Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 19 November 2003

At 7.30 pm in the Village Hall



Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell(Vice-Chairman), Sheila Birch, Lewis Duke, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler and Jackie Casement (Clerk).  PC Iain Perry attended for the start of the meeting.


PC Iain Perry told the meeting that he hoped to have the mobile police station back doing regular visits to the villages as soon as the Soham murder trial is over.  The crime figures for Ickleton from 6 January 03 to date were 26, being burglaries, assaults (domestic), vehicle related crimes etc and 2 drugs offences; of that total 17 remain undetected, a figure he was not happy with.  He has recently carried out speed checks in Abbey Street and found no offenders.  He promised to keep an eye on the parking difficulties in Abbey Street.  The Chairman thanked him for coming.


252/03 Apologies. 

Apologies for absence were received from Jane Hurst, Robin Driver and Mark Stone-Wigg.


253/03 Minutes of the meeting held on 15 October 03

Item 245/03, balances in bank was amended “Business Base Rate Tracker Account £16,509.22”.  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman. 


254/03 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

There was no one present.


255/03 Matters Arising

240/03 Matters arising.  New Dog bin.  Charlie Frankau will install the bin this week.

240/03 Chapel in cemetery.  The Clerk read a letter from Roy Ellis, who considered that the chapel is in a fairly poor state and climbing on the roof to repair a few tiles would do more harm than good. He will keep an eye on some cracks in the south wall.  He recommended an internal inspection.  Peter Wombwell has the key; the Chairman and Clerk to take a look.

244/03 Reports from Councillors. The Clerk to ask environmental services to do a litter pick.


256/03 Youth Representation and report on skate park

The skate park will be completed in a week’s time.  It was agreed to have an Opening Ceremony on Saturday 13 December at 10.00am.  The Clerk to notify the press and announce in Icene.


257/03 Correspondence received

CCC Tree and Hedge Pack Scheme – re closure of this scheme next year

CCC re changes to bus services – not affecting Ickleton

CCC, Community Transport Guide – information booklet

CCC Draft Corporate Plan Summary

CCC Highways re various village matters

CCC and SCDC Community Safety partnership newsletter

SCDC Development Services re spoil in field in Brookhampton Street

SCDC re Members Allowances (and reply)

SCDC re Stansted Study and South Cambs

Cambridgeshire Constabulary – Sawston Newsheet

CALC, Bulletin, Chairmen’s evening, Landscape Character Assessments, note on memorials in cemeteries, next CALC meeting, note re audit fees.

Duxford Airfield  Management Liaison Committee – Agenda and minutes

Cambridgeshire ACRE, Harvest bulletin and membership renewal

CPRE Voice and local information

South Cambridgeshire NHS, Primary Care Trust, Improving Care

Wellcome Trust, November bulletin on Southfield Site, letter re firework display

Ickleton Theatre Group – thanking for support

Bedfordshire Railway & Transport Association, letter re proposed rail link

Playquest Adventure Play, request to sign maintenance contract (rejected).

Community Services Funding Toolkit Launch Invitation

Uttlesford Citizens Advice Bureau, invitation to annual public meeting

Society of Local Council Clerks re qualifications

Beds and Cambs Rural Support Group – information

Postwatch – Your Community, Your Post Office – re closure of local post offices
Cambridge and District Community Mediation Service AGM

Letter from Parish Council re proposed telegraph pole in Abbey Street.


258/03 Planning

S/1585/02/F, Amendments to Southfield Site, Hinxton Hall, raising height of chimney on new building.  This application had been received between meetings and after consideration by some councillors, it was agreed not to make any comments. 

S/0635/03/F, Alteration to route of footpath on site and revised position of footbridge – has no impact on Ickleton.  No comment.  The plans were inadequate, not showing position on site.

Decisions received from South Cambridgeshire District Council

S/1678/03/F and S/1677/03/LB proposed alterations to Old Grange – approved.


Applications for tree work.  Trimming of walnut tree, 4 Butchers Hill.  Trimming of walnut tree and ash tree, 4 Church Street.  No comments or objections to either.


259/03 Reports from Councillors

Peter Wombwell commented that the junction of Frogge Street and Church Street, opposite the entrance to the Village Hall is dangerous.  Many cars park here to use the shop and children cross the road frequently.  The Clerk to ask Highways and Road Safety Officer to look at the situation and suggest a remedy.

Tim Pavelin commented that, as a post office worker, he had asked to go on the Postwatch Group.  He also commented on the absence of members of the public at the Parish Council meetings and asked how we could better present ourselves.  Finally he suggested that if the County Council tree and hedge planting scheme was now closing, could not the Parish Council plant a tree in the village for every new baby born?

Sheila Birch suggested that parishioners who had made a claim after the power cuts last October should be encouraged to follow it up and gave a telephone number.  The Clerk to put in Icene.


