Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 10 September 2003

At 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present:  James Macdonald (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Robin Driver, Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Terry Sadler, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and two members of the public.


222/03 Apologies.

Apologies for absence were received from Tim Pavelin and Peter Wombwell.


223/03 Minutes of the previous meeting

These were approved and signed by the Chairman.


224/03 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

There were no questions.


225/03 Matters Arising

All the minor points relating to Highways have been dealt with, except the patches of damage to the resurfaced pavements; identification of specific sites is necessary.

170/03 Fly tipping at Gypsy Corner.  The Clerk has chased Environmental Services again.  She has also asked for tyres dumped in the cemetery to be removed.

212/03 Correspondence. Imperial War Museum, Duxford.  Robin Driver mentioned at this point that the Government Regional body, GoEast, has added Duxford Airfield to the list of possible sites for the relocation of Marshall’s airfield.  Cambridge City Council is requiring Marshalls to move.  The County Council remains convinced that Marshalls could not be relocated at Duxford.

217/03 Football Clubs.  Gordon Wpplhouse reported that monitoring the shower rooms and parking for the match on 6 September, which coincided with a private function booking in the village hall, had gone smoothly.  The ground being very dry, there was no mud in the changing rooms.  The Football Clubs had thanked the Parish Council and Gordon for their help.


226/03 Youth Representation and Skate Park Working Party

James Macdonald was delighted to report that he had received a letter from Hinxton Hall Limited, the charitable branch of the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, offering a generous donation of £5,500.00 towards the skate park facility.  The total now raised and donated is just over £15,000.00 and the updated cost of installation is £14,875.  The Working Party is therefore in a position to go ahead with the project. The Chairman made the following points.

·        There will undoubtedly be some extra costs, ie insurance and the possible cost of borrowing some funds until the SCDC grant money, which is paid in arrears, is received.

·        Planning permission is not required but Building Regulations must be informed before the work commences.

·        It would be desirable for the Working Party to continue fund raising to help cover maintenance costs.

·        Parish Councillors, Tim, James and Mark, should keep in touch with the contractors during construction.


227/03 Correspondence

CCC re bus service changes (not affecting Ickleton)

CCC Local Highways re number of points raised at last meeting, including storm drain in Abbey Street and hedge in Brookhampton Street

CCC – Countryside Management Advice and Grants leaflet

CCC – information on youth services

SCDC Environmental Health – wheeled bins for village halls

SCDC South Cambridgeshire Local Plan No. 2 – minor modifications

SCDC – Empty Homes Strategy – request for information (no reply required)

Wellcome Trust – invitation of Parish Council to topping out ceremony, 15 October

Stop Stansted Expansion – campaign information

Imperial War Museum, Duxford re Airshow 6/7 September

Postwatch – invitation to conference

South Cambridgeshire NHS Primary Care Trust – re help for people with chronic conditions

Addenbrooke’s NHS Trust – proposals to become a NHS Foundation Trust

Moore Stephens (auditors) enclosing qualified Annual Return

DEFRA re Rural Services Standard 2003

Cambridgeshire Constabulary re Police Community Support Officers

CALC – AGM Agenda and minutes, Bulletin

Andrew Lansley MP re Ofgem’s decision that EDF Energy (formerly 24seven) should pay compensation for claims made by customers whose power supply was interrupted for more than 30 hours last October.


228/03 Planning

Decisions received from South Cambridgeshire District Council

S/1459/03/F extensions to 2 Butchers Hill.  Permission granted

S/1578/03/F extensions to Rectory Farmhouse, Grange Road.  Permission granted.

S/1397/003/PNT proposal to replace telephone kiosk, Coploe Road – withdrawn.

Plans for consideration by the Parish Council

S/1898/03/F, extensions, 10 Mill Lane.  Recommend approval.


229/03 Finance

Community Account stands at £246.17, Business Base Rate Tracker Account stands at £18,655.43.

The following cheques were signed

Moore Stephens – for conducting annual audit                                                      £141.00

W Hart & Sons – for September Icene                                                                £67.92

South Cambridgeshire District Council – for uncontested election expenses            £43.54

Monies received since last meeting, £164.14 from Sponsored Bike Ride for Skate Park fund.


It was agreed that the Clerk should order 2 cu m of sand from Ridgeons and sand bags to a sum not exceeding £100.00; proposed by Lewis Duke, seconded by Mark Stone-Wigg and all in favour.  Details of storage to be finalised later.


It was proposed that an extra dog bin be installed at the entrance to the village hall car park from the Ickleton Lion; proposed by Lewis Duke, seconded by Mark Stone-Wigg and all in favour.  The Clerk to ask Charlie Frankau to install it.


230/03 Highways, bid for Jointly Funded Minor Improvement Schemes

It was agreed to ask for action to be taken to make cemetery corner and the adjoining narrow stretch of road safer.  Letters of support from the bus company and from Wellcome would add weight to the Parish Council’s request.  Forms to be completed by 19 September.

231/03 Flooding

Robin Driver has spoken personally to many of those with riparian responsibility for the ditch beside Coploe Road.  Highways have written confirming that they have no responsibility for this ditch.  There seems now to be a more general acceptance of what needs to be done.  It was agreed that a further letter be drafted to residents requesting their permission to carry out work on their behalf to clean the ditch.  This letter to be handed personally to those involved.  James and Lewis to oversee this.

Lewis Duke had spoken to the adjoining landowners further along the same ditch and he reported that he was gradually getting a consensus to achieve ditch clearing.  Railtrack should be asked to clear the culvert under and the ditch beside the railway.


Lewis also reported meeting an Environment Agency representative with a view to installing some means of holding back the water temporarily further upstream in extreme conditions.  He now awaits a visit from an engineer.  He will also ask them to look at the ditch at the end of Mill Lane, which is prone to winter flooding.


232/03 Refuse Collection – new wheeled bin system

There have been initial problems with the delivery of bins and new collection system.  The village hall needs a larger bin; a black bin has been ordered on behalf of the Parish Council for Ron Coulson to use for litter on the Recreation Field and the dog bins. The Clerk to enquire about bins being left on pavements.


233/03 Wellcome Trust

There was no liaison meeting in August, but James will attend the meeting on 26 September.  An invitation to a topping out ceremony followed by a tour of the site on 15 October has been received; sadly no Parish Councillor is available on that day.


234/03 Tree Planting

In Peter Wombwell’s absence, this discussion was postponed until the October meeting.


235/03 Any Other Business

Jane Hurst mentioned that tiles were missing from the roof of the chapel in the cemetery.  The Clerk to ask Roy Ellis to look at this and any other minor repairs necessary.


Mark Stone-Wigg mentioned that two items of play area equipment needed attention; he will speak to Charlie Frankau and deal with it shortly.


Sheila Birch asked if Ron Coulson could trim the cherry tree at the end of Birds Close; the Clerk to ask him to do this.


236/03 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 15 October 2003 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.