Minutes of the meeting held on 18 February 2004

at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall



Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and two members of the public.


James Macdonald, on behalf of the Parish Council, expressed his condolences to Mark Stone-Wigg on the death of his father.


117/04 Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Robin Driver and Peter Wombwell.


118/04 Presentation on South Cambridgeshire District Council Arts Strategy

Dan Schumann outlined the purposes of the Arts Strategy, being to build links with villages to develop a programme of arts activities, to give advice on funding activities and Parish Plans.  The Chairman thanked him for his time.


119/04 Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 21 January 04 were amended as follows:-  116/04 “James Macdonald said he wished to raise the matter of the Clerk’s salary.  Confidential notes of this item are available for inspection to members and officers of the Council on request from the Chairman.”  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman. 


120/04 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

There were no questions.


121/04 Matters Arising

256/03 Skate Park.  The grant money has not yet been received.  Clever Curves are due back within three weeks to finish the painting and tidy the edges.  The question of the fund raising committee continuing to raise funds for maintenance will be discussed later.

106/04 Correspondence.  McDonalds (Pampisford) – the clerk to write re uncollected litter on verges.

114/04 Broadband.  The Chairman reported that Broadband should be available by April.

115/04 Boggy ground on footpath 5.  PPP3 had advised that there was no suitable remedy.  To be raised again.


122/04 Youth Representation

There was no one present.


123/04 Correspondence received

CCC Passenger Transport re new bus stop flags and timetable cases

CCC re adoption of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough waste local plan

CCC Highways Review bulletin

CCC Community Safety Partnership quarterly newsletter and annual review

CCC Heritage Services re Camlearn website

SCDC Directory of Activities for the Older Adult

SCDC Planning Department re adoption of South Cambridgeshire Local Plan 2004

SCDC re Recreation Audit and Needs Study

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service budget consultation

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue, item for Icene on smoke alarms

Stop Stansted Expansion re new campaign details

Essex Ambulance Service re emergency call to village in December

Ramblers Association (Cambridge Group) offering help with waymarking footpaths

Duxford School re project to replace swimming pool.

Thriplow Daffodil Weekend –poster

Wellcome Trust monthly bulletin on Southfield Site

Wellcome Trust re cycle path from Hinxton to Sawston roundabout and on to slip road

Wellcome Trust re proposals for management of wetlands site

Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group re Cam Catchment Sustainable Farming Project

CPRE information

CALC re quality Parish Council Status, training and publication information

The Countryside Agency – Vital Villages Update

ROSPA re annual play area inspection.  The Clerk to enquire time and date, so someone can meet their representative and ask some questions.


Re Ambulance Service - although their reply stated that The Stackyard was no on the database, the Clerk to enquire whether all roads in Ickleton are noted and emphasise the difficulty in living on a county border.

Re Duxford School swimming pool.  Tim Pavelin explained that the way forward is not yet clear. The Clerk to reply giving support and the question of financial donation to be considered when the plans are more definite

Re Wellcome Trust – wetlands site.  Sian Wombwell explained that this would become a most interesting habitat. The contractors will hand over the site to the Wellcome Trust in two year’s, by which time the planting should be established and a management programme in place. The Wellcome Trust’s idea is that the local community should be involved in running it, with advice and guidance from the Wildlife Trust.  Sian’s role is to spearhead the project in liaison with the local communities.


124/04 Planning

Decisions received from South Cambridgeshire District Council

S/2413/03/LB, alterations, 10 Mill Lane; permission granted.

S/2503/03/LB and S/2504/03/F, replacement of collapsed flint wall with fencing, rear of Norman Hall, Church Street; permission refused.

Applications requiring comment by the Parish Council

S/0171/04/F, extensions, Rectory Farm, Grange Road.  Recommend approval.

S/00243/04/CW deposit of waste and restoration of agricultural land, Tylers Yard, Brookhampton Street.  Recommend approval.


125/04 Reports from councillors

Lewis Duke mentioned poor response by police to parking problems.

Terry Sadler mentioned broken slates on the ground around the Village Hall.  The Clerk to make enquiries.

