Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 19 February 2003

In the Village Hall at 7.30 pm



Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst, Time Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and three members of the public.


116/03 Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Robin Driver

Absent: Jenny Lawson and Peter Wombwell.


117/03 Minutes of the previous meeting

The Chairman pointed out that as Tony Mertz had been absent from meetings for six months he was now technically disqualified.  The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


118/03 Matters Arising

241/02 Rabbit Cull.  More complaints had been received about damage in the cemetery.  The Clerk to speak to Peter Wombwell.

242/02 Derelict caravan in Back Lane.  Environmental health are keeping an eye on it and continuing to put pressure on the owner.

257/02 Request for Residents Parking notice, lay by Grange Road.  Highways have been asked for permission and cost.

104/04 Post Office. Letters of apology for erroneous information had been received by the Parish Council and Dilip Odedra.

109/03 Finance.  Sheila Birch pointed out that when discussing the precept for 2003/04, no account had been taken of the possible costs of a contested election in May.  It was agreed that this would not have affected the level of precept requested. 

114/03 Cambridge Housing Society had written confirming making good the verge and contractors’ entrance to the site, planting the strip between the new fence and the hedge and agreeing to provide a Caution Children sign at the entrance to Stackyard.


119/03 Youth representation

Jethro Holberry was present, to speak about the skate park proposals


120/03 Report from Skate park working party

Tim Pavelin reported that £191.00 had been raised so far.  Grant application forms had been completed. The best quotation is for £13,000.00 from a specialist company.  They are hopeful that if they receive the £5,000.00 asked for from Sport England, which will be matched by a grant from South Cambs. they will have enough to go ahead before too long.  Jethro Holberry was thanked for presenting an excellent site plan and drawing of the proposals.  The earth that will need to be removed could be re-used in landscaping the site. The question of whether the site needs to be fenced is to be pursued by the Clerk. The working party representatives were asked to try and locate a similar installation locally, so that members of the Parish Council could visit and get a better idea of what it will look like.  It was proposed that at the April meeting a final presentation should be made to the village and to the Parish Council of the proposals.  Details of this event to be discussed at the next meeting.



121/03 Correspondence

The following had been received

Community Safety Conference – details

CCC Highways – re flooding of the Slade

CCC Highways – re proposed improvements to cemetery bend

CCC Highways – re potholes

CCC Highways – re resurfacing of footpaths in Ickleton

CCC Parish Paths Partnership re application for grant

CCC Education re Historical Resource Centre

CCC Highways Review

Environment Agency re flood warning service

SCDC re Parish Council Elections

SCDC Planning re Structure Plan Panel Recommendations Summary

SCDC re grant for installing safety grass in play area

SCDC re Ethical Standards – training roadshow

SCDC a Guide to Planning Enforcement

CALC, bulletin and other information

Wellcome Trust, Southfield Project, February bulletin

Post Office re erroneous classification of village post office

Andrew Lansley MP reply re proposed right to buy low cost housing

Andrew Lansley MP, copy correspondence re power failures

Cambridge Housing Society re Coploe Rise

Information Commissioner re adoption by Parish Council of Model Scheme

Imperial War Museum Duxford re film store units

DEFRA re licensing of events in Village Halls, churches etc.

Stop Stanst6ed Expansion campaign – information

South Cambridgeshire NHS Primary Care Trust – bulletin

Haverhill Town Council re Partnership Forum


122/03 Planning

Decisions received from the District Council.  Permission has been granted to -

S/2313/02/LB, alterations and unblocking of window opening, The Chestnuts, 22 Abbey Street.

S/2376/02/F, Extensions to Rectory Farmhouse, Grange Road.

S/2085/02/F, Internal and external alterations to Barn/Store, 33 Butchers Hill.

Applications for consideration by Parish Council

S/0172/03/F, Extensions, 5 Mill Lane.  No objections.

S/0201/03/F Extension, 91 Abbey Street.  So long as sufficient off street car parking space remains provided, no objection.


123/03 Finance

The Clerk reported that the audit had been completed.

