Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 20 March 2002

In the Village Hall at 7.30 pm


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Jenny Lawson, Tim Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson and four members of the public


125/02 Apologies. Apologies for absence were received from Jane Hurst, Robin Driver, Tony Mertz, Peter Wombwell and Jackie Casement.


126/02 Minutes of the previous meeting.  Item 123/02, paragraph 2, should read “Robin Driver commented that no one who had been offered a tenancy had wished to take the property so far”.  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


127/02 Adoption of Proper Officer.

It was noted that Jackie Casement, as Clerk, was the Proper Officer of the Parish Council


128/02 Matters Arising.

100/02 P C Cleary – still no response

262/01 Contribution for new swings.  James Macdonald reported that the balance of the promised contribution of £4,000.00 had been received from the Imperial War Museum and that letters of thanks had been written to Mr Inman.

108/02 Wellcome Trust.  James Macdonald has spoken to Philippa Towlson and expects to arrange a meeting with her shortly.

116/02 Recreation Field.  In Peter Wombwell’s absence it was agreed that the Clerk should contact him to arrange the spraying of the pitch.  James Macdonald stated that the position of Dog Warden is currently vacant; a replacement should soon be announced.

117/02 Correspondence.  The Clerk has written to Highways about Grange Road.  CPRE – it was agreed that proposed membership should be on the April agenda.

120/02 Questions from public.  Letter from Gordon Woolhouse setting out the action he was taking to prevent a recurrence of the noise problem when the hall was hired out for parties.


129/02 Youth Representation

Jethro Holberry and Nathan Holding asked whether it might be possible for the tarmaced basketball area on the recreation field to be extended for use by skate boarders.  It was suggested they should explore what this might involve and the possible costs, so that it could be discussed at the April meeting.  Councillors thanked Jethro and Nathan for taking this initiative.


130/02 Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received:-

CCC – List of Structure Plan Consultation Public Meetings

CCC – Introduction of public speaking at the Development Control Committee for planning applications determined by the County Council.

CCC – Local Highways office reply on local matters.

CCC – Acknowledgement re proposal for passing places in Grange Road.

SCDC Monitoring Officer re Ethical Framework and Code of Conduct, most frequently asked questions.

SCDC Planning re additional antennae on existing telecommunications mast.

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee – agenda and minutes.

CACL – Bulletin, notice of workshops, request of subscription.

Cambridgeshire Police Authority – papers on Best Value Performance 02/03

South Cambs. Primary Care Group – bulletin.

Cambridgeshire ACRE – Harvest bulletin, village halls newsletter, etc.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary, notice re distraction burglaries. (Notice board).

Cambridgeshire Constabulary re recruitment and crime prevention.

Rosemary Hayes, letter re Mowbrays gateway.

ROSPA – notice of annual inspection, due in April

Society of Local Council Clerks re conditions for Clerks.


131/02 Planning

Applications requiring recommendation by the Parish Council

S/0500/02/F 54 Abbey Street, rear extension.  Recommend approval

S0498/02/F, Frogge Hall, Frogge Street, new gates.  Recommend approval.


4 Butchers Hill.  Notice of appeal had been received.  Tim Pavelin suggested that the Parish Council should write to the planning authority now to protest at the planning process in this case, but it was agreed to await the outcome of the appeal.


132/02 Finance

New mower.  In Peter Wombwell’s absence, approval for this was deferred until the next meeting.


Quotations for new swings and fencing. 

New swings:  Playquest                                  £5,090.00 + VAT

                      Wicksteed                                £5,994.00 + VAT

New fencing and gates: Cambridge Fencing            £1,454.00

                                       Hermitage Fencing            £1,490.00


These quotations were considered and it was proposed  by Tim Pavelin, seconded by Tessa Wright-Watson and agreed  by all that the quotations from Playquest and Cambridge Fencing be accepted. 

The net cost to the Parish Council, after donations of £4,000 from the Imperial War Museum and £600 from the Millenium Committee would be approximately £2,000.00 and it was suggested that the Parish Council should apply for a grant


Repairs to Garage.

A quotation from Roy Ellis for £823.00 had been received; a second quotation is expected shortly.


Sand and sandbags.  The cost of obtaining these from Ridgeons would be £75.79 and it was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Jenny Lawson and all agreed that a cheque for this amount be signed so that the Clerk could obtain these.



The following cheques were then signed:-

W Hart & Son, for March Icene                            £65.52

SCDC – rates for cemetery                                         £40.38

CALC – annual subscription                                          £137.74

Ridgeons – for sand and sandbags                                  £75.79


133/02 Adjournment for questions from members of the public.

Gordon Woolhouse drew attention to a number of anomalies on the electoral roll and it was agreed that the Clerk should write to the electoral roll officer at SCDC about this.


Gordon also stated that the roller bladers were continuing to damage the brickwork of the village hall and to cause noise nuisance late at night.  The Chairman said he would contact CALC to see what advice they could give in a situation of this sort.


Gordon Woolhouse also reported that the Eastern Counties were to host the Road Race National Championships in Ickleton for which additional parking would be required.


Mary Woolhouse drew attention to the continuing problems of parking and delivery vehicles in Abbey Street.  Tim Pavelin asked whether parking restrictions in Abbey Street would be considered by Highways.


134/02 Model Code of Conduct.

The new model Code of Conduct and register of members interests were discussed at length.  Tessa Wright-Watson had kindly been to a workshop organised by CALC at SCDC Offices recently and explained various aspects.  As several Councillors were not present at the meeting, it was agreed to defer a vote on the adoption of the Code of Conduct until April.


135/02 Village Green

James Macdonald reported that Highways would be starting work to install the posts and kerb the corners in early April.


136/02 Social Housing Tenancies

In Robin Driver’s absence, it was agreed to carry forward this item to the next meeting.


137/02 Any Other Business

Jenny Lawson asked again about light pollution from the windows of the Genome Centre and about the tree on the green that needs trimming.  The Clerk to see to this.


Tessa Wright-Watson reported that three car wheels have been dumped in the gateway to Coploe Pit.  The Clerk to organise their clearance.


138/02 Date of next meeting

Wednesday 17 April 3002 at the earlier time of 7.0 pm to allow time for discussion on the Code of Conduct.