Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 21 November 2001

at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall



Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst, Jenny Lawson, Tim Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and one member of the public.


256/01 Apologies.  Apologies for absence were received from Robin Driver and Peter Wombwell.


257/01 Minutes of the previous meeting.  These were approved and signed by the Chairman.


258/01 Matters Arising

244/01 Correspondence.  It was suggested that the new Community Beat Officer be invited to meet the Parish Council.

Police Workshop on 27 November.  Tony Court had replied but the event had been cancelled due to lack of support.

254/01 Any Other Business.  The Clerk reported that Highways have offered to deliver a load of road planings within the next two weeks to patch the potholes and ruts in Back Lane; there will be no charge.


The Chairman and Clerk had walked round the village with David Lines (CCC Highways) recently and the following points had been discussed.

*   The speed checks in Frogge Street had been carried and revealed that only a small proportion of vehicles travelled in excess of 30 mph.; the situation did not therefore warrant further action at present.

*   The junction of Church Street, Butchers Hill and Brookhampton Street was considered. There is not enough space to install a mini-roundabout (regulations for which are about to change). Mr Lines considered that changing priorities at this blind corner would only create more problems.  He has offered to paint SLOW in Brookhampton Street to warn drivers approaching from Hinxton of the dangers.  The Clerk had written to Martin Woodhead accordingly, in response to his letter.

*   It was considered that an insufficient number of large vehicles passed through the village to warrant a weight restriction.  Mr Lines is considering putting up a notice outside CIBA in Duxford indicating the way back to the motorway, as a few large vehicles seem to go wrong here.

*   The proposed installation of speed cushions at the entrances to the village, as a traffic calming measure, was considered a very good idea, but the process is extremely expensive.  If the Parish Council’s application for these through the Jointly Funded Minor Road Improvements Scheme is turned down it was unanimously agreed to keep up the pressure over this issue.  If the proposed schemes in Duxford go ahead, there is every reason to grant Ickleton the same measures.


259/01 Youth Representation.  There was no one present.



260/01 Correspondence.

The following correspondence had been received.

CCC Highways, in response to flood problems in October – information for Icene

Dr Richardson and Professor Turner, copy correspondence with Highways about Frogge Street.

CCC Hedge Planting Scheme – details for collection of new hedging

DEFRA – Quality Parish & Town Councils, a consultation paper.

CALC – Details of meetings, Police Workshop and Presentation on flooding.

NALC – National Training Strategy for parish and town councils.

CCC – Notice of opening of Trumpington Park and Ride

SCDC – Young People’s Questionnaire.  (Tim Pavelin offered to deal with this)

Cambridgeshire Police Authority – questionnaire for policing priorities 2002/03

South Cambridgeshire Local Plan No 3 – Issues report

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee, agenda and minutes

Clerks and Councils Direct – magazine

SCDC Crime and Disorder partnership – document

SCDC Community Safety Mainstreaming – document.

Cambridge Archaeology Newsletter

Winged Fellowship Trust – letter of thanks for donation

WRVS – letter of thanks for donation

Uttlesford Citizens Advice Bureau - letter of thanks for donation.

Andrew Lansley MP, reply re traffic in Frogge Street

The NHS Direct Self Help Guide

Cambridgeshire ACRE Annual Review and request to renew subscription

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, Annual Report

Standards Board for England – leaflet for each councillor

South Cambridgeshire Magazine.

The above to be circulated for councillors to read.


261/01 Planning

Decisions from District Council

S/1650/01/LB and S1651/01/F, repairs etc to walls, Norman Hall – approved

S1749/01/F construction of Shed, 18 Brookhampton Street – approved

S/1666/01/F, boundary wall, 57 Church Street – refused

S/1135/01LB amendments to external and internal alterations, Priory Farmhouse, Abbey Street, approved.

Plans for the Parish Council to consider

S/2166/01/F, extension 108 Frogge Street, - recommend approval

S/2106/01/F, extension 14 Coploe Road – recommend approval.

Wellcome Trust Presentation

Having given the matter some thought, it was agreed to ask clarification on the following points.

How many people will be working in the new buildings and here will that work force  come from? 

As well as the extra 3,000 sq m of ancillary space for support services there is also a requirement for 3,000 sq m of temporary buildings for 3 years, to house flood displaced activities.  Will this final 3,000 sq.m  then be returned to park land?

