Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 17 April 2002

In the village hall at 7.30 pm


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman), Sheila Birch, Robin Driver, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and 9 members of the public.


143/02 Apologies  Apologies were received from Tony Mertz and Jenny Lawson.


144/02            Minutes of the previous meeting.  These were approved and signed by the Chairman.


145/02 Matters Arising

116/02 Recreation Field.  It was agreed that the Clerk should ask Herald Contract Services to undertake the spraying of the weeds on the pitch.  It was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Peter Wombwell and all agreed for her to accept a quotation up to £150.00 in order to speed up work needed.

110/02 Parish Paths Partnership.  The expected grant cheque has not yet arrived and therefore the Clerk had not been able to order the road planings and expedite the work in filling the ruts and potholes in Back Lane.

132/02 Finance – New Swings.  The Clerk reported having filled in the necessary grant forms for extra financial support for this project.

132/02 Finance, Sand and sandbags.  The Clerk had delayed ordering the sand and bags until the repairs to the garage have been undertaken.

133/02 Electoral Roll.  The Clerk reported having gone through this with Gordon Woolhouse to spot the errors and passing these on to the Electoral Roll Officer.

133/02 Parking in Abbey Street.  The Chairman and Clerk had had an informal and useful chat with the owners of no. 18 Abbey Street.

135/02 Village Green.  The work by the Highways contractors is now complete.  Ron Coulson had quoted up to £80.00 to make good the edges with top soil and re-seed with grass as soon as possible.  Acceptance of this figure was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Tessa Wright-Watson and all agreed.

137/02 Any Other Business.  The tree on the village green had been assessed and it was agreed that Ron Coulson should trim it, but not until the autumn.

Tyre in Coploe Pit.  The Clerk offered to take it to the tip.


146/02 Youth Representation, Skateboarding and Rollerblading.

These two agenda items were taken together.  James Macdonald reported making some inquiries as to what other villages have done to provide equipment for skateboarding.  Jethro Holberry provided the figure for a standard spine pipe at £7,320 and an adequate concrete square at £1,350.  The cost therefore of providing some equipment is substantial. It was suggested that cheaper quotes were probably obtainable, so long as the result was up to ROSPA standards of safety.  It was agreed that the Parish Council should encourage these proposals and explore further possibilities.  The six young people who had attended were thanked very much for coming and providing enthusiastic input.  They were asked to come to the next meeting and to encourage the roller bladers to attend as well, so that their views could  be discussed.

147/02 Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received:-

Letter from Andrew Lansley MP asking for comments on Wellcome Trust application for development at Hinxton Hall and stating his proposed support for this application.

CCC – Changes to bus routes – none affect Ickleton

CCC – Don’t Drive Tired campaign – poster displayed on notice board.

CCC – Surface Dressing – road betweeen Ickleton and Duxford due this summer.

CCC – re increase in grass cutting allowance.

SCDC – Offer of commemorative gold coins available – passed to Jane Hurst.

SCDC Planning – Preparation of a Community Planning Pack.

Audit Commission – New arrangements from April 02

South Cambs Primary Care Group – Bulletin

Sawston Sector Police Local Consultation Group, agenda for meeting on 23 April and  minutes.

Police – Sawston Newsheet – reporting 5 incidents in Ickleton during March.

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee – Minutes

South Cambridgeshire Youth Participation Partnership – information

DEFRA – letter from Minister reassuring Government support to Parish Councils.

CALC – notice of meeting on 24 April and minutes

            Supplementary Bulletin on new lighter touch audit regime

            Think Country Child – workshop

            Accounts workshop for new audit workshop

Commission for Health Improvement re East Anglian Ambulance Services

Haverhill Town Council re Haverhill Partnership

ACRE – Cambridgeshire Village of the Year – information on entering

South Cambridgeshire Sport – information

Essex Matters – bulletin.


Those letters not read out to be circulated to Councillors.


148/02 Planning

Decisions received from District Council

S/0212/02/LB Repairs to rendering, Mowbrays Farmhouse – approved

S/0271/02/F and S/0270/02/LB, single storey extension,  26 Abbey Street – approved.

S/1382/00/F/sk – Erection of two houses and conversion of agricultural buildings to two dwellings, Priory Farm, Back Lane, minor alterations to fenestration to original plans – approved.