Tim Pavelin mentioned the poor state of the railing of the bridge over the culvert in Brookhampton Street and the poor state of the brickwork.  The Clerk to talk to Highways.

Sheila Birch mentioned flints out of the wall behind the bins in the village hall car park.  The Clerk to enquire whose wall it is and draw their attention to the need for repair.

Sheila also mentioned the debris beside Coploe Pit, the result of clearing, needing burning.  The Clerk to remind Charlie Frankau.

Mark Stone-Wigg mentioned broken glass on the pavement, junction Butchers Hill and Abbey Street.  The Clerk to speak to Highways.

The Clerk mentioned that she had asked Charlie Frankau to trim the growth beside the path from Back Lane to Abbey Street, and to ask Peter Wombwell’s advice in obtaining some road planings for Charlie to put down to make it less muddy.


126/04 Finance

The following cheques were signed

W Hart & Son, for February Icene                                                    £56.64

Wrights Mower Centre for mower service                                      £312.63

PT Pinner & Son, for extra hedging                                                 £46.42

CALC for annual subscription                                                                   £159.47

Cambridgeshire Conservation Volunteers for help with Coploe Pit            £40.00

CPRE, annual subscription                                                                   £25.00

(The invoice from the Cambridge Conservation Volunteers was for £16.40 and it was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Tim Pavelin and all agreed that they should be sent £40.00 for their help).

Monies received since last meeting.

Cambridgeshire County Council, grant towards mowing verges £1,130.15

Monies in hand.  Following the above transactions the Community Account stands at £886.51 and the Business Base Rate Tracker Account stands at £4,555.26.  The grant from SCDC towards the skate park is still awaited.

New litter bin.  As there is a surplus of £305.00 income over expenditure on the skate park project, it was proposed by Tim Pavelin, seconded by Mark Stone-Wiggand all agreed that the litter bin be purchased immediately at a total cost of £214.00.

The Clerk was requested to get a quote from Wrights for the next mower service.  Also to invoice Liz Raybone for the cost of the extra hedging, along her field boundary.


127/04 Recreation Field and Play Area

The Clerk reported that a quote for reseeding and fertilising the football pitch is on its way.  The suppliers of grass mat will also visit shortly and advise on the area within the play area which has a bark surface at present.


128/04 Flooding

Lewis Duke reported that a representative from Highways is due to meet him shortly to look at the possibility of a restriction upstream of the motorway, to control the water in Coploe Ditch in extreme conditions.  Network Rail have promised to return shortly to clear the culvert under the railway line.


129/04 Wellcome Trust.

The next liaison meeting is on 27 February.  Sheila offered to attend.  Topics to be discussed are the wetlands site, possible danger of the level crossing beyond Mill Lane, toads, how the new cycle path will cross the A505 and to request replacement date for site tour.


130/04 Highways

James Macdonald reported on a recent meeting with David Lines, Highways Traffic Management.  No decisions had been taken as there are no easy answers to the problems of the dangers of crossing Frogge Street by the shop, traffic on Butchers Hill etc.  David Lines had encouraged reapplication for traffic calming measures in Frogge Street and Abbey Street, in line with the application made in 2002.


131/04  Coploe Pit

Sheila Birch reported that the Wildlife Trust’s recommendations to scrape back the sides of the pit to the chalk, to destroy the old man’s beard and encourage regeneration of natural chalk grassland, would cost upwards of £5,000.00 (two quotes having been received).  It was agreed to push ahead and apply for a grant.  Meanwhile James to talk to the adjoining land owner about the disposal of the debris.


132/04 Dates of future meetings.

Next Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 17 March, at 7.30 pm in the village hall.

Thursday 13 May, AGM (election of Chairman, working parties, representatives, review of standing orders, financial regulations, risk assessment, insurance, etc) followed by an ordinary Parish Council meeting – short agenda.

Wednesday 19 May, Annual Parish Meeting – reports from Chairman, District and County Councillors, Duxford School and village organisations, followed by open session for discussion with members of the public.  Drinks to be served at this meeting, to be paid for by the Parish Council under “Chairman’s Allowances” (Standing Orders).