Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 20 February 2002

In the Village Hall at 7.30 pm



Present:  Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman), Sheila Birch, Robin Driver, Jane Hurst, Jenny Lawson, Tony Mertz, Tim Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson, Jackie Casement (Clerk), three members of the public and three football club representatives - Steve Jenkins (Ickleton), Kevin Muir and Mick Eldred (Crocus).


113/02 Apologies.  Apologies for absence were received from James Macdonald.


114/02 Minutes of the previous meeting.  Item 106/02 Finance, under Jubilee Committee, the third sentence should read “Jane Hurst pointed out that it was hoped that a profit would be made on the bar …”  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Vice Chairman.


115/02 Matters Arising

100/02 Apologies.  The Clerk had written to PC Cleary but has not received a reply.

262/01 Finance.  James Macdonald had reported meeting Mr Inman recently, who has promised the contribution towards the new swings by the end of February.

268/01 Missing litter bin.  The new bin has been installed and the old liner stored in the garage.  Litter bins are not itemised on the insurance policy and therefore not covered.

282/01 Coploe Pit.  Sheila Birch reported eventually finding the new volunteer organiser and a date has been fixed for help with cutting back undergrowth in early autumn.

105/02 Planning.  The Clerk reported circulating the plans for the proposed temporary buildings at Hinxton Hall to councillors and subsequently writing to Planning with all the comments made.

106/02 Finance.  Work on tidying up the cemetery is now complete.

108/02 Wellcome Trust. .  James Macdonald has been trying to arrange an appointment to talk to Philippa Towlson about benefits to the village and a possible donation to the Jubilee celebrations.

111/02 Any Other Business.  Following Sheila Birch’s comments about the new roundabout due soon on the A505 at Hunts Road, Duxford, the Clerk wrote asking if traffic calming measures could also be considered for Ickleton.  Highways have replied that they will provide new, larger 30 mph signs, incorporating Reduce Your Speed and install 30 mph roundels in the road surface, in Duxford Road and Frogge Street.


116/02 Football Clubs

Pitch Maintenance. It was agreed that the pitch should be sprayed with weed killer at the start of the growing season and then fertilised.  Peter Wombwell to research costs and the Clerk to liaise with the clubs to find a clear week in late March/early April when no matches are due, for the spraying to take place. Charlie Frankau has recently rolled the pitch as requested.

Request for second pitch.  The football clubs reported that there is a big demand for pitches in the area and a second pitch could be well used by youth teams.  It would however involve the area of the cricket square. Some villages accommodate both football and cricket on a field.  After some discussion it was agreed by seven votes to one that a second pitch should not be laid out. The majority felt that the possibility of a cricket team was more important than a second pitch and therefore the square should be protected from heavy use. 

Terms for next season.  It was agreed to apply a rise of 2% for inflation, ie a match fee of £5.10 for the Ickleton team and £10.20 for the Crocus team.


It was noted that the garage door is badly broken.  The Clerk to make a claim and get quotes for repair.  The club representatives also complained about dog fouling; (to be mentioned again in Icene).  The Dog Warden to be asked to pay some visits.


117/02 Correspondence

CCC Highways, Mr Cooper in reply to minor requests

CCC Highways, Restructuring of Highways & Engineering Division, S Cambs

CCC Details of speed survey

CCC A505 junction improvement and promise of new signing for Duxford Road and Frogge Street

Andrew Lansley MP, copy correspondence with Professor Turner re traffic calming in Frogge Street.

CCC Local Focus Groups re care for the elderly

CCC re-tendering for some bus routes

CCC comments of planning applications determined by the County Council

SCDC Planning re new Stackyard development road name

SCDC, letter re renewal of public entertainment licence for villagae hall

SCDC Flooding Seminar, feedback notes

Letter from Malcolm Hall, Southfield, re near miss accident between cemetery  bend and level crossing

Letter from John Marshall re increase of traffic in Grange Road and request for passing places (the Clerk to write to Highways).

Cambs Constabulary re new Community Contact Co-ordinator

CALC – bulletin, notice of training workshops, Agenda and minutes

CPRE – suggesting Parish Council membership to support help with planning issues.

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee, minutes

A guide to organising safe events (handed to Jane Hurst)

South Cambs Primary Care Group – newsletter

South Cambs Crime and Disorder Partnership, invitation to seminar in early February.

Whats On – leaflets

Posters – Andrew Lansley MP local surgeries, Thriplow Daffodil weekend.


118/02 Planning

Decisions from the District Council

S/2166/01/F, 108 Frogge Street, extension, approved.

S/2106/01/F, 14 Coploe Road, extension, approved.

S/1666/01/F 57 Church Street, boundary wall, approved

S/1583/01/F, 8 affordable dwellings, land off The Stackyard, approved.

Applications requiring recommendation by the Parish Council

S/1382/00/F Erection of 2 houses and conversion of Agricultural Buildings into 2 dwellings, Priory Farm, Back Lane.  Design amendments to approved plans.  Comments made on Velux bathroom window in house on Plot 1 not in line with other two velux windows – unpleasing appearance.  Recommend approval.  

