Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 20 November 2002

in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm


Present:  James Macdonald (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst, Jenny Lawson, Tim Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and sixteen members of the public


244/02 Apologies for absence.

Apologies were received from Peter Wombwell and Robin Driver for late arrival due to another meeting.

Absent: Tony Mertz.


245/02 Minutes of the previous meeting

Item 232/02 Youth Representation, first line, should read “ Jethro Holberry, Sam Moss and Elizabeth Moss”.  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


246/02 Matters Arising

218/02 War Memorial.  Catherine Cocks has carried out excellent work.

224/02 Grass verges.  The Clerk had written to the Environment Department but no reply has been received yet.

225/02 Coploe Pit.  Charlie Frankau is waiting for some drier weather before clearing the debris onto the neighbouring field for a bonfire.

241/02 Rabbit Cull. It was reported that this is due to take place shortly.

242/02 Any Other Business

McDonalds litter.  The Clerk had received a phone call from Environmental Services saying that they were working with McDonalds to improve the litter collection.

Derelict Caravan.  This is not a dangerous structure, but Environmental Health Department will look into the problem.  No news yet.

The cherry tree on village green has been trimmed.

Dangerous slates on derelict chapel roof.  Building Regulations Department is looking into this.

Replanting of hedgerow behind Southfield.  The bare root plants will be collected when they are ready and Charlie Frankau will replant.


247/02 Youth Representation

There were no topics to be raised other than skateboarding and rollerblading.


248/02 Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received

CCC Highways re cats eyes in Duxford Road, which are not to be replaced

CCC Road Gritting leaflet

CCC Parish Paths Partnership – request for grant in 2003.  It was suggested that a kissing gate at the far end of footpath 9, instead of a stile, would make it easier for the elderly.  Jenny Lawson to speak to John Cooper and the Clerk to Sarah Smith.  John Cooper’s advice also to be sought on improving the muddy surface of the footpath between Abbey Street and Back Lane.

CCC Preparing for Floods, information

CCC Footpaths, re replanting along Byway 7 (beyond Mill Lane).  This work to be delayed for a year, until the works by Wellcome Trust in the field are completed.  Money from SCDC will be kept by the Parish Council for the hedgerow and trees, for maintenance and for under planting a year later with hedgerow plants.

SCDC Planning – Local Plan No 2

SCDC Local Needs Analysis for Formal Outdoor Sports Provision

The Countryside Agency – Get Your Community Moving, a step-by-step guide to Parish Transport Grants.

Clerks and Councils Direct – magazine

Cambridgeshire Biodiversity Partnership – leaflet.

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee, minutes and agenda

Carillion-URS – details of works on M11, early 2003 (for Icene)

Friends of War Memorials – request for membership

Cambridgeshire ACRE - Harvest magazine and membership renewal request, Annual Review.

Primary Care Trust – Newsletter

Police Authority – Sawston Newsheet

Mrs Munson, Grange Road, re danger of double-decker buses at cemetery bend.  The Clerk to reply.

Andrew Lansley MP re recent power cuts and 24seven.  The Clerk to reply.


CCC Highways (David Lines) had responded on the telephone with the following points.  A new village sign and bend sign have been installed on Coploe Road.  The SLOW markings at the Butchers Hill, Brookhampton Street junction are coming soon, as is the red strip with 30 mph on Duxford Road.  Cemetery bend – he recommended painting road narrowing lines and installing a warning sign.  In respect of poor visibility on the bend, he suggested approaching the landowner of the adjacent field to have the hedge cut lower.  This was not considered worth pursuing; the hedge is on a bank and cutting it lower would not appreciably improve visibility.  The Clerk to confirm all this in writing.


249/02 Planning

Decision received. Permission granted S/1616/02/F, 71 Abbey Street, new garden shed.

Applications for comment.

S/1996/02/F, 1 Mill Lane, extension.  No objection

S/2037/02/PNT, additional antennae on existing mast with equipment cabin and extended fence, Abbey Farm, Coploe Road. No objection to antennae, but insist on better planting and maintenance to screen the cabin and wire fence.

S/2085/02/LB, internal and external alterations to Barn/Stable, 33 Butchers Hill; no objection.


