As we are now into the summer holidays, many children will be thinking back to the visit by the children’s librarian and will be well into the Library Service’s Big Wild Read. If you want to know more about this reading challenge, pop along to one of our local libraries and children will receive a folder with stickers to encourage them to read during their summer break.

We will be keeping you informed of other exciting reading events as they happen during the new school year. If you would like to know more, please contact Mrs Blackburne-Maze, our Literacy Co-ordinator.


News from Duxford School PTA

Memories of a Summer Fete

When I was at Junior School my mum and dad always ran the tombola stall at the school Summer Fete. I remember our larder cupboard floor being covered with tins, jars and bottles. I particularly remember an out of date tin of Pease Pudding that came back year after year.

It took my parents hours to stick the tickets onto the tins etc. and even longer to fold the matching ones (plus the non-winners).

I never recall a wet or cold fete day; they all seemed to be scorching. I remember strawberries and cream, dodgy face paint, even dodgier coloured hair spraying and a really grungy white elephant stall. One year my sister bought a spaniel-sized plastic donkey with nylon fur and a sombrero; true class!

My dad would stand by the bottles and jars and yell “Roll-up, roll-up.” Occasionally he would swing a deafening wooden football clacker that my grandpa had found on his dust round. Mum held the tickets and spent a long time locating the jars of pickled onions being won.

I can’t recall a cake stall or a bouncy castle. The only raffle I remember was the year my dad won a football signed by the West Ham team. As a Spurs fan he wasn’t too impressed, but my sister and I (although football haters) were suitably chuffed.

What I never considered before was how or why that football came to be on the raffle. Twenty-odd years later it has suddenly dawned on me that probably the football club was generous enough to donate it. What is more, I now realise that, while my parents were busy sticking cloakroom tickets onto tins of pease pudding, someone else was trying to blag half-decent raffle prizes for diddly-squat.

It’s not that I’m dimmer than the average Essex girl, but I had never given it much thought before. SO… when a member of the PTA at Duxford School (buried under cloakroom tickets and tins of spaghetti), asked if someone would write to local companies asking them to donate raffle prizes, I stupidly volunteered.

Four or so weeks ago I was rueing the moment I had opened my big gob and said “I’ll do it.”  Sixty letters later I was feeling jaded. Three or so weeks ago I was wondering if I had wasted sixty envelopes. Two or so weeks ago I was feeling optimistic, having had a few replies, but was too busy responding to PTA emails to ‘chase-up’ non-responders. A week ago I was really excited by the range of prizes that were accumulating. At the end of last week a sudden flurry of last minute offers brought the prize tally to a fantastic array.

This morning (Mon 18th June) I awoke feeling like I’d been through the tumble drier; bashed about a bit but all warm and fuzzy. And for the first time in two decades I have a new set of Summer Fete memories.

Yesterday’s ‘Pirate Fete’ at Duxford School was fantastic. Perfect weather; a stylish tea tent (kindly lent by the local Scout group), serving delicious cakes and teas, a wonderful band; a great barbeque (meat supplied by B. Searle & Sons, Sawston); face-painting; crazy golf; wet sponge throwing; bouncy black pig (donated by Star FM); pirate races and much more. To top it off, we had record raffle ticket sales and the best array of prizes many have seen.

We can’t thank the companies and businesses that supported us enough, generous contributors were:

The Wellcome Trust, The Wheatsheaf Pub, Huntsman, Hexcel, Spicers, Cambridge Bioscience, Cineworld, The Jade Fountain, Masa Restaurant, Tranquillity Beauty Salon, Jack’s Fish and Chips, Cambridge Building Society, Volvo, IWM, Andrew McCulloch, Sawston Books, Webb and Partners, Duxford Lodge, The Dial at Elmdon, Sawston Sports Centre and Duxford Supermarket.

Initial calculations, from our Treasurer, indicate that the fete made a record profit of around £1700. This money will go directly to help the school.

That’s great, but for me the highlight of the day was the team spirit amongst those who helped organise and run the whole thing. Well done everyone, what a team!

                                                Claire James - Duxford School PTA











Our Citi 7 bus will use Brooklands Avenue during the Long Road closure from 18th July to 2nd September.

Anyone requiring Addenbrooke’s Hospital should get off at the Davey Crescent stop in Great Shelford and catch the Burton’s H1 which will use Granham’s Road, Great Shelford on its journey between Trumpington Park and Ride and Addenbrooke’s. 

During the duration of the road closure, the H1 will accept Stagecoach Megarider, Goldrider and Dayrider tickets, so there will be no additional cost.                                                         David Lilley



Sawston Health Centre inform us that orders taken from Ickleton Collection Point (8 Brookhampton Street) on Friday 24th August will not be delivered until Friday 31st August.




I am very pleased to be able to report that volunteers have stepped forward and the Society has elected new members of the Committee.  Neil McKillen is now Chairman and John Fowler is the Treasurer.  I continue as Secretary, and Sheila Birch, Andrew Shepperd and Lawrence Wragg as members of the Committee.

At the General Meeting on 20th July, members of the Society suggested a number of possible future activities that could contribute to community life in the village.  We hope to take things forward in the fairly near future.                                                                                                                          Rachel Radford





The Church Coffee Mornings continue every Tuesday from 10.00 a.m. to noon, throughout the summer.





                       August 13th

Mobile Library    


Parish Council Meeting 7.30 p.m. Village Hall


W. I. meeting 7.45 p.m. Gt. Chesterford Community Centre

                      26th and 27th

Strethall Art Fair noon onwards



                 September 1st

Summer Sizzler 2.00 p.m. Recreation Ground


 Gt. Chesterford & District Gardening Society Social Evening


 8.00 p.m. Chapel, Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford


WEA AGM 8.00 p.m. Congregational Chapel, Gt. Chesterford


 Gt. Chesterford & District Gardening Society Flower Show


 2.00 p.m. Gt. Chesterford School