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Refuse Collections during August

Monday        2nd August             -         Green Bin & boxes (papers, bottles, tins & plastic)

Monday          9th August             -         Black bin collection

Monday        16th August            -         Green Bin & boxes (papers, bottles, tins & plastic)

Monday        23rd August             -         Black bin collection

Tuesday      31st August            -         Green Bin & boxes (papers, bottles, tins & plastic)

Bins and boxes must be placed out by 7.00 a.m. on your designated day of collection.


Ickleton Parish Council

Some items discussed at the Parish Council meeting held on 21st July 2010:

Closure of Duxford Road (Abbey Farm culvert)CCC has now confirmed that the proposed road closure will be after the Duxford Air Show on 4th and 5th September.  It is likely to last around 5 weeks and should be completed before the next Duxford Air Show on 10th October 2010.

Flooding - Land adj. Stump CrossThe Chairman invited Mr Onslow to speak. He asked if the Chairman had any comments to make first.  The Chairman has registered to speak on behalf of Ickleton and Great Chesterford Parish Councils at the meeting on Friday 23rd at Essex County Council, regarding the retrospective planning application.  Mr Onslow had come to the meeting to put his side of the story and said he felt it had become a ‘witch hunt’, especially with the article in the local press.  He was aggrieved that no one from the Parish Council had ever attempted to speak with him.  The Chairman could not accept the term ‘witch hunt’; the newspaper had approached him for comments.  The problem from the Parish Council’s perspective was that in the absence of a planning application there had been little evidence on which to base a sound conclusion. Matters had been brought to a head following the actions of Essex County Council that had produced the retrospective planning application.  Lewis Duke summed up the situation and said the Parish Council was very concerned about the flood plain and the extent of the land raising.   As it was evident that agreement was not going to be reached, the Chairman had to bring the discussion to a close. The Essex Planning Committee meeting on Friday should resolve the situation.  Mr Onslow then left the meeting.  Lewis Duke expressed disappointment that so far we had been unable to produce anything substantial.  We will seek further contact with the Environment Agency. 

Abbey Street/Butcher’s HillMike Cooper (CCC) reported that the storm drain has now been jetted and cleared all the way to the stream.  There was some silt restriction to flow for a majority of the route.

Gritting of roadsMark Kemp (CCC Director Highways & Access) has stated:  “Salt supplies are still scarce and there are concerns nationally that we will not be able to return to our full resilience position by the start of the season.  This is not a concern for Cambridgeshire as we have re-stocked but supplies to other Highway Authorities will need to be prioritised in some way.”

Green wheelie binsCllr John Williams reported that he had spoken to SCDC regarding the green bins not being fully emptied.  The Supervisor had spoken to the teams and this should now improve the situation.

Planning application(s) received from SCDC:               

Declarations of Interest to be declared.  Lewis Duke declared an interest in the following planning application and left the room.

S/0783/10/FExtensions & Alterations.  Addition of 2 windows & 4 roof lights – Abbey Farm, Duxford Road.  Approve

Amendment to the above:  Change to description now to read:  Extension & conversion of agricultural buildings to offices (use class B1) – revision to design of application S/0119/09/F – Abbey Farm, Duxford Road -  Approve

S/0784/10/LBAlter, extend & convert 2 outbuildings to offices with attached wall and gates (revised design) – Abbey Farm, Duxford Road –   Approve          

Lewis Duke rejoined the meeting.








Amendment/Information onlyS/0542/10/F- Additional information – floor plan and roof plan to reflect amendment of 10 June 2010 – Mrs Hurst & Mrs Godfrey

Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:

S/0572/10/FRemoval of Agricultural Occupancy Condition of Planning Permission SC/0222/60/F – Mrs Tina Thorn.

