I    C   E   N   E

B                      U                   L                 L               E                  T               I                 N




JULY 2008



David and Monica Lilley




Tony Court

Hilary Rule            



Deadline for next Icene Bulletin

12th JULY 2008




Refuse Collections during July

Monday       7th July                 -        Green bin and Green box

Monday       14th July               -        Black bin collection

Monday       21st July                -        Green bin and Green box

Monday       28th July               -        Black bin collection

Bins and boxes must be placed out by 7.00 a.m. on your designated day of collection.


Parish Council Meeting 18th June The following items were discussed: 

Top Soil – field Grassy Lane  Robin Driver and Jocelyn Flitton had met on site with the contractor who explained what he was doing and that Uttlesford District Council had granted permission.  The Chairman asked the Clerk to contact Uttlesford DC for details of the planning application (P/A/2/14/253).  Copies had now been received and would be circulated to the Councillors.

Butcher’s Hill Light & Trees  Paul Quigley from SCDC rang (following chase-up e-mail) to say he will follow up the replacement of the light with Cambridgeshire County Council, as the replacement light should have been done by now.                        

No response had been received from the owner of the land regarding the horse chestnut trees.  SCDC do not have any involvement as they do not own or manage any land along Butcher’s Hill area.  The Parish Council felt there was not anything else that they could do at this time.

Mill Lane Crossing  The Clerk had telephoned Network Rail’s National Helpline, as no further response had been received.  This issue has now been logged and numbers on the crossing given to them in the hope they can locate this crossing and re-check the standards of the crossing.           

Footpaths  A response had been sent to CCC re the application to Modify the Definitive Map & Statement for Pubic Footpath No 8 Duxford, No 4 Hinxton and No 3 Ickleton (Network Rail).  The reply was as follows:  “There is no evidence that there was ever a footpath on that particular route.  There has never been a reference to this proposed footpath by British Rail in the minutes.  Our eldest resident (92) says there was never a footpath there.  We wish to object to this change.”

Post Office Limited is due to announce the details of Post Office closures in Cambridgeshire on 8th July 2008.  SCDC is holding a briefing session on 16th July between 6.30 p.m. and 8.30 p.m.  At this point in time we are unable to say if we wish to attend this briefing session.

British Telecom is holding a consultation regarding their proposed removal of the phone box in Frogge Street.  It was agreed that a letter should be written requesting that we wished to keep the old telephone box (which is now a card only box and not coin) as despite mobile phones this is next to a public space and old peoples’ homes.  

Hanley Grange  Many villagers visited the Village Hall at the weekend to see the developer’s plans.  A copy of a letter sent by Imperial War Museum to Communities & Local Government was felt to be very significant. A letter on behalf of the Parish Council will be sent to Communities & Local Government.  The Chairman (Robin Driver) will write a letter to Wellcome Trust (London). 

Planning application(s) received from SCDC:

S/0722/08/CAC – Total demolition of former office, garage & workshop buildings – Howeys’ Yard Adj 33 Abbey Street – Approve

S/0679/08/LB – Alterations – glazed porch extension – 53 Abbey Street – Keith Mitchell – Information only.

S/0826/08/F – Dwelling following demolition of existing buildings – Howeys Yard, Abbey Street.  Approve








S/0871/08/F – Extension – Providence House, 6 Frogge Street– Approve but wished to comment that no plan of whole house had been received.

S/0933/08/F – Extension – 35 Church Street – Approve

Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:  

S/0416/08/F – Erection of bungalow following demolition of existing bungalow – 29 Church Street – Executor of Mrs MK Harrison deceased

S/0679/08/LB – Alterations-Glazed Porch Extension – 53 Abbey Street – Keith Mitchell Building

S/0722/08/CAC – Total demolition of former office, garage & workshop buildings – Howeys’ Yard, adj. 33 Abbey Street – Cheffins

Cambridge Water Company (in association with the Cambridge Evening News):

Photographic Competition: Capturing Water  For amateurs and professionals, children and adults, a competition to capture, in photographs, images of water in and around East Anglia.  The closing date for entries is Friday, 15th August at 5.00 p.m.  For further information call: ( 01223 846955.

Village Life Fund are looking to support activities that will benefit the village community and where a grant for £250 can make a positive difference.  The closing date for entries is Friday 11th July 2008 and the awards will be presented during October.  For an application form, please call: ( 01223 846955.