There is a need for reassurance on the extent of the flood plain to avoid flooding downstream in the future.

Is the present car parking facility adequate for current use, or will this be extended?

The Clerk to seek clarification.

The Chairman urged councillors to remember that the Wellcome Trust had agreed to discuss with the Council any improvements that might be carried out for the benefit of the village.  This should be discussed at the next meeting.


262 Finance

The following cheques were signed

Robson Rhodes, for audit fee                                                £190.35

W Hart & Son, for November Icene                                 £50.10

C Frankau, for grass cutting during the season                £2,032.76

C Frankau, for materials and labour, wire by village hall hedge  £220.20

Ron Coulson, for grass cutting during the season                     £1,310.00

Village Hall Committee, fees for meetings                              £55.00

Cambridgeshire ACRE annual subscription                               £25.00

There were no quotes available as yet for repairs and repainting the seat on the village green.

The Chairman offered to talk to Mr. Inman at the Imperial War Museum about the promised donation towards the swings.

The Clerk reported that the audit was complete and that there had been no adverse comments made.  She was thanked by the Chairman.


263 Adjournment for questions by members of the public.

Mary Woolhouse complained about rubbish and broken glass being thrown all over the village hall car park.  Also the down pipe from the guttering on the bus shelter has been broken, the litter bin by the shelter has disappeared and bicycles have been ridden all over the plants.  These acts of vandalism have taken hours to clear up.  The Clerk to ask the new Beat Officer to keep an eye on the car park and to invite him to meet the Parish Council shortly.  Damage to be mentioned in Icene. The Clerk to  get the down pipe repaired.


264/01 Erosion of Village Green

The Clerk had met Mr Cooper (Highways) recently and discussed the plans.  He has promised to install curb stones on the corner nearest to the drive to Mill House, at Highways’ expense.  Eighteen posts will be needed at approximately £50 each, costing £900.00.  The installation of the post and the removal of the patched tarmac and reinstatement of the grass will cost between £1,000 and £1,200.  Sheila Birch proposed that this expenditure (which has been budgeted for) go ahead, seconded by Jane Hurst and all agreed.  The Clerk has already written to County Highways asking for some help with the cost – no reply as yet.  These details now to be confirmed with Mr Cooper and the posts ordered.


265/01 Social Housing

In Robin Driver’s absence there was no progress to report.


266/01 Website

James Macdonald reported that this is up and running on a test basis.  Andrew Sheppard and his team have done a very good job.  The address will be www.ickletonvillage.co.uk.  James offered to show councillors the website on his computer on Sunday evening at 6.0 pm.  He has located an expert on data protection for websites to check the details.


267/01 Golden Jubilee

Jane Hurst reported that the meetings held, although not very well attended, had produced a wide range of ideas of how to celebrate on Saturday 2 June 2002.  They hope to stage a Village Parade, with a royal theme, ending on the recreation field.  During the afternoon there will be inter-street games and a tea for everyone;  hopefully if everyone  brings a contribution this will be catered for. There will also be a village photo (school photo style); the photographer makes no charge but orders for 10 or more photos must be guaranteed.   In the evening they plan a cowboy style line dancing event with snack food and a bar.  She estimated that about £2,000 would be needed in order that no one should pay for anything other than their drinks during the evening.  The Parish Council to consider at the next meeting what level of contribution they felt able to make.  The Clerk to clarify with CALC what is permissible.


268/01 Any Other Business

Tim Pavelin wondered where the Parish Council correspondence in circulation had got stuck.  The Clerk echoed this.

Tessa Wright-Watson asked about insurance cover for the missing litter bin.  The Clerk to make enquiries and provide a catalogue with prices for a new one, if necessary.  Tessa also reported a sofa deposited on the Coploe Hill motorway bridge.  The Clerk to ask Environmental Services to dispose of it.

Jane Hurst reported a pothole in Mill Lane, outside no. 21, the uneven pavements in Birds Close and two raised manhole covers on the pavement in Southfield.  The Clerk to write to Mr Cooper accordingly.


269/01 Date of Next Meeting.

Wednesday 12 December at 7.30 pm in the village hall.  The Chairman gave his apologies for this meeting.