Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 19 June 2002

At 7.30 pm in the Village Hall

(Revised in accordance with amendments made at the meeting on 17 July 2002)


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell (Vice-Chairman), Jane Hurst, Jenny Lawson, Tim Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and five members of the public.


166/02 Apologies.  Apologies for absence were received from Sheila Birch, Robin Driver and Tony Mertz.


167/02.  The Chairman opened the meeting by expressing, on behalf of the Parish Council, his thanks to all who give their time voluntarily in the village.  Firstly to David and Monica Lilley for their tireless work in producing the Icene. Secondly to Andrew Shepperd and his committee who have created and continually update the magnificent village website.  Lastly, but by no means least, to Jane Hurst and the Jubilee Committee for their work in organising the hugely successful celebrations.


168/02 Minutes of the previous meeting.  These were approved and signed by the Chairman.


169/02 Matters Arising

110/02 Parish Paths Partnership.  The Clerk reported receiving a cheque for £300.00.

135/02 Village Green.  Ron Coulson has sown grass seed at the edges but there are still some gaps.  The Clerk to see if these can be filled.

151/02 The five-a-side football team from Quantum Beam (Abbey Barns) will speak to Tim Pavelin shortly.

158/02 Correspondence.  Tim Pavelin suggested that the Clerk reply re Housing Strategy document that the Parish Council would like to have some input to ensure that potential residents in the new social housing had strong Ickleton connections.

160/02 Finance.  No further progress has been made with the proposed internal auditor; the issue of professional indemnity remains unresolved.

164/02 Rabbits in cemetery.  More complaints have been received.  Despite wiring in the boundaries the rabbits have succeeded in burrowing underneath.  Peter Wombwell offered to co-ordinate a joint effort with all adjoining landowners in the autumn – when the breeding season has slowed down.  The Clerk to write to all concerned, including Railtrack.  The Clerk also to ask SCDC pest control for any other ideas.


170/02 Youth Representation

There was no one present.


171/02 Skateboarding and Roller blading.  James Macdonald said that Richard Statham had produced a preliminary report and he circulated copies. James summarised by saying that funds are clearly available from various sources.  He and Richard had visited two local skateboard facilities.  The Parish Clerks concerned had been very positive about their use.  It would appear that a more expensive option is probably more successful and better used.  James suggested that when the full feasibility study is available at the next meeting, the Parish Council should aim to come to reach a decision.  Tessa Wright-Watson suggest that an overall sports plan for the recreation field would be useful, particularly if tennis courts are to be considered in the foreseeable future.  The Clerk to provide plans of the recreation field to all councillors.

172/02 Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received:

SCDC – information re Mobile Village Warden Schemes

SCDC – Housing Strategy feedback questionnaire – Tim Pavelin offered to complete

SCDC – Local Plan Recreation Study – information re survey

Playquest – Operators Inspection form and Accident Report Form for new swings

DTLR – Local Investigation and Determination of Misconduct Allegations

Boundary Committee for England – questionnaire

Countryside Agency – Documents on Vital Villages and Crime and Disorder Act 98

Cambridgeshire Constabulary – Sawston Newsheet

Andrew Lansley MP – thanking for copy letters re response to Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Trust re ground investigations in field adjoining A1301

CALC – Information on various matters, Order forms for Standing Orders (the Clerk to order 3 copies) and Bulletin.

NALC – information on Race Relations Act

CCC re overnight road closure for track repairs to level crossing, 6 and 7 July

Mark Stone-Wigg offering to provide a new seat in the playarea, near the swings in memory of their baby son (the Clerk to reply).

South Cambs. Primary Care Trust – Bulletin

Cambs ACRE – information

Barclays Bank – letter on changes to deposit accounts.

Ickleton Jubilee Committee, thanking for the Parish Council’s financial support

Duxford School – thanking for donation

Jos Flitton re flooding on corner of Abbey Street after heavy rain (The Clerk had already reported this to Highways)

James Macdonald had received a reply from Wellcome Trust re their offer of support to the village, stating that they could take no decisions until the outcome of the current planning application is determined.

Information to be circulated to Councillors to read.


173/02 Planning

The following decisions from South Cambridgeshire District Council had been received:-

S/0500/02/F 54 Abbey Street, extensions – approved

S/0498/02/F, Frogge Hall, new gates – approved.

The following applications had been received for consideration.

S/1057/02/PNA, new barn, Rectory Farm.  Peter Wombwell declared an interest and explained that agricultural applications such as this are passed within four weeks.  The Parish Council had been given insufficient time to comment – the Clerk to investigate.

S/1129/02/F, Plot 3 Priory Farm, Back Lane.  Re-positioning of proposed detached garage and store.  Councillors were not convinced by the reasons given by the applicant for the necessity of change to the original layout.

S/0703/02/F, Plot 4 Priory Farm amendments to the plan previously commented on by the Parish Council in April.  The Clerk had been instructed to reply that the minor alterations raised no objections, but the new alignment of the proposed house continued to cause deep concern as the gardens of 1 and 3 Southfield would be overlooked.

