Ickleton Parish Council


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 20 August 2003

At 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.



Present: Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman), Sheila Birch, Robin Driver, Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and seven members of the public.


207/03 Apologies for absence.

Apologies were received from James Macdonald.


208/03 Minutes of the previous meeting.

These were approved and signed by the Vice Chairman.


209/03 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Flooding. The Parish Council had recently written to some residents of Coploe Road pointing out their responsibilities as riparian landowners to keep the adjoining ditch clear and offering to help by obtaining a quote from a contractor to do the work.

Beryl Bonham stated that she would not pay a contribution towards the proposed work. As the ditch was not her property she did not acknowledge any responsibility for keeping it clear.

Jackie Seager pointed out that the Environment Agency booklet enclosed with the letter stated that “You are presumed to own the land up to the centre of the watercourse, unless it is known to be owned by others”.  She felt that silt from the Stackyard site had contributed to the silting of the ditch.

Ian Laird, who is not a riparian landowner, commented that grass cuttings blocked the ditch and the grips.

Lewis Duke stated that the letter highlighted the fact that the ditch needs to be cleaned out.  He stressed the need to distinguish the between what is law and what has become common practice.

Robin Driver stated clearly that riparian owners have a responsibility to keep ditches clear.

Complaints were received about sandbags being left beside the ditch; these had been put there by the Parish Council to help protect properties when the water level was rising.  It was finally agreed to check with Highways that they do not have a responsibility for ditches and to obtain this in writing.


Graham Igglesden reported on the recent Liaison meeting with the Duxford Imperial War Museum.  The complaints about over flying had been noted, particularly with reference to the school.  Insurance is very adequate on the part of the War Museum, the aircraft and pilots.  Robin Driver commented that the three incidents in the past few weeks are all being very closely investigated by the appropriate authorities who will report in due course.  Meanwhile the Air Museum is organising an open meeting in October for residents to comment on and be reassured about activities and procedures on the airfield.


Ian Laird asked about visibility in Coploe Road with overgrown branches.  The Clerk to pursue with Highways at once.  He commented also about parking on the verges.  He was advised that if vehicles blocked the footpath the police should be notified.


Pam Fearn introduced the Ickleton Theatre Group, who, following an initiative by both County and District Councils to bring live theatre into villages, have organised a booking for a performance in the village hall in October by a small theatre group.  Hopefully this will be the first of many similar occasions.  She asked if the Parish Council would underwrite the expenses of the first performance.  If it goes well, sufficient profit should be made to enable subsequent bookings to be made.  This initiative was welcomed by the Parish Council.


Gordon Woolhouse referred to the proposed M11 widening announced recently and suggested that the Parish Council should ask that consideration be given to a north bound entry at the Stump Cross junction in addition to the widening scheme.


Lena Frost asked if overhanging trees on Butchers Hill could be cut back.  The Clerk to contact the land owner.


Peter Wombwell closed the meeting at this point until some members of the public withdrew.


210/03 Matters Arising

170/03 Fly tipping at Gypsy Corner.  Despite frequent requests this has still not been cleared away.  The Clerk to check and write to Environmental Services.

182/03 Cemetery bend.  David Lines (Highways) has promised the new signing and white lining.

197/03 Planning, Telephone Kiosk in Coploe Road.  BT had commented that as the level of use was very low, if the Parish Council wished the kiosk could be removed and not replaced by a modern one.  Some residents of Coploe Road had stated that this was the preferred option.  The Clerk had therefore written to ask for its removal.

198/03 Bank Mandate.  Further enquiries revealed that only the three new signatories need complete the form, leaving out questions relating to personal finance, and prove their identity at the nearest branch.  Two of the three new signatories had done this.

198/03 Village Information Leaflet.  This is now printed and ready for distribution.  The Clerk to ask Parish Council members for help.  Thanks are due to Charles Cooper for his help.

202/03 Care Nursing.  The origins of this earmarked fund remain obscure.  CALC had advised the Clerk that donating money to an individual case would fall outside the rules governing Parish Council expenditure.  It was agreed by the meeting that the Care Nursing initiative be discontinued.  

205/03 Any Other Business, damaged pavement surface.  Mr Cooper (Highways) had promised to look at this and instigate repairs as necessary.  An update was unobtainable as he was on holiday.  The Clerk to pursue this and the issue of the blocked surface water drain under Caldrees on his return.


211/03 Youth Representation and Report from Skate Park Working Party

South Cambs. District Council has promised an unconditional grant of £7,193.00.  The remaining shortfall in funds is therefore £5,457.00.  Following a meeting with the Wellcome Trust, James Macdonald had reported that it is likely that they will make a donation and he has written to them setting out the figures.  It was proposed by Lewis Duke, seconded by Peter Wombwell that as soon as there is any news from Wellcome, the Parish Council should give the Working Party permission to go ahead with the scheme, and all were in favour.  Tim Pavelin had raised £164.14 on his sponsored bike ride for the funds. 


212/03 Correspondence

CCC Highways re Cemetery bend, hedge in Brookhampton Street and Abbey Street  (The Brookhampton Street hedge to be followed up as a matter of urgency following bus drivers’ complaints – the Clerk to organise).

