Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 13 May 2004

In the Village Hall, following the AGM


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman), Robin Driver, Lewis Duke, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Mark Stone-Wigg and Jackie Casement (Clerk).


Apologies for absence were received from Sheila Birch and Jane Hurst.


162/04            Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 21 April 04 were approved and signed by the Chairman.


163/04 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

There were no members of the public present.


164/04 Matters Arising

135/04 Brookhampton Street bridge.  This is now being repaired.

139/04 Proposed Charity Ball.  The Clerk had asked Mr Broughton questions about how the money was to be raised, but had not received a reply.

153/04 Correspondence.  M11 widening.  James to reply to letter from Little Shelford Parish Council. 

155/04 Reports from Councillors.  The pot holes are repaired but the level crossing is still very uneven.  The Clerk to chase this up.

Broadband.  At present those living more than 5 kilometres from the exchange will not be able to receive Broadband.  The Government is trying to get this increased to 8 kilometres.

157/04 Recreation Ground.  Donation of topsoil to nearby skate park project could not take place.  Some soil will be used to repair the goal mouths, some for work around the village hall and Peter Wombwell to organise distribution of the remainder now the ground is drier.


165/04 Youth Representation

There was no one present.


166/04 Correspondence

The following correspondence had been received

CCC Environment and Transport – reply re cycle path from Hinxton to Sawston.  (It was commented that this plan shows no common sense.  To be discussed at the next Wellcome Trust liaison meeting).

CCC Highways – re minor repairs

CCC Countryside Services Team re Cambridgeshire Rights of Way Improvement Plan

CCC re Older Peoples’ Community Groups – questionnaire

CCC re Inspection of new hedging (a glowing report – the Clerk to congratulate Charlie Frankau)

SCDC Development Services re South Cambridgeshire Design Guide

SCDC Development Services re meeting re travellers on 20 May (it was agreed not to send a representative).

SCDC re election notices

CALC re Quality Parish Councils, AQA certificate and workshop for Chairmen

CPRE re AGM of South Cambridgeshire Group on 19 May

Andrew Lansley MP, re reimbursement of expenses to co-opted councillors

Andrew Lansley MP re Network Rail and partially blocked culvert

Moore Stephens, Accountants, re Annual Audit

Cambridgeshire ACRE, Harvest bulletin


167/04 Planning

There were no plans to consider and no responses from SCDC.



168/04 Reports from Councillors

Robin Driver reported that the local Highways have recently had a site meeting at Caldrees to discuss the work to be carried out to repair the blocked surface water drain.

Lewis Duke expressed concern that the level crossing gates at the end of Mill Lane were not secured.  The Clerk to ring Network Rail early tomorrow morning.

Tim Pavelin reported cars being driving over the recreation field after dark.  It was agreed that, having spoken to Gordon Woolhouse, a wide gate should be installed between the hall and the wall bordering the pub car park, with a pedestrian gate beside it.  The Clerk to get quotes. 

(Two cars, followed by a police car, where then seen to drive round the hall onto the recreation field).

Terry Sadler suggested that we should make our feelings know now about aspects of the M11 widening due in 2010, especially the desirable provision of a north-bound entry and south-bound exit at Junction 9.

Mark Stone-Wigg asked about the expected ROSPA report – not yet arrived.

The Clerk reported being asked by parishioners living at 28 Frogge Street, who have no side access, if they could have bricks and paving slabs delivered to the village hall car park and transported via the recreation field into their garden for the construction of a patio.  This was agreed, with certain conditions re timing of deliveries not clashing with village hall use.  The Clerk to write to them.


169/04 Finance

The following cheques were signed:

Herald Contract Services for two cuts of Recreation Field                        £176.25

W Hart and Son for May Icene                                                               £68.91

CALC for Practioners Guide (re accounts and audit)                            £16.99

Receipts.  There were no receipts since the last meeting

Only one quotation for the repair of gates to cemetery had been received.  To be discussed in June.

Donations.  Recent requests for donations from Duxford School for books, from East Anglian Air Ambulance and Cambridge and Ely Victim Support were considered.  It was proposed by Lewis Duke, seconded by Peter Wombwell and all agreed to set an annual limit of 5% of the precept for donations (ie £550).  Robin Driver declared an interest in the East Anglian Air Ambulance.  It was  then proposed by Tim Pavelin, seconded by Lewis Duke and all agreed to send £200.00 to Duxford School and £25.00 to the Air Ambulance.  The cheques were then signed.


170/04 Flooding

It had already been reported that work to un-block the drain in Abbey Street will shortly be carried out.  The Clerk reported that the Wellcome Trust is about to remove the telegraph poles from the ditch between the railway and the river.  Lewis Duke reported that the heavy rain last Friday had almost caused the Coploe Road brook to overflow. He suggested that some system of communication within the village should be put in place in case of flooding: this to be agreed later.  He has not been able to progress the proposed temporary blocking scheme up-stream of the motorway.  It was agreed to inform Andrew Lansley MP of our efforts at some stage and to invite him to a Parish Council meeting.


171/04 Wellcome Trust

No one had attended the April meeting.  James and Sheila to attend the meeting on 28 May to discuss the cycle path and the management of the wetlands.


172/04 Parish Meeting

It was agreed to deliver fliers to the whole village over the weekend to encourage attendance.  It was also agreed to photocopy long reports and make them available, and simply summarise the main points at the meeting.  Drinks will be served and hopefully questions and suggestions made by parishioners.


173/04 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 16 June 2004 at 7.30 pm in the village hall.