Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 28 May 2003

In the Village Hall at 7.30 pm


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell (Vice-Chairman), Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and two members of the public.


157/03 Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Sheila Birch and Peter Wombwell for his late arrival.

Absent: Robin Driver


158/03 Parish Council Casual Vacancy

Carolyn Holberry had sent a letter of resignation to the Council.  A notice advertising the vacancy has been displayed on the notice board and mentioned in Icene.


159/03 Minutes of the last meeting

These were approved and signed by the Chairman.


160/03 Matters Arising

121/03 Flooding.  To be discussed at the next meeting.

128/03 footpath between Butchers Hill and Church Street.  Repairs are now being carried out the wall; meanwhile the path remains closed.

123/03 Grass mat has been installed under three items of equipment in the play area.

155/03 Any Other Business. Rubbish on Gypsy corner – to Clerk to ask for clearance immediately.  Charlie Frankau has repainted the bus shelter.


161/03 Election of Representatives

James Macdonald suggested some new areas of responsibility.  The representatives were elected as follows





Responsible Financial Officer

James Macdonald

Tim Pavelin

Lewis Duke

Football Club

Tim Pavelin

Jane Hurst

Mark Stone-Wigg

Coploe Pit

Sheila Birch

Lewis Duke

Jane Hurst


Sheila Birch

Jane Hurst

Tim Pavelin

Tree and hedge planting

Peter Wombwell

Jane Hurst

Mark Stone-Wigg

Duxford Airfield

Graham Igglesden

Lewis Duke

Mark Stone-Wigg


Mark Stone-Wigg

Jane Hurst

Lewis Duke

Village Hall

Lewis Duke

Mark Stone-Wigg

Jane Hurst


James Macdonald

Jane Hurst

Tim Pavelin

Wellcome Trust Liaison

James Macdonald

Jane Hurst

Lewis Duke


Lewis Duke

Mark Stone-Wigg

Jane Hurst

Duxford School

Jane Hurst

Lewis Duke

Tim Pavelin

Recreation Field Working Party

Peter Wombwell

Tim Pavelin

Mark Stone-Wigg

Lewis Duke

Jane Hurst

Financial Working Party

Peter Wombwell

James Macdonald

Tim Pavelin

Lewis Duke

Jane Hurst


The above representatives, having been proposed and seconded were unanimously elected.

Election of Representatives for Icene, Burial Board and Care Nursing were held over to the next meeting.


162/03 Youth Representation and Report from Skate park Working Party

Tim Pavelin reported that to date there has been no news on the grant applications.  The Working Party has planned a Bingo evening for 21 June.


163/03 Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received

Penny Fletcher, re Wellcome Development

CCC Copy letter to Jos Flitton re jetting surface water drains

CCC David Lines re SLOW signs and other outstanding work

Carolyn Holberry resignation from Parish Council

CCC Local Highways re pavements in Birds Close and eroded verges in Brookhampton St.

Duxford Imperial War Museum, copy letter to Robin Driver re landscaping at film stores (Peter Wombwell is meeting a representative from Imperial War Museum re the Film Store shortly and will ask a Parish Councillor to attend).

SCDC Draft Housing Needs Survey Questionnaire form

SCDC re Parish Planning Pack and invitation to meeting in July

Cambs Constabulary, Sawston Newsheet.

CCC Periodic Electoral Review of Cambridgeshire County Council, draft proposal and consultation document.

SCDC Health and Safety at Work Act – training workshops

CCC Local Transport Plan Consultation

CCC Cambridge Core Traffic Scheme Stage 3 (re Silver Street)

SCDC Planning, South Cambridgeshire Design Guide

CCC Highways Review

CALC – Bulletin, various training workshops, information of Quality Parish Status

Cambridgeshire ACRE, Harvest bulletin, and training programmes

DEFRA The Good Councillor’s Guide

South Cambridgeshire NHS, Primary Care Trust, bulletin

Pampisford Parish Council re safe cycling poster competition

CCC Camclerks, Cambridgeshire LEA’s new clerking service

CPRE, Planning Update, Transport Campaign Group Newsletter, etc.

ROSPA report on play area inspection.

Recreational Supply Services, post installation guide to maintenance, re grass mat

Cambs and Peterborough Joint Waste Strategy

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Waste Local Plan comments on report.


