Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 17 March 2004

In the Village Hall at 7.30 pm



Present: Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman), Robin Driver, Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavaelin, Terry Sadler and Jackie Casement (Clerk).


132/04 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from James Macdonald, Mark Stone-Wigg and Sheila Birch.


133/04 To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 18 February 04

The following amendments were made.  Item 123/04 Correspondence, Duxford School, should read “refurbish the swimming pool”.  Item 131/04 Coploe Pit, last sentence should read “James Macdonald to talk to the adjoining land owner about the project.”  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Vice-Chairman.


134/04 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

There was no one present.


135/04 Matters Arising

125/04 Reports from Councillors

Parking in Abbey Street – the Police have been monitoring the situation. Mention in Icene.

The broken slates beside the Village Hall have been cleared away.

Clerk awaiting reply from Highways on poor state of Brookhampton Street bridge.

Charlie Frankau has today started burning the debris from Coploe Pit.

The broken glass on the pavement has been removed.


136/04 Youth Representation

There was no one present.


137/04 Correspondence received

The following correspondence had been received:-

CCC re alterations to bus service

CCC Sports Development Officer re grant completion for skate park

CCC Periodic Electoral Review of Cambridgeshire, Boundary Committee

SCDC re kitchen waste bins (for green waste, to go into green wheeled bin)  (To be mentioned in Icene when date and procedure ascertained).

SCDC information pack on Cambridgeshire’s Toolkit for the Arts

SCDC Spring into Action, sporting activities in the Easter holidays

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Standards Board, draft guidance re allegations of misconduct under Local Authorities Code of Conduct Regulations 2004

DEFRA re rural broadband

CALC, bulletin, agenda for meeting, details of training events

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee, agenda and reports

Cambridgeshire Constabulary – Sawston Newsheat

Cambridgeshire Police Authority re budget decisions

Essex Air Ambulance re response to incidents across county boundaries, etc.  (The Clerk to write to East Anglian Ambulance Service, raising the same issues).

CPRE, Countryside Voice etc

The Old Flying Machine Company re flypast for D-Day show

Duxford School, requesting donation to help with library books. (The Clerk to enquire from other Parish Councils the level of donation).

Sawston Village College re future of Community Education at the College

Wellcome Trust – March update on Southfield Site

Monica Lilley re date for Church fete on Recreation Field


138/04 Planning

Decisions received from South Cambridgeshire District Council

S/0171/04/F Extensions, Rectory Farmhouse, Grange Road.  Permission granted.

Plans requiring comment by Parish Council

S/0474/03/LB alterations and extension to 63 Abbey Street.  Amendment to plan.

This needed no comment as the proposed amendment is for a reduction in windows.


Cycle Track from Hinxton to Sawston (Wellcome Trust).  It was agreed that the proposed track along the verge on the west side of the A1301 was an excellent idea.  The proposals for the Pampisford roundabout, where cyclists can cross the A505 and the road to Sawston appear very dangerous.  There is no refuge provided on the A1301 south entrance to the roundabout.  It was suggested that an alternative route, whereby cyclists could pass to the south of the McDonalds restaurant and the petrol station, and then cross the A505 west of the roundabout at a controlled crossing, would be safer.  The Clerk to write to the Wellcome Trust.


139/04 Reports from Councillors

Robin Driver reported that Mr Ted Inman has resigned his post as Director of Duxford Airfield and a new Director is being sought.

Robin also reported complaints of dog fouling on the Recreation Field.  To be mentioned in Icene and the Dog Warden alerted.

Robin had received a proposal from an outside source to hold a “Charity Ball” in the village in the summer to raise money for the church and other village charities, featuring a band and various attractions. It was agreed that a need would first have to be established before consideration was given. The Clerk to enquire whether such an event had been staged elsewhere and with what success or disruptions.

Terry Sadler mentioned notices in the village advertising bin cleaning services, attached to posts.  The Clerk to ask Highways to remove them.

Tim Pavelin mentioned that Post Offices will no longer sell electricity pre-payment tokens as from 1 April.  For those living in villages it will mean travelling to the nearest town and represents a decrease in rural services.  The Clerk to write to Andrew Lansley MP.

Peter Wombwell mentioned that no “Toad” signs have been put up towards Hinxton.  The Clerk to raise this with Wellcome Trust.


140/04 Finance

The following cheques were signed

W Hart & Son, for March Icene                                                    £51.94

Glasdon UK Limited, for new litter bin                                         £252.82

South Cambridgeshire District Council, Council tax for cemetery            £48.74

Herald Contract Services, to fertilise the football pitch                 £70.50

Village Hall Committee, hire of room for meetings                                   £33.00

Charles Frankau, install dog bin, trim hedge on footpath Back

Lane/Abbey Street and lay road planings                                         £352.06

(The Clerk apologised that the cost of this was much higher than envisaged; Charlie to supply a quote for jobs likely to go over £100 in future).


Monies received since last meeting

SCDC, skate park grant                                                                     £7,472.28

E Raybone (c/o Lewis Duke), for hedging near Gypsy Corner            £39.51


Monies in hand (after payment of above cheques)

Community Account £774.20

Business Rate Tracker Account £11,555.26

Grass cutting.

It was agreed to accept Ron Coulson’s quotation for cutting the verges, village green and churchyard, being cheaper than Herald Contract Services.  Proposed by Robin Driver, seconded by Lewis Duke and all agreed.

The price quoted by Herald for cutting the Recreation field and play area was so low that the Clerk was asked to ask them to resubmit a figure, with specific instructions, in order that their quote could be compared to that of Charles Frankau.  This matter to be resolved by a quorum of Parish Councillors as soon as the figures are available, as a decision cannot wait until the April meeting.


The Recreation Field maintenance proposal by Herald Contract Services for reseeding etc. to be discussed at the April meeting, when the football clubs can be invited to join.  Work cannot begin until May due to match fixtures, which is late for reseeding.


141/04 Hedging

Installation of the hedging at Gypsy Corner is almost complete.  There is a concrete apron in front of the wall that could not be dug out, but the wall prevents access to the site.  The spare hedging plants thus available to be used to fill gaps further along the same hedgerow.  Rabbit guards and canes were considered advisable.  The Clerk to obtain these.


142/04 Recreation Field and Play Area

The Clerk had obtained a quote from RSS Playmakers for installing grass mat under the central area of equipment.  Work to do this would be extensive, removing shuttering and all old bark, laying turf and finally installing grass mat, totalling some £8,800.00.  This was considered too great a figure for the Parish Council to undertake, even if a grant were available.  The cost of topping up the bark every other year is £500.00.


143/04 Flooding

Lewis Duke reported that he has a date fixed for meeting a representative from Highways to look at the possibility of a restriction upstream of the motorway.  The Clerk is chasing Network Rail to clear the silt from the culvert and will write again with a copy to Andrew Lansley MP.


144/04 Wellcome Trust

Information on the proposed wetlands project involving residents of Ickleton and Hinxton in the management of the site, with the Wildlife Trust, to go in Icene.  The path across the site will not be open until 2005.  Sheila Birch had offered to attend the next liaison meeting on 26 March, with James Macdonald if he is available.  Topics to discuss include the cycle path and the absence of toad signs during the breeding season.


145/05 Coploe Pit

Sheila Birch had submitted a written report.  She and James have had a meeting on site with Ned Tozer, the adjoining landowner, to explain the outline management plan. He was generally supportive.  Sheila is obtaining two more quotations for an agreed plan.  Peter Wombwell suggested that grazing goats would clear the site.


146/04 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 21 April 04 in the village hall at 7.30pm

The meeting closed at 9.00 pm