Summer Academy 2008 is open to young people aged 8 -16 and those taking part must attend for the full five days.  The cost for the week is £112 (£75 for additional members of the same family).  These will be taking place at Linton Village College (4 - 8th August), Melbourn Village College (11 -15th August) and also at Swavesey and Impington.  For more information contact Lesley Morgan (01223 712825 or by e-mail: lmorgan@sawstonvc.org

COPE (Cambridge Older People’s Enterprise) newsletter is available free on line by visiting: www.cambridgecope50.org                                                       Jocelyn Flittton - Parish Clerk




Stress free holidays?

There are people – ordinary, sensible people – who won’t take an annual holiday. And as I look at what’s involved in getting ready for a fortnight away, I can understand why. It takes hours – no, days – of preparation before everything is organised enough for you to leave home and desk. And then there’s the packing. Well, I don’t actually do the packing myself, just helpfully put out everything I think I’ll need. But the process of identifying a wardrobe suitable for two weeks’ holiday, with all its possible variations, is unaccountably stressful.

Eventually you arrive at the place that is going to be ‘home’ for the next 14 days. Everything you packed so carefully is decanted and in the process you discover what you’ve left behind. You’ve sacrificed well ordered familiarity for an environment that just doesn’t function as you expect. Your carefully organised life disintegrates and two weeks of uncertainty stretch out before you .….. perhaps it’s just the expectations that are wrong. You hope for sun and it rains, you look for peace and quiet and end up arguing with everyone. You’ve got time for relaxation, and don’t know what to do with it. Did I miss anything? Well, there are, of course, the other members of the family, each with their own particular requirements …..

And finally, there’s the homecoming …. a pile of post, frustrated answerphone messages, a full Inbox. And the unexpected traps – the problems you didn’t quite get sorted before you went away return to haunt you, the forgotten bills, the speeding fine, an irate client who wants to know where on earth you’ve been for the last two weeks. None of this would be a problem if only you’d stayed at home!

Perhaps there’s another way of thinking about holidays. The word 'holiday' was originally two words - Holy Day. Holidays were holy days set apart for the worship of God. They were days in which men and women stopped doing everyday things for themselves and instead concentrated on what God had done for them.

In Judaism (and later, of course, in Christianity), one day out of every seven had to be set aside for God. It was called the Sabbath and was the seventh day of the week. The pattern of six days of work and one day of rest can be traced back to the book of Genesis which describes how God created everything in six days and 'rested' on the seventh. The Sabbath belonged to God and people used the day to worship Him and remember all that He had done.

Holy days, then, were primarily times of thanksgiving to God. For the Christian Church these were days (and there were lots of them) when people were encouraged to stop work and to celebrate the life of a saint or other holy event. Perhaps it would help with the big holidays, if we could think of every day as a sort of holy day.

I may sound a bit like a grumpy old man, but I need holidays too. I love places of quiet and stillness and surprise which are only to be found in the wild, and only on holiday! When work threatened to overwhelm his disciples, Jesus told them, "Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while." Maybe it’s good advice after all.

Andrew Schofield

The Rectory, 13 St John’s Street, Duxford CB22 4RA

( 01223 832137 * atschofield@msn.com


Editorial PS

The above was written before he went on holiday, but when the vicar returned he found the rectory computer had gone into a irrecoverable crash!







Services for July

          Thursday 3rd

  12.30 p.m. Holy Communion





              Sunday 6th      

    8.00 a.m. BCP Communion


               Trinity 7

  10.00 a.m. Parish Eucharist (All Age Service)



    6.30 p.m. Evensong





         Thursday 10th

  12.30 p.m. Holy Communion





           Sunday 13th

    8.00 a.m. BCP Communion


            Trinity 8

  10.00 a.m. Parish Eucharist



    6.30 p.m. Evensong





       Thursday 17th

  12.30 p.m. Holy Communion





         Sunday 20th

    8.00 a.m. BCP Communion


            Trinity 9

  10.00 a.m. Family Communion



    6.30 p.m. Evensong with Laying on of Hands





       Thursday 24th

  12.30 p.m. Holy Communion





         Sunday 27th

    8.00 a.m. BCP Communion


          Trinity 10

  10.00 a.m. Family Service



    6.30 p.m. Songs of Praise





         Thursday 31st

 12.30 p.m. Holy Communion



First Sunday (6th) – at Ickleton an All Age service at 10.00 a.m. to round off the Church Fete weekend - with a shortened form of Holy Communion at the end, for those who would like to stay.