Applications to be considered by the Parish Council

S/0703/02/F revised design to house on Plot 4, Priory Farm, Back Lane (original approval S/1382/00/F).  Recommended refusal; the realignment of this house causes windows to overlook nos.1 and 3 Southfield causing loss of privacy.  Plot 3 now shows a separate double garage rather than adjoining the house as in the original design, which the Parish Council considered preferable.


S/0790/02/O Erection of Research and Development Facilities and Ancillary Amenities, Land south of Hinxton Hall, for the Wellcome Trust. It was decided to hold a working party at 2.0 pm on Monday 29 April, in the Village Hall to discuss this application, giving Councillors time to study the large amount of information provided.

149/02 Finance

New mower.  Peter Wombwell had recommended accepting the quote from Wright’s Mower Centre of £2,243.62 +VAT for a good quality mower and a good trade in price for the old mower.  The second quote was cheaper by £300 but for an inferior mower.  This expenditure was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded Jane Hurst and all agreed.

Membership of CPRE.  Although there was general support for the work of this organisation, it was agreed not to subscribe.

Repairs to Garage.  Two quotes had been received and it was proposed by Peter Wombwell, seconded by Tim Pavelin, with all in favour, to accept the lower quote, from Ashbrook Brickwork for £815.82 (including VAT). Jane Hurst abstained from this vote.

Village Green.  Ron Coulson had quoted up to £80.00 to tidy up the edges with top soil and re-seed with grass.  Acceptance was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Tessa Wright-Watson and all agreed.


The following cheques were signed:-

Wrights Mower Centre - new mower                          £2,636.25

J Casement – 3 months salary and expenses                £452.76

W Hart & Son – April Icene                                        £41.63

Andrew Shepperd – website expenses                      £29.94



150/02 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Kate Sparron complained of the intrusive noise that the roller bladers made on the driveway to the village hall.  Robin Driver advocated a strong response to help those living near the village hall.  The only way to stop them using the village hall drive would be to put down gravel.  James Macdonald considered that the long term solution to this problem would be to provide somewhere else for the youngsters to carry out this activity.  A skate board facility would hopefully attract roller bladers.  After some discussion it was agreed to continue looking into the possibilities of providing skate board and roller blade facilities and to talk to the village hall committee about resurfacing the driveway with gravel.  Quotes must be obtained.


Mary Woolhouse thanked the Chairman for visiting the occupants of 18 Abbey Street.  She reported that the Police had been in the village that afternoon, also chatting about the same parking issue.


151/02 Recreation Field

New swings.  The Clerk reported that work on the new swings is due to start on 23 April, but that there will be an eight week wait until the fencing contractor can do his work.  Ron Coulson is about to move the mound of earth at present on the site.


A local company in Abbey Barns had asked if they could use the recreation field one evening a week for a bit of football practice.  This had been agreed with the football club. It was agreed not to ask them for a fee but to suggest a donation to the Football Club.  Tim Pavelin to talk to the company concerned.


152/02 Any other business

Social Housing.  Peter Wombwell wondered why the contractors had dug such a large pit in which to build the houses.  The Clerk to raise this with Planning.

Tenancies.  Robin Driver assured the meeting that there is an agreement that anyone offered a tenancy of these houses would have a strong village connection.  He will keep a watching brief on this situation.

Jane Hurst stressed that tenancies should be offered to young people, to keep the village community alive.


Peter Wombwell mentioned another burnt out car at Gypsy Corner, Grange Road.  The Clerk to inform Environmental services.

Peter Wombwell raised the issue of conservation verges in South Cambridgeshire.


Tim Pavelin asked whether a further donation to Duxford School was to be made.  It was pointed out that the Parish Council can only respond to one-off requests for help, not make regular annual donations.  The Clerk to check with Duxford’s Clerk on the situation.  She was also asked to check on the Jubilee coins Duxford plan to give to all the children in the school; is a contribution from Ickleton required?


Tessa Wright-Watson suggested that the bus shelter needed a coat of paint.  The Clerk to get quotes.


James Macdonald said that he wished to raise the matter of the Clerk’s salary and accordingly the Clerk and members of the public were asked to withdraw.  Confidential notes of this item are available for inspection to members and officers of the Council on request from the Chairman.


153/02 Date and time of Annual General Meeting and Parish Meeting.  Wednesday 15 May at 7.30 pm.


Parish Council Meeting. It was agreed to hold the next meeting the following week on Wednesday, 22 May also at 7.30 pm.  The Clerk apologised that she already had holiday booked for that week.