164/03 Proposed Reinstatement of Cricket Club

Mike Toombs and Samantha, who were attending the meeting, are members of a recently formed committee whose aim is to restart the cricket club.  (President Peter Wombwell, Chairman Mike Toombs and Samantha as secretary).  They have 14 prospective players.  They plan to raise funds through a Vice Presidents’ Club.  They would like to work this year on the wicket whilst playing friendly matches on other grounds, with a view to joining a League next year.  Lewis Duke proposed that the Parish Council should support the reinstatement of the Cricket Club, seconded by Jane Hurst and all agreed.  Research in needed to find if there any remaining funds from the old club that could be used.  In due course it will be necessary to rope off the cricket square.  The Clerk was requested to get quotes for spraying off the weeds over the recreation field and for a fertiliser to be used.  It was pointed out that a grant might be available from SCDC.  Mike will need to approach the village hall committee with a view to gaining access to a water supply for the pitch.


165/03 Planning

Decisions by South Cambridgeshire District Council

S/0560/03/F Change of use from agricultural to garden land for tennis court, land adjacent Crossways, Grange Road: permission granted.

S/0475/03/F Extensions, walls and gates, 63 Abbey Street: permission granted

S/0474/03/LB, External and internal alterations, 63 Abbey Street: permission granted.

Recommendations made by Parish Council

S/1315/02/F Amended position of kitchen window, extension, 32 Butchers Hill: recommend approval.

It was agreed to have a site meeting on Friday evening to consider the applications relating to extensions at 87 Abbey Street, Conversion of Barn into dwelling, Barn Priory Farm and alterations to outbuildings 49 Abbey Street.  James Macdonald declared a non-pecuniary interest as a next door neighbour of the Priory Farm Barn.


166/03 Finance

The annual return had been completed by the Clerk, checked by the internal auditor, Ken Worthing and by the Responsible Financial Officer, James Macdonald.  It was proposed by Tim Pavelin, seconded by Peter Wombwell and all agreed that this should now be adopted and was duly signed by the Chairman and Clerk.  Notices advertising the dates of the audit will be posted shortly to comply with regulations.


The following cheques were signed:-

W Hart and Son, for May Icene                                                    £67.92

Playground Management Ltd, for ROSPA check and report                    £75.20

Recreational Supply Services Ltd, for grass mat in play area            £1,565.10

J Casement for 3 Parish Councillors Guide books                             £39.25

CALC, for notices advertising Casual Vacancy on Parish Council            £1.75

Cornhill Insurance, for annual premium                                     £1,153.74


The following monies have been received since the last meeting

Match fees from the Ickleton Football Club                                       £30.60


The Clerk to obtain a Bank mandate form for the new Parish Council signatories.  She also pointed out that incomings should be listed in the minutes each month as well as outgoings.  Tim Pavelin proposed a monthly account be prepared.  After some discussion it was agreed that this was not necessary but that the Clerk should bring more information to each meeting on the up-to-date financial position.


167/03 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Those representing the proposed cricket club having left, there was no one present.


168/03 Wellcome Trust monthly report.

Tim reported that the Wellcome Trust would like to see their monthly bulletin circulated more widely to Ickleton parishioners, possibly attached to the Icene.  The meeting agreed that this was not desirable – Icene being for village news.  A précis by the Clerk of current works was all that is required.  Anyone interested can ask for the full bulletin by e-mail.  James to attend the next meeting on 4 June and will discuss this matter and the looked-for repairs to the footbridge over the Cam when Byway 7 is reinstated.


James also reported that he is having a meeting shortly at which he can discuss “benefits to the village”, ie help with the skate park project, cricket club, tennis courts (in the future), improved road scheme at Cemetery bend, etc.


169/03 Coploe Pit.

The Clerk reported that she had had one encouraging meeting with a contractor who had made helpful suggestions and quotations for both clearing the scrub and maintaining the grass land better.  Another contractor is due to look at the pit next week.  Peter Wombwell to attend if possible to give advice.


170/03 Any Other Business

Peter Wombwell mentioned fly tipping at Gypsy corner – the Clerk to organise clearance.

Lewis Duke mentioned the poor attendance at the AGM and the loss of opportunity for access by parishioners to the Parish Council.  Any ideas to be discussed at next meeting.

Lewis also mentioned the vandalised phone box on Coploe Road.  The Clerk to alert BT.

Jane Hurst mentioned the explosion in rabbit population and the damage being done in the cemetery. It was agreed that this is an ongoing problem in an area always heavily populated by rabbits.  Today fewer people shoot and trap them.  Gassing is not practicable at this time of year.

Jane also mentioned the overgrown hedge beside the chapel in Abbey Street, which is partially obstructing the footpath.  The Clerk to write to the owners.

The Clerk suggested getting quotes for a new Village Information leaflet.

James Macdonald asked if about 20 cars could park on the Recreation field on a Saturday evening in August, for a party; this was agreed.


171/03 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 18 June 03 in the village hall at 7.30 pm.  Representatives of the football clubs to be invited to attend so that terms for next season can be agreed.