Third Sunday (20th) - at Hinxton there is Family Communion at 10.00 a.m. In this service we use a simpler responsive form of worship suitable for all ages. At Duxford the evening service includes the laying on of hands and prayers for the sick and those in need.

Fourth Sunday (27th) - at Duxford the 10.00 a.m. is a short Family Service. At Ickleton at 6.30 p.m. the service is a Songs of Praise to celebrate the Church’s Patron Saint.



All services start at 3.00 p.m.

Sunday 6th

   Mrs. Julie Finbow


             Sunday 13th

   Revd. Stuart Veitch


             Sunday 20th

   Revd. Trevor Sands

Holy Communion

              Sunday 27th

   Mr. Nigel Courtman


                                                                                                                                     Revd. Trevor Sands


The family of the late Ruby Lilley would like to thank everyone for their cards, prayers and kind words, and for their attendance at the Church. We are grateful for donations of  £685 for Ickleton Church in her memory.

Thanks also to Rosemary McKillen and her helpers for providing refreshments in the Village Hall.



The members of the Over 60s send their condolences to Mrs. Betty Willmott and her family following the death of Sonny.  Sonny enjoyed playing whist and dominoes, and was a very canny player who loved to tease us.

He will be very much missed.                                                                                             Cynthia Rule






Grandad was born in Haslingfield on 6th April 1920 and was one of nine siblings – 6 sisters and 2 brothers. So many women in the house must have been a great preparation for continuously being out-numbered by women, from sisters to daughters!

Grandad went to the local school, and upon leaving his first job was a milk round carried out on a bicycle with a sidecar. A far more pleasant occupation, I am sure, than the second – when he was called up to join the RAF at a very young age, stationed in Buxton in Derbyshire before being posted to Egypt, a time he very rarely talked about.

After the war Grandad went to work for Premier Travel, initially as a conductor and then as a long distance driver, regularly on the Birmingham to Clacton run - but it was much nearer to home on the Cambridge bus, where he met Grandma – Betty – on her way to work at Robert Sayles.

Kenzie’s Coaches was Grandad’s next move in 1953, where everything went smoothly until Great Chesterford Bridge caused a few more problems than normal one morning. Not one to do anything by halves, the large coach, according to the crossing keeper “had gone right under”! The only harm done, a few laughs at Grandad’s expense and the first and only attempt at Ickleton’s own open top tour bus!

Grandad and Grandma married in 1954 and moved into Abbey Street, Ickleton and three years later their first daughter – Clare - was born, followed by Mum (Sarah) three years later.

The Priory became their home a few years after their daughters were born, and went on to be a very special family home for thirty-five years, until Grandma and Grandad’s move to Shepherd’s Cottage in 2000. At the Priory there are many very happy memories of huge family Christmases, and the enjoyment of farm life. Grandad would regularly help Clare with the horse, and be dragged to watch horse shows with Clare and friends.

Grandad joined the family business at the butcher’s shop in the late 60s and quickly became a more than valued member of the team, which showed when he took over management after Great Grandad (Gatty) died in 1973. He ran the shop until it was closed six years later.

Always a hard worker, Grandad continued to work at Playle’s Butchers in Bassingbourn until he was 70.

Retirement meant more time helping Mum out on the farm. He was always there when needed, from helping to load a lorry to changing plough points.

Plenty of time was also spent with his grandchildren, me and Martin. Many school runs and time spent working on the vegetable garden, of which my brother and I have very fond memories - from Grandad tapping the gear stick along to a song on the radio, to lessons on how to dig a veg garden, unfortunately an art that has not recently been put to use! Grandad loved walking the dogs, trips to the Social Club for bowls and whist drives, and as many of you will remember, at times a cigarette and a gin and bitter lemon. Cards have always been a big part of family life, with Grandad certainly winning the lion’s share of the regularly played after dinner games of sevens!

He loved village life and I think his choice of bedroom with the best view of the high street meant a little of Grandma’s ‘interest’ in goings on had rubbed off over the years!

Such a family man, he never really liked a night away, and certainly preferred his own bed.

Grandad continued to enjoy bowls on a Thursday afternoon at the Social Club and then Village Hall until very recently, with only a little encouragement sometimes needed from his dear friend Beryl.

Bowls continued out in the meadow at Mum and Michael’s until the evening before he went into hospital, where Grandad was easily winning a game against Martin, 3-1, something I am sure he is smiling about!

Grandad’s relationship with his grandson was obvious to everyone, and when Grandma went abroad (something that Grandad only did once after coming home from Egypt) Martin often stayed with Grandad to keep him company - it was always difficult to see who enjoyed evenings of watching sport and eating cornflakes before bed the most!