S/0542/10/F Extensions and Alterations – 36 Abbey Street – Mrs Hurst & Mrs Godfrey

Tree Preservation Order or situated within a Conservation area

C/11/40/054 – (1) Wild plum (2) & 1 Hawthorn side of Tennis Court – fell.  Poor condition, fruit drops onto tennis court.  Need to re-develop this border with shrubbery & new trees.   (2) Limes (5) at side of football pitch.  Crown lift all trees over football pitch & new hedge.  Reason – to clear 3.5m to allow children to play – Norman Hall, 21 Church Street – Mr Owen – Approve.

Finance Moore Stephensclosure of the audit for year ending 31st March 2010 – Their report read “On the basis of our review, in our opinion the information contained in the annual return is in accordance with the Audit Commission’s requirements and no matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met.”

Annual Parish MeetingReview of points raised:

Residents of Frogge Street mentioned the speeding of vehicles The Clerk had sent an e-mail to the Police requesting they carry out speed checks, which subsequently resulted in tickets being issued.

Speed watch – residents would like to be reminded of what is required to carry out this taskCllr Williams said he would liaise with the Clerk regarding this issue.  The Clerk reported that she knew of 3 people who were interested in carrying out this task.  Any others who are interested should make themselves known.                   

Houses left unoccupiedCllr Williams to enquire as to what is the SCDC policy on unoccupied houses.

Police Neighbourhood Panel Meeting 5th July 2010Sheila Birch attended the meeting and said the main priorities were Road Safety – Speeding, obstructive parking and parking near schools, and also theft from cars parked at ‘Beauty Spots’.  The next meeting is on 4th October 2010.

Other items of interest:

Imperial War Museum, DuxfordFormula One team are to ‘aero test’ at the museum on Wednesday 1st  September between 8.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. and will complete no more than 180 passes along the runway.  The museum will be open, as usual, between 10.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.

Sawston Children’s Centre is running a Summer Programme for the 5s and under.  A copy of their activities can be obtained from Lynne Howoth, ( 01223 706373 or e-mail: lynne.howorth@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

                                                                                       Jocelyn Flitton – Parish Clerk




      Sunday 1st

   8.00 a.m. Holy Communion (BCP)                                         


9th after Trinity

 10.00 a.m. Parish Eucharist



   6.30 p.m. Evensong (BCP)





     Thursday 5th

 11.30 a.m. Holy Communion





      Sunday 8th

   8.00 a.m. Holy Communion (BCP)


10th after Trinity

 10.00 a.m. Parish Eucharist with Baptism



   6.30 p.m. Evensong (BCP)





   Thursday 12th

 11.30 a.m. Holy Communion





    Sunday 15th

  8.00 a.m. Holy Communion (BCP)


11th after Trinity

10.00 a.m. Parish Eucharist



  6.30 p.m. Evensong  with Laying on of Hands





   Thursday 19th

11.30 a.m. Holy Communion





    Sunday 22nd

  8.00 a.m. Holy Communion (BCP)


12th after Trinity

10.00 a.m. Family Service



  6.30 p.m. Evensong(BCP)





 Thursday 26th

11.30 a.m. Holy Communion





   Sunday 29th

10.00 a.m. Joint Eucharist (three churches)







