Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 18 June 2003

 At 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present:  James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman), Sheila Birch,  Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Jackie Casement (Clerk), and four members of the public.


172/03 Apologies.  Apologies for absence were received from Robin Driver and Mark Stone-Wigg; also from Steve Jenkins, representing the Ickleton Football Club.


173/03 Casual Vacancy

There being three volunteers to fill the vacancy, a ballot was held, in accordance with NALC rulings.  The result was a majority vote for Terry Sadler, who was welcomed as the ninth member of the Parish Council.  The other volunteers were thanked for their enthusiasm and support.

Terry joined the meeting, but as he had not yet signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office was unable to vote on any issues.  Jane Hurst left the meeting, due to ill health.


174/03 Minutes of the previous meeting

These were approved and signed by the Chairman.


175/03 Election of remaining representatives





Burial Board

Peter Wombwell

Sheila Birch

Tim Pavelin


Robin Driver

Lewis Duke

Peter Wombwell

Planning Working Party

Sheila Birch

Terry Sadler

Lewis Duke

James Macdonald

Peter Wombwell

The above representatives, having been proposed and seconded were unanimously elected.  The question of Care Nursing was held over, pending research into its history and viability.


176/03 Matters Arising

128/03 Footpath between Butchers Hill and Church Street remains closed for wall repairs.

163/03 Correspondence,

Meeting with Imperial War Museum.  Peter is still trying to set up a date for meeting.

CALC workshops for New Councillors.  It was proposed by James Macdonald, seconded by Tim Pavelin that the £30.00 fee for any new councillor wishing to attend a training day should be paid for by the Parish Council, and all agreed.

DEFRA The Good Councillor’s Guide, it was agreed to obtain copies for all councillors.

170/03 Any Other Business

Fly tipping at Gypsy corner – the Clerk has chased up Environmental Services to clear the mess.  The telephone box has yet to be repaired.  The overgrown hedge in Abbey Street has been cut.


177/03 Youth Representation and Report from Skate Park Working Party

Tim Pavelin reported plans for a Bingo evening on 21 June.

The application for a grant from Awards for All has been turned down.  This is disappointing news. Tim suggested that a way forward must be found or else the committee and young people would loose heart and interest.

It was agreed after some discussion to explore other grant possibilities and to apply for help to the Wellcome Trust.  The question of whether to use Parish Council reserve funds and hope for a grant later, or whether to ask for a loan, will be considered and a decision will be taken at the next meeting.  James to draft a letter to Wellcome, mentioning other possible projects to help the village community.  He stressed to that the Parish Council is sympathetic to the dilemma and remains determined to achieve a skate park facility.


178/03 Football Clubs

Kevin Muir, representing Crocus Football Club, was thanked for attending the meeting.  He stressed that the pitch needs maintenance.  He also mentioned that visiting teams do not contribute to the upkeep, pitch marking, etc.  Tim Pavelin proposed that the match fees be kept at the same level as last year for the forthcoming season, seconded by Lewis Duke and all agreed.

The Clerk had obtained a quote from Herald Contract Services to spray the weeds on the whole Recreation Field for £368.00, with a second application for plantains at £340.00.  Acceptance of this quote was proposed by Peter Wombwell, seconded by Lewis Duke and all were in favour.  It was considered unnecessary to obtain a second quote as finding a reliable contractor for this work is not easy.


179/03 Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received

CCC Parish Paths Partnership re receipt of grant for new kissing gate

CCC re Changes to Local Bus Services

CCC copy correspondence to Rachel Radford re traffic calming measures and Jointly Funded  Minor Highway Improvements Scheme

CCC leaflet on changes to traffic flow in Silver Street, Cambridge

SCDC Housing, leaflet on Housing Register

SCDC re Young People’s Participation in South Cambs

Cambridgeshire ACRE, Rural Transport Funding Workshop etc

Health and Safety Executive, re notification of fairground events

Wellcome Trust, re firework display in November and June bulletin on Southfield Project

Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Sawston Newsheet

South Cambridgeshire Community Safety Partnership, newsletter

CALC, re training workshops, agenda for local meeting, National Association Conference details, Standards Board for England Improvement and Development Agency guide for new members

DALY International re upgrade of Vodafone mast, off Coploe Road

Stop Stansted Expansion – Update

Sawston Arts Appeal, invitation to public meeting on 17 September


Reference proposed training of the Clerk to AQA qualification, it was proposed that she should investigate was is involved and that up to £200.00 be spent on necessary courses by James Macdonald, seconded by Tim Pavelin and all agreed.


