Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday 16 July 2003

In the Village Hall at 7.30 pm



Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and four members of the public.


191/03 Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Mark Stone-Wigg, Peter Wombwell and Robin Driver.


192/03 Minutes of the previous meeting

These were approved and signed by the Chairman.


193/03 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Graham Igglesden, the Parish Council’s Representative for Duxford Airfield, asked if there were any points to be raised at the Liaison Committee meeting on Friday 18 July, particularly in view of the recent air show and fatal accident.  Two main points emerged; that of aircraft flying over Duxford village, the school and over Ickleton on air show days, and that of the risk of performing aerobatics so close to the village and the M11.  Graham promised to report back after the meeting.


194/03 Matters Arising

128/03 Footpath between Church Street and Butchers Hill.  The wall is being repaired and the path will reopen when work is completed.

163/03 Correspondence.  CALC Workshops – Terry Sadler has attended the New Councillors course.

170/03 Fly tipping at Gypsy Corner.  There is still rubbish to be cleared.  The Clerk to chase Environmental Services again.

178/03 Recreation Field.  The field has been sprayed and fertilised.

179/03 Correspondence.  The Clerk has enrolled on the AQA course and attended the first session.

182/03 Questions from members of the public.  Correspondence with David Lines re traffic and cemetery corner has proved unsatisfactory.  The Clerk to pursue the matter.


195/03 Youth Representation and Report from Skate Park Working Party

There were no young people present.  Tim Pavelin handed the Clerk £31.45 raised at the Bingo evening; the total raised was £131.45.  Fund raising continues with a Treasure Hunt in August and Tim is asking for sponsorship for the London to Cambridge Cycle ride.

James Macdonald reported a verbal promise of a grant of approx.£6,000.00 from SCDC. The total money raised will therefore shortly be about £9,000.00, including the Parish Council’s promised contribution.  He suggested that the scheme might be able to go ahead, using a loan for the remaining necessary funds.  Meanwhile the Working Party is continuing with renewed grant applications.  James will ask Wellcome Trust if any of their young employees are likely to want to use a skate park facility.  Jane Hurst wondered if a more versatile proposal of a track around the recreation field might be a better idea but this was not supported.  The subject of possible vandalism was discussed.  It was agreed that young people have to be given the chance to behave responsibly.

196/03 Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received.

John Wakefield, Bus Driver, re overgrown hedges in Brookhampton Street and at Cemetery Corner.  The Clerk has written or spoken to all concerned.

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee, agenda and minutes.

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Document – Providing Indemnities to Relevant Authority Officers and Members – a consultation paper. Also New Ethical Framework Regulations.

Cambridgeshire ACRE, Harvest Bulletin, information on Local Network Fund

Sawaston Medical Practice, re new health centre plans available for inspection (on notice board).

CCC Highways Review and questionnaire

CCC Highways, Mr Cooper re surface water drainage in Abbey Street

SCDC Housing – Key Issues, Tenants Newsletter

SCDC South Cambs Magazine, containing information on new refuse collection dates

SCDC Housing and Community Services Department, enclosing grant cheque for grass mat

SCDC Housing and Community Services Department re events for young people

Clerks and Councils Direct – Information magazine

CCC Highways, correspondence re cemetery bend

CCC Parish Paths Partnership, enclosing grant cheque for kissing gate

CCC Environment and Transport re new contract for bus service to Ickleton

Community Beat Officer Iain Perry re sick leave. (The Clerk to enquire about mobile police station visit).

Cambridgeshire Police Authority, information of Consultation Event, 19 July, and newsletter

CPRE Countryside Voice magazine, Night Blight information

CALC re Local Authorities Members Allowances Regulations, Parish Council training and Bulletin, minutes of District Association meeting.

Environment Agency re Flood Action

Hinxton Hall Ltd, re cheque for raffle prizes for Skate Park Bingo event

Quality Parish and Town Council Scheme – document

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority, Corporate Performance Plan 03/04

South Cambridgeshire Primary Health Trust, newsletter and bulletin

Stop Stansted Expansion – campaign information

South Cambridgeshire Community Safety partnership, Section 17 Crime and Disorder Act 98.

Wellcome Trust, July bulletin on South field Project


197/03 Planning

Decisions received from South Cambs. District Council

S/1009/03/LB Alterations to outbuilding, 49 Abbey Street – permission granted.

S/1185/03/F, two sheds, field behind Southfield – permission granted

S/1140/03/LB replacement of 3 existing windows, 33 Abbey Street – permission granted

S/1087/03/F and S/1086/03/LB, internal and external alterations for conversion of Barn into dwelling and erection of garage/store, Barn Prior Farm, Back Lane - permission granted.

Plans for comment by Parish council

S/1397/03/PNT, replacement telephone kiosk, Coploe Road.  The Parish Council agreed that a modern kiosk would be out of place and would prefer the old one to be repaired.  The Clerk has been in correspondence with BT and will write again.

S/1087/03/F and S/1086/03/LB, amended plans, removal of northern gable window- for information only; this amendment in line with the Parish Council’s comments on the application.

