Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 17 July 2002

in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst, Tony Mertz,

Tim Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and six members of the public.


183/02 Apologies.  Apologies for absence were received from Robin Driver, Peter Wombwell and Jenny Lawson.


184/02 Minutes of the previous meeting.  The following amendments were made:

Page 1, two typing errors, 164/02 Matters Arising, Rabbits in cemetery, line 2, “burrowing”.  Line 3, “a joint effort with all adjoining landowners”.

Page 2, 173/02 Planning, S/1057/02/PNA should read “Peter Wombwell declared an interest and explained that agricultural applications such as this were passed within four weeks. The Parish Council had not been given enough time to comment – the Clerk to investigate.”

Page 3, 174/02 Finance, Review of Burial Fees, line 5 should read “Interments: Adults over 12 years £50.00; children 12 years and under £25.00”.

Page 4, 175/02, Questions from members of the public, top line should read, “Mary  also mentioned on  behalf of Kate Sparrow that roller bladers on the village hall driveway were a constant source of noise nuisance.  It was agreed that the Clerk should put up notices stating no skating after 10.00 pm.”

Page 4, 181/02 Any other business, line 7, Tessa Wright-Watson “also mentioned the possibility of a Caution Children Playing sign on Coploe Road”.

The minutes were then approve and signed by the Chairman.  The Clerk to send out copies of the correct version to all Councillors.


185/02 Matters Arising.

167/02 The Chairman’s thanks to volunteers.  James Macdonald also thanked the members of the Village Hall Committee, and in particular Gordon Woolhouse, for all the work they do.

169/02 Matters Arising

151/02 Five-a-side football.  Quantum Beam (Abbey Barns) has not contacted Tim Pavelin.  The Clerk to chase this up.

158/02 Correspondence.  Housing Strategy document.  Reference future tenants in The Stackyard, the Clerk had received a reply stating that “under the terms of the section 106 planning agreement for this site preference will be given to qualifying persons from Ickleton.” (Reference also under 173/02 Planning)

164/02 Rabbits in cemetery.  SCDC Pest Control does not give advice about rabbits.


175/02 Questions from members of the public. Possibility of parking in village hall car park.  James Macdonald had studied the lease to the Village Hall Committee, which states that cars may be parked in the car park at the invitation of the Parish Council.  He suggested that Cambridge Data Systems be invited to park, say 3 cars during the day, subject to certain conditions (ie occasions when the car park would be full), for an experimental period of three months.  In return a donation would be expected to be paid to the Village Hall committee.  Gordon Woolhouse stated that Village Hall users should be given priority.  He also stated that the Committee would not be responsible for any damage to vehicles parked there.  James to talk to Cambridge Data Systems.


176/02 Recreation Field.  The Clerk to check with Peter Wombwell about spraying, which has not been done yet as the weather conditions have not been right.

177/02 ROSPA report.  A documented weekly check should be carried out.

179/02 War Memorial.  The Clerk was asked to write to Iain Moore suggesting further planting.

180/02 Painting bus shelters.  As no one had volunteered, the Clerk to ask Charlie Frankau for a quote for the work.

181/02 Any Other Business.  The Clerk had asked for the safety issue to be raised at the forthcoming Duxford Liaison Committee meeting.  Flight plans and someone to explain the issues to the Parish Council at a future meeting also to be requested.


186/02 Youth Representation

There was no one present.


187/02 Skateboarding and Rollerblading

Dangers, noise and nuisance.  The Clerk read out copy letters from Kate Sparrow and Peter Faure to the Director of Planning claiming that the Parish Council is in breach of the planning permission granted for the use of the access way to the new village hall.  James Macdonald pointed out that the lease to the village hall committee states that it is the tenant’s responsibility (ie the Trustees of the Village Hall) not to authorise or allow any activities on the premises that will cause a nuisance to those living nearby.

Kate Sparrow and Peter Faure had also commented that in stating in the July Icene that no skateboarding or rollerblading should take place after 10.00 pm it was implying permission for these activities.  James explained that this statement had been made to try and help contain the noise nuisance.  It was agreed that the August Icene should state “no skateboarding or rollerblading at any time”.

There was some concern expressed that the sign on the driveway “Caution, Children Playing” also encouraged these activities.  The notice had been put up in good faith to warn drivers that children were constantly using the driveway not only for the village hall but also for access to the recreation field and play area.  The problem is likely to remain as there are few effective sanctions that can be imposed on those who persist in misusing the driveway. 


Proposed skateboarding and rollerblading facility.

Thanks were expressed to Richard Statham for providing a very comprehensive feasibility study into this proposal.  James Macdonald suggested circulating with Icene (subject to David and Monica Lilley’s agreement) a questionnaire.  This would seek residents’ opinions as to what sporting facilities they would like to see provided in future on the recreation field.  It was agreed that the best position for a skateboarding facility would probably be beside the basketball practice pitch.  Councillors offered to help collect the completed questionnaires.  (Plan to be circulated with the minutes).  The information provided would enable the Council to make a decision.