Priest-in-Charge            Rev Dr Jessica Martin           

                                      Email address                         hinkledux@googlemail.com

Churchwardens            Simon Casement                   

                                      Rosemary McKillen                

Prayer Ministry              Jackie Casement                   

Lay Ministers                Julie Baillie                    

                                      Judith Wright                          



Well, our main news is: we have a website! Have a look at www.hinkledux.com and you will find us.  Comments and suggestions for improvements/links/alterations, etc all gratefully received.  There is a link from the Ickleton village website, and of course back the other way. At the moment the only search engine which finds us is Yahoo; we are registered on the others but not yet showing.  You can also find us through links on the diocese of Ely website (www.ely.anglican.org, then search for parishes) or through www.achurchnearyou.com, which also gives information for Ickleton church in its own right.  If you’ve missed our family newsletter, ‘The HinkleDuck’, it can be downloaded from our ‘Families’ page on the website; if you missed our weekly newsletter with events for the coming week and a prayer diary, then download it from the front page or from the ‘services and events’ page.  And if you have a concern for which you would like prayer – in absolute confidence – then visit our ‘Prayer’ page and use the email link to make your needs known. The email link comes to me in the first instance.  We have a small group, drawn from the seven churches across Ickleton, Hinxton, Duxford, Whittlesford and Pampisford, who regularly pray for the sick or distressed; we only ever use first names, and know no more than people wish us to.  We are there simply to commend those in need to the love of God; it’s not a quick fix, or a piece of supposed magic – simply a remembering and a bringing of need to God in stillness.  And if you want to try making a simple prayer of your own, there is a devotional prayer which changes each week on the ‘prayer’ page, which might be one place to start.

Anyway, go and have a look at the website: there might be more going on in the three churches of interest to you than you thought!                                                                                     Rev Dr Jessica Martin



A great BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make the 2010 Ickleton fete such a huge success. We had wonderful weather, great attendance and, if all the feedback is to be believed, a fantastic time too! We also raised an impressive £3,500 for Church funds. Thanks go especially to our main sponsor, Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers (www.sworder.co.uk) as well as to the many other individuals and companies who donated raffle prizes and sponsorship money.

The aim this year was very much to extend the fete, making it not just an event which brought Ickleton residents together but also reached out to surrounding villages and beyond. We also extended the fete physically as we spread out over three locations:

the wonderful Art and Craft display in the Church masterminded by John and Christina Taylor (see separate article).

the numerous activities and displays on the Rec including the BBQ.

the mix of stalls and non-stop teas inside the village hall.

Amongst all this we had a flower arranging competition, the winners being Mary Wombwell, who took home the Ickleton Flower Arranging Cup, and Rose Smithet who won the Children’s Flower Arrangement.

STOP-PRESS: It is also not too late to order your copy of the village photo – £15 for a framed 8x12 inch print or £8 for an unframed 8x12 print. Please contact Anne-Marie Hoare or Keena McKillen on for details.

The fete blog is still active (www.ickletonvillagefete.wordpress.com) and we’ll be updating it shortly with images from the fete, further news and plans for next year. Please do add your thoughts or sign-up for next year.

I hope you agree that it lived up to its billing as a traditional fete with a cherry on top!

Thanks again to everyone who helped out and also to all you great folk who attended.

Keena McKillen on behalf of the Fete Committee




A huge thank you to everyone who gave us items for the silent auction this year; we very much appreciate your generosity. Although we didn’t quite reach the dizzy sums raised in previous years, the auction still contributed a significant amount to fete funds.                                 Rosemary and Colin Hayes






We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the Art and Crafts display in the church on the day of the Fete.

A list of our talented contributors is published here.  Our special thanks go to those who offered to act as Stewards during the afternoon: Cecil Vincent, Dawn Bradley, Hedley Igglesden, Fred Roberts, Peggy Richardson and Rita Sullivan; to Monica Lilley for judging the flower arrangements, and to John Fowler who helped erect the art and craft stands.

Last, but not least, thanks to all those who visited us during the show – it would not have been a success without you!                                                                                                 

John and Christina Taylor



ART WORK BY:                                       PORCELAIN FLOWERS AND NEEDLEWORK BOXES BY

Colin Hayes                                               Jenny Blackaby

Caroline Merrifield

Christina Taylor                                         QUILTS AND WALLHANGINGS FROM:

Jean Whitaker                                           Cherry Vernon-Harcourt and friend Jan

Jenny Duke                                                Ruth Driver and friends

Mary Wombwell                                         Amy Harrison

Jackie Casement                                                Christina Taylor

Monica Lilley                                   

Molly East                                         FABRIC, LACE AND WOOL CRAFTS BY:

CRAFT PICTURES BY:                           Christina Taylor

Cecil Vincent                                              Monica Lilley and her mother, the late Margery Coningsby                                                

