Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 18 August 2004

In the village hall at 7.30pm


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman), Sheila Birch, Robin Driver, Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler and Jackie Casement (Clerk).


206/04 Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Mark Stone-Wigg


207/04 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 21 July 2004

Page 3, item 199/04, second paragraph, third sentence should read “Robin Driver reported meeting with the Wellcome Trust.  They had been asked to support the proposals and had refused”.  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


208/04 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

There were no members of the public present.


209/04 Matters Arising

193/04 Matters Arising, Mobile Home.  The owner had promised Environmental Health that the derelict home would be demolished.

195/04 Correspondence, Neighbourhood Watch, resignation of Tony Court.  The Clerk reported that Stanley Peck had offered to fill this role.

197/04 Reports from Councillors.  The overgrown hedges are now mostly trimmed.

Potholes.  These have all been filled and the road surface by the green repaired.

198/04 Finance.  Letter with terms of reference for the internal auditor had been signed by Ken Worthing and returned to the Clerk.

Fencing beside the village hall.  The posts, rails and gate have been delivered.


210/04 Youth Representation

There was no one present.


211/04 Correspondence received

CCC Local Highways, re patching road surface and potholes

CCC Local Highways re Speed Management Review Programme

CCC Local Highways re Jointly Funded Minor Improvement Schemes 2005 bidding round

CCC, Parish Paths Partnership, request for article for their bulletin

CCC Environment and Transport, re reconstruction of Hinxton Bridge

CCC Transport re changes to local bus service

CCC and Peterborough City Council, re adoption of local waste plan

CCC, Community Safety Partnership, update on work

SCDC re recycling of plastic bottles

SCDC re Draft Statement of Licensing Policy

Lorraine Demmer, copy letter to County Council re bus service to Saffron Walden

Herald Contract Services, apologies re staff problems

Herald Contract Services re difficulties in cutting play area

Monica Lilley, re date of church fete in 2005 (approved)

Col Gerry Birch re cost of repairs to church clock

Andrew Lansley MP, re bus service

Andrew Lansley MP re Network Rail and culvert under railway embankment

CALC, August bulletin, workshop details and AGM of S Cambs Association.

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee, minutes

Wellcome Trust, Southfield Project August bulletin and report on work on cycle path

Cambridgeshire ACRE re celebrating 80 years of Community Action

Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Sawston Newsbeat

EDF Energy, reply re leaning post


212/04 Planning

Decisions received from South Cambridgeshire District Council

S/1105/04/LB, reduction in height by 1.2 metres of rear flint boundary wall, Norman Hall, Church Street.  Permission granted.


213/04 Reports from Councillors

Lewis Duke suggested that councillors should plan a site visit to the new cycle path from Hinxton to Sawston and the crossing at the Pampisford roundabout.  The delineation between the path and the road is poor which could present a danger.

Sheila Birch wondered what the retail depot, advertised at M11 junction 10, was.  There was no information.

James Macdonald asked about the vandalised telephone box in Coploe Road.  The Clerk reported writing to BT recently to chase this up; no reply as yet.

James also mentioned junction in Back Lane of footpath from Abbey Street at point where driveway to two new houses emerges.  There is a danger here to pedestrians.  The Clerk to enquire from Highways whether a post or small section of fence could be put up.

The Clerk mentioned that a resident of Southfield, whose garden backs onto Back Lane had asked whether the Parish Council could trim an ash tree in Back Lane which borders her garden.  It was agreed that this is not the Parish Council’s responsibility.


214/04 Reports from County and District Councillors

Robert Smith was unable to attend the meeting and Robin Driver had nothing to report.  Tim Pavelin raised the point that District and County Councillors are not entitled to speak at a Parish Council meeting unless invited by the Parish Council.  It was unanimously agreed to invite them to speak at every meeting, as an agenda item.


215/04 Finance

The following cheques were signed:

Herald Contract Services for grass cutting                                                      £88.13

Aimprint, for August Icene                                                                            £68.91

Philip J Warren, for playbark for play area                                                           £552.25

CWG Stores for the posts, rails and gate for the fencing beside the village hall             £304.08

(The CWG cheque had been signed before the meeting for a pro forma invoice)

Following these transactions the Business Base Rate Tracker account stands at £12,514.25 and the Community Account at £272.71


Skate park. A bill had been received from Clever Curves for the necessary repairs that was more than Mark Stone-Wigg had been led to believe.  The Clerk to write and tell them that payment would be deferred until the next meeting, pending clarification..


