Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 17 October 2001

In the Village Hall at 7.30 pm



Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman), Robin Driver, Jane Hurst, Jenny Lawson, Tessa Wright-Watson, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and one member of the public.


240/01 Apologies.  Apologies for absence were received from Sheila Birch, Tim Pavelin and Tony Mertz.


241/01 Minutes of the previous meeting.  The Clerk added to Item 228/01 Planning, Repairs to walls, Norman Hall, “Jenny Lawson declared an interest and signed the book”.  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


242/01 Matters Arising

193/01 Taxis in Back Lane.  This is in the hands of the Licensing Officer.

202/01 The ground by the letter box has now been repaired.

221/01 The greenery along the footpath between Abbey Street and Back has been cut back and Highways have marked areas of tarmac to be repaired.

227/01 Correspondence with Cambridgeshire County Council re bus routes.  The new timetable does not provide for the buses to go down Abbey Street and it would appear that the direct link each morning with Addenbrookes has been cut.  The Clerk had written expressing disappointment.

231/01 Traffic and Parking.  The speed checks have not yet been set up.

235/01 Recreation Field.  There is no more information on the possibility of extending the basketball practice pitch to accommodate skate boarders.  Such a project would almost certainly be very expensive.

Robin Driver promised to continue to pursue the promised contribution to the new swings.

238/01 Extension beside mobile home.  This is in the hands of the planning department.


243/01 Youth Representation

There was no one present.


244/01 Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received:-

Cambridgeshire County Council – questionnaire re Directories of Social Contact Services – completed by the Clerk.

CCC – Cambridgeshire Services – questionnaire re future funding and tax, to be completed by each Councillor.

CCC – Prospects, Draft Corporate Plan 2002/2006

CCC – Correspondence re Structure Plan and presentations to the council re the proposed new settlement.

CCC and Peterborough City Council – Waste Local Plan, revised deposit.

CCC Highways – Reply from Mr Cooper re minor local repairs.

CCC Highways – holding reply re cost of speed cushions and request for access protection markings in Abbey Street.

CCC, Structure Plan Review, requests to publicise information in Icene.

CCC, asking for volunteers for fostering children (for Icene).

CCC Public Transport re revised bus routes.

SCDC – information on development on sites subject to flooding.

SCDC – information on decision to relocate the Council Offices in Cambourne

SCDC – policy re dog bins and fouling notices on lamp posts.

SCDC – Supplementary Planning Guidance on Church extensions.

SCDC – leaflet on Know Your Own Council

Cambridgeshire Constabulary on new Community Beat Officer for Sawston.

Cambridgeshire Police Authority – News sheet

South Cambridgeshire Primary Health Trust, bulletin and questionnaire on how to re-group Trusts.  Health For Life – leaflet.

Cambridgeshire Association of Local Councils – Audit information, NALC Draft Corporate Plan, Biodiversity – Developers’ Guidance, Bulletin, invitation to a Police Workshop in Ickleton on 27 November.  It was agreed to ask Tony Court if he would like to attend and report back to the Parish Council.  It was proposed by Tessa Wright-Watson, seconded Peter Wombwell and all agreed that the cost of £8.00 to attend be paid for him.

Letter from Martin Woodhead, The Old Rectory, on the dangers at the junction of Butchers Hill, Church Street and Brookhampton Street.  The Clerk had replied.

Letter from Andrew Lansley MP commenting on a letter from Professor Turner, Frogge Hall, about the traffic problems in Frogge Street.  The Clerk had replied.


It was agreed to ask David Lines (CCC Highways) to walk round the village with the Chairman to discuss various problems again.


Information from the above list to be circulated to Councillors.


245/01 Planning

Decisions from District Council

S/1351/01/F Washroom outbuilding, Tylers Yard, Brookhampton Street – approved.

S/1510/01/F Summer House, 28 Frogge Street – approved.


S/1135/01/LB, Notice of minor alterations to plans for windows, Priory Farmhouse.


246/01 Finance

The following cheques were signed:-

Duxford Hire and Supply, for repairs to mower         £28.31

Cambridge City Council, for new post for Abbey Street      £55.23

W Hart & Son, for October Icene                            £47.66

J Casement, 3 months salary and expenses                    £433.98


The difficulty in obtaining quotes for small jobs in the village was discussed.   It was agreed that minor repairs, up to £100.00, be done with only one quote if it was difficult to obtain more.  Any sums over this must have three competitive quotes.


Robin Driver reported that there was no further news on the finance for the new swings.  The Clerk was asked to obtain grant forms from SCDC so that some progress could be made.


The requests for donations received over the last six months were considered.

It was agreed that charities that benefit local people should have priority rather than national charities.  It was therefore agreed to send £70.00 to Uttlesford CAB, £50.00 to Winged Fellowship Trust and £20.00 to the WRVS.  It was agreed not to contribute to the Royal British Legion.  These sums were agreed by all and the cheques signed.


Ian Moore, who kindly looks after the garden around the war memorial had suggested that new roses be planted.  It was agreed to ask him what was required and authorise him to spend up to £50.00.  It was noted that the seat around the tree needed rubbing down and a new coat of paint.  The Clerk to obtain two quotes.


 247/01 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Sandy Wilson asked whether there were any restrictions on large vehicles going through the village.  There are none at present but it is under consultation.

He also asked if there was any progress with the Conservation Officer on the repairs for the rear of 18 Abbey Street.  The Clerk to make enquiries.

He also asked, on behalf of Mary Woolhouse, when the access protection markings were to be painted.  Vehicles parked blocking the entrance cause inconvenience, danger and annoyance.  The Clerk reported that they have been requested and it rests in the hands of the Highways’ contractors.


248/01 Village Green

It was agreed that the road on the south side of the green should be re-instated as single track and that small wooden posts be installed to protect the green.  The area eroded outside no.39 Church Street will be reinstated as grass.  The Clerk to write and request additional funding from the County Council, who own the green.


249/01 Social Housing

Matters are proceeding and there was nothing further to report.


250/01 Jointly Funded Minor Road Improvements Scheme

It was decided to ask for speed cushions at the Duxford Road and Frogge Street entrances to the village to improve safety and discourage speeding.  Various proposed improvements to junctions with the A505 at Duxford are likely to increase the already expanding volume of through traffic at peak times and it was considered these proposals would help.


251/01 Village Design Statement

Councillors had had a chance to read through the details.  Larger villages in the district have completed such statements but it was considered too great a task for a small village such as Ickleton, when there was no one to mastermind it.


252/01 Village Website

James Macdonald reported good progress.  Problems to be resolved concern data protection.  Costs for software etc. are likely to be £120.00/£200.00.


253/01 Golden Jubilee

Jane Hurst reported that the Millennium Committee had been resurrected as the Jubilee committee.  They were searching for volunteer representatives from as many different village organisations as possible, for the first meeting later in October.


254/01 Any Other Business

Jane Hurst reported complaints about aircraft flying over the village on air show days.  She was asked to give as many details as possible to Graham Igglesden for the Liaison Committee.


Robin Driver mentioned the presentation by the Wellcome Trust of their plans for future development to the Parish Council on 13 November..


Tessa Wright-Watson mentioned potholes in Back Lane.  The Clerk to ask Mr Cooper if any road planings are available to patch these.


Tim Pavelin had written to mention the now unmanned ticket office at Great Chesterford.  The Clerk to write to WAGN and Andrew Lansley.


255/01 Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 21 November at 7.30 pm in the village hall.