Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 23 May 2002

at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman),

Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst, Jenny Lawson, Tim Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson and six members of the public.


154/02 Apologies.  Apologies for absence were received from Jackie Casement, Robin Driver and Tony Mertz.


155/02 Minutes of the previous meeting held on 17 April 2002

The minutes of the previous meeting were amended as follows: 148/02 Planning, paragraph 3 the word “meeting” should be replaced by “working party”.

152/02 Any Other Business, the last paragraph should read: “James Macdonald said that he wished to raise the matter of the Clerk’s salary and accordingly the Clerk and members of the public were asked to withdraw. Confidential notes of this item are available for inspection to members and officers of the Council on request from the Chairman”.

 The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


156/02 Matters Arising

110/02 Parish Paths Partnership.  A grant cheque is expected shortly.  The road planings have been spread.

132/02 Sand and Sandbags have been delivered to the garage on the recreation field.

135/02 Village Green.  Ron Coulson has not yet made good the edges but expects to do so soon.

151/02.  The company in Abbey Barns has not yet contacted Tim Pavelin.

152/02 Social Housing.  The Clerk had learnt from Planning that as no height levels were specified in the plan there were no restrictions on the contractor.

152/02 Duxford School.  No contribution was required towards the cost of Jubilee coins.


157/02 Youth Representation and Skateboarding

These items were taken together and the Chairman invited members of the public to speak.  Jethro Holberry said that provision of a facility would be considerably less than he had originally thought.

John Statham introduced his son Richard (a graduate in Sports Science) and suggested that if the Parish Council were willing Richard might produce a feasibility study into the creation of a skateboarding/rollerblading/BMX facility.  He would work with the young in the village and enquire into possible sources of funds. Councillors discussed a number of issues that might arise and agreed with John Statham’s proposal.  The Chairman said he would draw up terms of reference for Richard, who was asked if he could produce a preliminary report for the next meeting.

Councillors also discussed possibilities of other sports facilities for all ages and there was a suggestion that the Council should survey the Recreation field with all sports in mind.



158/02 Correspondence

CCC Highways re resurfacing outside 8 Butchers Hill

CCC Highways re resurfacing footpaths in Abbey Street

CCC Passenger Transport re delivering map

CCC re Fostering and adoption (poster on notice board).

CCC re Link Scheme – respite care (poster on notice board).

CCC Public Consultation – Cambridge Core Traffic Scheme

SCDC Housing Strategy – document

SCDC re grant for swings and reply from Clerk re acceptance

SCDC re Sports Grants (which might be useful for skateboard facilities)

SCDC Magazine

SCDC Think Country Child Workshop

Boundary Committee for England re Electoral Review in South Cambridgeshire

Wellcome Trust, reply to Clerk’s letter re light pollution.

ROSPA report on Playarea

Cambs Constabulary - Operation Insight

Cambs Constabulary – Sawston Newsheet

CCC and S. Cambs Community Safety partnership – document

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service – leaflets

CALC- supplementary bulletin, and information on accounts workshop

Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force, asking for support

Cambs ACRE, Harvest Bulletin, village hall newsletter, etc.


159/02 Planning

S/1382/00/F Priory Farm.  Application to alter windows.  The Chairman was asked to seek clarification on approval of drawing no 2A and section and to enquire about the realignment of house on Plot 4.

S/0790/02/O.  The Chairman reported that the parish Council’s comments on the outline application had been submitted to South Cambridgeshire District Council.  The Clerk had written to the Wellcome Trust and the Chairman had received a reply that day from Fuller Peiser addressing the queries.  James said that he would circulate copies of these letters to all councillors. Copies of this correspondence to be sent to Andrew Lansley MP as well, at his request.

The Chairman had also written to The Wellcome Trust with suggestions for ways in which they might be able to help the village.

S/1424/01/F.  Enquiries to be made as to whether the appeal has yet been heard.


160/02 Finance.

The following cheques were signed:-

The Jubilee Committee                                                        £2,000.00

Duncan Fraser, for road planings                                                £235.00

W Hart & Son for May Icene                                                   £46.25

Playground Management Services for ROSPA inspection            £74.03

Also on 7 May to Playquest for the swings                                 £5,981.87

The amended figure, to include the new swings, for the annual insurance premium was still awaited, although the figures were to hand; the cheque therefore to be signed later.

A request from Duxford School for a £50 donation towards the Burwell House trip had been received.  Acceptance was proposed by Peter Wombwell, seconded by Tessa Wright-Watson.

The Chairman reported that he had approached an individual in the village who would be prepared to act as internal auditor, subject to resolving the question of professional indemnity.


161/02 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Mary Woolhouse commented that the War Memorial has no plants and looked bare.  This will be raised again at the next meeting.

Mary also commented on continuing parking problems in Abbey Street.  Jane Hurst commented on the danger to children crossing between the parked cars.


162/02 Recreation Field

Peter Wombwell reported that he would spray when weather conditions permit.

Garage Repairs.  It was hoped to complete the work in about a month’s time.

Play Area.  There has been a delay in completing the fencing.


163/02 Jubilee Celebrations

Jane Hurst had circulated a schedule of Jubilee celebrations which, for the purposes of insurance, was ratified by the Parish Council.  The Schedule to be attached to the Minutes.


164/02 Any Other Business

Peter Wombwell commented on the poor state of the roadway in the cemetery and on the damage being done by the rabbits.  He suggested that, in co-operation with the adjacent landowners, he would organise control measures in the autumn.


TessaWright-Watson asked whether a case could be made for tennis courts.  The Parish Council understood that funding might be available from LTA.


165/02 Date of next meeting

Wednesday 19 June 2002 at 7.30 pm in the village hall.