Plantains.  Herald Contract Services had quoted £368.00 + VAT for spraying the plantains over the whole recreation field.  The Clerk to ask for a new figure for the football pitch area only.  It was proposed by Lewis Duke, seconded by Tim Pavelin and all were in favour of accepting a figure of up to £200.00; the Clerk to obtain a revised quote and organise spraying.  It was also agreed not to accept their figure of £136.00 for reseeding the area beside the skate park.  The Clerk to ask Charlie Frankau to quote for this.


Church Clock.  It was proposed by Lewis Duke, seconded by Terry Sadler and all were in favour of contributing half of the cost of the recent repairs to the church clock, ie £440.00.  A cheque to the PCC was then signed.


216/04 Flooding

A letter had been received from Network Rail asking for evidence of flooding at the culvert under the railway.  Lewis Duke had spoken to them, explained that no flooding was expected at this time of year and that the aim was to increase the capacity of the ditch along its whole length.  They are to speak to Lewis again; they will also speak to him about the unlocked crossing gate at the end of Mill Lane.


217/04 Proposed increase in housing in South Cambridgeshire

James Macdonald, who had previously circulated a paper to the Parish Council, reported on the Buchanan Report, commissioned by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, entitled “A Study of the relationship between transport and development in the London, Stansted, Cambridge and Peterborough growth area”.  The report had just been published, although he had not yet had an opportunity to study it thoroughly.  He suggested that all councillors should try to get hold of a copy. The report draws a great number of conclusions but makes no specific recommendations.   Robin Driver encouraged the Parish Council to concentrate on the implications for their own area. He mentioned that both the District and County Councils were against major development south of Cambridge.   In due course the Regional Assembly will produce a consultative document on proposed development areas. The proposal for a large housing development in the triangle of land east of Hinxton was also discussed.

James reported being in touch with both Hinxton and Great Chesterford Parish Councils, who were in favour of forming an action group.

Robert Smith had submitted a declaration of his interests to the Clerk. It was agreed that further information was needed before the Council could be satisfied that there was no conflict which might make his position untenable. James Macdonald and Peter Wombwell would meet Robert to clarify his position and express the Parish Council’s concerns.

It was agreed that the Parish Council would support the formation of an action group. A draft entry for Icene was approved.


218/04 Recreation Field and Play Area

Skate park. The Clerk had asked Clever Curves for estimated annual maintenance costs, which will need to be considered in the budget.

Play area. Aerial runway.  The bearings on the carrier need replacing.  Having obtained very expensive quotations from Playquest, and Playgound Services Ltd for sending someone out to inspect and repair it, it was agreed that Charles Frankau, who had already inspected the worn bearings, should be asked to fit new ones.  The Clerk to write to Cornhill Insurance informing them of the action taken.  The ROSPA report in April did not doubt its safety; the worn bearings simply mean that the carrier does not run fast enough.


219/04 Buses

It was agreed that the new service was unsatisfactory, but the funding from the County Council is inadequate, due to Government under funding.  Robin Driver pointed out that the County Council cannot adequately subsidise the smaller village communities.  Tim Pavelin pointed out that increased usage of the buses will not be achieved by cutting the service.  Priority should be given to buses serving school children and an additional bus later in the day.


220/04 Highways Jointly Funded Minor Road Improvement Scheme

Bids for next year’s projects are due by 24 September.  It was agreed to draft two bids, one for increased safety at cemetery bend and one for speed reduction at the far end of Abbey Street and in Frogge Street, for consideration at the September meeting.


221/04 Extra litter bins

This item deferred to September meeting.


222/04 Wellcome Trust

Sheila Birch reported that at the July liaison meeting, Wellcome had agreed to participate in a rabbit cull during the winter.  As there were no topics suggested for the meeting due on 27 August, it was agreed to defer this but to attend the site tour at 3.0 pm that day.  The Clerk to ask for details and send names of those wishing to attend..


223/04 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 15 September 2004 at 7.30 pm in the village hall.