Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 16 January 2002

A7 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst, Jenny Lawson, Tim Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and three members of the public.


100/02 Apologies.  Apologies were received from Peter Wombwell.  PC Tim Cleary had also sent his apologies, the hours of his duty having changed.  He will be invited to either the February or March meeting. 

Absent:  Robin Driver and Tony Mertz.


101/02 Minutes of the previous meeting.  These were approved and signed by the Chairman.


102/02 Matters Arising.

262/02 Finance.  James Macdonald has written to Mr Inman and is awaiting a reply.

268/01 Any Other Business, missing litter bin.  The Clerk had discovered that a new bin can be secured by the old fixings, but noted that there was a small bin inside the bus shelter, close to the site of the missing bin.  Sheila Birch wondered, therefore, if a new bin was necessary but it was agreed that it should be replaced. The liner to the old bin is in the recreation field and should be stored in the garage in case it is needed in the future.  The Clerk to see to all this at once.

274/01 Correspondence.  DTLR – New Ethical Framework encompassing New Model Code of Conduct.  CALC had informed the Clerk that these measures will need to be discussed and adopted by Parish Council in a few months’ time.

278/01 Website.  The Website is up and running and has received very favourable comments.  The address will be in every copy of Icene – to remind everyone.

282/01 Coploe Pit.  Sheila reported that despite her endeavours she has been unable to contact the volunteer organiser, but she is persevering.

284/01 Any Other Business, signpost at Hinxton turning.  The new sign fails to indicate Ickleton.  The Clerk to write to Highways.


103/02 Youth Representation

There was no one present.


104/02 Correspondence

CCC – David Lines (Environment & Transport) re painting SLOW signs by the Butchers Hill/Church Street junction.

CCC – Local Highways Office, re various small items attended to.

CCC – Post for Christmas Drink Drive Campaign (arrived too late for effective use).

CCC – Cambridge and Peterborough Structure Plan Review, item for March Icene.

CCC – Budget for 2002/2003, leaflets for all councillors.

CCC – Member Led Review of Complaints – letter re effective procedures.

CCC – Environment and Transport, Jointly Funded Minor Road Improvements Scheme, letter and table showing successful bids.  Ickleton’s request for traffic calming measures were not included.

SCDC – Requesting suggestions for name for extension to Stackyard housing.

SCDC – Refuse collecting dates following Bank Holidays in 2002 (notice board).

South Cambs. Primary Care Group – Bulletin


·        Workshop for Councillors (including information on New Model Code of Conduct), 9 February

·        DTLR Local Government White Paper, Parish Proposals, a document

·        Bulletin

·        Information and suggestions for Golden Jubilee celebrations.


·        Harvest Bulletin

·        Workshop for Parish Plans (to help councillors’ vision for their community in the future)

·        Workshops – various

·        Village Halls Newsletter

Sawston Medical Practice re their need for a new, larger health centre by 2004

Duxford School, copy letter from the Governors to the Police requesting help in encouraging sensible and safe parking outside the school, in accordance with new restrictions.

CPRE – Workshop for Councillors to help with effective planning comment.

Letter from Peasgoods (Funerals) re request for a traditional memorial; it was agreed that Diocesan Guidelines for Churchyards should apply to the cemetery.


105/02 Planning

S/2106/01/F, 14 Coploe Road, extension; notice of approval from District Council.

Wellcome Trust has an application for temporary buildings (in the planning lists); the Clerk to obtain a copy.


106/02 Finance

Jubilee Donation.  It had been established that it is quite in order for the Parish Council to make a donation for celebrations, under Section 145.  The Chairman raised three questions.

·        There may be some parishioners who would not wish the Parish Council to spend money in this way.

·        Could the village generate some of the funds?

·        The Wellcome Trust should be approached for a donation.

After some discussion there was unanimous agreement that an event of this kind provided a cohesive heart to the village.  It was therefore proposed to contribute up to £2,000.00 to the Jubilee Committee, proposed by Tessa Wright-Watson, seconded by Sheila Birch and all agreed.  Jane Hurst pointed out that they hoped to make a profit on the bar during the evening and that any surplus monies would be put back into the village by contributing to a future project.  Any donations received would obviously help with the overall costs.  There will be an item on the village Website about the Jubilee.


