Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 12 December 2001

In the Village Hall at 7.30 pm



Present: Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman), Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst, Tony Mertz, Tim Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and one member of the public.


270/01 Apologies  Apologies for absence were received from James Macdonald, Robin Driver and Jenny Lawson.


271/01 Minutes of the previous meeting.  The Clerk apologised for omitting from item 261/01 Planning, Decisions from District Council:- “S/1186/01/F and S/1424/01/F, amended plans for 4 Butchers Hill, providing bedrooms and windows in the roof, had both been refused.”  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Vice Chairman.


272/01 Matters Arising

244/01. New Community Beat Officer, PC Tim Cleary, plans to attend the January meeting.

262/02 Finance.  The Chairman to speak to Mr Inman shortly.

264/01 Erosion of village green.  The Clerk confirmed that the cost of the posts would be £50.90 each and offered to chase up a reply from the County Council to her request for help with funding for this project.

268/01 Any Other Business. The bin beside the bus shelter has disappeared.  Tessa Wright-Watson proposed that the clerk take the necessary action to claim on the insurance and obtain a replacement litter bin, whose cost in the catalogue is £142.00; seconded by Sheila Birch and all agreed. The Clerk to obtain a quote from Roy Ellis for installing the new one should the remaining fixing be unsuitable for the new bin.


273/01 Youth Representation  There was no one present.


274/01 Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received and was either read out or circulated to councillors after the meeting.

SCDC – Letter requesting decision on Parish Precept for 2002/03

CCC – Parish Paths Partnership – Report and request for 2002/03 grant (to be discussed at the next meeting).

What’s On – leaflets

SCDC – Flooding Seminar on 14 December – no one was able to attend.

Wellcome Trust – reply from Dr Morgan to questions posed after the presentation

Wellcome Trust – letter and notes on reasons for imminent planning application for temporary buildings (3 years) and temporary increase in car parking space.  This information to be considered when the planning application has been made, should the Parish Council wish to comment.

South Cambs. Primary Care Group – Bulletin

SCDC – letter re appointments to Standards Committee

Audit Commission – booklet on regulations

CALC – notice of meetings and training days

Local Government Review, document on proposals for adjustments to wards in Cambridgeshire

Letter re gas pipeline to be laid in 2002, crossing parts of Ickleton

CCC Highways, Mr Cooper in response to decision to proceed with work on erosion of village green – work will probably not be done until April at the earliest.

SCDC Chief Executive’s Department – letter on issues arising from decision to relocate council offices in the future.

Andrew Lansley MP, letter and copy of debate concerning flooding and measures needed in Cambridgeshire.

DTLR – Model Code of Conduct – for all councillors (The Clerk to obtain more copies).

NALC – Booklet on National Training Strategy for Parish and Town Councils.


275/01 Planning

There were no plans to be considered, or decisions received from South Cambs.


276/01 Finance

The following cheques were signed

Duxford Hire and Supply, part for mower                                 £24.65

W Hart & Son – December Icene                                             £65.52


Charles Frankau’s quote for £43.00 + VAT to rub down and repaint the seat on the village green was accepted, proposed by Tessa Wright-Watson, seconded by Tony Mertz and all agreed.


The contribution to the Jubilee Committee’s proposals for celebrating was discussed.  The committee needs about £2,000.00 to implement their plans which will provide, free of charge, entertainment and events on the day for the whole village – with the exception of a pay bar in the evening.  The six councillors present were in favour of donating this sum, but as the amount of money involved is considerable, it was agreed not to go ahead with a decision until after the Finance Working Party meeting early in January.  £2,000.00 is already earmarked for the work on the village green and a sum will be needed towards the proposed swings (if the expected donation materialises).  The capital reserves for these are adequate but the recommended decision on the precept for 2002/03 will have to take into account all these needs.


277/01 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Mary Woolhouse reported no further trouble with vandalism and rubbish in the village hall car park.  At the recent AGM it had been suggested that the last person out in the evening might close the gates to the village hall drive (as a deterrent); they cannot be locked.

She also reported that the road markings between nos. 22 and 18 Abbey Street, although adhered to by the parked cars, had not improved the visibility from the narrow entrance and delivery lorries made use of the space provided.


278/01 Website.

Most of the councillors had had a chance to see the Website on a computer and a hard copy was circulated for those who had not seen it. The outstanding queries had been cleared up.  The Parish Council is covered by insurance for libel.  The recommended data protection has been taken care of – no telephone numbers are given without consent.  CALC had recommended that the Parish Council minutes were put displayed in full.  The Icene will also be displayed but without any telephone numbers or any personal information.  It was then proposed by Tony Mertz, seconded by Peter Wombwell and agreed by all that this should now go live as soon as possible.  The clerk was asked to thank the team for their work.


279/01 Wellcome Trust

At their presentation the Wellcome Trust had mentioned “benefits to the village” and a list was drafted, to include a donation to the Jubilee celebrations, to be discussed in full at the next meeting.


280/01 Social Housing

There was no further progress to report.


281/01 Cemetery

A number of complaints about the compost and rubbish in the cemetery had prompted the suggestion that a new compost bin, 4 ft sq (£49.99) for the greenery and a dustbin for the plastic and paper be installed.  The contents of the trailer could be disposed of in a skip (4 cu yd, Carr & Bircher, £80.00 + VAT) and the fate of the trailer be discussed with Lewis Duke.  Charlie Frankau had indicated that he was willing to do the work and to clear some ivy from the walls and some elder and sycamore, but a second quote is needed.  To be discussed in January.


282/01 Coploe Pit

Sheila Birch proposed asking the Cambridge Conservation Volunteers to come again.  Their expenses are no more than £30.00.  Ron Coulson has promised to provide his trailer for the debris and had quoted £40.00 for disposing of the extra.  It was agreed that Sheila should try and fix a date for the volunteers.


283/01 Back Lane

Although Peter Wombwell had kindly spread the load of road planings provided by Mr Cooper they did not go very far and most of Back Lane remains in a poor state.  Peter could obtain more road planings at £12 a ton (15 or 20 tons would be needed).  It was suggested that a grant from the Parish Paths Partnership might be requested as Back Lane is a much used footpath.   Peter suggested a strip of chippings down the middle of the lane, to avoid being driven over and spoilt.  The Clerk and Jenny Lawson to discuss this suggestion with the footpaths officer.


284/01 Any other Business

Tim Pavelin commented on the signpost to Ickleton and Hinxton on the A1301, which has been knocked down for some weeks now.  It is very difficult to see the turning after dark.  The Clerk to write to Mr Cooper as a matter of urgency. 


285/01 Date of next meeting

Wednesday 16 January 2002 in the village hall at 7.30 pm