S/1459/03/F, extension and replacement windows, 2 Butchers Hill.  It was agreed to have a site meeting next Thursday, 24 July.  The Clerk to organise.


198/03 Finance

The following cheques were signed, including 3 for CALC prior to meeting:-

CALC, fee for Terry Sadler to attend training course                 £30.00

CALC, fee for Clerk to attend AQA training course                              £150.00

CALC, postage of 9 copies of Councillors Guide                                  £12.00

W Hart & Son, for July Icene                                                               £51.94

Village Hall for hire of meeting room                                          £44.00

Herald Contract Services, for spraying and recreation field                    £526.40

J Casement, hours work over 3 months + expenses                               £529.14

C. Frankau for work clearing hedge, repairs in playarea, repainting        £265.36

bus shelter, etc. materials and labour


The following monies have been received since the last meeting:-

HM Customs and Excise, VAT Returned                                              £191.01

Crocus Football Club, match fees for last season                                   £275.40

SCDC, grant towards grass mat in play area                                         £730.00

Hinxton Hall Ltd for raffle prizes for Stake Park Bingo event      £100.00

CCC, Parish Paths Partnership, grant for new kissing gate                     £170.00

Interest earned on Business Base Rate Tracker Account                        £45.45


Current financial position

Business Base Rate Tracker Account £19,655.43

Community Account as at 15 July 03 £1,561.55


The new Bank Mandate form requires signatories to disclose personal details and to provide identification to the Bank.  Councillors queried the necessity to do this.  The Clerk to inquire further.


Expenditure of £114.00 plus delivery charge on a new wooden kissing gate with the installation cost of £110.00 +VAT quoted by Charlie Frankau was proposed by James Macdonald, seconded by Sheila Birch and all were in favour.


The village information leaflet is almost ready for printing.  A quote from Copyscene, Saffron Walden for £89.00 for 300 copies or £135.00 for 500 had been received.  This is cheaper than Aimprint.  It was proposed by Terry Sadler, seconded by Lewis Duke and all were in agreement that the clerk should have 400 copies made by Copyscene at a price not exceeding £135.00.


199/03 Wellcome Trust

There had been no liaison meeting last month.  Work on the new site continues.  James and Sheila agreed to attend the next meeting on 30 July.  Matters to be raised include whether any employees might use a skate park facility and a report of disturbance to kingfishers nesting sites during the work on the wetlands.  The Clerk to request visit to site work that is feasible.


200/03 Trees

The Clerk was asked to provide two quotes for trimming and reshaping the cherry tree on the village green and for trimming the chestnut tree to “browsing level”.

201/03 Village Design Statement

Sheila Birch had researched the viability of producing such a statement, which when adopted by the Planning Department can be used as Supplementary Planning Guidance.  Already these Design Statements seem to have been superseded by Parish Plans, a similar initiative which, when completed, play an integral part of Quality Status to a Parish.  The problem is to find someone who can provide some professional input to help create such a Plan.  Sheila was thanked for her work and research.  To be discussed further.


202/03 Care Nursing

The Clerk has research past minutes and discovered that the Care Nursing scheme had started as a neighbourly care initiative in 1993 and that the Parish Council had agreed in 1995 to provide up to two nights nursing care for a family in need.  There is no specific fund for this, simply money made available out of current funds as necessary.  The Clerk to query with CALC the advisability of continuing such a scheme and the legality of contributing to one family under Section 137.  If all is well, then the Parish Council must announce the scheme in Icene.


203/03 Flooding

The Clerk had drafted a letter to be sent to residents adjoining the ditch in Coploe Road, but Lewis had not yet had time to progress the matter.

Mike Cooper (Highways) has discovered that a surface water drain, which runs under the stables at Caldrees, is blocked and this may sort out the flooding at that end of Abbey Street.


204/03 Periodic Electoral Review of Cambridgeshire County Council

In Robin Driver’s absence, this was not discussed.


205/03 Ideas to improve access to Parish Council by Parishioners.

It was agreed that the earlier slot on the agenda for members of the public was an improvement.  James Macdonald reported that Duxford had had 50 people to their Parish Meeting, but than many letters of invitation had been sent out.  It was agreed that next year’s meeting should be on a separate evening to the AGM, that leaflets should be sent to all households, the Parish Council should consider a guest speaker, eg the Community Beat Officer, and possibly to offer a glass of wine beforehand.


205/03 Any Other Business

Lewis Duke mentioned the proposals to widen the M11 in the future.  Agenda item next meeting.  He also mentioned that visibility to the left when turning out of Coploe Road was impossible due to overgrown hedge.  The Clerk to pursue.

Sheila Birch mentioned the low branches over Butchers Hill from Caldrees. The Clerk to ask for them to be trimmed.  She also mentioned the poor quality of resurfacing to the pavements in Abbey Street.  Already grass is growing through in places and where vehicles cross for access the surface is damaged.  The Clerk to write to Mr Cooper, Highways.


206/03 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 20 August 03 at


7.30 pm in the Village Hall.