Judith Wright                                   Judy Holt and friend

The late Margery Coningsby                     Amy Harrison

Christina Taylor                                         Sue Roberts

CARDS BY:                                              Rita Sullivan’s late mother-in-law                      

Ruth Driver                                     

Caroline Merrifield                                

Christina Taylor                              

GARDEN DESIGNS BY: Cali Holberry             SUGAR CRAFT BY: Gillian Holdgate



John Taylor and Pauline Adams, and John Fowler, who helped erect the stands



An audience of eighty was privileged to attend a most enjoyable concert given by the Haverhill Silver Prize Band on Saturday 17th July held in the beautiful grounds of Caldrees Manor by the kind permission of Mr and Mrs Gildersleeve.  For those who grew up in the village it brought back happy childhood memories of village events held there many years ago.  The strawberries and cream and the Pimms served by our willing team of helpers put the seal on a delightful afternoon.     The Village Hall Committee



Future Events

Sunday 1st August                          Classic Car Show

Friday 20th August                         American Air Day

Sat 4th & Sun 5th September        Battle of Britain Air Show

Sunday 26th September                Showbus

Sunday 10th October                     Autumn Air Show

Visit www.iwm.org.uk/duxford for details of events and activities.



On August Bank Holiday Weekend Sunday & Monday 29th & 30th August from noon there will be a selling exhibition of works by professional and amateur artists: Ann Gascoine, Tessa Hawkes, Anne Curry, Mary Seymour, Linda Rose, John Glover and others.

There will be an Art Competition by children of the Parishes of the Ickneild Way Villages and a Church History Exhibition by Dr D A Melford to celebrate 1000 years of worship at Strethall.

Teas and cakes will be served in the churchyard In aid of Strethall Church Fabric Appeal.

Contact strethall.church@btinternet.com or (521290 for more information.






Want to own a bit of Ickleton Church history in your home?  Look no further.

The churchwardens of St Mary Magdalene have received permission to sell four Victorian pews in order to improve facilities at the back of the church for the Sunday School, coffee morning and harvest supper.  Sworders Auctioneers have valued each pew at £250.  One is 12ft long and three are 9ft long.

Offers please to Simon Casement or Rosemary McKillen.



Sponsored Ride and Stride

This annual event of riding and striding between parish churches in the Granta Deanery (or even beyond!) will take place on Saturday September 11th.

If you would like to take part please see me for sponsor forms.

If you are able to give an hour (or two!) to meet and greet visitors to our church it would be greatly appreciated. Please sign up on the rota list on pillar table in church.  Offers of refreshments (cakes, biscuits etc.) also gratefully received. Many thanks.                             Hilary Rule - PCC Secretary



The June meeting was a surprise because the speaker had cancelled due to traveldifficulties, so two of our ever resourceful members who work at Audley End Mansion came to the rescue dressed as Victorian servants.  They gave us a wonderful insight into the working of the house and kitchens etc.  It was known as a very good place to work, and the staff were well looked after in the Victorian days.

The N.F.W.I. AGM took place in Cardiff on June 3rd.  Ruth Bond, chairman from Cambridgeshire Federation, took her first A.G.M.  Ruth set the scene by revealing that nearly 19.000 new members have joined the W.I. this year with 118 new W.I.s opening countrywide.

The Resolution – ‘This meeting urges H.M. Government to introduce clear and mandatory country of origin labelling on all meat, poultry and fish products sold in this country’.   The resolution was passed with 99.13 per cent in favour.

There was no meeting in July. Instead members visited Sandringham Flower Show, and Ladies’ Day at Newmarket Races.

The next meeting on August 18th will be a talk on ‘Organic Farming and Milling Flour’ by a lady farmer, Miss Rayner. Visitors welcome.                                                                               Cynthia Rule



Duxford Community Choir is yet another success in the long history of arts projects inspired and inaugurated by Jill Steinberg. The choir was set up in the autumn of 2009 with the sole intention of having a shelf life of six weeks, which would culminate in an ‘Hour of …’ concert at St. Peter’s Church.  However, what hadn’t been taken into account was the great fun and enjoyment that would be produced along the way. As a result the choir outlived its short intended life and has continued under its own steam for the past six months.