180/03 Planning

Comments by Parish Council, following site meetings on 30 May

S/1009/03/LB, 49 Abbey Street, alterations to outbuilding.  Recommend approval.

S/1086/03/LB and S/1087/03/F, Priory Barn, conversion to dwelling.  No recommendation.  Concern that proposed bedroom windows will overlook neighbouring windows and garden.

S/1041/03/F, 87 Abbey Street, alterations and extensions.  No recommendation.  Concern of overlooking onto neighbouring properties.

Comments by Parish Council on plans considered at the meeting.

S/1185/03/F Retrospective application for 2 sheds, field behind Southfield. Recommend approval.

S/1140/03/LB, replacement of 3 existing windows, 33 Abbey Street.  Recommend approval. (Sheila Birch declared an interest, signed the book and took no part in the discussion.)

Decisions received from South Cambridgeshire District Council

S/2314/02/F, 39 Church Street, extensions.  Permission granted.


181/03 Finance

Monies received since the last meeting

Spartak Football Club, match fee £7.50

SCDC, second half of annual precept £4,850.00

The following cheque was signed

W Hart & Son, for June Icene, £51.94

The current financial position

Business Base Rate Tracker Account £19,609.98

Community Account £126.82

Kevin Muir handed the Clerk a cheque for the Crocus match fees for the past season.


Councillors signed the Bank Mandate form for new signatories.


Burial Charges – annual review.  It was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Tim Pavelin and all agreed that the charges should remain the same, following the increases last year.

Village Information Leaflet.  The information is now out of date and new copies should be printed.  Acceptance of Harts quote for printing 500 copies for £188.00 was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Peter Wombwell and all agreed. Tim Pavelin mentioned that printing facilities at the Sanger Centre had been offered in the past.  The Clerk to investigate the possibilities before accepting the quote from Harts.


182/03 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Ian Laird mentioned the overgrown condition of the ditch beside Coploe Road.  He was reassured that this matter is under consideration with regard to flooding.

He also mentioned the increase of traffic in Coploe Road, and its speed.  This problem to be raised with David Lines, Highways Traffic Management.  He also mentioned that the 30mph signs are now obscured by growth.  The Clerk to raise this with Mr Cooper (Highways).

Lewis Duke suggested that this adjournment should be earlier on the agenda, and all agreed.


183/03 Wellcome Trust Liaison Meeting

The Wellcome Trust have offered to liaise with the County Council over any repairs and repainting of the footbridge over the Cam, Byway 7, when work on the wetlands is completed.  Next meeting now scheduled for 30 July.


184/03 Play Area

In Mark Stone-Wigg’s absence the Clerk reported that all the work mentioned in the ROSPA report is being carried out by Charles Frankau with some extra items noticed by Mark after his very thorough inspection.


185/03 Coploe Pit

Sheila Birch reported that two contractors had quoted for clearing undergrowth from the pit.  However, the plan of necessary work is still vague and the quotes do not reflect the same ideas.  Sheila proposed asking a representative from the Wildlife Trust and from South Cambs. Ecology to meet jointly with her to achieve a more detailed plan of what is needed.  The question of responsibility for the surrounding fence was raised; the Clerk to clarify.


186/03 Flooding

Lewis Duke and the Clerk had looked at this problem.  A quote for £350.00 from John Jossaume had been received for clearing the ditch beside Coploe Road and taking away the spoil.  As responsibility for maintaining this ditch lies with the riparian owners, the Clerk to draft a letter reminding them of their responsibilities and the possible proportional cost to them if the Parish Council has to employ a contractor.  A similar letter to be drafted to the adjoining landowners along the ditch as far as Brookhampton Street and to the river.  The Clerk to discuss with the Environment Agency the possibility of damming the ditch upstream of the motorway in an emergency, to prevent flooding in the village.  The Clerk also to ask Highways if they have a plan of surface water drains in Abbey Street.


187/03 Periodic Electoral Review of Cambridgeshire County Council

Having read the documents in circulation with the correspondence, there were no comments.


188/03 Ideas to improve access to Parish Council by Parishioners

Following the poor attendance at the AGM and Parish meeting it was agreed to continue discussing means improving the interest level of parishioners, with particular focus on next year’s AGM and Parish Meeting, perhaps by delivering leaflets to stimulate interest, or offering a glass of wine at the AGM.


189/03 Any Other Business

Sheila Birch mentioned trees, in particular the cherry tree and chestnut on the green, both in need of trimming.  To be discussed at the next meeting

Sheila also mentioned looking at preparing a Village Design Statement, with reference to the newly formed Planning Working Party.  Agenda item at next meeting.


190/03 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 16 July 2003 at 7.30 pm in the village hall.