Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 21 August 2002

in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm



Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Robin Driver, Jenny Lawson, Tim Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and two members of the public.


198/02 Apologies.  Apologies for absence were received from Jane Hurst, Tony Mertz and Peter Wombwell.


199/02 Minutes of the previous meeting.  These were approved and signed by the Chairman.


200/02 Matters Arising.

151/02 Five-a-side football.  The team from Quantum Beam are no longer using the pitch.

179/02 War Memorial.  It was agreed to suggest a planting plan to Iain Moore and the necessary financial support.  The Clerk to organise.

175/02 Car parking.  The suggestion that, say, 3 cars from Cambridge Data Systems be invited to park at the Village Hall to relieve congestion in Abbey Street, has not been carried out as the Parish Council understands that the company is in liquidation.

181/02 Speaker from Duxford Airfield.  Mr Ray Jones has agreed to attend the October Parish Council meeting and speak on the activities at the Airfield and mention safety measures.  To be advertised in October Icene.

192/02 New Hedge.  Charlie Frankau has weeded the hedge, but it will be necessary to replant some of it in the autumn.

196/02 Potholes and verges in Brookhampton Street.  These have been repaired, but the verges are not very satisfactory.  The Clerk to speak to Mr Cooper.


200/02 Finance.

The appointment of Ken Worthing as Internal Auditor to the Parish Council was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Tessa Wright-Watson and all were in favour. It is understood that the role of the Internal Auditor is merely to check that the necessary functions and accounting systems are in place, not that there is any malpractice and that the Audit Commission and the National Association of Local Councils consider that professional liability is not involved.  Should information become available that alters this understanding, the Parish Council will discuss the matter with the Internal Auditor and will make the necessary amendments.  The timing of the submission of the annual return, now delayed until after the September meeting, is acceptable with the auditors.  Ken was thanked for offering his help and for attending the meeting.


It was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Jenny Lawson and all agreed that a token on W H Smith worth £30.00 be given to Richard Statham for his work on the feasibility study on skateboarding facilities.


The following cheques were signed-

Playquest Adventure Play – replace faulty log on clatterbridge   £70.50

Algar Signcraft – two No Dog signs for playarea gates              £63.45

Charlie Frankau, for weeding hedge and repairing clatterbridge  £82.25

Cambridge Fencing Company – fence around swings                £1,454.00

W Hart & Son - August Icene                                                              £50.10

James Macdonald, for WH Smith token for R. Statham             £30.00

J Casement, photocopying questionnaire and keys for garage     £43.41


201/02 Youth Representation

There was no one present.


202/02 Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received:-

SCDC – Magazine

              Jubilee Award Certificate

              Reply re future tenants of new social housing

CCC – Cambridge Core Traffic Scheme – report

            Parish Paths Partnership annual report and details of a walk

            Reply from Highways re 30 mph signs.  The Clerk to ask David Lines to visit. .  Reply from Highways re minor works

            Survey of Highways and Engineering Division Services – Clerk to complete.

            Air Quality Forecasting System

            Alterations to bus routes

CALC – Bulletin, details of AGM, workshops and minutes.

Cambridge City NHS – Safer Homes Project, leaflets

Wellcome Trust – Notice of detailed Planning Application

                             Dates for future liaison meetings.  (The Chairman commented that he had a meeting with Dr. Phillipa Towlson arranged shortly to discuss ‘benefits’.  Sheila Birch will also attend).

Sandy Wilson – re parking in Abbey Street

Better Play – leaflet forwarded by Andrew Lansley MP

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee – minutes

Cambridgeshire Constabulary – Sawston Newsheet and notes from a Group Meeting.

(The Clerk was requested to write to the Chairman of the Police Authority expressing concern and dissatisfaction at the Community Beat Officer’s reluctance to attend a Parish Council meeting and at the disinterest of the force in the continual trespassing on farm land by illegal hare coursers and delay in 999 response due to borderline location of Ickleton).

DEFRA – re Planning Green Paper and the role of Parish Councils

Kate Sparrow and Peter Faure – copy correspondence with the planning department and a letter to the Parish Council and the Village Hall Committee about continuing problems and noise of roller bladers and the insurance position.

The above to be circulated to Councillors.


The Chairman commented on the position of the insurance of the village hall driveway and car park.  If a claim were made against the village hall committee for damage to a parked car, they would be covered under their village hall policy.  If the damaged car were parked by invitation of the Parish Council, the Parish Council would be covered.  The village hall committee cannot get public liability cover for an accident to a child playing on the driveway, as it is a access way not a play area.  The Parish Council is not able to obtain public liability cover on behalf of the village hall for this contingency either, as the access way is the responsibility of the tenant, the village hall committee.    


203/02 Planning

Decisions received from South Cambridgeshire District Council

S/1315/02/F 32 Butchers Hill, extension – permission granted.

S/0703/02/F Plot 4, Priory Farm, amendments – permission granted

S/1129/02/F Plot 3, Priory Farm, separate garage and store – permission granted


Decision from the Planning Inspectorate on S/1186/01/F and S/1424/01/F, replacement dwelling, 4 Butchers Hill, dormer windows; appeal dismissed.