Duxford Community Choir is now seeking to grow further into an independent body. The aim of the choir is to enjoy making music together, and having fun irrespective of ability or talent. It is not auditioned and welcomes singers (and previous non-singers) of all ages and from all backgrounds. Under the direction, expertise and humour of Rosemary McKillen voices are nurtured with quite amazing results.

You will be hearing much more of the choir, both in concert and through publicity. If you fancy a couple of hours of laughter and music on a Wednesday evening come and join us for our registration session on 1st September at 7.30 p.m. in St. Peter’s Church, Duxford. You will be most welcome … and will, I am sure, enjoy the singing and sharing as much as we do!                                                               Faith Paulding




The mini flower show was held on July 7th. Despite the drought there was a good display of flowers, fruit and vegetables.  To her delight the Chairman Pauline Gale won the prize with the most points.

There is no meeting in August due to holidays.

The next meeting will be on September 1st when there is a change of speakers - instead of Roger Harvey  Ken Akens will give a talk on ‘Bog and Water Gardens’.

Visitors Welcome.                                                                                                      Cynthia Rule







The Big Village Picnic, also featuring the Produce Show run by the Allotment Association, will be on Saturday 4th  September from 2.00 p.m. Ickleton Recreation Ground
Come and join the Ickleton Sizzler, a FREE event for all ages. It will feature a tea tent with home made cakes, barbecue, old fashioned races and games for the children (and adults) and a silent auction of promises.
As usual, there will be the traditional real wheelbarrow races. Why not customise your own wheelbarrow and bring it along?
It is an event for all ages, and this year we have a couple of extra surprises up our sleeves! Bring a picnic blanket, pop-up gazebo if you have one, a few drinks and join in the fun!
As usual, the Sizzler is funded by donations received from last year, so please bring those coins (or notes) to put into any of the donation jars. The auction this year has some fantastic promises made by Ickleton residents. If you think you have anything to offer for the auction please call Katherine.
Pick up a free residents’ ticket so that we know how much food to order.  They will be available 14
th to 28th August from the Village Shop or phone Helen. This event is aimed at Ickleton residents, but if you have visitors and wish to bring them along, extra tickets can be bought for the small fee of £1 each. We will provide chairs and tables for those who need a little more comfort!

If you need assistance getting to the recreation ground please call Anne-Marie Hoare  to arrange a lift.

If you would like to bake a cake or assist us in the tea tent, please contact Katherine. All cake donations gratefully received on the day!                                                     The Ickleton Sizzler Committee



- run by Ickleton Allotment Association

After the brilliant response last year the Produce Show will again feature at the Sizzler on 4th September. There will be more categories, so this year there are even more chances of winning the coveted rosettes.  Entry is free and all in good fun!

Vegetable categories include potato, carrots, parsnips, runner or French beans, onions, shallots, courgettes, marrows, peppers, chilli, tomatoes – large beef and small/cherry, leeks, beetroot and for the all rounders a box of home grown vegetables. New this year: cucumbers, squash, cabbage, funny/ugly vegetable (for everybody this year – why should the kids have all the fun?)

Produce: jar of jam or jelly, jar of pickle or chutney, box of 6 eggs.

For the kids only: The garden on a plate entries are now split into two age groups, under 6 and from 7-12 years (the latter group is strictly not for mums!), 3 decorated cup cakes.

Rules: Ickleton residents and Ickleton allotment holders are all eligible.  All veggies must be home grown and all produce home made.  More details nearer the show – watch out for fliers.                        John Taylor




The Annual General Meeting will be held at 8.00 p.m. on Thursday September 16th at the Congregational Chapel, Great Chesterford, after another successful year, this time with ‘Poetry through the Ages’ and ‘Wet and Wild’.

