Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 16 April

At 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell (Vice-Chairman), Sheila Birch, Robin Driver, Jenny Lawson, Tim Pavelin, Tessa Wright-Watson, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and seven members of the public.


144/03 Apologies.  Apologies were received from Jane Hurst.


145/03 Minutes of the last meeting.  Item 141/03 Coploe Pit should read “…clearance of the old man’s beard and brambles…”.   The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


146/03 Matters Arising

242/02 Derelict Caravan in Back Lane.  Mr Wilson (Environmental Health) is keeping an eye on the situation.  The owner has promised to make it secure.

121/03 Flooding of the Slade.  A quote for clearing the ditch will be coming shortly.  To be discussed further in May.

128/03 Footpath between Butchers Hill and Church Street.  The footpath is now closed awaiting the repair of the wall. Permission from English Heritage may cause a delay.

123/03 Installation of grassmat in playarea is due the week after Easter.

142/03 Gate to tin alley.  The hinges need tightening.  The Clerk to organise.  The gates to the playarea also need attention.


147/03 Youth Representation and Report from Skate Park Working Party

The Chairman summarised the position to date and invited comments from councillors and public.  Tim Pavelin explained that the overall cost was about £14,000.00, of which £5,000.00 had been asked from the Awards for All Lottery Funding.  Funds held by the Parish Council as a result of fund raising by the Working Party stood at approx £1,180.00.  A donation from the Parish Council, a little more fund raising and matching funding from SCDC meant that the total was achievable.  The younger members of the working party explained the lay out and equipment that was proposed.


A number of points were discussed and concern was expressed that the provision of a facility on the recreation field would not necessarily prevent roller blading on the streets in the dark during the winter evenings.  However, it was generally seen as a positive step in providing something for the older youngsters to do.  It was then proposed by Tessa Wright-Watson that the Parish Council should approve the building of the skate park, subject to the necessary finance being available and the details of public liability insurance cover being satisfactory.  This proposal was seconded by Robin Driver, six councillors were in favour and Peter Wombwell was against. Robin Driver then proposed that the Parish Council should contribute £1,000.00 to the project in the current financial year, seconded by Jenny Lawson.  Tim Pavelin declared a non-pecuniary interest as chairman of the working party.  Six councillors were in favour and Peter Wombwell was against.  The working party was thanked for their efforts in fund raising and for the positive contribution made by the younger members.


148/03 Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received:-

CCC re proposed reconstruction of Hinxton Bridge in 2004

CCC Highways, re potholes, culvert under Grange Road and drainage in Abbey Street.

CCC Waste Management Scheme re volunteer Master Recycler scheme

CCC re Periodic Electoral Review of Cambridgeshire.

CCC Historical Resource and Cultural Centre project update

SCDC re Making Council Services more Accessible to the Public

SCDC Planning – Draft South Cambridgeshire Economic Development Strategy

SCDC Environment Health re introduction of Wheeled Bin Service.  (Concern was expressed at this change and the Clerk was requested to write to SCDC commenting on the lack of consultation with Parishes before the decision was taken).

SCDC re opportunities to attend and speak at meetings of SCDC.

SCDC, Event publication on arts and entertainment on South Cambs

GO-East (Government Office for the East of England) re Renewable Energy and the Planning System.

DEFRA re the ‘Quality’ Town and Parish Council Initiative.

The Wellcome Trust re access to wetlands area via Mill Lane for archaeological excavation

Wellcome Trust, April bulletin on Southfield project

Cambridgeshire ACRE, leaflet on the Rural housing Enabler Project, Calor Village of the Year competition

Playquest Adventure Play requesting contract for annual maintenance of equipment

CALC, Bulletin, information of Quality Parish Council scheme

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee, minutes

Imperial War Museum re the request for concrete blocks to be painted

Stop Stansted Expansion Campaign, information and appeal for funds

The Countryside Agency, Parish Plans publication

CPRE membership documents, publication of Planning Applications and Voice magazine

HM Customs and Excise on VAT

Cambridgeshire Constabulary – Sawston Newsheet

Andrew Lansley MP, copy correspondence re M11 improvements

The above to be circulated to councillors.