S/02212/02/LB Removal of cement render on 2 areas of front elevation and replacement by lime render, Mowbrays Farmhouse, Church Street.  Robin Driver declared an interest and took no part in the discussion.  Recommend approval.

S/0270/02/LB and S/0271/02/F, rear extension, 26 Abbey Street.  Recommend approval.


4 Butchers Hill, replacement dwelling.  Comments were made on the appearance of dormer windows, contrary to the planning permission granted.  The enforcement officer has visited.  As the developer is appealing against the decision refusing bedrooms in the roof, he is not obliged to remove the windows unless the appeal is refused.


119/02 Finance

The following cheques were signed:-

W Hart & Son – February Icene                                               £50.10

Glasdon UK Limited – replacement litter  bin                £165.46

Carr & Bircher – skip for cemetery                                           £94.00

Cambridge City Council – for posts for village green      £1,076.54

Village Hall Committee – for hire of meeting room                     £33.00

Charles Frankau – for various jobs during the year                    £363.51

Since the last meeting a cheque for £99.98 to Scotsdale Garden Centre had been signed for the compost bins.


Peter Wombwell had researched a new mower for use throughout the village, but only one quote had been received as yet, to include a trade in price for old mower.


Grass cutting 2002.  Grass verges throughout the village, the village green and the churchyard.  Ron Coulson’s quotes were less than those received from Herald Contract Services.  It was therefore proposed by Jane Hurst, seconded by Sheila Birch and all agreed to accept Ron’s figures of £805 for the verges, £45 for the village green and £405 for the churchyard.

Charles Frankau’s quote for cutting the cemetery was less than that by Herald Contract Services.  Herald’s quote for cutting the recreation ground seemed unrealistically low.  It was therefore proposed by Tony Mertz, seconded by Robin Driver and all agreed to accept Charles Frankau’s quote of £1552.50 for cutting the recreation field, tidying round the edges and cutting the play area and his quote of £425 for maintaining the cemetery.


120/02 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Kate Sparron complained of excessive noise from the village hall when it was hired for parties, particularly last Saturday night.  It was pointed out that this was really a matter for the village hall committee, but that the Parish Council would have a word with them.

Kate and Jan Livingstone also complained about the dangers of the roller bladers and the noise they make late in the evenings.  It was agreed to ask the Community Beat Officer to keep an eye on this and to report various acts of vandalism, spray paint etc. which have occurred recently.  If the basketball pitch were enlarged, perhaps the youngsters could roller blade there, but this, as previously discussed, would cost a great deal of money.


121/02 Code of Conduct

Information about the new code of conduct had been circulated to all councillors and more guidance and instructions from CALC will come shortly.  There was some concern expressed on how to answer some of the question on the Register of Interests sheet.  Tessa Wright-Watson offered to attend the CALC meeting on 9 March at which further information will be available, and to report back.  It was agreed to have a half hour discussion before the next meeting to discuss all this.


122/02 Jubilee celebrations

Jane Hurst thanked the Parish Council for their promise of financial help, up to £2,000.  The village photograph will be taken by Eaden Lilley, who will put up and remove the seating and benches on the day.  They are fully covered for third party insurance.  The Clerk reported that the events taking place on the recreation field will be covered for insurance by the Parish Council policy, so long as the Council has control and has approved all that is planned.  Jane to supply a list nearer the time for  approval.

There are no plans for lighting a beacon on Monday 3 June at present.


123/02 Any other Business

Jane Hurst asked if the Parish Council could see the housing list of potential tenants for the new homes about to be built beyond the Stackyard.  Robin Driver promised to research this and reassured the Parish Council that all potential residents would have to have a strong village connection to be granted a tenancy.


Tessa Wright-Watson commented on the empty bungalow on Coploe Road and Robin Driver commented that no one who had been offered a tenancy had wished to take the property so far.


Jenny Lawson commented on the light pollution of the windows of the Genome Centre at night.  The Clerk to write and request use of blinds.  She also commented that a tree on the village green needs trimming.  The Clerk to ask Ron Coulson to trim it, with permission from the WI who had donated it.


Sheila Birch commented on a pothole on the road to Hinxton.  The Clerk to write to Highways and also ask them to clean up the vandalised signs in the village.


Robin Driver mentioned that the chances of the village being flooded are now higher and that the Parish Council should be prepared with sand bags.  The Clerk to obtain 100 nylon bags from Ridgeons and some sand, to be stored in the garage on the recreation field.


Peter Wombwell mentioned some queries from residents of Grange Road that the lay-by outside their homes was for their use; many other cars have been parked there recently.  This question has been referred to Highways.


124/02 Date of next meeting

Wednesday 20 March 2002 at 7.30 pm in the village hall, preceded by a half hour discussion on the Code of Conduct.