All are welcome to attend. Business will be kept to a minimum.

 We hope to be able to meet the tutors for the next year and hear about the courses on offer. Refreshments will follow.

The Autumn 2010 course will be ‘Mixing with Music’, with Quintus Benziger, starting on Thursday September 30th at 8.00 p.m. in the Congregational Chapel, Great Chesterford. His theme will be exploring the place of music in society.

The Spring 2011 course will be ‘An Introduction to Bloomsbury’, with Claire Nicholson, starting on Wednesday January 12th at 10.00 a.m. in Ickleton Village Hall. Claire will lead us in an overview of the art, literature, politics and philosophy of the Bloomsbury Group in its social and historical context.

We are able to offer lifts between the two villages. The first two sessions of each course can be sampled for £4.40 each, to be offset against the full fee of £44 if continuing the ten week course. WEA courses are free to those on certain benefits. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

The committee would be very pleased to welcome anyone who feels able to join them as we always have need of fresh ideas and feedback from our members The workload is not heavy - only three committee meetings per year - and is very enjoyable and rewarding, the main task being to choose the courses for the next year. So don’t delay if you are interested.

Please contact Barbara Pashley, Margaret Beston or any of the committee. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.







Land adjacent to Stump Cross - Report from Chairman of the Parish Council

On Friday 23rd July I attended the hearing of the retrospective planning application by SEEARO Group at County Hall, Chelmsford.

Unfortunately the Development Committee approved the application.

I spoke against, representing Ickleton and Great Chesterford Parish Councils.  Many people will share the disappointment of both Councils.  We will be studying carefully the full terms of the decision, including any attached conditions.                                                                                       Terry Sadler - Chairman


Below is a summary of the document sent by the police.


What are they?  Public meetings where you have the chance to have your say about issues that affect you. This could include safety issues such as crime, anti-social behaviour, road safety and traffic management, as well as other matters that affect the quality of life in your neighbourhood.


At the last meeting held at Sawston on 5th July 2010 attendees from parishes, the police, the district and county councils considered:

 i) Action taken against the previous priorities :

ii) Implement preventative measures to reduce the impact of seasonal anti-social behaviour across the neighbourhood.

Regular patrols around vulnerable areas such as green spaces.

Response given to reports of anti-social behaviour by the Neighbourhood Policing Team when available.

Follow-up visits by the Neighbourhood Policing Team to those reporting anti-social behaviour where appropriate.

Review of reports to police of anti-social behaviour to identify emerging trends and areas that need increased patrolling.

Separate action plan set up for anti-social behaviour around the Select and Save shop in Sawston.  This relates to young people who were hanging around the shop.  Through positive action in partnership with Sawston Village College the problems have now stopped.

Alcohol seized on several occasions from groups of young people. Groups have also been asked to move on and Guardian Awareness letters are to be sent out.

Pubs visited which were linked to reports of anti-social behaviour and positive engagement with landlords was carried out.  Constabulary Licensing Officer spoken to where appropriate.

Searches carried out where appropriate and details taken of those around vulnerable areas, or where reports were received.

Engagement at Sawston Village College leavers’ barbecue to prevent any problems.  Patrols conducted during the afternoon and evening, with alcohol being seized and a house party closed down.

Liaison with local councillor in response to reported problems of nuisance youths in cars in Whittlesford.

Duties changed for date of Sawston Village College Leavers’ Ball to increase patrols.

Surgeries held and Parish Council meetings attended across the Neighbourhood to gather information about potential problem areas or individuals.

Youth clubs visited for positive engagement with young people.

Current Situation:

Seasonal increase in anti-social behaviour as expected.


 Road safety issues.

19 speeding patrols conducted by the Neighbourhood Policing Team, including at Frogge Street, Ickleton

16 Verbal warnings given, 2 process books completed, 22 advisory letters sent, and 17 Fixed Penalty Notices issued.

16 parking patrols carried out by the Neighbourhood Team.