Talking as I have of Grandad’s gifts I have to conclude with his amazing ability to be continuously kind, honest and patient. A devoted husband, father and grandfather, a special friend to many, and a great man. I would like to say how special it has been and how much it has meant to all of the family to hear how much Grandad meant to everyone.

Grandad you are the best, I feel honoured and proud to be able to call myself your Granddaughter – you will be greatly missed.                                                                                                               Samantha Smith



On behalf of all the family I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who sent kind letters, cards, messages of sympathy and to all who attended the service.

It was very kind and very much appreciated at this sad and difficult time.

We are extremely sorry that we are not able to thank you all personally, due to the unbelievable numbers we received.

Once again, please accept our sincere and grateful thanks.                                Betty Willmott





The Church Fete will be held on July 5th from 2.00 p.m. until 5.00 p.m. in the Village Hall and on the recreation ground.

Many thanks to everybody who offered to help so far. Now we need contributions please, so if you are having a spring clean, do remember us.

The following would be very grateful for contributions to the stalls :-

                   Bric-a-Brac                                               -          Ivy Court

                   (really good items please)                                    (willing to collect)

                   Bottle Stall                                                  -            Neil McKillen

                 The Grand Raffle                                         -          Rosemary and Neil McKillen

                   Cakes and Produce                                  -         The Cocks family

                   Catherine asks if anybody could

         make her cakes for the cake stall

                   CDs and DVDs (no videos please as    -         Jo-Anne Rutter

                   they do not  sell)                                          e.mail address is jorutter@gmail.com

                   Toy Stall (no soft toys please)                   -        Sarah Mila

                   Plant Stall                                                     -        Cali Holberry

                   Plants can be left in Cali’s garden            -        3 Bird’s Close

                   or brought on the morning

of the Church Fete

Silent Auction                                               -       Colin and Rosemary Hayes

                   Adults and Children’s Tombola                  -       Cynthia Rule

                 Articles beforehand please  

                 Books                                                              -       Judy Holt

                   Nearly New (no jumble or electrical           -       Monica Lilley 

                                                         items please)

Children’s Lucky Dip                                   -       Christina Taylor 

                 Cakes for tea please                                     -        by The Ickleton Society

                                                                                                   Sheila Birch

The Village Hall will be open from 10.15 a.m. on the morning of the Church Fete for setting up. There will be coffee served for the helpers in the meeting room and any help will be most welcome.

There will be the usual delights - a grand raffle, pet show, vintage vehicles, fancy dress parade, photography competition, ye olde fruit machine, the Saffron Walden Town Band, village archives, Home comers and Village Reunion, Sawston Fire Engine  (after 3.30 p.m.) and much, much more…….


Photography Competition

Drop off your entries with your entry fee of £1.00 per print to 54 Abbey Street (pop them in an envelope and post through the letterbox).

For categories see village shop notice board.                                         Anne Godfrey and Jane Hurst


Fancy Dress Parade

The Fancy Dress Parade this year will be Flower Power 60s and 70s theme. This will be for adults and children. Judging will take place 3.00 p.m. on the recreation ground.                                                  Sarah Mila


Raffle for Church Fete
Tickets for the annual raffle will be distributed to our sellers in the week commencing 26th May.  By law I now have to account for all sales and returns so, if you are allocated tickets to sell, the counterfoils and any unsold tickets need to be returned to me so that I can keep the Revenue happy.
By popular demand our first prize again is a De Luxe Marriott two night break.  Other attractive prizes are on the list as usual. 
The Raffle is the biggest single earner for the Church, so please sell as many as you can and/or buy as many as you can.
I'm also looking for bottles for the bottle stall - anything from sauce to whisky is perfect.  They can be dropped off at 5 Priory Close any time between now and the fete.                                                         
Neil McKillen



We still need good quality items for the silent auction at the Church Fete on 5th July. Please contact Colin or Rosemary Hayes.


The Church Fete is a social event for the village and a fundraiser for Ickleton Church.  The Vicar, PCC and Churchwardens would like to thank everybody who supports this event.

                                                                                                             Monica Lilley - Fete Organiser






On behalf of the Stop Hanley Grange Campaign, can I thank everyone who has supported the campaign, signed the petitions, written to the Government to express views, helped with leaflets and donated funds to the campaign.  The response from Ickleton has been truly overwhelming.  At the time of writing (mid June), the Parish Council and individuals have donated over £1400 which has gone towards the costs of printing posters and leaflets.  The Joint Action Group is very grateful to you. 