Social Housing development.  Concern was again expressed about the depth of chalk that had been dug out by the contractors starting building.  No contours were shown on the plans and despite commenting to the Planning Department at an early stage, there were no restrictions on the contractors.  The Chairman to speak to Planning to determine whether any remedial action can be taken.  He will also write to Lewis Duke to express the Parish Council’s gratitude to him for making the land available.

Robin Driver had asked, in his absence, for the Council to note that he had declared a prejudicial interest in the Social Housing as two members of his family have applied for homes. Tim Pavelin also declared an interest as he is closely linked with Robin’s family.

The Clerk was asked to find out whether the Parish Council could have any input as regards the potential occupants of the houses, to ensure that candidates have a strong Ickleton connection.


Wellcome Trust.  There is nothing further to report following the comments made to the Trust and to the District Council.


174/02 Finance

The following cheques were signed

W Hart & Sons, for June Icene                                                             £65.52

Ickleton Village Hall – hire for meetings                                                 £66.00

Ron Coulson, for various jobs                                                               £125.00

CALC – for share of join advertisement re adoption of Code of Conduct          £13.50

Monica Lilley, for photocopying                                                                        £7.20

Charles Frankau, for moving tree and re-seeding grass by swings                       £117.50


Jane Hurst thanked the Parish Council for their financial support for the Jubilee.  The Committee had made a profit approaching £1,000 after receiving generous donations. It was suggested that the Committee should keep these funds for the time being, so they can be used for a purpose benefiting the village in general, on the understanding that if no purpose had arisen within the next two years, the situation would have to be reviewed. This was proposed by Tim Pavelin, seconded by Tessa Wright-Watson and all agreed.


Acting on information from Barclays, the Chairman and Clerk had decided to alter the High Interest Business Account to a Business Base Rate Tracker account, giving a better rate of interest and easier facilities for withdrawals to the current account.


Review of Burial Fees.  The Clerk explained that these had not been altered for several years and were far less than the fees charged for burial in a churchyard.  It was proposed by Peter Wombwell, seconded by Jane Hurst and all agreed to raise them as follows:-

Purchase of grave £50.00.

Interments: Adults over 12 years £50.00, children 12 years and under £25.00.

Interment of ashes in a grave space of another interred member of a family £35.00

Memorials: Right to erect a headstone not exceeding 3 feet high, £50.00

Right to erect a monument in the form of a vase not exceeding 12 inches high £35.00

Any inscription after the first £35.00


James Macdonald left the meeting at 9.00 pm and Peter Wombwell took the Chair.


175/02 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Mary Woolhouse commented on the level of traffic and parking in Abbey Street. The Clerk to ask James Macdonald if he could talk to the Village Hall Committee about the possibility of parking during the day to relieve the congestion.  It was noted that all incidents of parking blocking entrances etc. are reported to the Police.

Mary also mentioned on behalf of Kate Sparrow that skateboarders and rollerbladers on the village hall driveway were a constant source of noise nuisance.  It was agreed that the Clerk should put up notices stating no skating after 10.00 pm.

Lena Frost suggested planting rosemary in the cemetery, which rabbits dislike.

Elizabeth Moss commented on the height of the new house on Plot 1 Priory Farm, whose amended plans have velux windows in the roof.  It was noted that no heights were shown on the plans, but that the amended version appeared no higher than the original.


176/02 Recreation Field

Peter Wombwell said that the spraying would take place as soon as the weather permitted.  Notices will warn people not to use the area for 24 hours, as a precaution.  The fencing around the new swings is due in early July, as are the repairs to the garage.


177/02 Playarea ROSPA report

The Clerk to ask Charlie Frankau to help with the various items needing attention.  The gate will be renewed when the new fencing comes.  Dog ban notices will be needed for the two new gates.  The Clerk to obtain quotes for matting to go under the spring chic etc.  Some more bark will probably be needed in the autumn.  The Clerk to check with ROSPA on level of checking of equipment required.


178/02 Grass Verges

Peter Wombwell suggested that the verges in Grange Road might be registered as “protected”.  He was waiting for a report from the Cambridgeshire Biodiversity



179/02 War Memorial

It was reported that Iain Moore had kindly planted pansies.  Last year the Clerk wrote suggesting the Parish Council would fund roses, but had no reply. 


180/02 Painting Bus Shelters

It was agreed to ask in Icene for young volunteers to paint these during the holidays.


181/02 Any Other Business

Jenny Lawson reminded the Clerk to ask Eileen Godfrey about trimming the cherry tree on the village green in the autumn.

Jane Hurst expressed concern at old planes flying over and near the village, following the recent crash on the M11.  The Clerk to ask Duxford Airfield for clarification on flight patterns and possibly get someone to come and speak at the next meeting.

Tessa Wright-Watson reported rubbish being dumped on Coploe Road, which had now been cleared up.  She also mentioned the possibility of a Caution Children Playing sign on Coploe Road.  To be discussed at the next meeting.

Peter Wombwell wondered whether the 30mph sign on Coploe Road should be moved further up as traffic speeds down the hill dangerously.  It was also noted that the larger 30mph sign and roundel in the road promised on Duxford Road had never materialised.  The Clerk to write about both of these.


182/02 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 17 July at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.