19 Fixed Penalty Notices issued, the majority of which were for No Waiting offences.


Speedwatch results:

9 checks carried out on the A1307, Little Abington.

327 Vehicles were found speeding and 155 letters were sent to drivers.

For more detail please see the Powerpoint ‘Speedwatch Update’ slide at the meeting.

Visit to Duxford Primary School to discuss a joint approach to tackling parking problems there.  A letter was sent out to parents as a result.

One vehicle was stopped by the Neighbourhood Team for doing 53mph in a 30mph.  The vehicle had no insurance as well so the driver was reported for both offences and the vehicle was seized.

The Roads Policing Unit was informed of problem areas to target. Figures have been requested for action taken.


Current Situation:

Speeding and parking issues continue as business as usual across the Neighbourhood.

Reduce thefts from vehicles focusing on vehicles parked at  recreational areas and commuter parking locations.

Road safety issues to include excess speed, obstructive pavement parking and parking issues associated with schools.

For more information about this meeting: https://www.cambspolice.co.uk/myneighbourhood/meetingSummary.asp?mid=213 Then click on ‘View Minutes’.


Or if you would like to email your Neighbourhood Policing Team directly, the address you need is: sawston.npt@cambs.pnn.police.uk

Future Meetings:

Monday 4th October at Sawston Village College, 7.30 p.m.

Tuesday 4th January 2011 at Sawston Free Church, 7.30 p.m.





WEDDING CONGRATULATIONS TO….Philipa Hayes and Adrian O’Brien who were married at Ickleton Church on 24th July.


BIRTHDAY CONGRATULATIONS TO…. Betty Peck who was 90 on 29th June



We were very pleased that we had so many visitors to our display at the Church fete who said how interesting our collection of photographs was and that a number of them joined the Society as a result.  We’ve added masses of new photos to the albums in recent months and they’re not all old, many are from recent events.  You can view the albums by clicking on the links on the village web site.  If you were at last Summer’s Sizzler, for example, have a look and see if you can find yourself.  We’d really appreciate it if you could identify folk in any of the photos on the site - there’s a facility for you to leave comments against each photo.  We hope to have some photos of the Church fete on the site shortly.

The Society has submitted comments to Essex County Council and the Planning Inspectorate about the dumping of waste on the land between Grassy Lane and Stump Cross.  We’ve urged ECC to refuse the retrospective planning application, and the Planning Inspectorate to refuse the appeal against the enforcement notice.

If you haven’t yet joined the Society please do so.  A form is below and this can be dropped off to John Fowler at 83 Abbey Street.  As well as helping us meet the costs of preserving and adding to the archives, we subsidise occasional social events for members – more news of social events shortly.


Subscription payable for 2010/11 is £5.00 per person or £12 per family.







   Rachel Radford




For computer generated articles sent by email for inclusion in the ‘Icene’ PLEASE ensure that you do a word attachment with no formatting, just straight typing and ordinary line spacing.

We do not want line spacing under headings and between paragraphs.

It would be helpful if you could ring us a day or so later to confirm we have received your email.

Obviously, if you do not have a computer, hand-written articles are still welcomed.

Thank you.                                                                                                                                                  Editors



August           9th

Mobile Library


Visiting Bellringers 10.00 – 11.10 a.m.


Parish Council Meeting 7.30 p.m. Village Hall


WI Meeting 7.45 p.m. Chapel, Carmel Street, Gt Chesterford


Visiting Bellringers 12.00 noon – 12.30 p.m.


Mobile Library

              29th & 30th      

Strethall Millennium Art Fair 12 noon

 September   1st

Gt. Chesterford & District Gardening Society Meeting 8.00 p.m.


         Chapel, Carmel Street, Gt. Chesterford


Summer Sizzler 2.00 p.m. Recreation Ground


Historic Churches Trust Cycle Ride