The campaign doesn’t stop here, however.  The Government will be considering the possible sites for these new towns (so called ‘eco-towns’) until October, and has indicated that it will continue to provide more information about them and consult on it until at least the end of September.  We will be keeping up the pressure until then and will let you know how you can help.  If you would like to receive updates by e-mail, please e-mail me at rachel@fern-cott.freeserve.co.uk.                                                                                      Rachel Radford



On June 4th we had a capacity audience, including some new members. We welcomed John Taylor from the Ickleton Allotment Association, who expressed a wish to liaise with us where possible.

The talk on ‘Herbs and their Uses’ was rather disappointing, not up to our usual standard!

The best bloom competition, a Hybrid Tea Rose was won by Barbara Rule, from a rose bush which is approximately 30 years old.  

Approximately 25 members will be visiting Wolfson College Gardens on August 6th. Maps will be available at the next meeting, which will be on July 2nd, and is a fun evening with a Mini Flower Show with refreshments, including strawberries and cream.  Entries for the show must be in by 7.30 p.m. please.  Hope to see you there.                                              Cynthia Rule



It is now just over a year since Dr James Morrow joined the practice following the retirement of Dr Alan Gelson. Dr Fiona Clark became a partner following the retirement of Dr Peter McKenna.  In general, patients who were registered with Dr Gelson were transferred to Dr Morrow, whereas those registered with Dr McKenna were shared between Dr Sharon Woods and Dr Fiona Clark.  However, patients attending the practice can make an appointment with the doctor of their choice. 

Did you know that you can make appointments with a doctor, our nurse practitioner and our minor illness specialist nurses via the internet?  You can also request your repeat prescription on line and submit a change of address form.  If you are interested in these services there are further details on our web site www.sawstonmedicalpractice.co.uk . Forms to register are available from reception. 

As well as our dispensary there is an in-house pharmacy, which enables us, on request, to dispense medication to all our patients and visitors to the medical centre.  We also have a selection of over the counter medications for sale. We have three pharmacists available to advise on the safe and appropriate use of all forms of medication.                                       Jenny Parker - Assistant Practice Manager

      Sawston Medical Centre



On Saturday night the sound and sights of Southern Africa came to the Village Hall.  Umdumo Wesizwe (meaning sounds of the nation), a music ensemble formed in the suburbs of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe received a standing ovation from a full house as they concluded their vibrant show with a typically energetic finale.

With no instruments and relying solely on their bass and tenor voices, the 10 young men fused traditional reggae, dance, evocative harmonies and contemporary influences to give an exciting performance which delighted the crowd of all ages. They wowed everyone with their energy and enthusiasm to say nothing of the astounding quality of their voices and amazing dancing.  They are going to be a big hit on their UK tour and we are lucky to have seen them in Ickleton prior to their performances at Glastonbury, WOMAD, the Llangollen Eisteddfod and the Edinburgh Festival.  They came to Ickleton as part of the ‘Arts in Cambs on Tour’ programme.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the evening a success, and especially Dilip and Sunita (and Sally) for acting as the Box Office once again.                     Ickleton Theatre Group






We held our June meeting in Hinxton Village Hall again this year.  Our guest speaker, David Holmes, spoke with much enthusiasm about ‘Gardening Antiques’, some dating back to the 17th century.  David showed some excellent slides, and brought with him some obscure items. Our members proved their knowledge by guessing correctly.  I think he was much impressed!

The next meeting will be on August 20th, when the speaker will be Chris Winter, and the title of the talk ‘Life’s like That’.

Visitors Welcome.                                                                                            Cynthia Rule



The Annual General Meeting will take place on September 11th at the Congregational Chapel Great Chesterford at 8.00 p.m. Everybody is invited to take part. We hope to hear about our new programme from our next two speakers. Refreshments will be served.

For the Autumn  2008 Term  the course will be:

‘Antiques and Collectables’  (Tutor Peter Edwards)

Find out how to date items, how some objects were made, and what their value is. Also discover what is being collected, and what goes on at antique auctions.

Every Thursday evening from 18th September,  8.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. for ten weeks at the Congregational Chapel, Carmel Street, Great Chesterford

For the Spring  2009 Term  the course will be:

‘Sense and Nonsense in Psychology’ (Tutor John Daines) 

Current and topical issues in all areas, especially discussion of social psychology.