260/03 Finance

Since the last meeting, the following cheques had been received

SCDC, remaining grant for the village hall                                                       £3,077.73

Hinxton Hall Limited, grant towards skate park                                         £5,500.00

The following cheques were signed

Prior to the meeting, Ridgeons, for sand and bags                                       £125.63

At the meeting, Ron Coulson, for grass cutting throughout the season            £1,450.00

Wrights Mower Centre Ltd. for spare part to mower                                      £8.35

W Hart & Son, for November Icene                                                                £51.94

Glasdon UK Ltd, for new dog bin and post                                                      £134.14

Cambridgeshire ACRE, for annual subscription                                          £25.00

Royal British Legion, for poppy wreath and donation                             £40.00

Charles Frankau, for grass cutting throughout the season                          £2,379.38

Ickleton Village Hall, remaining grant from SCDC                                      £3,077.73


The Chairman and Clerk had prepared a financial statement, as there had been so many big transactions over the last month and a statement showing skate park funds.

Donations. The poppy wreath cost £19.00 and it was proposed by James Macdonald, seconded by Sheila Birch that a donation of £21.00 to the Royal British Legion be added.  Other requests for donations over the last six months were looked at, but no requests from charities affecting local people (agreed criteria for Parish Council giving) had been received.


Quotations for skate park notice.  It was agreed that the lower of the two quotation, from Christ Baudains, be accepted.  The design submitted needed altering and it was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Lewis Duke that the Clerk spend up to £200 in obtaining the right sign.  It was agreed that if practicable it should be mounted on the quarter pipe; if not, it should be free standing – in line with ROSPA’s advice.


An offer from Herald Contract Services to fertilise the football pitch again had been received.  It was agreed that although the pitch is in poor shape after the very dry summer, it would not be good to take any action until the spring.  It will then need aeration, fertilising and rolling.  The Clerk to obtain a quote.


261/02 Risk Assessment

The Chairman asked councillors to think carefully and report any perceived risks.


262/03 Flooding

Lewis Duke reported that progress was slow.  No reply has been received from Network Rail over their responsibility to clear the culvert under the railway.  It would be unwise to clear the ditch upstream, if there is a blockage downstream.

Coploe ditch.   Two residents have already cleared the sections for which they are responsible. The Parish Council must continue to look at this problem and at other possible means of clearing the weeds and silt.

Possibility of constructing a temporary dam upstream, to protect the village in extreme conditions.  The Environment Agency would require a survey and desktop analysis of the effect of holding water back and the effect of such a measure failing, by an outside independent firm.  Funding for this would have to come from County, District and Parish Councils, followed by quotes and funding for the work to be carried out.  It is important that the Parish Council speaks to the Highway Agency, as the proposals might affect the motorway.  Lewis Duke and the Clerk to research the ideas and the costs and obtain guidance.


James Macdonald reported helpful correspondence with Mr Gildersleeve at Caldrees.


263/03 Wellcome Trust

Next liaison meeting 26 November at 3.00pm, James and Sheila to attend.  Topics – lack of definition of plans showing re-routed footpath on South field site, and invitation to opening of skate park.


264/03 Coploe Pit

Sheila Birch reported that the Wildlife Trust had suggested scraping back the undergrowth on the pit sides to reveal the chalk and uproot the old man’s beard.  It would also involve clearing round the top of the pit.  Duncan Fraser had suggested it would be 4 days work with a digger and quoted £1,760 + VAT.  Research is needed on the disposal of the spoil.  There are grants to be applied for, and ideally the work should be carried out in February.  Sheila and Jackie to do more research.  James to speak to Ned Tozer (owner of adjoining field).


265/03 Broadband

Several parishioners have raised the question of Broadband availability. Provision is provided by BT, if a sufficient number of households have requested it. Further information is needed.


266/03 Trees and hedges

Following a meeting with CCC Assistant Countryside Officer, it was agreed to accept the last free allocation of hedging to improve Gypsy Corner (far end of Grange Road, towards Chrishall Grange).  An additional number of plants will be needed to complete filling the gap, which the landowner will pay for.  Peter Wombwell and Lewis Duke to arrange for a small ditch to be dug along the boundary and the Clerk to ask Charles Frankau to do the planting when the ground has been prepared.

Trees on Recreation Ground.  The Clerk to obtain a quote for trimming the suckers of the field maples.


267/03 Quality Parish Council and Clerk’s training

The Clerk had explained to James Macdonald that the work involved in preparing a portfolio for the AQA qualification was enormous and that she felt it was too great a burden.  The training had been very useful but for the Parish Council to gain Quality status, there are a number of other requirements, such as having a Parish Plan, all of which require a huge amount of work for a small parish and council.  The Clerk to discuss with Robin Driver, but in principle the idea to be scrapped.


268/03 Date and time of next meeting

The meeting closed at 10.05.  The next meeting will be on Wednesday 17 December at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.