Applications received from South Cambridgeshire District Council

S/1616/02/F, 71 Abbey Street, replacement garden shed.  Recommend approval.

S/1585/02/F, Erection of Research & Development Facilities and Ancillary Amenities – Phase 1, land south of Hinxton Hall for the Wellcome Trust.  It was agreed that this detailed application was very much in line with the outline application on which the Parish Council had commented at length.  The Clerk to indicate approval with comments on the number of car parking spaces proposed, the estimated number of vehicle movements and the materials used on the south west elevations, which will impact on Ickleton.


204/02 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Kate Sparrow asked whether the Parish Council and the Village Hall Committee would consider rewording the Caution Children Playing sign on the village hall driveway.  The Parish Council did not consider the wording inappropriate.  They were in agreement that both they and the village hall committee had a duty and responsibility to point out to motorists that children might be on the driveway.  After some discussion on the continuing problems of roller bladers and skate boarding it was agreed that three things could be done.  A further disclaimer notice should be put up on the driveway; the parents of the youngsters involved be spoken/written to again; the village hall committee be asked to obtain a quote for putting a gravel surface on the driveway.


205/02 Questionnaire on sports facilities.

The summary of the results were as follows

Number of questionnaires sent out


Number returned


Skate board facility


Number in favour


Number of potential users


Number in favour but without users in family


Number of families with potential users


Number of potential users already over 16


Tennis Courts


Number in favour


Number of potential users


The number in support of other activities and other suggestions were too small to be considered.

James Macdonald thanked Councillors for their work in collecting the forms.  It was agreed that the number in favour of a skateboarding facility justified taking the matter further and the Clerk was asked to arrange for meetings with SCDC, and two contractors, to seek their advice and for information on funding.  It was also agreed that it was worth pursuing the possibility of tennis courts in the future, although there would be problems with administration and vandalism.


Robin Driver proposed a motion stating “This Parish Council resolves to support the Village Hall Committee in preventing skateboarding and roller blading continuing on the driveway from Frogge Street to the Village Hall”.  This motion was seconded by Jenny Lawson and a vote was taken.  Four councillors were in favour, one against and one abstention.


Tim Pavelin mentioned that Colin Lindsey had offered their tennis court for more public use.  James Macdonald to speak to him.


206/02 Recreation Field and Play Area

The Clerk reported that the fencing around the new swings was now complete and No Dog notices were about to be put on the gates. South Cambs. will inspect shortly and then a cheque for the grant should be received.   Miranda and Mark Stone-Wigg have chosen a site for the seat they are donating and this was agreed.  A new litter bin in the swing area is necessary.  Expenditure on this of up to £160.00 was proposed by Robin Driver, seconded by Sheila Birch and all agreed.  The Clerk to organise.  The repairs to the garage are almost complete; new keys have been given to the football clubs and it was proposed that two other key holders in Abbey Street would be desirable, in case of flooding, as the sand and bags are stored in the garage.  Sheila Birch and Jane Hurst to be given keys.


207/02 New Social Housing

Sheila Birch reported on the site meeting held recently, attended by five councillors.  The Parish Council had never received plans showing sections or gradients.  When it noticed that the site was being dug out and lowered, enquiries had been made of Planning and no satisfactory answer given.  (See items 152/02 and 156/02 in the minutes).  The plans show a chain link fence and new hedge bordering the field, not a high wall built into the land.  The Clerk to draft a letter to Planning, commenting on this unsatisfactory situation.  It was suggested that in future a small working party of Parish Councillors should consider more complicated applications very carefully and report to the Parish Council.


208/02 Grass Verges

In Peter Wombwell’s absence there was nothing to report.


209/02 Coploe Pit

Sheila Birch reported completing a questionnaire from SCDC on the management of old village pits, including a comment that financial help would ensure proper clearance of the site, allowing the natural grassland to be conserved.  The Conservation Volunteers have offered to come and help clear undergrowth on Sunday 6 October.  It was proposed by Tessa Wright-Watson, seconded by Sheila Birch that sum of £100 be allowed to pay their expenses and pay Ron Coulson for the use of his trailer and the disposal of the debris, and all agreed.


210/02 Any Other Business

James Macdonald mentioned the rabbit cull scheduled for the autumn.  The Clerk to ask Peter Wombwell for details.

James also mentioned the good and tidy job carried out by the contractors laying the gas pipeline, whose work was recently completed near Grange Road.

Robin Driver mentioned that the Parish Council should respond to the initiative by Foxton Parish Council in fighting the proposal for a large new town in the Foxton area.

Tim Pavelin mentioned that Andrew Lansley MP had asked parishioners for comments on the rail service, prior to a new franchise due soon.  To be mentioned in Icene.

Jackie Casement reported on walking around two footpaths that morning with David Bethel from the County Council.  There is money available in the PPP scheme for more replanting of hedgerows and he proposed the reinstatement of the hedge that borders footpath 7 (beyond the level crossing at the end of Mill Lane).  A letter of confirmation and acceptance to be written.


211/02 Date and time of next meeting.

Wednesday 18 September 2002 in the village hall at 7.30 pm