250/02 Finance

Cheques received: SCDC, recycling credit £222.55.

The following cheques were signed:

Ron Coulson, for grass cutting 2002 season                             £1,240.00

Catherine Cocks for replanting around War Memorial            £144.00

SCDC, for supply of bin bags                                                     £35.25

Royal British Legion, for wreath and donation                       £50.00

Charles Frankau for grass cutting 2002 season                 £2,323.57

W Hart and Son, for November Icene                            £65.43

Cambridgeshire ACRE, subscription                                          £30.00

The donation to the British Legion was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Jane Hurst and all agreed.  Continued membership of ACRE proposed by Tessa Wright-Watson, seconded Tim Pavelin and all agreed.

The issue of Risk Assessment, suggested by the internal auditor, to be discussed at the next meeting.


251/02 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Mary Woolhouse asked whether traffic calming measures could be installed in Ickleton, as they have been in Duxford.  She was assured that the Parish Council is lobbying Highways constantly on this issue.

Paul Rose commented that the problem of through traffic would be improved if a north-bound entry onto the M11 were provided.  The Clerk to write to Andrew Lansley MP.


252/02 Skateboarding and Rollerblading

Two main issues were addressed.  A letter had been received by five families from Mr Wilson, SCDC Environmental Health Department, about noise nuisance from skateboarding and rollerblading on the village hall driveway.  This had caused considerable upset.  It was stated that the Village Hall Committee had had no knowledge of this letter although apparently Mr Wilson had spoken to Gordon Woolhouse before the letters had been issued.  The Village Hall Committee had not made any approach to the Department, but the Department had acted in response to a complaint from a nearby resident.  There was lengthy discussion during which the Chairman stated that the Parish Council supported the Village Hall Committee’s stand that skating should be banned on the driveway as it was not possible to obtain third party insurance cover for this use of the drive.  There are no suitable and safe alternatives at present in the village but the Parish Council was setting up a working party to try to provide a skateboarding facility; this will certainly take many months to complete.


Tim Pavelin reported on the proposed working party.  He is grateful to the ten who have volunteered and will hold a first meeting next week. They will explore exactly what is required, costs, fund raising and available grants.


253/02 Recreation Ground and Play area

The Clerk had obtained quotes for safety grass matting to be installed under the aerial runway and the spring chick and horse.  It was decided that the possibility of obtaining a grant towards the heavy cost should be explored first and then to choose the appropriate option.  Meanwhile rounded bark is needed to top up the remaining surface, to comply with safety standards.  It was proposed by Tessa Wright-Watson, seconded by Jenny Lawson that the Clerk should order 10 cu m of bark at £470.00.


254/02 Freedom of Information Act 2000

The Parish Council must present its proposals for adoption at the next meeting.  Information to be circulated.  Most of the items suggested are already covered.


255/02 Wellcome Trust

Sheila Birch reported on the last liaison meeting.  Archaeology items found will be displayed on 6/7 December (details later).  The Trust will not support the rabbit cull but might consider a donation to improve rabbit proof fencing around the cemetery.



256/02 Duxford School Donation

The reply from Duxford School gave details of the scheme proposed but no costs had been mentioned.  The Clerk to write stating that the Parish Council was “minded” to contribute £250.00 and ask for indications of the costs involved.


257/02 Any Other Business

James Macdonald mentioned that Robin Driver is to become Chairman of the County Council next year.  Robin is concerned about the financial pressures on the County Council. This could mean higher council tax or a reduction in services.


Jenny Lawson commented on the cherry tree on the green, whose lower branches have been trimmed.   It still looks very uneven.  The Clerk to get advice and a quote from a tree surgeon.


Jane Hurst mentioned that Monica Lilley would like to have any information on the Health Centre in Sawston passed on to her if possible.


Robin Driver (who had been in Great Chishill) mentioned that the young people there are heavily involved in plans for a skate park and would pass any relevant information on to Tim.


The Clerk mentioned that residents in Grange Road had asked for a “Residents Parking Only” notice for the lay-by.  She should speak to South Cambridgeshire DC.


258/02 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 18 December at 7.30 pm in the village hall.