Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 19 March 2003

In the Village Hall at 7.30 pm


Present:  Peter Wombwell (Vice-Chairman), Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst, Jenny Lawson, Tim Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and PC Iain Perry.


130/03 Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from James Macdonald and Robin Driver.


131/03 Minutes of the previous meeting

These were approved and signed by the Chairman.


132/03 Community Beat Manager, PC Iain Perry.

PC Iain Perry gave a brief resume of the way he tries to work.  He wants to be involved in the local community. He has already visited schools, the pub, Social Club, been around when the school bus is in the village, walked around the church in the evening.  He tries to visit the village as often as possible and at different times of day.  He has carried out random speed checks and is tackling parking problems in Abbey Street, which may eventually involve liaison with Highways over the possibility of yellow lines.  He hopes to have the mobile police station in the village once a month, until the new Sawston Police Station opens in 2004.  Peter Wombwell thanked him for his high profile and proactive approach.


133/03 Matters Arising

241/02 Rabbit Cull.  Peter Wombwell reported that traps have been set and rabbits are regularly caught in the fields behind the cemetery.

242/02 Derelict caravan in Back Lane.  The Clerk to phone Environmental Health again.

257/02 Request for Residents Parking notice, lay by, Grange Road.  Reply from Highways states that this would be inappropriate as the verge and Highway does not belong to individual residents.

114/03 Cambridge Housing Society; the planting has taken place and the Caution Children notice is awaited.  Some concern was expressed about the standard of finished work.  The Clerk to write to the Housing Society; also to Environmental Services requesting a litter pick to clear up builders rubbish left on the verge in Coploe Road.

121/03 Flooding of Slade.  The Clerk had met a representative of the Environment Agency that afternoon who had advised her that the ditch needed clearing of silt and weeds.  The riparian owners should be written to with their responsibilities explained.  A quote should be obtained for cleaning the ditch, so that they could be informed of the likely cost.  Highways are responsible for the culvert under the road.  The Clerk to ask Highways to clear culver and get quote for clearing the ditch.

128/03 Summary of permitted uses of the Recreation Field.  Research merely showed that the area should “be used for recreational purposes only”.

128/03 Footpath between Butchers Hill and Church Street.  A section of the wall has fallen down and is blocking the path.  The Clerk to speak to the owner.


134/03 Youth Representation

There was no one present.



135/03 Report from the Skate Park Working Party

Tim Pavelin reported that plans for a jumble sale in April were under way.  He handed the Clerk a £50.00 donation.  Results of the grant applications should be known in May.  Tim was asked to organise a presentation of the plans, with drawings and photographs of a similar installation, for the April meeting.


136/03 Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received.

CCC Highways re potholes

CCC – Cambridgeshire Local Access Forum requesting volunteer membership

CCC – Local Transport Plan 2003-2011, Consultation

CCC Highways, re residents parking sign in Grange Road

SCDC Sports Directory

SCDC Homelessness Review

SCDC Housing Register Village Leaflet

SCDC re Parish Council Elections – timetable, nomination forms etc.

CPRE information and membership forms

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee, Agenda and Minutes

Primary Care Trust re patient survey

CALC, Bulletin, training course information, etc

Society of Local Council Clerks re suggested AQA qualification

Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Sawston Newsheet and information of Cambridgeshire Countryside Watch

Cambridgeshire ACRE, Harvest bulletin and information on funding issues

ROSPA – annual inspection of play area due in April


137/03 Planning

Plans for comment by the Parish Council

S/0302/03/F, Porch, 28 Frogge Street.  Recommend approval.

S/0347/03/F, Extensions to house and pitched roof to garage, 69 Abbey Street.  Recommend approval.  Two off-street parking spaces must be provided.

S/0475/03/F and S/0474/03/LB, extensions, internal alterations and alteration to walls and gates, 63 Abbey Street.  Recommend approval.  Two off-street parking spaces must be provided.


138/03 Finance

The following cheques were signed

W Hart & Son, for March Icene                                                    £51.94

Wrights Mower Centre Ltd, for annual mower service              £151.57

CALC, for audit notice                                                                   £1.00

SCDC, for rates for cemetery                                                                      £44.15

Ickleton Village Hall, for hiring meeting room                            £44.00

Cambridgeshire Conservation Volunteers for travelling expenses re

Coploe Pit and donation                                                                       £50.00

CPRE, membership fee                                                                        £25.00


Tim Pavelin handed match fees of £52.50 to the Clerk. 

The donation of £20.00 to the Cambridgeshire Conservation Volunteers (on top of their travelling expenses of £30.00) was proposed by Tim Pavelin, seconded by Sheila Birch and all agreed.

Membership of CPRE at £25.00 per annum was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Jane Hurst and all agreed.

Acceptance of a quotation from Charles Frankau to level the ground under the aerial runway and add some topsoil, prior to the installation of grass mat, for £80.00 was proposed by Jane Hurst, seconded by Jenny Lawson and all agreed.


139/03 Report on Wellcome Trust liaison meeting.

James Macdonald’s written report stated that

·        Diversion of Mill Lane (known as Grassy Lane or Byeway 7) for one year so that the land can be remodelled.  It will then be reinstated. There will be a further network of lanes with some public access. The Clerk to circulate to Councillors copies of the map of these.

·        Toad migration – Wellcome Trust is doing more than is legally required and will create new habitats.

·        Future liaison meetings will be on the 4th Wednesday of each month.

·        The Parish Council to consider the list of requests for contributions to the village.  It was agreed this should include help with the skate park, grass mat under the remaining play area equipment, repair and repainting of footbridge over river in grassy lane, pressure on Highways to do something about cemetery bend and the narrow road leading to it.

Jenny Lawson offered to attend the next liaison meeting, but as there were no points to raise, the Clerk to ask if the meeting was necessary.


140/03 Parish Council Elections

The Parish Council must be re-elected in May.  The Clerk holds the nomination forms for those who want them.


141/03 Coploe Pit.

The conservation volunteers did a good day’s work recently, but there is a lot more to be done.  The Ecology Officer had been to inspect, with Sheila Birch, and recommended complete clearance of the old man’s beard and brambles by specialist contractors.  A 50% grant would be available.  The Clerk to obtain quotations.


142/03 Any Other Business

Jenny Lawson mentioned that the flint boundary wall between Norman Hall and the property behind, off Mill Lane, had collapsed.  The debris has been cleared away and it will be rebuilt with blocks, faced with flints.

Sheila Birch mentioned that the gate to tin alley no longer closes properly.  The Clerk to get someone to repair it.  She also mentioned a pothole in the verge of Butchers Hill. There remains some concern about the boundary wall of Caldrees Manor onto Butchers Hill.  The Clerk to write again.

Tim Pavelin asked if a skate board and roller blade demonstration could take place on the basket ball practice pitch on the day of the jumble sale – all agreed.

The Clerk mentioned that Monica Lilley had asked if the Church Fete could be held on the Recreation Field on 19 July (as well as in the village hall) and all agreed.  She also mentioned that the bridge across the river on the road to Hinxton is due to be rebuilt next year.


143/03 Date of next meeting

Wednesday 16 April 2003 at 7.30 pm, with the proposed skate park presentation open for members of the public at 7.15pm