149/03 Planning

Decisions taken by South Cambs.

S/0172/03/F, 5 Mill Lane, extensions.  Permission granted.

S/0201/03/F 91 Abbey Street, extensions.  Permission granted.

S/0302/03/F 28 Frogge Street, Porch.  Permission granted.

S0347/03/F, 69 Abbey Street, extensions and pitched roof to garage.  Permission granted.


Plans to be considered by Parish Council

S/0560/03/F Crossways, Grange Road.  Change of use from Agricultural to garden land, for tennis court.  No recommendation.

S/0635/03/F, Construction of diverted footpath and footbridge, land at Genome Campus.  Considerable concern was expressed at this proposal, which had originally been mentioned as a temporary diversion.  To be taken up with the Wellcome Trust at the liaison meeting next week. Decision on Parish Council’s comment to be made after that meeting.


150/03 Finance

The following cheques were signed:-

J Casement, three months salary and expenses                      £524.93

Harts, for April Icene                                                                £51.94

151/03 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

There were no questions.


152/03 Wellcome Trust

There had been no meeting last month.  Sheila Birch and Tim Pavelin offered to attend the meeting next Wednesday 23 April at 11.00 am and would raise the question of the diversion of the footpath and the fate of the old bridge.


153/03 Parish Council Elections

The Chairman, on behalf of the Parish Council, said goodbye to Tessa, Jenny and Tony, who had not stood for re-election, and thanked them for all their efforts over the years.  There being nine nominations, there had been no need for a contested election.  He welcomed Lewis Duke, Carolyn Holberry and Mark Stone-Wigg as new councillors.  The Clerk to supply these three with minutes, a parish map, declaration of interest forms and a copy of the Parish Councillors Guide.  The cost of the guide is about £10 each; expenditure of roughly £30 was proposed by Tessa Wright-Watson, seconded by Sheila Birch and all were in favour.


154/03 Coploe Pit

Sheila Birch reported that the first contractor to inspect the site had been most discouraging about the rapid re-growth of the old man’s beard and brambles likely after clearance.  The quotation would certainly have been very high.  Brush cutting followed by clearing up by volunteers or paid help would seem a cheaper answer.  Robin Driver pointed out that there are a number of grants available for complete clearance; the Clerk to obtain two prices.  Thereafter the annual maintenance might be relatively easy.


155/03 Any other business

Peter Wombwell commented on the rubbish at Gypsy corner, Grange Road.  The Clerk to request clearance.

Robin Driver has called a meeting of Countryside Watch, an organisation supported by the police and our MP, in the village hall on 23 April at 7.30pm.  He also reported calling back the contractors resurfacing the pavements to make good in various places.

James Macdonald commented on the poor surface of the pavements in Birds Close.  The Clerk to write to Highways.

Tim Pavelin commented on graffiti in the village.  The Clerk to ask Charlie Frankau to repaint the bus shelter.

Tessa Wright-Watson commented that items for Any Other Business ought to be put on the agenda.

Sheila Birch commented on litter on the recreation field and dog fouling along the footpath between Abbey Street and Back Lane.  The Clerk to comment in Icene.

Jenny Lawson commented on a car regularly parked in Church Street on the bend at the bottom of Butchers Hill, which dangerously obscures the view.  The Clerk to mention to the Police.  It was also noted that none of the work promised by Highways at cemetery corner or the SLOW signs in Brookhampton Street has yet been done.  The Clerk to write to David Lines.


156/03 Date of AGM, Annual Parish Meeting and next Parish Council meeting.

Wednesday 21 April at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall for the AGM and Annual Parish Meeting.  The next Parish Council meeting to be a week later on Wednesday 28 April at 7.30 pm