Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 16 June 2004

at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present: Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman), Robin Driver, Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and Robert Smith (District Councillor)


174/04 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from James Macdonald, Lewis Duke and Tim Pavelin.


Peter Wombwell thanked Robin Driver for his twenty-two years representing Ickleton as a District Councillor, for his hard work and dedicated service.


175/04 To approve and sign the minutes of the AGM and meeting held on 13 May 04

These were approved and signed by the Vice Chairman.


176/04 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Peter Wombwell introduced Robert Smith, our new District Councillor. Robert told the meeting that he has already served on the District Council for six years, representing Duxford, and as a member of Duxford Parish Council has served as chairman.  He is on the Conservation and Planning Committees of SCDC.   He hopes to get to know more about the community in Ickleton and will regularly attend our Parish Council meetings.


177/04 Matters Arising

135/04 Brookhampton Street Bridge.  Still awaiting railings to complete the job.  The Clerk to chase Highways.

155/04 Reports from Councillors.  Potholes at level crossing now filled.

157/04 Recreation Ground.  Peter Wombwell will remove the mound of topsoil very shortly.

168/04 Reports from Councillors.  The surface water drain from Abbey Street has been cleared.

Level crossing gates. No reply as yet to Clerk’s letter to Network Rail.  The Clerk to chase up and request that strong catch should be put on the pedestrian gate to ensure small children cannot cross the railway line unattended.

AGM Minutes.  It was noted that there was no mention of the new Highways Representative.  The Clerk apologised.  Terry Sadler was proposed by Robin Driver, seconded by Peter Wombwell and all agreed.

There is no need to have a Parish Council Representative on the Duxford School Governors; the regulations on the appointment of Governors have changed.  It was noted that there are three school governors in Ickleton.

Annual Parish Meeting.  The Clerk reported writing to SCDC Environmental Health about the mobile home.  Extra provision of litter bins to be discussed at next meeting.


178/04 Youth Representations

There was no one present.


179/04 Correspondence received

CCC Highways Review

CCC Highways, Mike Cooper re minor repairs

CCC Highways re provision of railings by bus stop in Abbey Street

SCDC re Illegal Traveller Encampments meeting

SCDC re information for village leaflets

CALC, Bulletin, copy of SCDC News Release on proposed increasing in housing in the area, training workshops, car allowance details, etc.

Wellcome Trust re plans for the Genome Campus

Mr Andrew Lansley MP re withdrawal of Powergen prepayment tokens from Post Offices

CBO Iain Perry, copy letter to Frogge Street residents re parking

Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Sawston Newsbeat, etc

The Countryside Agency re Parish Plans in Cambridgeshire

Kingston Parish Council re joint reaction to increased housing targets in M11 corridor (James to reply)

CPRE, Countryside Voice, Cambridgeshire Voice and Fieldwork

Stop Stansted Expansion, information and request for donation

East Anglian Air Ambulance, thanking for donation

Duxford School, thanking for donation

Winged Fellowship Trust, request for donation

Wellcome Trust, off-site highways works, bulletin on construction of cycle path


180/04 Planning

Decisions received from South Cambridgeshire District Council

S/0723/04/F extensions to River House, Church Street; permission granted.

Applications requiring recommendation by Parish Council

S/0723/04/F, minor amendment to wall.  No comment required.

S/1105/04/LB reduction in height of flint boundary wall, Norman Hall, Church Street.  The Clerk to organise a site meeting, 10.00am Saturday to look at this before commenting.


181/04 Reports from Councillors

Robin Driver spoke about a recommendation by developers for a large area of new housing to be put between Stump Cross and the Four Went Ways, extending in a triangle to the Pampisford roundabout.  SCDC are strongly opposed to such a suggestion.  Robin emphasised that this is only one proposal among many, identifying possible sites for housing to meet the Government’s targets for the region, not a planning application.  Terry Sadler commented that low cost housing on this site could quickly be taken by those wishing to commute to London, rather than filling a local housing need.

Mark Stone-Wigg commented on the weed growth in the cemetery.  The Clerk reported receiving a similar comment.  The matter is being dealt with at once.

Sheila Birch mentioned the chalk spoil heaps near the level crossing.  It was agreed to wait until the end of June, then write to the County Council.  She also drew attention to the poor state of wall between the pub and the village hall car park.  The Clerk to write to Greene King.


182/04 Finance

The following cheques were signed

Aimprint, for June Icene                                                        £52.70

Herald Contract Services, for grass cutting                              £176.25

ROSPA Playground Management, for annual inspection            £114.56

Village Hall Committee, for hire for meetings.                      £44.00

Monies received since last meeting

Crocus match fees                                                                  £265.20

Interment of ashes                                                                £35.00

VAT Returned                                                                          £347.35


The annual return, previously prepared by the Clerk and checked by the Responsible Financial Officer, was considered.  The items in Section 2, Statement of Assurance, were read out and answers agreed upon.  Adoption of the Annual Return was proposed by Robin Driver, seconded by Mark Stone-Wigg and all were in favour.  It was then signed by the Vice Chairman and the Clerk.


183/04 Recreation Field

The proposal to install railings and a gate to prevent vehicular access was discussed.  Gordon Woolhouse had suggested using the old railings, but the cost of their refurbishment and repair, as provided by Cambridge Erection, is high.  Costs for a five bar wooden gate and some post and rail fencing will be lower.  The Clerk had been unable to get a quote for the labour involved in either of these as yet.  To be discussed at next meeting.


184/04 Play area

Mark Stone-Wigg reported that following the ROSPA report, minor repairs suggested had been carried out.  There is a need to increase the depth of the bark.  Expenditure up to £500.00 for 10 cu m of suitable bark was proposed by Sheila Birch, seconded by Robin Driver and all agreed.  The Clerk to organise and liaise with Mark to form a working party to spread the bark when it has been delivered.  ROSPA also suggested self-closing springs on the gates, to keep dogs out, but it was agreed not to install these, as they produce risks of their own.  Playquest, the company who made and supplied the equipment, have again insisted that a maintenance contract is essential.  However it was agreed not to go ahead with this as the insurers are happy with the ROSPA report and regular weekly checks.

Mark also commented that there is wear on the skate park.  The Clerk to check warranty and take appropriate action.

Mark lastly commented that the play area has not been mowed as regularly as the recreation field and the edges are overgrown with weeds.  The Clerk to write to Herald and, if necessary, suggest meeting.


185/04 Cemetery Gates

The Clerk had not been able to get a second quote for rebuilding the brick piers.  Two further companies were suggested.  Quotes to be considered at next meeting.


186/04 Parking problems in Mill Lane

A resident had reported problems in access to their drive due to cars being parked close to and opposite the entrance.  Anglian Water has right of access down this drive and often come in large vehicles.  The Clerk to write to Highways and ask their advice on appropriate action.


187/04 Flooding

In Lewis Duke’s absence, the Clerk reported that he felt further chasing action was needed to get Network Rail to clear the culvert of silt.  A copy of this letter and of one about the Parish Council’s concern that the level crossing gates in Mill Lane should be locked, to be sent to Andrew Lansley MP, with a request for his help.  Lewis is to have a meeting shortly with a representative from Carrilion URS (Motorway matintenance) re the possibility of holding water back west of the motorway in extreme conditions.  The Wellcome Trust has cleared their section of the ditch.


188/04 Wellcome Trust

Prior information has been given about planning applications for minor extensions in five different places on the Genome Campus.  The Parish Council felt that these will not impinge on Ickleton.  The wetlands project now has a number of people interested in forming a management committee, in conjunction with the Wildlife Trust.  Sheila offered to attend the next meeting on 25 June; mention to be made of the problem of rabbit infestation.


189/04 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 21 July at 7.30 pm in the village hall.