Every Wednesday morning from 14th January, 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. for ten weeks at Ickleton Village Hall                                                                                                          Margaret Beston



Third B-17 Flying Fortress ‘Pink Lady’ confirms appearance at Flying Legends Air Show

The Flying Legends Air Show at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th  July will be bringing together three historic B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft to create an amazing spectacle not seen for many years, and unlikely to be seen again. 
The Flying Fortress was an American bomber of the Second World War and, between 1942 and 1945, many of them were based in the UK as part of America's war effort.  The most famous B-17, ‘Memphis Belle’, was immortalised in the 1991 film of the same name.

The Fighter Collection is delighted to announce that, due to the generosity, spirit, and determination of several individuals, three B-17s will appear together at The Flying Legends Air Show.  An incredible effort will see one of the B-17s ‘Liberty Belle’ making the epic journey from her base in Georgia, USA to join with B-17 ‘Pink Lady’ from France and the Duxford based long time resident ‘Sally B’.  Flying Legends will be the only opportunity to see these magnificent aircraft together, and will be the only air show where all three B-17 are participating both on the ground and in the air.
Flying Legends is without doubt one of the finest warbird air shows in the world, providing an amazing, unrivalled line-up of great classic propeller driven combat aircraft, many of which are rare and unique.  This year's event promises another exciting line-up with over 65 aircraft now scheduled to take part in a flying programme lasting over three hours and featuring some of the best display pilots in the world. 
Visitors to the show will have the opportunity to get up closer to the three Flying Fortresses and the other aircraft on the Flight Line Walk* on the morning of the show.

There will also be the opportunity to see inside these three aircraft for a small additional charge.
Gates open at 8.00 a.m. and the flying begins at 2.00 p.m.  Tickets - Adults £29.95, Senior Citizens  £24.95, Children £9.95, Disabled/Concession £9.95.  Discounted tickets available up to 4th July - call
( 01223 499353 to book early and save!

All flying is subject to weather, serviceability and operational commitments.  For more information about tickets or the flying programme visit iwm.org.uk/duxford.  *There is an additional charge for the Flight Line Walk.

                                                                                                          Tracey Woods ( 01223 499320
                                                                                                        Marketing & PR Manager
                                                                                                       Email:  TWoods@iwm.org.uk






Big Village Picnic 30th August from 2.00 p.m. Recreation Ground and Village Hall.

Come and join the Ickleton Picnic, a FREE event for all ages. Featuring tea tent with home made cakes, barbecue, scarecrow competition, races and games for the children and adults. Bring a picnic blanket, pop-up gazebo if you have one, a few drinks and join in the fun! This event is aimed at Ickleton residents, but if you have visitors and wish to bring them along, extra tickets can be obtained for the small fee of £1 each! We will provide chairs and tables for those who need a little more comfort! If you need assistance getting to the recreation ground please call Anne-Marie Hoare  to arrange a lift. Pick up a free resident’s ticket by the 15th August (so  that we know how much food to order) from the following: Village Shop, Froglets or anyone on the committee.

We would love to see as many residents there as possible. If you would like to be involved with organising this event, please contact Katherine Denman-Johnson or Liz Goddard for details of the next committee meeting.                 The Ickleton Sizzler Committee



We welcome our four new residents of the Gertrude Homes.  Tom and Elsie Cresswell  at No. 5 and Roy and Eileen Flitton at No 9. We hope that they will enjoy their completely renovated homes.


Applications remain open for No 7, the centre cottage. It also has a completely new kitchen, bedroom with en-suite shower, and an enlarged lounge with wonderful views over the meadow behind. Please apply to the Hon. Clerk Jocelyn Flitton.



The times published in last month’s Icene were correct at the time, but shortly afterwards the 7.35 a.m. to Cambridge was retimed to 7.47 a.m.  (giving the Cambridge schoolchildren an extra 12 minutes in bed!).

Other times are as published last month.                                                                              David Lilley




                          July 2nd

 Gt. Chesterford & District Gardening Society Mini Flower Show


 7.30 p.m. Chapel, Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford


 Church Fete 2.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m. Village Hall & Recreation Ground


 Hinxton Mill ‘Tea by the River’


 Mobile Library

                        12th & 13th                

 Flying Legends Air Show  Duxford Airfield


 Visiting Bellringers 3.35 - 4.45 p.m.


 Parish Council Meeting 7.30 p.m. Village Hall


 Flying Proms  Duxford Airfield


 Mobile Library



                   August 30th

 Summer Sizzler 2.00 p.m. Recreation Ground