Precept for 2002/2003.  The Chairman had prepared figures showing outgoings and capital expenditure over the last three years, and the projected figures for the next year.  Capital expenditure during the current year will be low as plans for improving the village green and providing new swings have not been able to progress. He proposed that the Financial Working Party should produce a 3 to 4 year plan enabling the Council to budget for bigger projects.  It was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Jane Hurst and all agreed, that the precept be kept at £9,700.00 , as recommended by the Financial Working Party, for the 2002/03 financial year.

Proposed New Mower.  As Peter Wombwell was absent there was no information.

Cemetery.  Both Charlie Frankau and Ron Coulson had quoted £120.00 for clearing the ivy off the front wall and tidying up the dead elder.  It was agreed to accept Charlie Frankau’s quote, (proposed by Jane Hurst, seconded by Sheila Birch and all agreed), as he is responsible for grass cutting here and is willing to deal with emptying the old trailer and installing the new compost bins. The cost of two new bins at £49.99 each and the hire of a skip at £80.00 +VAT were also agreed.  The Clerk to organise.


The following cheques were signed-

W Hart & Son – for January Icene                            £50.10

Ron Coulson – for planting new hedgerow                     £80.00

J Casement – 3 months salary + expenses                      £429.01


107/02 Adjournment for questions by members of the public

There were none.


108/02 Wellcome Trust, benefits to the village

Tim Pavelin and Jane Hurst suggested that the most long lasting benefit might be that of social housing, say two homes for those in need, on a short term lease, for local people.  It would be preferable if the Parish Council had some input over potential recipients.  There is mention of the Wellcome Trust having discussed social housing with Hinxton (minute of presentation by Wellcome Trust, 25 January 2000).  The next priority might be a donation to Jubilee celebrations.  This is a delicate matter and the Chairman suggested that he and Robin Driver should try and discuss with the Trust what benefits they had in mind.


109/02 Social Housing

It was reported that work should start on the site shortly.


110/02 Parish Paths Partnership

The Clerk and Jenny Lawson had asked John Cooper (County Council Footpaths) about improvements to Back Lane.  He can obtain road planings for £8.00 a ton and suggested that 20 tons would be needed, ie £160.00, plus about £100 for transport costs.  Peter Wombwell suggested £40 would cover the cost of spreading the load in a strip down the middle Back Lane, providing a firm dry footpath that would be straddled by any vehicles using the lane.  It was agreed to ask for a grant of £300 to improve Back Lane.


111/02 Any Other Business

Jane Hurst asked for the Parish Council’s permission to hold the jubilee celebrations on the Recreation Field and to put up some staging for the village photograph.  This was agreed.  The Clerk to check the insurance cover is adequate.


Jenny Lawson asked when the village green repairs could be expected and the Clerk explained that the work would probably not be done until April as the job is in a queue for the Highways contractors.


Tim Pavelin asked if the football pitch could be rolled shortly. Tim also mentioned that any discussion about pitch maintenance during the coming year ought to be on the agenda soon (February).   The football clubs should be invited to this meeting as they would like to see a second pitch on the available space and this could be discussed at the same time. The Clerk to organise.  He also mentioned dog fouling on the pitch – to be mentioned in Icene.


Tessa Wright-Watson mentioned that Gordon Woolhouse had tried asking that the gates to the village hall driveway be closed each evening but that this was not working. Gordon had also asked whether the recycling bins were going to be removed now that kerbside recycling was taking place.  It was explained that the District Council had given the Parish Council a large grant towards the extension of the village hall car park in order to house the recyling bins and that to ask now for their removal would be unacceptable.  They are still well used by parishioners.


Sheila Birch mentioned the large pile of earth behind the village hall, which needs to be removed.  The Clerk to speak to Peter Wombwell for advice, and then get a quote.  Sheila also mentioned that as Duxford is to get traffic calming measures with the promised installation of a roundabout at the end of Hunts Road, Ickleton, through which almost all of the same traffic will pass, ought to qualify for calming measures as well.  The Clerk to write and enquire.


112/02 Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 20 February at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.