CCC Environment and Transport, re change of contract for bus service

CCC Community Safety Partnership - Newsletter

CCC Historical Resource and Cultural Centre Project Update

CCC Environment and Transport – Parish Planting Scheme 2003/04

CALC, Bulletin, details of training events, District AGM invitation and website information.
Cambridgeshire Constabulary – Sawston Newsheets July and August

Cambridgeshire Constabulary re new website

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee, minutes

South Cambridgeshire NHS Primary Care Trust – Bulletin

Wellcome Trust – August bulletin on Southfield Project

Herald Contract Services – suggesting further maintenance improvements for Recreation Field

Playquest – offering maintenance contract for swings

Cambridgeshire ACRE re Rural Transport Partnership and source and possible funding for youth projects

B & H Designs offering induction loop systems

DEFRA re Rural Services Standard 2003

CPRE, leaflets Rural Matters and Planning Update

GO-East – Renewable Energy and the Planning System – information pack

Standards Board for England – Booklet Standards Committee determinations

Duxford Imperial War Museum – letter to residents concerning three recent accidents

Ickleton Theatre Group – letter from Pam Fearn explaining the initiative and asking for financial support.

Eileen Godfrey – letter denying responsibility for Coploe Road ditch and seeking information on Abbey Street flooding.


213/03 Planning

Decisions received from SCDC

S/1041/03/F, extensions 87 Abbey Street (amended plan), permission granted.

Applications for comment by Parish Council

Peter Wombwell, Robin Driver and Lewis Duke did not take part in any discussion.

S/1578/03/F, extension, Rectory Farmhouse, Grange Road. Recommend  approval.

S/1677/03/LB and S/1678/03/F, Internal and external alterations for conversion of 3 barns to residential use to provide extra living accommodation, The Old Grange.  Recommend approval.


214/03 Finance

The current financial position: Business Base Rate Tracker Account £19,155.43 and the Community Account £485.24.

Thereafter the following cheques were signed

Centrewire Limited, for new kissing gate                                                      £203.54

Herald Contract Services, for second spraying on Recreation Field                 £399.50

W Hart & Son, for August Icene                                                                            £63.92

Copyscene, Saffron Walden, for Village Information Leaflet                          £107.00

Charles Frankau for installing kissing gate and demolishing old stile                  £129.25


Tim Pavelin handed the Clerk £164.14 in cash from his sponsored bike ride for the skate park fund.


Two quotations for trimming trees on the village green had been received.  Eastern Tree Surgery for £165.00 + VAT and Treetops for £185.00.  It was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Jane Hurst that the quote from Eastern Tree Surgery be accepted; seven councillors were in favour and one against.  The Clerk to complete the application forms for tree surgery work within a conservation area.


The Ickleton Theatre Group asked for expenses of up to £160.00 to be underwritten by the Parish Council; this was proposed by Lewis Duke, seconded by Jane Hurst and all were in favour.


215/03 Highways, bid for Jointly Funded Minor Improvement Schemes.

Robin Driver was strongly in favour of continuing to press Highways for improvements to cemetery bend, Brookhampton Street, and the narrow stretch of road towards the level crossing on the grounds of safety.  The Clerk to request a site visit by someone from County Council Highways to suggest a plan for improvements.  Minor accidents continually occur due to poor visibility and uncertain priorities.  Bid to be completed after the next meeting.


216/03 Wellcome Trust – monthly report

James Macdonald had sent a written report of the July meeting. He has been reassured that no kingfisher nests had been identified before the work on the wetlands began.  The Open Day had been a great success.  James had been taken on a most interesting tour of the site by contractors’ project manager.  A similar tour has been proposed in December for any Parish Councillors interested.  As no further points were raised, the Clerk was requested to stand down the August meeting.  She was also asked to write mentioning the proposed cycle path as part of Wellcome’s Green Transport plan.


217/03 Football Clubs

It was reported that there had been problems between the Crocus Football Club and the Village Hall.  Private functions booked in the village hall on Saturdays do not mix comfortably with match fixtures and the use of shower facilities.  As a result an informal meeting between Gordon Woolhouse, Lewis Duke as village hall committee representative, Tim Pavelin as Parish Council football representative and two members of the Crocus Football Club, had been held to try and find some solutions.  Subsequently a meeting of the Village Hall Committee had also been held.  It had been agreed that during September, as an experiment, when two private parties clash with football fixtures, the matches would be very carefully policed to make sure the party guests are not inconvenienced.  Thereafter the position would be reviewed.  There has clearly been a lack of communication between Crocus and the village hall. Decisions on friendly matches in August have been taken at the last minute and Gordon has not been adequately consulted.  Tim promised to speak to Steve Jenkins and keep in close touch with Crocus.  Gordon had not been happy with the informal meeting held to discuss problems.


218/03 Coploe Pit

Sheila Birch reported that a representative from the Green Belt Project will visit the pit in September and a way forward as regards clearing and future maintenance will be discussed. 


219/03 Proposed Mll widening

It was agreed to write to the Department of Transport requesting consideration be given to provision of a northbound entry onto the M11 at junction 9 as part of the improvement scheme.  Robin Driver pointed out that roundabouts produce more noise, but such access would relieve the through traffic in Ickleton, Duxford and along part of the A505.


220/03 Any other business

Jane Hurst asked the Clerk to state what may and may not be put in the new wheeled bins in Icene.


Robin Driver suggested Highways should look at the blind spot on the top of Coploe Hill, partly in Essex.


Peter Wombwell mentioned potholes in Royston Lane.  The Clerk to take action.


221/03 Date and time of next meeting

As the Clerk and several Parish Councillors will be away for the September meeting, it was agreed to hold it a week early, on Wednesday 10 September, at 7.30pm in the village hall.