The following cheques were signed:-

Moore Stephens (Accountants), for audit fee                              £141.00

Harts, for February Icene                                                 £51.94

CALC, for annual subscription                                          £151.52

Charles Frankau, for various jobs                                          £110.45

The Clerk reported the following receipts:

CCC Highways, towards cost of cutting verges                £1,074.29

Funds raised by Skate park working party                           £191.00

Grass Cutting.  Four quotations for grass cutting throughout the village for the forthcoming season were considered.  Ron Coulson’s quote was the best for the verges, village green and churchyard, and Charles Frankau’s the best for the cemetery.  The figure he quoted for the recreation field was slightly higher than Herald, but it was considered that his work and reliability was worth taking into account.  Acceptance of Ron Coulson and Charles Frankau’s quotations was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Tessa Wright-Watson and all were in favour.

Grass mat in the playarea.  Acceptance of the quote for installing grass mat under the aerial runway, spring chick and spring horse for £1,332.00 was proposed by Jane Hurst, seconded by Tessa Wright-Watson and all agreed.  The Clerk reported that South Cambridgeshire District Council had confirmed a grant of £730 towards this cost.


Risk Assessment.  The various queries raised over insurance had been sorted out satisfactorily with Cornhill.  Use of a gun in the cemetery to shoot rabbits was forbidden.  The Clerk to speak to Hedley Igglesden.


124/03 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Rachel Radford asked about the pavement resurfacing due next week, seeking assurance that the contractors will take care of surface drainage, air bricks etc.  The Clerk to speak to them.

She also mentioned that she felt the only way to deter increasing through traffic was to have more aggressive traffic calming measures at the entrances to the village.  She was assured that the Parish Council asked continually for better measures.


125/03 Report from Wellcome Trust

Sheila Birch reported that there was some confusion over the names used by Wellcome for local tracks and footpaths; Grassy Lane is being used by construction traffic at present.  The Clerk to put monthly report on work in progress from Wellcome on the notice board.  Toad migration, names of local tracks and dates for future meetings to be discussed at the next meeting on 26 February, to be attended by James and Jenny.


126/03 Flooding Meeting.

James reported that the meeting had been quite well attended.  Diverse responsibilities made the results inconclusive, but clarification of the roles of CCC, SCDC, Parish Council and householders should be listed in Icene shortly.  The Clerk to raise the question of poor surface water drainage in Abbey Street again with Highways.  The local Emergency Plan is held by the District Council and involves the responsibilities of various authorities.  It is being redrafted at present and a copy was not available.  The Clerk was asked to ask Gordon Woolhouse for a key to the village hall.


127/03 Government Proposals for additional housing

The Chairman commented on the proposals for Stansted and the whole M11 corridor.  The Clerk to ask Robin Driver who to write to, to express the Council’s concerns.  The Clerk to obtain membership forms for CPRE.


128/03 Any Other Business

Jane Hurst asked for a summary of permitted uses of the Recreation Field.  The Clerk to research.


Tim Pavelin asked for a key to the garage on the Recreation Field; the Clerk to organise.

Tessa Wright-Watson commented on the litter in Coploe Road left by the contractors on Coploe Rise.  She also mentioned a crumbling wall on the footpath between Butchers Hill and Church Street.  The Clerk to investigate.


Sheila Birch mentioned the Conservation Volunteers’ proposed visit on Sunday 23 Feb. to help clear Coploe Pit.  A representative from SCDC is also due to look at the pit shortly to make recommendations on its upkeep.  There may be funds available to help.

She also mentioned various potholes and broken verges around the village.  The Clerk to deal with Highways.


In Robin Driver’s absence the Clerk mentioned that householders will be given wheelie bins later this year. Robin is having meetings with Countryside Watch, Inspector Maycock, Andrew Lansley and others about illegal hare coursing.


James Macdonald mention that he and Jackie had attended a Community Safety Conference in Cambridge recently; points raised included the dangers of distraction burglary, necessity of keeping records of playground equipment inspections, and the help that ACRE can give on obtaining grants for community projects.  James also mentioned the forthcoming Parish Council elections and a letter he had received about the possible availability of broadband for the village.  He also mentioned that the cracked paving slabs beside the village hall were the result of wear and tear, as no one could prove that a heavy vehicle had cracked them, and that it was the responsibility of the Village Hall Committee to repair them.


129/03 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 19 March 2003 in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm