Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 21 July 2004

At 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman), Sheila Birch, Robin Driver, Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jackie Casement (Clerk), two members of the public and Robert Smith (District Councillor).


190/04 Apologies for absence

There were no apologies


191/04 To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 16 June 04

Jane Hurst’s name was added to the apologies for absence.  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


192/04 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Mr Miller asked about the reduction from a one to a two hourly bus service due on 25 July.  He was assured that the Parish Council had written in the strongest terms to the County Council, Andrew Lansley MP and were pursuing the matter.  Robin Driver explained that it was an operational decision and promised to take it up with the County Council again.  Robert Smith had also been pressing for the decision to be reversed.

Jethro Holberry commented on damage to the skate park.  It was decided to close the facility with tape and notices until it can be repaired. The Clerk to organise a meeting as soon as possible.  Jethro was thanked for coming to the meeting.


193/04 Matters Arising

135/04 Work on Brookhampton Street bridge is now completed.

168/04 Network Rail have not replied about clearing the culvert or about the unlocked crossing gate in Mill Lane.(also under 187/04 Flooding).  It was agreed that if no satisfactory answer was forthcoming, speaking to the press might achieve the desired result.

Derelict mobile home.  Copy letter received asking the owner to demolish and remove the van.

181/04 The cemetery is now tidy.

Rear wall to Ickleton Lion garden.  Greene King had replied that action will be taken (none as yet).


194/04 Youth Representation

There were no further comments from Jethro.


195/04 Correspondence received

CCC Cambridge and Peterborough Structure Plan 2003

CCC Highways, re grass verges in Grange Road

CCC Highways re parking problems in Mill Lane

CCC numerous letters and replies re bus service

CCC leaflets re funding

CCC Family link Service needs more carers (respite care)

SCDC Magazine

SCDC Environmental Health, re derelict caravan, Back Lane

SCDC Funding support from South Cambs including Wildlife Enhancement Grants

SCDC Healthy Walks, Milton Country Park

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority, Corporate Performance Plan 04/05

CALC, Bulletin and training information

Hinxton Parish Council, reply re liaison with Ickleton

Herald Contract Services re recreation field grass cutting

Cambridgeshire Constabulary, The Sawston Newsbeat

Tony Court, re retirement from Neighbourhood Watch

Andrew Lansley MP re Network Rail, culvert clearing and level crossing gates

Andrew Lansley MP re withdrawal of Powergen prepayment tokens from Post Offices

The Countryside Agency re Rights of Way Act 2000

Cambridgeshire ACRE, Harvest bulletin and village hall survey (completed)

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee, agenda and minutes

Wellcome Trust, Southfield Project June and July bulletins; also Off-site Highway works bulletins

South Cambridgeshire NHS re Directory for the older adult and those returning to a more active lifestyle

East of England Development Agency, leaflet on regional centre of excellence

Stop Stansted Expansion – information

Duxford CE Community Primary School, invitation to visit school


196/04 Planning

Plans from SCDC requiring comment from Parish Council

S/1105/04/LB, reduction in height of flint boundary wall, Norman Hall, Church Street.  Recommend refusal following site meeting in June.

S/1259/04/F, Annexe, 72 Abbey Street.  No recommendation.  (Lewis Duke declared an interest as an adjoining landowner, and made no comment).

Decisions reached by County Council

S/00243/04/CW, Deposit of inert waste material and restoration of agricultural land, adjoining Tylers Yard, Brookhampton Street, permission refused.



197/04 Reports from Councillors

Robin Driver asked Robert Smith about the garden of 3 Birds Close.  No decision has been taken as yet, but there is enough space to put two small dwellings (social housing).

Tim Pavelin mentioned hedges overhanging pavements in the village.  The Clerk to write to various householders.

Terry Sadler mentioned fly tipping on Coploe Hill.  The Clerk to inform Environmental Services.

Sheila Birch mentioned potholes at the entrance to Mill Lane and in the dip near Gypsy Corner.  The Clerk to write to Mr Cooper.

The Clerk mentioned that Yvette Holmes, SCDC Housing, had been to look at the uneven footpath in Icknield Close. Repairs will be put into the budget for the next financial year.

James Macdonald reported telephoning EDF Energy about a recent prolonged power cut. The Clerk was asked to write mentioning supply posts near the railway that lean at a bad angle.

Robert Smith gave his report as District Councillor.  The District Council is tackling the issue of travellers’ encampments.  Duxford and Ickleton at present have no problems, but some villages to the north have been badly affected.

Local Development Framework is the new form of Strategic Planning.  The Inspector will be appointed by the Secretary of State and he will make decisions rather than recommendations.

The conversion of the Officers Mess at Duxford into a hotel has been given permission, but the eastern side will be lowered to single storey to save overlooking Ledo Road.


198/04 Finance

The following monies have been received since the last meeting

Barclays Bank, Interest on Business Base Rate Tracker Account                        £50.67

The following cheques were signed:

Aimprint, for July Icene                                                                                 £52.70

Herald Contract Services, for three cuts of recreation field              £264.38

Charles Frankau, for planting hedge, clearing path and installing

            bin beside skate park                                                                  £267.91

J Casement, 3 months salary + expenses                                                           £420.00

James Macdonald, wine etc. for Parish Meeting                                      £49.61


After these transactions, the Business Base Rate Tracker account stands at £13,514.25 and the Community Account at £322.08.


James Macdonald had drafted a letter of terms of reference for the internal auditor which, when approved by Ken Worthing, will be sent formally, with thanks.


Cemetery gates.  The Clerk reported that having written to three builders, she had still only received one quotation.  Steve Ashbrook’s figure of £1,175.00 was considered reasonable and it was proposed by Peter Wombwell, seconded by Robin Driver and all agreed that this be accepted.  (Jane Hurst declared a family interest and took no part in the discussion).


Fencing and gate beside the village hall.  Although it would be nice to re-use the old railings, the cost of their refurbishment and the making of new metal posts was quoted as £880.00 plus installation costs.  The cost of installing a wooden gate and post and rail fencing was £234.67 for materials and Charles Frankau had quoted £120.00 for installation.  It was proposed by Robin Driver, seconded by Sheila Birch that Charles Frankau’s quote be accepted and the Clerk to order the materials.  The Clerk to speak to Gordon Woolhouse.  It was also agreed that Charles should install three posts beside the footpath near the village hall kitchen, at a cost of £45.00 to prevent vehicular access.


199/04 Proposed increase in housing in South Cambridgeshire

James Macdonald reported attending an information meeting organised by Foxton Parish Council at the District Council offices.  The extra 18,000 houses proposed by the Government for the area may mean two new towns, or one large one, all on top of the large increase in housing already required for the region.  The Deputy Prime Minister has commissioned consultants to report and their findings will be made public in August 04.  A final recommendation will be made by the East of England Regional Assembly.  Parish Councils will have an opportunity to comment in the autumn 04.


The Chairman said that he had heard that a consortium were proposing to develop the land between Stump Cross, the Four Went Ways and the Pampisford roundabout and he had seen a leaflet to this effect.  A copy of this was circulated to the meeting.  At this stage nothing certain is known about this proposal but James will continue to find out more information of this potential threat to the area.  Robin Driver reported meeting with the Wellcome Trust.  They had been asked to support the proposals and had refused.  The land in question is subject to a Section 106 agreement as part of the Wellcome Trust planning permission.


Robert Smith declared an interest to the meeting in the land at Hinxton Grange.  He stated that if an unacceptable conflict of interests arose he would stand down as District Councillor.  (Details of his declaration of interests to be sent to the Clerk for filing with the minutes.)  Robin Driver expressed concern that if the framework for Section 106 agreements were changed, it could allow development on agricultural land.  Tim Pavelin expressed concern that as a District Councillor Robert had mixed interests.


200/04 Recreation Field and Play Area

Necessary work on the skate park had already been discussed.  Mark Stone-Wigg asked that Herald should cut the grass right up to the litter bin behind the skate park, so that it is used.  Tim reported that the re-seeded grass has grown well, but so have the plantains.  Grass should be sown where the earth mound has been removed.  The Clerk to get Herald to quote for both of these.

Mark reported that the aerial runway needs attention.  The wire needs tightening and the bearings on the carrier have worn.  The Clerk to ask Playquest to quote.


201/04 Flooding

Lewis Duke expressed concern at the lack of progress with Network Rail on the culvert.  He has however been in touch with Corrillion URS, who have spoken to the Highways Agency who state that they have no real objection to storing water upstream of the motorway provided the embankment is protected.  This means we need to appoint a consultant to draw up proposals, and for that we need to apply for a grant from the District Council, Environment Agency, etc.  Robin Driver suggested we put Andrew Lansley in the picture. 

Blocked surface water drains in Frogge Street and Church Street were mentioned.  The Clerk to speak to Mr Cooper.


202/04 Traffic and Parking in Abbey Street

Complaints had been received recently. The road works at the Pampisford roundabout have undoubtedly increased through traffic.  The Clerk to mention sensible parking in Icene.  It was agreed to arrange a meeting with the Police and Highways at 8.15 am in the second week of September, when holidays are over and the traffic is bad again.


203/04 Rabbits and

204/04 Wellcome Trust.

Sheila Birch reported that the Wellcome Trust is now more aware of the need to control the rabbits: they are digging in the new footpaths in the wetlands area.  It was agreed that this be raised again at Friday’s liaison meeting.  Also Parish Councillors would be glad of a tour of the site.  Sheila to request the afternoon of Friday 27 August.


205/04 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 18 August at 7.30 in the village hall.