188/02 Corrrespondence

The following correspondence had been received

Foxton Parish Council re EELGC’s ideas about a new town south of Cambridge

Wellcome Trust re proposed liaison committees with PC during construction

Moore Stephens (Accountants) re audit and annual return form

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee, agenda and minutes

Cambridgeshire ACRE – Harvest Bulletin, training events programme, Village Halls newsletter (passed to Gordon Woolhouse).

Cambridgeshire Constabulary – Sawston Newsheet

Kate Sparrow and Peter Faure – copy letters to Director of Planning

SCDC Housing re selection of tenants for new Social Housing

CCC Highways, re new 30mph signs due on Duxford Road

CCC re additional bus service for children attending Duxford School

CALC re Charlotte Rogers Jones leaving party

Cambridgeshire Fire Service – Corporate Performance Plan

SCDC re joint District Wide Housing Needs Survey – information for Icene

SCDC acknowledging application for an award for most inclusive Jubilee event

Vantico, copies of their Environment, Health and Safety Report

SCDC – Hot Stuff 2002, children’s activities for the summer, booklets and poster

Information and letters not read out to be circulated to Councillors


189/02 Planning

Wellcome Trust – the application for outline planning permission for 27,000 sq m of development on the south field has been passed by South Cambs District Council.  A letter from the Wellcome Trust offering liaison meetings throughout the construction was welcomed.  The Clerk to reply.

S/1315/02/F extension, 32 Butchers Hill.  Recommend approval, but with one comment about possible reduction of light to adjacent house.

Social Housing.  James Macdonald reported on a meeting with Mrs Sue King, Planning Department.  It would appear that the planning authority had not appreciated that the new houses would go up a hill.  There were no contours on the plans or cross sections shown. There were therefore no restrictions on the contractor.  It was agreed that the Clerk and Chairman should draft a letter to the Planning Department expressing the Parish Council’s deep concern over this issue and the outstanding problems on Butchers Hill and various aspects of the development at Priory Farm.  The consensus was that the Parish Council has been repeatedly ignored and let down.

In respect of tenants, Jane Hurst suggested that a reply to the Housing Department’s letter be sent asking for clarification of their term “qualifying persons from Ickleton”.  Councillors feel strongly that future tenants of the new social housing should have strong Ickleton connections.

Application to remove a tree, 66 Abbey Street.  Approved.


190/02 Finance

The following cheques were signed

W Hart & Son, for July Icene                                                    £65.52

J Casement, 3 months salary + expenses                                  £474.94

Cambridgeshire ACRE, place on Youth and Leisure Conference for Richard Statham


It was noted that the Chairman had approved the hours worked by Jackie Casement and that Richard Statham had not asked for any expenses.

The new annual return form for the audit has been received.  The Clerk and Chairman will complete this.  Ken Worthing has agreed in principle to be the internal auditor.  James Macdonald said that concern had been expressed earlier about the lack of professional indemnity cover but that he had learnt from CALC that the exposure of an internal auditor would be limited and the position clarified by an appropriate minute.  Ken is to be asked to meet the Parish Council at the next meeting.


191/02 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Lena Frost suggested that the young sycamore tree in the garden of 4 Butchers Hill would soon obscure the view of the church spire from Abbey Street.

Gordon Woolhouse reported that Derek Wright from the Old Village Hall, was having some bitumen delivered the following day and had asked if the Parish Council could use the spare capacity.  A message of thanks was conveyed but there was no need at present.

Gordon also suggested that the Wellcome Trust might renovate the old metal bridge across the river beyond Mill Lane and improve the adjacent footpath.


192/02 Recreation Field

The Clerk reported that the fencing contractor had at last promised to start work on Monday 22 July.  Similarly work on the garage should start shortly.  Mark and Miranda Stone-Wigg are ordering the seat they are kindly donating and obtaining a quote to have it installed.  When the fencing is in place, the exact position can be decided.

Play Area.  The Clerk was in the process of getting a quote for installing travel mat under the spring chick and spring horse in the play area.  She was asked to add to this the area under the aerial runway.  The worn U bolt mentioned in the RoSPA report will be replaced shortly.

Cricket.  Tim Pavelin had been asked if the cricket pitch could be cut for a possible game in August. 

Hedge.  The Clerk reported that the new hedge planted last winter beyond the recreation field is very overgrown and needs remedial work at once.  Ron Coulson to be asked to do the work.


193/02 Duxford School.

Jane Hurst reported that the school has been suffering serious vandalism recently and would like to install CCTV cameras in order to remedy the situation.  The Governors hoped that the neighbouring Parish Council’s might be able to help with the cost.  No figures were as yet available.  To be discussed at the next meeting.


194/02 30mph signs

It was agreed to ask Highways to move the sign on Coploe Road further up the hill, just beyond the bend, as this has become so dangerous.  The Clerk to also ask if a Caution Children sign could be added to this.  It was also agreed to ask that the new sign due soon on Duxford Road be moved back beyond the drive to Abbey Barns.


195/02 Grass verges

In Peter Wombwell’s absence there was no further information.


196/02 Any Other Business

Sheila Birch mentioned potholes in Brookhampton Street, where the verge needs to be made up level with the road.  Also a pothole in New Road, Hinxton.


197/02 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 21 August 2002 at 7.30 pm in the village hall.